Breaching the gap between no-strings-encounters and relationships

September 13th, 2015

Thanks to my sponsor for this post about moving from NSA sex to a relationship, something I can’t quite get the hang of!

The world of dating is often seen as made of two different parties: people who are interested in long term commitment and people who prefer the more casual approach, favoring one night stands and no-strings attached encounters. It is understandable that people make different life choices; after all. we are all individuals with different lifestyles and values. Furthermore, modern life; particularly the evolution of the internet now makes it much easier for people to find like-minded lovers across the globe. But this doesn’t mean that one night stands and long term relationships have to be mutually exclusive to one another.


The expression says it all; no-strings-encounters mainly consist of hooking up with a person for a bit of non-committal fun. This approach to dating has long existed, but is more anchored into modern society than ever before. This is mainly because people are seeing a shift away from traditional relationships and wary of marriage, which could lead to divorce. This encourages people not to get committed into a relationship just because they’ve slept with someone. Furthermore, the celebrity culture which also shows a lot of divorces, but also a lot of people just enjoying a bit of fun is a lifestyle that some people look up to. As our role models enjoy having fun, so do we.

Beyond cultural evolution, the technology of the internet makes it much easier for us to find a like-minded partner online for a bit of non-committal fun. Indeed, internet dating sites now specialise themselves into so many different niches, fuck buddy dating being one of the most popular ones. There are great example of dating site specializing into no-strings-encounters only (click here to find out), making us understand that having a bit of casual fun is easier than ever before.


Relationships are more complex and they certainly require a lot of work and commitment. As such, they can be extremely rewarding; providing us not only with a lifetime partner but potentially a family which will continue to pass on our genetic heritage. Now this might sound a bit intense and serious, but it doesn’t mean that long term relationships cannot be fun. In fact a lot of long term relationships started as a as a casual encounter. Without the pressure of future commitment, casual couples can take the time to enjoy themselves and get to know each other. As time goes along and going through other encounters, we progressively realise that we actually prefer being with that person. We then make the decision to get into a longer relationship based on our experience with that person, rather than a systematic thing to do.

And once we are in a relationship, all the commitment and hard work shouldn’t stop us from taking time off and enjoying ourselves. By remembering and re-acting the good times we used to have when the relationship had no strings attached, we get to have sex for fun and enjoyment rather than just for love. It keeps spice in our lives which will help keep our relationship together.

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