Desperation, My Instant Turn Off

October 9th, 2012

Listen, I don’t want to hear about how lonely you are. I don’t want to know that you’re sad. I assume you’re single and you want a relationship. I do, too. We can safely make those assumptions based on our membership at the same dating site. But I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want to hear about it. And I certainly don’t want to listen to you whine about it, okay?

I’m willing to bet that most people agree. After  all, they say that confidence is a definite turn on for almost everyone, and while desperation isn’t necessarily the opposite, it’s certainly related to the lack thereof. I don’t even desire someone who’s necessarily confident. We can work on that, but I absolutely cannot work with someone who’s desperate.

Or clingy. I don’t do clingy. I need my space. I need someone who can stand on his own two feet. I need someone who won’t attach himself to me after one date–or less.  I can’t be expected to fix you or make you feel whole. That’s not my job, nor is is the job of a relationship.

I’m not being picky. This is not an unreasonable request, and if you disagree, you shouldn’t be messaging me. You shouldn’t even be dating. You should be making an appointment with the nearest mental health professional. They’ll deal with your desperation much better than I do.

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