Europe Gets Its Own Magic Wand Alternative

August 13th, 2015

You guys are lucky I didn’t make a “Euro” pun in the title. Because I really wanted to, heh.

In the past, I’ve had the opportunity to tell you about MaxiWand, a company that’s creating Magic Wand-type vibrators for international users. First, they created on for Australian plugs, then it was one for use in the UK. Now, there’s finally an option for European sex toy lovers who crave the power and versatility of a toy like this.

The aptly-named Euro Wand is an alternative to the Hitachi, and the company has four websites for visitors of different languages: (German);  (Spanish); (French); (English).

You get the same warranty and attachment options as the other versions of the Maxi Wand. Unlike the original Magic Wand, the Euro wand has adjustable vibrations, and the head is removable for washing, too!

Check out more info in the video below!

Or get to shopping! Right now, you can save 20 Euros with code SALE20. 

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