7 Fun and Sexy Costumes for the Bedroom

June 9th, 2015

Thanks to Cberry Sensations for this guest post!

Sexy costumes are a great for introducing role-play into the bedroom, acting out a certain fantasy or just a fun and exciting way to make you feel extra sexy and get you both in the mood.

This range of seductive outfits are specially selected to help you re-create some of your favourite erotic fantasies. For double the fun, encourage your man to dress up too!

air hostress costume

Join the Mile high Club with this costume

1. Air Hostess

Join the mile high club without even leaving the ground by wearing a raunchy air hostess black lingerie with matching hat and g-string in the privacy of your own bedroom. You can guarantee you won’t be ‘flying solo’ in a provocative lingerie set.

2. Naughty Maid

You won’t be cleaning – you’ll be getting down and dirty with a seductive maids outfit. Whether you want to be want to slip into a sexy three piece set with matching hair pin, skirt and g-string to spice up the house cleaning, or plan to be completely at his service, this outfit is perfect for exciting role play.

3. Cute Salute Costume

Seduction will be plain sailing with a Cute Salute costume. Wear this cheeky blue and white dress complete with sequin trim, anchor charm and adjustable hem length with white ruffle and sailor hat and get ready to salute your captain!

4. Sailor Girl

He’ll be all hands on deck when he sees you in this flirty blue flair out Sailor Girl dress. This costume dress puts the ‘naughty’ into nautical and comes complete with patches, attached petticoat and matching sailor hat to fully indulge your deep sea fantasies.

5. Sexy School Girl

Detention just got fun! This Sexy School Girl outfit will take you straight to the head of the class. Decide whether to be a star pupil or mischievous school girl that needs some extra discipline. This naughty outfit with top, suspender skirt, tie and g-string will guarantee you some one-to-one tutoring.

6. Black Panther

Bring out your inner feline with a tight Black Panther Costume. This slinky black catsuit complete with ankle ties, lace up elbow length gloves and matching ear headband is sure to drive him wild. Scratching and biting is optional!

7. Vampire

Transform into a mysterious creature of the night in a seductive Vampire Costume. Slip on this sexy black and red dress with the matching hat and gloves and you’ll both be left thirsty for more.

Costumes can really help to spice things up if your sex life starts to become a little monotonous. If you play the part you will find that both you and your partner will be aroused and have a heightened sexual experience. All of these sexy costumes can be purchased from Cherry Sensations, who also have a range of sex toys that will really spice things up!

2 Comments to “7 Fun and Sexy Costumes for the Bedroom”

  • Dan says:

    Yes, men love dress up; but why always the woman gets dressed up and in five min the clothes come off? Then what’s the point.

    Since adding a bit of kink and nasty talk and a few toys, we have longer sessions, more fun, less trouble with candles and nighties; traded for a blindfold and some scene play and light spanking. Nice. Better than Victoria Secrets.

    • Adriana says:

      There’s not reason the clothes have to come off at all or even that fast. It could certainly be worked into a striptease, and there’s always something a little naughty about keeping something on. Plus, you can really add layers to make it a longer experience more akin to unwrapping a present.

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