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April 19th, 2011

I am super lucky, blessed even. I work with companies who have sent me, literally, thousands of dollars worth of swag and all I have to do is tell you about it. I get free stuff even if all I have to say is bitching. And, sometimes, that’s all I have to see. Even high quality items have missed the mark, just as I can be pleasantly surprises by vibrators and dildos and what-have-you that may seem a little cheaper or a little odd at first. I’ve been surprised and disappointed more times than I can count and that makes sense: it’s a numbers game. When you’ve tried more than a dozen rabbits, toys from giants like California Exotics and premium vibrators from Lelo, there’s bound to be some surprises.

But in this numbers game, I have yet to try a sex toy from Jimmyjane. I lusted over the Form 6 long before I was a reviewer. My eyes bulged at the release of the Form 3. The form 2 seemed interested, if buggy. And now that’s the Form 4. That, my friends, is why I am writing. I am hoping that the good folks over at Babeland will read this and take pity on me. After all, how can I truly call myself a sex toy reviewer without having reviewed something from every manufacturer out there? My resume is lacking.

I would like to add just one more number to this game: 4.

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