Liberator shag throe

March 28th, 2010

I recently got a gift from someone awesome and by “someone awesome,” I mean myself. That gift was a Liberator Shag Throe because I was sick of wet spots on the bed (from sex) and washing all my towels (from squirting). I was apprehensive about my purchase choice because EdenFantasys only carries the shag throe in purple while the microfiber is available in more colour choices. People seemed to like both just fine but I had such a difficult time deciding whether colour was more important or texture, especially because I am not a big fan of microfiber (but I wasn’t sure if the microfiber throe felt run of the mill).

The Shag Throe comes packaged in a plastic box and is neatly folded. I noticed immediately that the shag is softer and plushier than microfiber so I think I made the right choice. The blanket itself is really quite large at 71″ x 54″. Previously, someone had mentioned it just about covers the top of a queen sized bed so it’s generously sized if you move a lot during your play. I personally have never used the Throe at full size. It is always folded in half or thirds because I simply do not need that much area.

The size alone is not the only factor which makes the Throe seem quite large, perhaps even bulky. It is obvious that there are several layers to this blanket; of course, that only makes sense because the Throe has to contain something special to keep moisture from our furniture and linens. According to Liberator, that is an “inner moisture barrier.” In layman’s terms, it seems like a sheet of plastic and sounds like it, too. When moving, folding or otherwise breathing on the Throe, there is a noticeable sound of fabric-covered-plastic. It’s not necessarily detrimental to the experience, especially if you’re being louder than the Throe (nor will it give you away to the roommates or neighbours) but it is a little.. unsexy.

So, those outter layers? Shag and satin. The shag is a short fur which is soft to the touch but not like cashmere or anything. It’s definitely more appealing than “shag carpet” which is what had always come to my mind, before. I mean, who wants to have sex on that? Besides cheesy 70s porn stars, that is. For whatever reason, the shag side feels better to my hands than my body but it doesn’t feel bad at all.

And the satin? Well, it’s satiny but the outter layer is much thinner than that of the shag so it’s easier to feel the moisture barrier inside. Because of this, I don’t really like the satin side as much. If it were just satin or satin over something softer, it would feel better but it just feels too plastic-y for my tastes. However, it’s smoother and cooler feeling which some folks might prefer in hot temperatures. There are two other downsides to the satin side: it can slip around on surfaces and it runs (like pantyhose). I found out the latter after leaving the satin side up on my bed for a short time and, when I returned, it was obvious my cat(s) had walked over the Throe.

The exterior is finished off with a secure border/trim around the edges which holds everything tightly in place.

In use, the Throe performs as expected. I am no super soaker and I have read accounts where the Throe was not enough to contain fluids but I am satisfied. In fact, a product like this can really help someone who is worried about the mess of ejaculating or the difference between urine and FE. I wouldn’t even care if it were only urine, except that I don’t want that on my sheets or bed so the Throe is a life saver. The shag side not only soaks up my fluids, but even makes them a bit difficult to see. However, if you’re looking to use the Throe as a towel for cleaning up after the fact, it doesn’t perform so well in that manner and larger amounts of fluid will pool on the Throe instead of being soaked up by it (but they will not soak through to whatever is beneath it).

Nevertheless, I have found my Shag Throe helps me be a procrastinator (whether or not that’s helpful you can decide). After playtime is over, I can roll up my toys in the Throe and toss it in the corner overnight or until I am ready to deal with clean up. I find it so handy in hat way because I didn’t think of this as a versatile product, really.

The Shag Throe is machine washable on delicate/cold. You might even be able to get away with regular cycle but I didn’t try. It kept its shape well and I tossed it in the dryer on low heat. Some folks have let it air dry on the line or shower rod which is also an option. I found that I had to run it through the dryer 3 or so times before it was actually dry which is a bit perplexing. I have no idea how long it would take to air dry but now that I am back home with paid laundry machines, I guess I will find out. The Throe is in great condition after having washed and dried it and the colour is still vibrant.

But I have to say, I don’t feel the need to wash it every time I use it, thankfully. It doesn’t pick up smells nor does it seem necessarily dirty after a use or two. Like I mentioned, it’s really big so I can just fold over a previously used spot and there’s still plenty of clean surface left.

I definitely look forward to spending more time with my Shag Throe!

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