Hide Your Vibe Pillow: Black

January 9th, 2011

I have long known of the Hide Your Vibe pillow as a sex toy storage solution but it was never one of those things that was on the top of my list. As I continue to explore things that are not exactly sex toys, I decided that, if nothing else, a throw pillow couldn’t hurt but if I really enjoyed the pillow, that would be great, too.

I don’t have much to say about this product–for better or worse. The square pillow measures 13″ and the exterior feels like a combination of fleece and microfiber, making it lightly fuzzy. As the product description says, the cover is machine washable and you can easily remove it by unzipping one of the edges. The sewing is superb and the zipper is hidden. The only part that is visible is the tab that you pull to unzip it.

Unzipping reveals that the inner pillow is actually one that is just shorter than 13″ but long. It’s folded in half and one edge is sewn together to create a round shape that is open in the middle. Upon discovering this, I sort of thought “This is it? Why aren’t more sex toy perverts making their own pillow? It would be pretty easy to replicate.” And it would so I cannot wholly recommend this product at its current price. If you have any sort of skill at sewing, you could make your own. Even buying a standard throw pillow cover and a long pillow and just folding it in half would produce a workable solution.

The pillow is fashioned with a soft cotton that isn’t likely to leave lint so you could easily put something in there and use it immediately. You could also slip a toy in the pillow in its own bag or even a plastic bag. However, that will make noise should someone lean on the pillow. In fact, while this pillow looks like your normal throw pillow and you can use it as such (it’s not quite as stiff as some but still functional), you may not want to keep it within reach.

In terms of size, you won’t fit a rabbit vibrator in the Hide Your Vibe Pillow but you can ft small clitoral vibrators, slimline vibes, eggs/bullets, a set of cuffs or even an anal plug. The smaller the item, the less likely that someone will notice it. Of course, you will want to remove the batteries or lock any vibrators to prevent them from turning on at inopportune moments. In addition to this, I would only store clean and dry toys in this pillow.

Of course, if you really want to have your toys within reach, this can be a useful tool. You could easily reach into the pillow and remove a toy to surprise your partner. There’s really more uses for the pillow, however. You could hide your remotes and a book to keep your home clutter-free. Anything small enough to fit into the pillow can be hidden from sight.

Form and function aside, I still cannot believe how high the markup is on this item and that keeps me from recommending this product to everyone.

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