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September 16th, 2013

In case you missed it, I posted a follow-up review for the Gigi 2.

As hard as it might be to believe, I never tried the original Gigi or any toys with similar shapes. While plenty of folks loved the shape of Gigi for G-spot stimulation, I didn’t know if I would. I had plenty of toys that stroked and vibrated in all the right ways, and I knew that original Lelo toys were lacking in strength. So when the company released a second version, I decided it was time I give it a try.

Lelo has been experimenting with colors with the release of Gigi 2 and other toys, like Liv 2. Deep rose is still an option, but I chose cool gray. My photo makes it look darker than it is. It’s really quite light. You can also get yours in pink and turquoise. I really like the gray color with the matte silicone.

Reviewers have stressed the size — or lack there of — of Gigi for years. But you just can’t imagine how tiny this thing is until it’s in your hands. It’s barely 7 inches long, and you’ve got almost 4 inches to play with, literally. If you want length for thrusting, this toy isn’t it. Neither is it the toy for you if you prefer weight for stroking, which is one reason why I like glass and stone. The Gigi is ridiculously light, rivaling my iPod Nano and making my 4-inch phone feel like a fucking brick.

Girth-wise, Gigi 2 is the same as the original — or so I’d assume. The largest place it as the head, where it’s angled. There is a diameter of 1.5″ at the widest point, but the shaft is oblong rather than round. However, it might feel a little larger to some because it’s so rigid. While the insertable portion is covered in velvety silicone that managed to feel soft, the rigid interior means there’s no give to Gigi.

What I’m working up to here is how Gigi is a lot like a rabbit vibrator. Either it’s perfect for you and it works, or it’s off in any tiny way and it’s not going to work for you at all. Period. Sorry. Go directly to jail. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200 — or get your $170 worth.

If you haven’t guessed already, Gigi did not work for me. I think this vibrator goes to show just how pronounced my pubic bone is. Insertion means that Gigi “hooks” on it, poking and prodding uncomfortably. There should not be angles there, my G-spot would say if it could talk. All in all, it’s an experience that I would label as unpleasant at the very least.

What about vibrations, you ask? Let me tell you about them. The product pages claims “100% increase in power.” I will tell you that the vibes are concentrated at the tip of this toy. They’re also buzzy and weak. I can only assume that there’s supposed to be an improvement over the original, but if this is the case, the original must suck. Other reviewers have claimed little change, however.

One thing that did change — somewhat — are the controls. They’re the same, but the button construction is different. Before, Lelo used soft, silicone buttons. Now, we have a unibody plastic button. I fucking hate it. The buttons are smaller, which is a pain if you’ve got nails, large fingers or lube on your hands. You can’t tell from touch alone which button does what, and you need more pressure to push each of the buttons. I was frustrated while using this.

I count 9 or 10 different steady vibration modes that are lackluster because of the buzzy vibes. There’s also:

  • slow pulsation
  • fast pulsation
  • faster pulsation
  • escalation
  • a different escalation
  • some setting that sounds like the Gigi 2 is trying to sing to me

The charging port is now lined with metal but includes no cover. Lelo says that this one is fully waterproof, so wash it, shower with it or take it in the bath. There’s no port cover, which always makes me anxious. I have no tub, however, so it’s a moot point for me.

As you’d expect, Gigi 2 comes with a charging cable, the typical warranty information, a packet of lube, a stiff satin drawstring pouch and Lelo’s packaging. It looks nice, but it takes up too much room. The newer toys also come with an “authenticity card” which includes the serial number and information about registering your product to get the 1o-year warranty. I haven’t had problems with Lelo toys breaking or dying, but it’s useful information.

It’s a shame that such an attractive toy is such a letdown.

5 Comments to “Lelo Gigi 2”

  • Sangsara says:

    I had the exact same problem with the original Gigi- it hurt due to getting caught on my pubic bone and it was weak and buzzy. do you like the pure wand? if so how do you avoid getting it caught?

  • Beck says:

    The grey color is lovely. Meh. Just like a thought about the improvements. I’m glad I don’t have one actually. Thanks for your review.

  • Even if you say the vibrations are weak, I think this toy might be perfect for me. I already know I love the shape from other similar toys, and I think even very mild vibrations would be great for my PGAD and helping to treat my chronic pain. Thanks for such a great review. I am sorry it did not work out for you.

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