For Your Nymphomation Adult Toybox

March 23rd, 2010

I was really excited when I found out I was going to get to review the FYN Adult Toybox from TabuToys. I have tried a variety of toy storage options but nothing which is super portable or as functional as the For Your Nymphomation products are purported to be. In addition to that, nothing I have would fit under my bed because of the low side rails, except for this box.

Obviously, a box which someone might pick because it is especially shallow is not a box which will hold every toy in your collection (unless, of course, it is a fledgling collection). Still, I was a bit surprised at just how small the Adult Toybox is, as I removed it from the shipping box. The measurements are 12″ by 9″ by 2.25″. I guess “12 inches” sounds kind of big but, once you get down to it, it’s not. It looks a bit like a mini, rounded briefcase and even has the handle to boot! But because the sides are thin, the interior is not much smaller than the exterior, thankfully. The rounded corners do reduce the storage space a bit but, then again, it makes it a bit more robust and you won’t be squashing the corners. It’s also small enough to be easily portable; although; I wouldn’t mind it being wider but this is definitely the smaller version of the toy boxes (the other is 12″ x 18″ and still quite portable).

One of the unique features of the toybox is how the hardware on the zippers slide together with a small hole through which a lock can be slipped. FYN includes a tiny padlock and 2 keys (which come attached on a chain) and it is much like the Devine padlock: more of a novelty than anything (definitely easy to pick). While the idea is good, only a lock of a similar size will fit. I am sure some exist but I have never seen a legitimate lock of that size. Also, the zippers glow in the dark to make it easy to find (if you make sure to position it so the locks are visible).

The exterior is a purple faux leather. It is is visually “textured” to look like leather with a slight shine that won’t really fool anyone. The exterior is what is considered hard case and I would wipe it down with a damp cloth if it needed cleaning. It’s also easy to manipulate and could easily be slid under a bed. I have a small bag which would fit under my bed but wouldn’t get under there so efficiently. On the front of the case is a handle, a strip of purple nylon (like a backpack strap) which is covered with a similar faux leather in the center (where you would grasp it). Overall, the craftsmanship seems secure.

In terms of colour, I personally do not love the purple. It’s kind of dull and dark and not pretty. I also find the trim and nylon parts do not really match the faux leather. FYN does make the case in other faux leather colours and even other materials, however. Purple is also not super discreet.

Upon opening the case, there is a thin, elastic strap sewn onto the inside of the lid. The elastic is sewn in permanently with 4 separate spaces for toys, bottles or other items; however, because these spaces are not adjustable, they will not work well for everyone. If the handle is facing you, the elastic spaces get progressively smaller toward the right measuring just under 5″, 3″, 2″ and 2″. The two on the very right are quite narrow and would fit a very thin toy, like the Alumination or, I imagine, some of Jimmyjanes narrow toys. I can fit a couple of smaller bottles of lube in the third space and two larger ones in the last but remember that items you might place in these spaces are 3D and you have to compare the width of the spaces to the circumference of the toys.

On the lid I have:

In the main compartment, there is a soft pocket with a stretchy edge, like in much luggage. It is the entire length of the case and about half the width. I find this works well for chargers or packets of wipes. The more you put in there, the less you can put atop of it inside the compartment, however. The compartment will definitely hold a couple full sized rabbits and a variety of smaller toys.

Currently, the large compartment holds

It’s quite the collection. However, I was a bit eager to pack everything in there when I got it and the way I had it arranged looked good.. until I closed the box. Silly me forgot that stuff that takes up room on the lid will take up room in the box when closed so I had to rearrange. Additionally, I find that the lining, which is the same smooth nylon-type as some suitcases or umbrellas is quite slippery. Unless the items in the elastic band are a really tight fit, they tend to slide down into the box when closing it. It would be nice if the lid was lined with something else that is a bit grabbier (or if the straps were somehow adjustable). Fleece might work? However, FYN claims that this material is water resistant and can easily be cleaned with soap+water damp cloth which is a plus and I do like that the nylon isn’t going to lint all over my toys either.

When everything is secured and zipped up, there will be movement when picking up the Adult Toy box but it is minimal. Of course, if you have yours less packed, things will move more. It feels secure when carrying it, not like the bottom is going to fall out or anything and the handle is well sewed, too. Plus, since I can lock it, I know the zippers won’t come undone, either. You mean your zippers don’t have a mind of their own?

Obviously, this is a handy dandy toy storage solution but there is still room for improvement. Less slippery lining and adjustable straps on the lid (and perhaps an extra strap to hold things in place) would be awesome. It’s not critical but it would be great if TabuToys also carried the black version which would offer more discretion, even in public places. Plus, the purple is just a little disappointing.

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