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Fun Factory Bouncer

July 28th, 2015

An Adriana is a weird thing, what with her ability to squirt but her lesser ability to orgasm from vaginal stimulation. In fact, G-spot stimulation is typically neutral to her and many times uncomfortable, even as it’s making her squirt.

Perhaps it’s more than fitting that I set my eye on the Bouncer, one of the newest Fun Factory toys on the market. This dildo, from the outside, looks like any Fun Factory dildo. It’s got the suction cup base with triple rounded lobes. It has the same velvety texture as other FF toys, including the Boss dildo, which presents the same problems and need for lube.

The smaller size of the Bouncer means this is less of an issue, but that’s not the appeal. The folks at Fun Factory have created a dildo with hollow compartments where inner balls provide a vibration-like movement. It’s a hybrid kegel-ball dildo.

This means there are three noticeable bulges, one for each of the balls. It’s not a design that’s entirely foreign, but it’s different from most of the dildos I’ve tried, many of which tend to be glass with smaller textures, or smooth silicone. The bulges create a slight curve, perfect for stimulating all of your spots.

As a G-spot dildo, this works as well as any of them. It made me squirt — and how! It was evident that the shape and firmness were doing this. The ridges that house the inner balls seem rather firm, much firmer than some FF dildos and more like many of the vibrators that are plastic housed in silicone. It also works well for the long, slow thrusts I use to “milk” my G-spot. Plus, it would hold up to short, shallow thrusts that are quite rapid. However, this isn’t what my vag likes.

To get the full extent of the Bouncer, I experimented with the dildo in a variety of ways. Holding it at the base and shaking provides plenty of vibration to your hand, but you can’t quite translate the movement internally. With only the first ball inserted, most of the “bouncing” can be felt near the entrance of my vagina and vulva in a vibratory way. Long, slow thrusts don’t provide a lot of this sensation at all.

Two methods seemed to do the best job at creating the vibrations with the balls. The first I discovered quite accidentally. With the dildo comfortable inserted about halfway, I was able to hold the base and move it in circular directions or quickly side to side. The quicker you move it, the more vibrations. My G-spot was very receptive to this sensation, which reminded me somewhat of being fingered at just the right angle.

Secondly, I used short, fast “strokes.” By strokes, I mean the movement was less than 2 inches back and forth, but this was also good for making the balls bounce internally and squirting. Through either movement, I couldn’t really “separate” the feeling of bouncing versus thrusting internally, but the addition of the balls made the sensation feel so much bigger, pronounced and and enveloping.

The interesting thing about Bouncer is that the balls continue to bounce around a bit after you halt movement, so you feel the residual “vibrations.’ And while I use this word, the Bouncer isn’t like a vibrator because the balls move in a more erratic and less consistent way. It’s less powerful and fast, and human variation/error comes into play, of course. In fact, it reminds me a bit of the Stronic “vibes,” which have a back-and-forth mechanism to create a sensation similar to but not entirely the same as vibrating.

Bouncer is kinda like that.

So yea, it’s a weird hybrid of kegel ball, dildo, vibrator, whatever. I didn’t get a chance to try it against a wand vibrator, but I bet that will be interesting. I’ve described many toys as “interesting” when I didn’t mean it in a positive way. In the case of the Bouncer, it’s a toy that encourages me to play in new and unique ways.

I can’t promise if you’ll like it, but even if you don’t feel much from the balls, it’s still a good G-spotter in terms of shape and size (over 7″ long and a max diameter of 1.57″). Fun Factory, unlike some companies — I am talking to you Lelo! — seems to be looking for quality over quantity in innovation!

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Fetish Fantasy Nipple Clamps [Comparison]

July 8th, 2015

Although I haven’t written about them before, I have tried nipple clamps. The pair I had were a generic rectangular, screw style. They were heavy enough to be noticeable, a sensation I quite like.

Unfortunately, the weight combined with a very loose screw meant they didn’t like to stay in place, and you certainly couldn’t tug on them if you wanted to — and I found that I did!

Pipedream was gracious enough to send me three styles of nipple clamps to try out, all from their Fetish Fantasy series. I figured this would give me a good idea of what I liked, and if I liked it enough, I could invest in more serious hardware down the line.

The three styles I received were magnetic nipple clamps, Japanese clover clamps and the poorly-named “tit clamps with chain.”

Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Magnetic Nipple Clamps

These are probably my favorite clamps out of the bunch in terms of aesthetic. I really like how the hardware rings your nipple, and the gems on the sides helps them catch the light. I imagine this would be good for photography! The design might be a bit bulky or heavy for some.

Magnetic nipple clamp

Magnetic nipple clamp

The design is definitely the least painful out of the three sets I had to try. The clamp attach with magnetic crossbars through the rings that sit on either side of your nipples. You’ll need to pull them apart to place the nipple clamp on. It’s not difficult due to the strength of the magnets, but it works better with two hands. Maybe I’m just not dexterous enough.

The end at a “T” shape and you can choose to position the crossbars either flat against or perpendicular to your nipples. If your nipples are smaller, you might not be able to get a good fit with the magnetic crossbars no matter how you try to put them on. I pull mine outward to get them to stick.

I find lying the crossbar flat against my breast works best. . The pull of the magnet keeps it in place, and it’s not so strong as to really be painful.

However, it’s not so strong to really be painful. There is a bit of a pinch, but it’s probably not enough for someone who wants to feel — or cause — serious pain. I did accidentally cut my nipple by pulling them off, so there’s that. Ha!

It’s also not adjustable, which may cause a problem. They’re also not connected; although, I feel as it you could connect a chain of sorts around the rings. Be careful when you pull as the magnets aren’t the strongest thing ever – and the heavier design probably contributes to this. These could easily come off, and the magnets don’t pull strongly through the tip of a finger, for example. However, pulling the nipple clamps straight off isn’t painful, so they can be quickly removed!

Overall, these magnetic nipple clamps seem to be a bit more form than function, but I do find the sensation to be as enjoyable as the appearance. They just don’t whet the appetite of the more extreme kinksters.

Get them from Amazon here.

Fetish Fantasy Japanese Clover Clamps

This style of nipple clamp is more traditional, and many brands make them. They’re lightweight, even though they’re overall larger than the magnetic nipple clamps. You simply place your index finge and thumb opposite along the bottom and give a squeeze to open the pincers. Place a nipple between the padded — with what looks like silicone or plastic — pincers, and you’re good to go. It’s like using clothes pins as clamps, even though the clamps look more complicated.

Japanese clover clamp

Japanese clover clamp

The pincers open up about an inch, and can even hold something as thin as a piece of paper between them, so they’ll work for a larger variety of nipples than the magnetic clamps. It’ll squeeze the nipple flat as it applies pressure. It makes most sense to place it straight down; although, you could wear them to the side.

Although lightweight, clover clamps pack quite a punch. They’ll stay in place as you tug and pull on them, allowing you to provide more stimulation. Like a clothes pin, you could wrap something like a rubber band around the group to ease up the tension. Each of these clamps comes with a white cord, which won’t serve that function. To be honest, I’m not sure what the function is. It could be used for storage or to add a chain, but it’s tacky and doesn’t match the feel of the clamps themselves. I will probably cut them off.

$25 from Amazon.

Fetish Fantasy Series Tit Chain Clamps

The finally set of nipple clamps I have to review has the worst name and packaging of the bunch. Pipedream needs to get on that ASAP. But the name is self-explanatory. The pair of nipple clamps is connected by a chain, and a might heavy one at that, to pull down on the nipples and add sensation.

Tit clamps with chain

Tit clamps with chain

These are the smallest of all the clamps, with two little paddle shapes that sit on either side of your nipples. You’ll wear them perpendicular to your breast, like a larger version of the clover clamps. I find you need more finger strength to use these clamps, so the clover clamps might be a better option for someone with arthritis because the clamping part itself is so similar — just a different size.

If your nipples are smaller, they’ll pretty much be enveloped by the clamps, which is what happens to me. The pincers on the clover clamps are much smaller, which means you see more nipple if that’s your thing. The pincers separate just wide enough to get my fingers between them, but not my thumb, and I don’t have meatier fingers like some people.

In terms of sensation, these seem comparable to the clover clamps, but they’d be much harder to adjust.

$25 from Amazon.

If you’re just getting into nipple clamps, the magnetic clamps are attractive and the least harsh. For more intense pain, either the clover clamps are easy to use with one hand, and you can easily adjust with a rubber band or add a chain, if you’d like. Although the chain already comes with the “tit” clamps, they seem the cheapest made and least attractive of them all; plus, they require more hand strength to use.



Between the Shores: Erotica with Consent

June 19th, 2015

Often, in erotica, consent is implied but not necessarily discussed. In poor erotica, like Fifty Shades of Grey, it’s outright abused through force. But once thing that kinksters actually know is that consent is a must. And in Between the Shores, talented authors show us that consent can be sexy, too.

This collection of erotica is therefore a little different than others. Consent may be incidental in some erotic stories, and often is when it comes to those about BDSM, but it takes front and center in this anthology, by Annabeth Leong, T. C. Mill and Alex Freeman, of twenty stories. It’s one of the offerings from The New Smut Project, a collective of people who want to publish erotica featuring “high-quality writing and nuanced, diverse characterization.” And you can’t really argue with that.

In fact, I would say the quality of Between the Shores if among the best of all the erotica I’ve read, and that says something given how many books I’ve reviewed. I am particularly reminded of Red Velvet and Absinthe, one of my favorite collections from a few years ago, which features supernatural sex and romance. I found it surprising how the theme of consent worked so well with supernatural sexuality. This is the case with “Vine” by Melissa Snowdon, which is as creative as it is sultry. In fact, it reminds me just a bit of something you might read by Neil Gaiman.

“Waiting for the Light to Change” is another story with supernatural origins, something like lycanthropy. I always find this theme extremely hot! And T.C. Mill, one of the editors, has also contributed a story in which a vampire-like alien who has made her way to Earth negotiates a way to sate her literal bloodlust with her chosen human lover. This might be my favorite of all the stories as it combines romance, consent, vampirism and kink.

Obviously, the theme of consent lends itself well to stories involving bondage. “Rolling Deep” is just one of several. But consent also allows characters to explore – and push boundaries – and sometimes not to push those boundaries at all. This means at least one of the stories in this book was a bit anti-climactic for me, even though it absolutely meets the requirements of consent.

For example, “How Can I Meet You” is a thoughtful delving into what two women will do to meet the other’s needs while having their own limits. Those limits are certainly interesting but not necessarily erotically inspiring, so I did occasionally find myself skipping ahead to the sexy parts of stories like that.

The last story I’d like to mention is one of the last in the book. In “Undercover Cops: EXPOSED” we get an interesting mix of suspense, cross-dressing, bisexuality (or perhaps just curiosity) and consent within the confines of a police mystery. Skip ahead a few stories and you’ve got a swashbuckling erotic thriller that ends this book on a high note!

It’s hard not to mention nearly every store in this book because the focus in literature and high-quality writing provides the reader with an experience that provokes the mind as much as it does the clit. If this is what we can expect from this company, it’s definitely one to keep an eye on!

Between The Shores offers such a variety of erotica literature. It’s not heteronormative in the lease.  We see entanglements between strangers, established partners and everything in between. There are threesomes, including the sexy negotiation that happens in “The Art of Improvisation,” written by Alex Freeman. There’s even a story that analyzes the ability to consent while being woken up to sex while also touching on consent and mental illness. It’s wonderfully done in a loving way. Props to Lark Green for that!

Even though not every book in this collection was exactly my book of tea, it was a nice departure from standard erotica. If you buy this as a Kindle version right now, you’ll save 50%. It’s under $4. It’s practically free!


Best Sex Writing of the Year, Volume 1

June 14th, 2015

Another year, another edition of Best Sex Writing. Actually, this anthology of essays, blog posts and personal tales doesn’t come out every year, but we’re fortunate to have a release this year. This is the first since Best Sex Writing 2013, and it’s a bit different from previous options due to a new editor, Jon Pressick.

Thus, Best Sex Writing of the Year, Volume 1 sounds like the first title in a brand-new series, but it’s actually not. So if you’ve read any of the previous Best Sex Writing books, then you know what to expect from this one. And if you haven’t, you’re in for a collection of stories and articles to entertain and inform.

There’s plenty that’s familiar with the books that are now edited by Mr. Pressick, who you might know as the brains behind Sex in Words. For instance, there is a touching piece from Joan Price, who knows how to tug at my heart strings when discussing her deceased husband, and a piece about what exactly we should call sex toys by our own Epiphora. The former editor, Rachel K. Bussel, has even submitted a thought-provoking piece on sobriety and BDSM.

Best Sex Writing of the Year incorporates personal stories with professional studies and everything in between. Per usual, I find myself somewhat more enamored with the chapters that analyze sex and society from a scientific/research viewpoint. However, some of those personal pieces were interesting. Two such stories were those by former porn star Danny Wylde and current porn star Stoya. Wylde discusses his sex life after porn and Stoya discusses her mother’s influence on sex education, feminism and motherhood.

In another piece dedicated entirely to the industry of sex work, Laura Augustin looks at the complicated and often heart-breaking relationship that sex work and sex workers have with the world at large. Often ignored, penalized by laws and ignored by police, these people are treated as less than human and stigmatized. The article is insightful, articulate and well-researched.

There’s also a great op-ed from Alexandria Goddard, the blogger who is responsible for outting the young men of Steubenville who participated in, recorded and later posted about on social media the gang rape of a woman woman. Goddard was undoubtedly crucial to bringing these men to justice, and like her title says, wouldn’t change anything about what she did, even though she received a lot of flack for her actions.

There are too many stories to name individually. Jiz Lee and Mollena Williams discuss fisting and desire/submission, respectively. Tina Horn’s chapter about The Gates, a dominatrix house in Califonia, was telling and relateable, even to someone who has never been a prodomme.

In the pages of Best Sex Writing of the Year, you’ll find memoirs that make you cry, articles that enrage you and personal stories that make you chuckle and nod in understanding. Topics range from sex toys to laws to BDSM to sex work and everything in between. No corner of sexuality is left in the dark of this year’s anthology, and the collection is not only one of superb pieces by intelligent writers who love to talk about sex. Like other books in this series, and perhaps this is why I love it so much, it encourages you to talk — and think — about sex in new ways, as often as you can, and to everyone upon whom you happen.



June 8th, 2015

I cannot help but compare Ovo’s S2 to a boat. A good-lookin’ but sinkable boat. Had I more invested than whether I got off, I might describe it to the Titanic. Fortunately, I did not.

My comparison is quite literally. The shape of the S2, a clitoral vibrator that the manufacturer thinks you can lay on — hence the official name — is like a boat. It’s not entirely unlike the Bsoft by Bswish, of which I’ve tried both versions. I’ve since passed them on to new owners and homes because the shape and vibrators just don’t do it for me. The S2 will soon follow suit for fairly similar reasons.

I do think the S2 is better in terms of size. It’s less than 4 inches long and only about 1.6 inches thick, which means it doesn’t seem like an overly-large sex toy. The curved white side, which presses against your body, fits between your labia, and it becomes wider toward the top, which curves downward for you to rest your hand and press the buttons.

Shapewise, the S2 is a bit of a letdown because it doesn’t offer the pressure I like. Neither the shape of the smooth plastic nor the curve of the top allows me to comfortable press my fingers against it for the clitoral stimulation that I prefer, no, need to get off. Attempting to do so with the S2 was like a challenge I knew was doomed to fail. I can’t even recall if I did orgasm. If so, it was difficult and unforgettable — not words anyone would want to use to describe masturbation.

The shape wasn’t helped by the vibrations, which felt like they were coming from the middle or top of the vibrator rather than focused on the bottom, you know, the part you actually press against yourself. Perhaps the shape and hard plastic caused the vibrations to defuse in a lackluster way, but no matter what the reason, the result is the same: disappointment.

I prefer strong and deep vibrations externally. The deeper they are, the weaker they can be while still getting me off. This is why I like Laya Spot. It’s not the strongest vibe I own by far, but it’s definitely got deep enough vibrations to help. It’s also why I prefer the Miracle Massager to the Inspire, especially when the Inspire is on its higher settings. This is also true of the S2, which has two steady vibration settings, the higher of which is noticeably buzzier.

These two settings are followed by escalation, pulsation, fast pulsation, fast-fast-short pulsation, an a somewhat random-seeming pulsation setting. Without the power to back them up, those settings are all forgettable. The two buttons cycle back and forth through each setting, while the button closest to the edge must be held to power the S2 on and off.

I’m also not entirely thrilled by the buttons on the Ovo. With so much space, they could be bigger and easier to find and press. I like the soft buttons on the Siri much better in comparison; although, I’m not so thrilled about the 4-button layout or position. Indeed, I think the S2’s buttons could be moved further down the body to make more sense. My fingers point downward when I’m masturbating, toward the other end. This may be because of the amount of pressure I like.

The product video calls them luminated. Um. no. There’s a random LED under the silicone near them, but that’s it.

Interestingly, the top of the S2 is made of silicone but the part that actually touches you isn’t. This makes for a slicker sensation, and a little drag might even be beneficial. I don’t see why it’s all not plastic, to be honest; although, the design is rather contemporary and attractive.

Like most rechargeable vibrator’s, Ovo’s S2 comes with a USB charger. It comes with no adapter but you can use the one with your phone or pick one up for $1 at many retailers. SheVibe sells one for $7, but the price is marked up pretty high. There is a sticker on the cable that says it goes with the S2, which is handy.

My experience with OVO toys have just been disappointing. While the designs are pleasant to look at, performance has been mediocre. I’ll have to try an insertable before I bring down the hammer, but my hopes aren’t high.

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Boss Dildo

May 6th, 2015

I’m not sure I can describe how excited I was over the prospect over own the Boss dildo. I own the original AAA-powered Boss, which I described using the word “love”, and the larger and rechargeable Big Boss, though the latter is one of those toys I really should use more! I saw no reason why I wouldn’t love this new offering from Fun Factory.

Each of the toys in the Boss lineup varies slightly. The Big Boss was larger than the original, and the “stub” is a dildo with a suction cup base that doesn’t curve in a way that suggests “clitoral stimulation.” Not that the other two really offered much without bending them; although, I did do this with the original quite a bit.

I rarely order dildos in flesh tones, so was pleasantly surprised when this showed up in the caucasion variant, I guess. It’s also available in black, like the two vibes, and pink. The Boss dildo (pictured here with the Joyboxx Playtray) has a texture quite like the vibes. It’s velvety in your hand. During use, however, this creates a fuck ton of drag that requires nearly as much lube. This is especially true around the contoured head, which has a more intense “lip” than the vibes, but the overall head is less pronounced. The texture of the dildo also seems smoother than the vibes but no less draggy.

The Boss dildo is fairly impressive with seven insertible inches and a diameter of 1.7″. In terms of toys, the Boss dildo falls somewhere in the middle. The original measured 1.6″ wide and about the same length. The Big Boss is slightly wider and ever-so-slightly longer for insertion but definitely longer overall. Because of the color, the dildo appears to be wider, but black is just so slimming!

Big Boss, Boss dido and the Boss vibrator

Big Boss, Boss dido and the Boss vibrator

Because I don’t tend to warm up with other toys or use many insertibles that are this large, the Boss dildo just winds up feeling a little cumbersome. But the size and firm-ish texture are probably going to work really well for someone who likes that sort of thing. It’s firm enough to thrust like crazy once you’re all lubed up. Although, the asymmetrical suction cup base is a little weird for using as a handle. This isn’t a deal breaker, however.

The Boss dildo still has two ridges that come toward toward the base. These are more like the original Boss because the Big Boss, the ridges were quite defined. They’re more gradual on the dildo. With the vibrators, this was intended to stimulate your clit. This isn’t really the case, however, because it doesn’t curve enough, those the curve is more akin to the original Boss, too. Without the vibrations, it doesn’t do anything for my externally, so I find myself reaching for another toy.

The curve does do a decent job of stimulating my G-spot, but it’s no Pure Wand or Comet, so some people might need something more. Good Vibes also suggests you give this one a try for prostate pleasure.For me, the Boss is less about shape and more about size. It’s filling, and conquering it fills me me all sorts of price.

Ultimately, I think I like this shape better as a vibrator. Because I so often tend to simply hold it in place while stimulating my clit, it works better to rely on vibrations rather than thrusting as the source of pleasure with the texture on the Boss dildo. I’d love to recommend any of the vibes to my readers, but it doesn’t look like Fun Factory makes it any longer. This is a shame because it was a wonderful toy, both in vibrations and size/shape.

If I’m being honest, the Boss dildo is the type of toy I’ll keep in my drawer and forget about until i feel so guilty that I have to use it, but it’s not the type of toy I’d use for a quickie session where I want to cum, squirt and get back to work.

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April 21st, 2015

$34.99 from Joyboxx

Sex toy storage is such an interesting search. Many companies have tried to be the end-all and be-all of storage. They’ve created lighted boxes, pillows and tissue boxes that hide toys, locking cases and more. Up to this point, I think my favorite has been the Lovehoney deluxe sex toy case. It has everything I was in storage: ease of use, versatility and mobility.

In fact, so many storage options fail in that regard, that I don’t really use any of the ones I have. I have empty boxes sitting in multiple places. One of them I simply use as a bag for my toiletries when I travel. People like Epiphora use plastic drawers, which are easy to organize and cheaper on the whole than specialized sex toy storage.

But that doesn’t mean companies won’t still try, and Joyboxx is the newest one on the market.

Let’s start with opening the Joyboxx. The latch, which is also where the lock attaches, slides side to side to open. This definitely is a two-hand job, and it sticks a little because it’s plastic and not a nice, smooth metal. I definitely think this could be improved upon. I don’t even want to think about trying to open this is your hands are already covered in lube.

Closed Joyboxx with sliding lock

Closed Joyboxx with sliding lock

The Joyboxx is very plain from the oustside, and while I feel that a handle could easily be added to it, there isn’t one. This makes it less than ideal for travel, so consider this home storage only. Joyboxx also doesn’t have as many compartments and storage options as, say, Lovehoney’s sex toy storage box. It’s hard plastic, so you may want to line it with something if you don’t want it to make any noise.

Once open, the JoyBoxx is just that — a box. There are no other shelves inside, so everything is going to sort of be piled in there together. To keep things easy to find, I imagine you’ll want to not overfill it. There is a small air hole, which helps to keep moisture from building up.

The Joyboxx measured 11.25” (L) x 5.5” (D) x 3.5” on the inside. This means you’re not going to fit any gigantic wand vibes or the Great American Challenge (do you guys remember that thing?! Ugh!) or oversized bottles. But it will fit moderate sized vibes and dildos, a few restraints and smaller bottles.

Joyboxx lid comparment

Joyboxx lid comparment

One feature I do like is the little compartment on the lid. The cover pops up and you could easily fit some small things. Think cock rings, condoms or lube and wipe packets. It’s this much too small for Lelo chargers, but I bet some other chargers would fit, as would regular batteries. This compartment rests on top of the lid, which means you don’t want it open when the Joyboxx itself is open. I can’t help but wonder if, perhaps, a door that opened from the inside of the box would be a better idea, so you can access both at once. There is something inside the Joyboxx however: the PlayTray.

The PlayTray is something I wanted to write off as soon as I heard my inner voice reading the rhyming name. I mean, cutesy things more often than not, right? But the PlayTray is actually incredibly functional. It creates a surface for you to set toys, lube and accessories before and after use. You can simply pick up the tray and bring it to your sink to clean, and the slots in the PlayTray mean you can rinse toys directly on it. It actually fits quite nicely in my sink as you can see in the photo below.

Boss Dildo on the PlayTray

Boss Dildo on the PlayTray

You could also toss it in your dishwasher with the toy on top if you don’t want dildos touching the racks. Then, you can leave it in your sink (or dishwasher) or on your countertop to air dry. This eliminates a lot of issues with lint and fuzzies that silicone toys pick up — even from towels.  It’s sitting in my bathroom right now, but I can easily see myself grabbing the tray before playtime to set up toys and then depositing the toys back on the tray.

At 8-by-3 inches, you’re not going to fit all of your toys on it, of course. A slim vibe or a couple clitoral vibes will fit, as well as smaller bottles or packets of lube. In fact, the size is probably my only qualm with the tray. At this size, it fits awkwardly in the Joyboxx. It’s not wide or long enough to rest, but it just seems reasonable that you should be able to “install” the PlayTray somehow as a shelf inside the Joyboxx. This would also make the box more accessible so that everything needn’t be piled in it together.

With the small size of the PlayTray, it doesn’t seem like something that really complements the Joyboxx as much as it could. In fact, I almost want to recommend the PlayTray to my readers instead of the Joyboxx, rather than in addition to it! You could fashion something yourself, but the tray is dishwasher safe and free of pthalates, which is pretty awesome.

If you do buy both, you can mix and match the color of the tray and box. Right now, there’s only black and purple, and it matches my Liberator Throe pretty well as you can see.

As a storage solution, the Joyboxx didn’t quite smash it out of the park. It’s not as easy to use, versatile or travel-friendly as I would like — the Lovehoney case still serves me better in those ways. But the PlayTray does offer something in terms of function that no other company has done, and I’d like to see more efforts like that.