Fun Factory Stronic Eins [Video Review]

January 25th, 2013

Welcome to my first video review! I’m pretty excited and think this might be a direction I continue to go in  but not enough that I continued to make video reviews! I shot this with my phone, obviously, so it might be a little shaky, but it’s the best camera I have. I did this all in one take and didn’t feel like reshooting when my cat made an appearance, so I hope you can appreciate his beauty.

While I intended to follow a script, I veered off. All the information in the video is available in the text below, with a few additions at the very end of this review.


Also, um, I never realized this was “Eins” like the number. I feel pretty derpy now, LOL. You’ll see that’s apparent in the beginning of the video, however.

Transcript — Sort of

Fun Factory calls this toy a pulsator, not a vibrator. It’s not something I think will catch on, but it goes to show that this is a different type of toy. I like to think of it as one that thrusts, but it’s a far cry from the thrusting rabbits with the weird accordion texture. In person, this looks like any other vibrator. There’s a hard plastic base and a silicone shadt with a slight curve intended for G-spot stimulation. The nub toward the base would theoretically provide clitoral stimulation, but mine is too far away for this to work.

When you’re looking at the toy from the side, there’s an engraved “ridge” that runs down the side to the tip of the clitoral nub. It’s similar to what you’d find on the Boss, which I’ve also tried. As I’m holding this, you can see that it’s not a very large toy. As the base, it’s maybe 1-inch wide. I don’t have very large hands, and I can encircle the entire shaft. At its widest, near the nub, it’s 1 3/4″ wide, but you won’t insert up this point. The shaft offers about 5 1/2 insertable inches. This is potentially a good toy for someone who isn’t a size queen.

The silicone is rather soft, and there’s some give in the nub and the head,[pinch silicone], but the shaft is rigid inside the plush silicone. As you’re looking at my video, you’ll probably see how much of a lint magnet the silicone is on this toy. It’s typical for any silicone toy, unfortunately, and is not unique to Fun Factory. My toy is a medium purple with a slight blue hue that doesn’t show up well in the video, and this toy is also available in pink. The plastic base is almost velvety to the touch. I like it.

The Stronic uses Fun Factory’s magnetic position, and the contact points are on the very end of the shaft. I think this position could be improved upon. While I like magnetic charging, getting the magnet to stay in position is often frustrating and problematic. However, the design makes it perfectly waterproof, so you can use it in the shower or tub. You don’t have to worry about keeping ports out of water when you cleaning it, and because silicone does collect lint so much, you definitely want to use soap and water rather than a spray or cloth.

Although, Fun Factory has changed the way the buttons work. There’s three buttons, one that says “Fun” which turns the toy on and off, and a + and -. They work exactly as you’d expect. One thing that I like is they’re raised, which makes them easy to find. there’s definite tactile and audible feedback when you press the buttons, too. Because of the third button, the Stronic will remember the setting it was on when you turned it off, and some people might like this.

When you press and hold the + button just a little bit, it starts this thrusting action that you can see in the video, but it’s easier to see in person that there’s an internal mechanism causing this up and down motion to mimic thrusting. It’s incredibly aggressive, almost violent. You won’t miss it, and it feels nothing like a vibrator.

As you increase the frequency of the Stronic, you can hear the motor running. It doesn’t sound like a vibrator, There’s a sort of back and forth sound, which is interesting to describe.

As you can see with the Stronic, Fun Factory has changed the buttons. There’s a + button that turns on and increases the speed of the thrusting. As you’re increasing the speed, it doesn’t seem that fantastic in your hand, but I’m not necessarily sure you can understand how this actually feels without using it. There are a few settings past thw different speeds of the thrusting, which I find difficult to describe. They produce an altogether different sensation, and there is no regular vibration setting. This makes this expensive toy a risky investment. There is not other toy that I can suggest you try before you shell out the cash for the Stronic, and there’s no plan B if you don’t love it like the Sasi by JeJoue.

This might not be a deal-breaker if you don’t particular enjoy internal vibrations. My G-spot responds to them, but I found that it also responded to the thrusting. The Stronic doesn’t feel exactly like sex, but it feels sex-like, which I guess is good enough for me. When inserted, the shaft stays still in my vagina/hand. In the video, my hand moves all around because the thrusting is just so aggressive, so it doesn’t seem as thrust-like as when it’s inserted. This, perhaps, make the decision to buy the Stronic more difficult.

I personally feel that it’s sex-like. The softer silicone probably helps with that, too. However, I’d need clitoral stimulation to get off, too, and the aggressive nature of the Stronic does make that a little difficult. Or maybe I’m not that coordinated.

The bottom line is, I like this toy. A lot, but I don’t know if I would have bought it myself because it’s such a risky investment. Don’t risk it if you’ll miss your $200. Use a coupon if you have the chance.

10 Comments to “Fun Factory Stronic Eins [Video Review]”

  • April F. says:

    Thank you SO much for your review of this and your video! I’ve been stalking your site waiting for it (I previously bugged you on EF as Apirka about the Stronic ;)). I did eventually end up ordering this…it’s sitting at the post office right now; I’m walking down to get it as soon as the rain lets up.

    BTW, your kitty is awfully cute. 🙂

  • Kendra Wilcox says:

    Wow! I’ve never seen or heard of this toy before, or anything like it. It’s definitely interesting, and it has certainly peaked my interest! I loved your video review, you sold me on “…almost violent” LOL! I’m a vibrator “hoarder” of sorts, I love my Lelo. Weirdly my boyfriend and I have a habit of constantly buying new toys… this one is definitely on my wish list! It’s super different than anything I’ve seen before, and I’m so curious to try it!

    I just found your blog, and I’m absolutely hooked! Thank you so much for your reviews, they’re awesome!

  • Trix says:

    I was hell-bent on getting one for a while, but lately I’ve been hesitating because it looks so girthy and because of the famous dragginess of the FF silicone. Good to know it’s not as huge as it looks…

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