Are your batteries charged?

July 20th, 2008

I am a big advocate of sex toys. I own more than I can count on one hand and will continue to add to the collection. I even review them which is quite a fine hobby, if you ask me. I think sex toys are a great way to explore oneself and one’s relationship and they can open doors you never knew existed.

Sex toys feel great in a way completely different than intercourse or masturbation with a human body. They vibrate and bend in ways we simple cannot and sometimes this helps to hide our own imperfections. This doesn’t make them necessarily better or worse, just different.

Sex toys make what is sometimes difficult to achieve – the female orgasm – come much easier and quicker. In fact, many females would not have experienced orgasms at all if it weren’t for sex toys. My first recognizable orgasm was with my late Rabbit Habit.

I don’t need a vibrator to get off, however. One of the things I love about sex toys is that an orgasm while a sex toy is inside helps me to feel my body’s sexual reponse. When my hand is on a vibrator as my pussy contracts around it as I cum, I can feel the vibrator moving because of those squeezes. It becomes an extension that helps me to feel those pulsations in a way I otherwise would not.

Try it yourself!

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