I don’t understand

March 18th, 2013

How someone can “really like” me. How we can spend an amazing night together. How we can text constantly for months, and then how he can suddenly decide that potential drama is enough to walk away. I don’t get how he can change his mind so suddenly, as if we shared nothing at all. And I will never feel anything other than confusion about how he can so permanently remove himself from my life as if we hadn’t been friends for years.

I don’t get the typical male response, the fear of commitment that makes them decide they’re not good enough for you, that they know what’s best. And I don’t understand why he is trying to push me away at all when everything he wants is literally within reach. When the best thing he’s ever had is right there waiting for him. How does he not see that this is the stupidest mistake he’s ever made?

I don’t know why I’m so caught up on him or why him doing this makes me want him even more. I don’t know when I fell this hard, and I certainly didn’t see it coming.

I don’t know this. I don’t understand anything. Nothing makes sense, and it all hurts so very much.

4 Comments to “I don’t understand”

  • Juliettia says:

    I’m so sorry loves. I’ve never really understood this response either.

    Want me to kick him in the balls?

  • Raine says:

    Sorry 🙁 ‘mine’ moved across the country and cut off contact, I think of him daily like some sappy girl in a chick flick-wish I had advice but thank you for being so open with your posts-it helps to know I’m not alone left confused, pissed, sad… ugh. I hope things get better!

  • Merry says:

    I’ve been there too, so much sympathy. A friend told me that I deserve someone who wholeheartedly wants to be with me. Took a while to get that into my head, as I was still caught up in Mr Drama, but it was helpful to keep telling myself.

  • I am so sorry. I was in a similar position when I met my Mr. If the old guy hadn’t dropped me I wouldn’t have the amazing man I have today :).

    There is someone out there better for you that won’t pull these little boy games with you. Promise.

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