Fun Factory Curve

October 28th, 2009

I was so excited to a bright pink dildo of the G-spotting kind in the mail. I had no idea it was coming. Major props, kudos, gratitude to Tabu toys. I probably squealed and I’m not a squealer. I showed it to my husband who quickly answered with “Meh, it’s another sex toy for you” and I should have threatened to violate him in the middle of the night with it, for raining on my parade. I totally could because..

The Curve by Fun Factory is made of pure silicone, in particular, a softer silicone.

This is good because..

  • silicone is nonporous and can be sterilized completely by boiling or bleaching which makes it safe for partner sharing or orifice swapping.
  • It shouldn’t hold smells.
  • It’s easier to clench around and isn’t as unforgiving as some hard G-spot toys.
  • the external portion can me maneuvered against the clit and vulva for a better “fit”
  • the loop in the handle has a little stretch to shove in your favourite bullet or even a mini wand.
  • the texture of the silicone helps it from slipping out like some smooth toys do.
  • the silicone does a decent job of transferring vibrations

This is bad because..

  • it picks up lint but, really, less hygienic toys do, too so it’s a fair trade.
  • some folks need rigid toys to thrust quickly and the Curve just isn’t built for that.

The Fun Factory curve has a unique, asymmetrical curve with a loop/hole on the handle and a very defined head.

This is good because..

  • it curls back toward the body and can be used for clitoral stimulation (or potentially perineum stimulation when used anally.
  • it is easier to use than toys which protrude 6 inches from the vagina, especially for short armed folks like myself.
  • the handle can also be used to house a bullet.
  • the handle will stop it from slipping inside if used anally.
  • the lip on the head can be used to “milk” one’s G-spot or prostate easily.
  • it can easily stimulate G-spots at different depths.

This is bad because..

  • the curve may not fit all anatomies.
  • partner use of the Curve may be difficult.
  • the lip on the head may be painful to some, especially when maneuvering around the pubic bone.
  • It’s semi-realistic shape is not discreet
  • For some reason, places other than the hole/handle seem to work better for transmitting vibrations.

The Curve is a thicker dildo, measuring in at 1.69″ diameter around the largest portion of the head (the lip) and 1.4″ in diameter around the larger portion of the shaft (just under the head).

This is good because..

  • This is good because many G-spot toys with bulbous heads do not have a lot of girth and leave me feeling disappointed.
  • This is good because there’s enough of a shaft to clench around.
  • This is good because it’s more realistic than some G-spot toys.

This is bad because..

  • it may hinder ease of use.
  • it’s definitely not a small toy or good for beginners.
  • The thicker parts of this dildo do not transmit vibrations as well

Fun Factory’s Curve dildo is bright pink and has decorative flame-like ridges on it.

This is good because..

  • it’s attractive to me.
  • The pink is nearly translucent and it is quite unique to look at.
  • it’s impossible to lose and stands out from other toys

This is bad because..

  • The sex toy market is saturated with pink toys
  • Fluids can collect near the ridges
  • The ridges cannot be felt anyway

My experience with the Fun Factory Curve was pretty much wonderful. It was the first dildo I ever squirted with and it was only a matter of seconds. It fit perfectly against me so I could stimulate my clitoris, too, and provided the essential dual stimulation experience for me. Plus, it’s filling. It’s like a magical sex elf (and you know how Germans like their magical elves) entered my room in the middle of the night to make a mold of my vulva and Fun Factory used it to create the perfect G-spot dildo for me.

I was able to insert a bullet and feel it internally but I preferred to use it with my Miracle Massager against it. The only downsides to my experience were that the massager wanted to slip off the Curve; I wish there was some sort of indentation I could rest it on; and that the lip on the head is a bit much after I’ve squirted because I become quite sensitive. However, it feels great before that. I know this is mostly due to the fact that my G-spot is quite shallow so I never push the Curve past my pubic bone, however; many women will need to look out for that. But for me? The Curve is perfect as is.

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