A battle of will.

January 21st, 2014

I am not sure if I can put into words how much I want to climb atop you, to guide you into myself. Maybe I’ll wet my lips are gasp at the first sensations as our bodies meet, your cock so perfectly filling me, your presence completing the parts of me I didn’t even know were missing.

And I’ll stay there in that moment, not moving, barely breathing. I’ll slide my hand down your chest, rest them on your stomach and arch backwards. The sound of my silhouette will be my moans breaking the silence as the moment meets every item on my mental checklist.


The time for silence will pass. So will the time for stillness, as my hands bring yours to explore my body, every curve, every fold, every muscle. There won’t be any need to guess. Your fingers will travel from my mouth down the length of my body, finally delving between my lips like electricity on my clit.

We’ll move slowly together, my hips against yours and my mouth against your own. You’ll taste me on your tongue as it intertwines with mine. When we finally break, you’ll chase my lips, begging from more.

But the sudden crack of my palm against your cheek will let you know that you can’t have it.

The time for leisure will pass.

I will fuck you until we  both cum, and neither of us will have words, anymore.

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