Jopen Key Comet II

July 14th, 2014

Have you ever just wanted something so bad? You couldn’t help but think about it?

In this case, it wasn’t that I wanted the Comet and the followup, the vibrating Comet II.

I wanted to love them the way that other people did. The way that people loved the Pure Wand.

Perhaps I should have known better.

Why wasn’t my love affair meant to be? Perhaps it’s because the curve of the Comet II is so round. I guess I prefer an angle. And the shaft is so rigid. There’s no give at all to make it work with my anatomy. There’s no give or pliability to that 1.5-inch knob at the end.

And if I was built like everyone else, I’m sure I wound love the curve and bulbous head. Most people are going to find this heavenly as the curve pushes the head of the toy directly toward their G-spot rather than just sort of gliding past it like it did with my shallow G-spot.

The buzzy vibrations are particularly unacceptable to me considering this is a rechargeable toy. There’s no excuse for them to not be anything other than causes-your-hand-to-go-numb.  Yet, they are. And the vibrating patterns are lackluster and utterly forgettable because of it. Seriously? It’s 2014. What the hell is wrong with you people that this made it off the drawing board let alone the assembly line?

Ugh, okay.

And marketing, packaging (it does come with its own storage bag) and waterproofiness just aren’t going to sway me when a toy doesn’t work for my anatomy. But even if I loved the shape, I would likely be disappointed by the vibrations. Especially because there’s a single continuous vibrating mode. That’s it. Not even a confusing high-medium-low. You can’t go up or down. Well!

If you’ve read reviews from anyone who has tried both, you’ve likely head that while the Comet II does add vibration to the design, it doesn’t do so in a way that makes both of them necessary. In fact, I would argue that the shallow vibes are so insignificant that they don’t warrant even the price jump between the two. This is especially true because the motor replaced the translucent part of the handle with plastic that is much tackier looking in my not-so-humble opinion. The glass looked much prettier. It might have been weightier, but I don’t have the original to compare.

Okay, so what might you like? The silicone has a bit of drag to it. Good for g-spots, maybe? If yours give a second thought about that kind of thing. I personally like that the entire length of the Comet II is less than the Pure Wand, which curled right into my belly button in the weirdest way. Like, how do other people even use it? There’s a knobby end on the Comet II where the button is, easy to use. Others have complained about it being a bit hard to grasp, however. Certainly, the slickness of lube makes it more difficult, but it’s not like this wasn’t an issue with the Pure Wand.

I can’t bring myself to love the Comet II, but I am the exception and not the rule. You might want to check out Epiphora’s favorable review of this vibrator.

10 Comments to “Jopen Key Comet II”

  • Pete James (@PeteJames12) says:

    I agree, aesthetically, I’ve had more interest in the Key Comet 1 because of it’s handle. Have yet to own a toy with curves like this. Perhaps I’ll try an njoy product before this one as vibrations aren’t a priority for my lady when pleasuring her G-spot.

  • Danae says:

    I got a Comet II for my birthday. Like you, I am not exactly impressed by the vibrations. However, I’m still a beginner at really intense g-spot stimulation, so (for now) they are sufficient for me to enjoy them, as I am already quite impressed by the feeling of the toy’s shape in itself. They are a small addition, yet one that is still very noticeable to me.

    Will I outgrow them? Yeah, probably. And it might not take that long.

    Would I recommend the Comet I over the Comet II because of what the vibrations are like? I’m really not sure! People like very different things, so to me it seems hard to say.

  • Bitsen says:

    Well, good to know about the vibrations! I find that buzzy vibrations are just much too distracting for me to actually benefit from. I also find the shape really appealing… but, thanks to your input, I think I would opt to go for the original over the one with vibrations, if only because the aesthetics of a toy are really important to me and I agree with you about that plastic handle.
    I’ll keep what you’ve said in mind.

  • Heaven says:

    I have heard good things about this but go the Njoy Pure Wand and I still want to try this out. Sorry to hear it did not really work for you.

  • Apricot says:

    That’s sad about the vibrations, and I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you 🙁 I hate wanting to like toys but just not being able to.

  • Trix says:

    I’ve been nervous about both these and the Pure Wand, because of the shape–I tried an Ophoria Beyond One (similar bulb to the Wand) and couldn’t insert it at all. The flatter end on the Comets look like they might work better for me, but the drag of the silicone would probably compensate for that. Sorry the vibrations were underwhelming!

  • Karen DeGraaf says:


  • Ima Godiva says:

    I do like the Comet II (with reservations), and I find the vibrations to be okay. My problem with it is that the on/off button is really easy to push while the toy is in use, since it’s convex and sits right on the part where you tend to hold it (the, umm, HANDLE!). So I’ve had lots of unintentional shutdowns, which is annoying. And also, if I want to use it without vibrations, it’s just as easy to turn on by mistake.

    I still like it, but I only reach for it when I’m in the mood to deal with a fiddly toy.

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