Lelo Mona 2

October 12th, 2012

Mona 2

Mona 2
$139 from Lelo

I like the Mona 2, but it’s just so similar to the original that I feel like I don’t have much to say that’s new. So, I think I’ll start with..

What’s Different Between Mona and Mona 2

You can definitely see the relation here, but they’re not identical. The Mona 2 is a bit longer, for example. It has a longer insertable length: 5 1/4″ versus 4″. Mona is also slightly narrower. It’s not much, but the design seems to flatten out less on the insertable portion than it does with the original Mona. I think this lends a sleeker appearance, and it reminds me much more of Lelo’s Elise (which also has been recently revamped). The G-spot angle is also slightly more extreme. I didn’t have any difficulty reaching mine with the original Mona, but this might be ideal for others.

Mona (Red) and Mona 2

The silicone on the Mona 2 is a bit plusher. It’s still around a rigid internal mechanism, but it’s slightly thicker. You can push it into with your fingers in a way that you can’t with the first Mona. This might not be noticeable for some people, and I didn’t necessarily notice it while inserted. However, it might appeal to anyone who doesn’t like their silicone rock-hard. I thought the silicone seemed more plush in product photos, but it’s a bit hard to tell with all the digital airbrushing.

Lelo has decided to go ahead and release these new Monas with some different colors. There’s a hot pink, which I received, a cherry red and a grapey purple. The red seems more pinkish than my other Mona and Siri. This is sad news for anyone who loved the unique colors of the original Mona and Ina. However, I love the pink as I’ve previously mentioned.

While the controls remains absolutely the same with this vibrator, Lelo has increased the vibration strength noticeably. A side-by-side mistaken is impossible to deny. Mona 2 has more power and it still feels a bit rumbly. I appreciate the strides Lelo has made to keep up with companies like Fun Factory. However, it’s not the strongest toy I own, nor does Mona 2 have the deepest vibrations.

Mona (Red) and Mona 2

Finally, Mona 2 differs from Mona in that it has a different storage pouch. My original Mona has black satin on the outside and white on the inside. It’s so incredibly classy. The plain black satin isn’t less classy, and I imagine it’s a whole lot cheaper, but it’s also not quite as nice in my opinion. It’s fully functional either way.

There are minor cosmetic differences. The angle at which the plastic and silicone meets is different with the Mona 2. It feels slightly more seamless than the original. This is partially why the Mona 2 has more insertable length, too. The plastic portion is shorter on the Mona 2 while the neck of the shaft has a greater length.

Everything else, though, right now to my experience, feels exactly the same. Mona and Mona 2 both make me squirt– in a matter of seconds. There’s no learning curve. I need little lube for insertion. The buttons are a soft silicone that is easy to find amidst the hard plastic base of the vibrator. The charting port is covered with another piece of soft silicone. Although I haven’t tried it, I wouldn’t be surprised if you could use the exact same charger for both toys. However, Mona 2 did seem to charge amazingly fast. I swear it was less than an hour, but I didn’t pay close attention to the time.

Like the original, Mona 2’s steady vibrations are the best for me. There’s a serious of short and long pulsations followed by some escalation but none of those settings really do a lot for me. As far as I can tell, the different modes number five, including steady vibes. There’s about ten levels of vibration on steady, but the pulsation don’t seem to have as many strengths. The lower ones feel more rumbly, and the stronger settings definitely tickle your hand.

All in all, the Mona 2 is a nice vibrator. Given the current price drop for the original, I’d recommend you save a few bucks and get the Mona as long as it’s available. However, I would be much more impressed with the Mona 2 if it weren’t for one thing.

Mona and Mona 2

This vibrator has a distracting rattle that I just can’t get over. It’s stupidly noticeable. It sounds like some extra piece is flying around the shaft. I hate it. Mona 2 might look slicker but it certainly feels like the first age of digital vibrators, and I can’t justify the price

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