Making Sense of Dating, Sex and the Internet with Chase & Hunter Candles

November 2nd, 2016

Being a woman in her 30s in 2016 is a bag of mixed nuts, to say the least. I didn’t grow up with smartphones, but I am fluent using them. I’ve watched the Internet move from home pages and forums to Facebook and Tinder (which has resulted in a brand-new wave of dating mistakes). Voice mails? Why bother when you can leave a text!

Technology changes how we do everything, from sex and relationships to scheduling a doctor’s appointment. And we’re all learning how to navigate those changes together. But it doesn’t come without its difficulties, especially for men who are so often expected to be the pursuers and take the lead in relationships.

It’s easy to miss cues and steps when you do the bulk of your communication over text and while the anonymity of the Internet means many of us are being more open than ever (just look at this blog as an example!) people are, in some ways, as much a mystery as well.

One of the great abilities of the Internet and surrounding technology is the ability to crowd source — ideas, money, talent and efforts. If you can dream it, you can (probably) do it. You can get answers without worrying about saving face, and your favorite social networks are full of “life hacks” (not to mention instructions about building your own sex toys!) that make this world just a little bit easier to live in.

You’re probably wondering where this all is going, and it’s here: For the man who doesn’t just want to learn more about women (and can, thanks to the Internet), I introduce Chase & Hunter. What might as first seem like a simple candle is actual a tool — to create ambiance, to impress a partner, to case a flattering glow and more.

Chase and Hunter Candles

Chase & Hunter candles are specifically for men, adding a touch of sophistication to your bachelor pad. Chase & Hunter go on step further by helping you to pick the right candle (like, you might sex, a sex toy reviewer helps readers choose the right G-spot vibrator or dildo!). The result are scents designed to fit a certain mood, whether it’s makeup sex or a booty call in the wee hours of the morning.

Now, I don’t know that I would be floored by names such as “First and Goal” (although “Miranda Rights” is fairly clever) but I would relish walking into a man’s home that smells good. It’s an interesting idea.

And it needs your help to get off the ground. Chase & Hunter candles aren’t yet available to purchase, but you can help them become a reality by contributing to their Kickstarter. A $15,000 goal would allow the minds behind Chase & Hunter candles to create disposable, soy candles that are made in the U.S.A. and a variety of other merchandise.

The campaign has only been going for a day, and they’re already making strides toward that goal. If you choose to contribute, you’ll see perks such as candles, merchandise and even a trip to Montreal. Click here┬áto learn more.


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