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May 28th, 2014

I’ve really liked the design of Cal Exotics’ new Embrace line. It’s made of silicone and the designs tend to be sleek and more luxurious than you’re used to when it comes to CEN items. The company now even uses more luxurious packaging, which I’ll have a post about soon.

Many of the toys in the line are also rechargeable, as is the one that I wanted most. I was sent a G-spotter that relies on AAA batteries.

I know. Sigh.

I hate toys that rely on AAA batteries. The vibrations are, without fail, weak and buzzy. The Beloved Wand is no different. Generally, my G-spot still responds, but that wasn’t the case with the vibe, which just had overly-weak vibrations that bugged the hell out of my hand.

The G-wand has 7 different functions and two buttons to use them. The buttons are on a flat panel on the base, which gives the Beloved Wand an interesting design in my opinion. It’s easy to turn on and off. Twist the base off to insert batteries. The Beloved wand uses sort of a gimmicky control setup. Each of the seven functions has seven different intensities. If you turn the vibrator on with the power button, it turns on to the lowest steady setting. The following vibration patterns/modes follow:

  • Medium steady vibes
  • High steady vibes
  • Slow pulse
  • short, short long pulse
  • Escalation
  • Five fast pulses, one long pulse

Pressing the power button once turns the toy back off, but pressing and holding it eventually turns down the vibrations. I’m not a fan of toys that do this. Like, what’s the problem? Start low. Go higher. It’s the natural order of things, folks!

The controls are totally awkward. It’s not always easy to tell when you’re switching between intensities. There’s no tactile feedback. Audible feedback isn’t consistent. I have no idea how to tell the difference between one setting and the next let alone determining when I can stop pressing. If you accidentally just press the power button, the Beloved Wand turns off.  It’s just dumb.

But here’s a positive. CEN is now creating toys of more colors than just pink or purple. This G-wand is also available in a matte grey, which is pretty awesome.

Some people will also like that the Beloved wand has a thicker shaft than many G-spotters. I don’t need girth as I use pressure and stroking to stimulate my G-spot. I don’t need to feel full, just stimulated. The Beloved Wand is thicker than Mona, for example. At 1.5″ at the end of the shaft, this is comparable to some of the larger internal vibes — like the Form 6 G3 — and water-based lube is definitely your friend. However, there is also a more drastic G-spot curve, and you can insert about 5.5 inches rather than both ends. At least, the edges on the base wouldn’t feel very good in my opinion.

It also features a rigid mechanism in the g-spot curve. Despite the plush silicone layer over this, it felt more rigid to me even though it’s silky smooth in my hand. I don’t know if I used this when my cervix/vagina was especially sensitive, but something about the design felt sharp. I actually pulled out the vibrator to see if there were any seams or angles, but there were none. T

he product description says this toy moves with your body but something about it just felt foreign. Like an intrusion. There is movement because the neck of the toy is flexible. You might not like this if you like frantic thrusting, and I know some people do. I don’t, but I think a hard toy all the way through is a little easier to manipulate.

Despite the flaws, this could be a decent vibrator if your anatomy likes it. It’s less than $60; although, you wouldn’t have to spend much more to get a rechargeable vibrators so keep that in mind.

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5 Comments to “Embrace Beloved Wand”

  • Pete James (@PeteJames12) says:

    Never was a big fan of Cal Exotics’s products, but maybe we just haven’t found the right thing yet. Looks like the lady and I will not put this on our list of future toys. But that Embrace G wand you want looks intriguing though :p

  • Ima Godiva says:

    I have the Embrace Bunny Wand on the way to me and I’ll be interested to see how it is. It’s rechargeable and has reviews saying its vibes are pretty strong and rumbly. And it’s gray! Yay! One pet peeve of mine is when toys in the same line (like Embrace) have different strength vibes and different power sources. It seems like you’d make them all similar and all rechargeable, and use another name for the battery-powered ones. People would probably be more likely to try something if they have faith in the brand…

    • Ima Godiva says:

      I have the Embrace Bunny Wand now. It has the same design and appearance as the Embrace G Wand you mentioned, but has a small rabbit clit stimulator added. The vibes are fairly strong and rumbly, better than other Cal Exotics toys I’ve used. The strange thing about it is that except for the hard plastic handle, the rest of it (the entire silicone part) is flexible! If the G Wand is also (and I assume it is), that’s kind of a strange design for a vibrator made for G-spots, as it makes direct pressure or thrusting nearly impossible. The bunny is also very short and probably won’t work for many anatomies. I do like it, it’s not ever going to be one of my favorites but I will use it. I just thought you might want to know about the flexible shaft in case it affects your opinion of the G Wand.

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