Fun Factory Flora

August 10th, 2014

A couple years ago, fun Factory released a line or two or smaller toys. These included Bubbles and the Mini line, of which  I reviewed the Ocean. They all boasted the fine craftsmanship of Fun Factory in addition to the company’s bright colors, which we all know and love.

The company has come out with a new bunch of products after the Stronic Eins, and they use the same control setup. I think Fun Factory simply wanted to created some small vibes that use the same control panel type. The company does it periodically. I’ve seen a number of button setups for Fun Factory toys.  Remember when FF toys used that unique dial? Yeaaa. They’ve come a long way since then. The original Paul and Paulina wasn’t any better, either.

For a while, the company was creating toys with three buttons. Two were the typically to control the toy while the last worked as a boost, one of the things Fun Factory is known for. However, buttons on the Big Boss and Yooo were much harder to push than they should have been, especially when you have to press two at a time. Fun Factory’s Flora uses the same 3-button setup, but they’re smooth — almost beveled looking — and much easier to push. The control panel no longer lights up when you touch it, which I liked but seemed not to work consistently.

However, a two-button setup would’ve been fine. The third button, which features the Fun Factory logo, simply acts as a master power switch. If you touch one of the other buttons while the toy is off, the third one lights up to let you know to press it. Kind of useless. I also think the + and – buttons should be switched so the – button is toward the bottom of the toy.  In fact, they’re printed upside down. The thought is that you’ll look down and it will be right-side-up, but I can’t even see toys because of my short arms, and most toys use the other arrangement.

Flora starts at the last setting you had it on. There are a number of steady vibrating levels. The lowest is the deepest, and the highest definitely tickles my hand uncomfortably. Fun Factory has put better motors in other toys. If you keep pressing the + button, it changes modes.

  • Up and down escalation
  • Fast up/down escalation
  • Faster escalation
  • Fast pulsation
  • Low vibe/Fast pulse
  • Varied pulsation

The modes are different, which makes them interesting especially the last setting. The last one is especially different, but the escalation is redundant.

It seems a little loud — louder than the Siri, for example — for the power output.

Like the Stronic, this one uses a two-contact magnetic charger. The contact points are at the end of the base, which is rounded. I find this to be awkward. If the Flora is sitting on a table, it is tricky to line up the magnet and cable, which will have to bend to stay in position. This makes it waterproof, but I don’t personally require this.

My pink Flora reminds me an awful lot of the Fun Factory Curve. It collects lint, attracts hungry cats and needs a little bit of lube to feel slick.

My biggest peeve with this vibe might simply be that I’m not sure what it’s intended for. With just four inches to insert and a diameter of just over 1 inch, it feels far too small inserted. But it doesn’t need to be this size or generally phallic for external stimulation. I can’t tell if Flora is a stupidly giant pocket rocket or a tiny g-spot vibe. It did neither thing well for me. I do think the ridged design is fun and would be great if this were larger.

At $90, I can name a number of rechargeable internal and clitoral vibes that would be a better deal. The Laya Spot is a better option if you don’t need rechargeable or super strength. We Vibe’s Tango is a much better clitoral vibe. The Lovelife Cuddle is a better g-spot vibe that costs less than $70, too.

8 Comments to “Fun Factory Flora”

  • Trix says:

    I’m not sure about the super-small Fun Factory line for some reason. Good to have the dimensions, since I wouldn’t have thought it would be that slender from the photo…

  • Apricot says:

    I thought about buying the Flora but it’s a lot to shell out for what’s essentially an oversized clit vibe, given that it doesn’t have any g-spot curve…it’s cute, though.

  • Pete James (@PeteJames12) says:

    Have not yet found a Fun Factory product we like. Our latest product from them was the Tango which didn’t fit my lady’s anatomy correctly. Sad to say this doesn’t look that promising either especially at that price. I do like the magnetic charger as the Tango is only battery operated but we will have to keep trying til we find something great. Perhaps the Stronic Eins is waiting to prove itself to us 🙂

  • Bitsen says:

    I’m glad I read your review! This toy almost ended up on my wishlist because the shape of it is so appealing to me. Buuuut, after reading, the flora seems to be straddling two worlds too precariously. I am satisfied now that I already have a we-vibe tango on the way to me, and I’ll probably leave it at that.

  • Raine says:

    Yeah, I’ll definitely skip this one. You had the same problem charging as I do with my Big Boss, I have to tape the cord and angle the vibe just right to get it to stay and it’s a huge lint magnet. Kinda and disappointment for Fun Factory but it’s up against some tough competition.

    • Adriana says:

      I really like my big boss more, though, so it’s less of an issue to charge. Ha! I wish FF hadn’t moved the charging contacts to the bottom of their toys.

  • Karen DeGraaf says:


  • Ima Godiva says:

    Your reviews are really helpful. I agree with you, based on looks anyway, about this not being great for any use. Maybe it’s for a new toy user, to not intimidate them? But the price point is too high for most new users. I also agree with you about the magnetic charging, although Fun Factory is generally better in that area than We-Vibe, whose magnetic chargers are the bane of my existence.

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