Attention Catchers #3: Vortex Vibrations

June 24th, 2009

Vortex Vibrations

Vortex Vibrations is not a sex toy in and of itself. However, it is an attachment for your vacuum which turns it into a sex toy. That alone is something that makes me say “Huh?” because, really, I never looked upon my vacuum in a sexual way. So it’s really just curiosity which piques my interest. Of course, the website is full of claims about how this is basically a miracle sex toy and I’m always looking to debunk insane advertisements like that but it would be pretty cool if something so ordinary as a vacuum was the key to unlocking sexual pleasure for every woman, right?

Unfortunately, I’ve never heard of this toy before and it doesn’t seem to be carried with a lot of retailers, neither of which supports the claims that be redirecting suction in such a way, this toy is a sure thing. But maybe it’s just not well known.

One website which sells this toy describes using it to arouse the clitoris via suction and then adjust the slider so the “clitoris itself starts to vibrate, fluttering like a reed in a saxophone”. That does sound impressive.

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