Lockable Sex Toy Case

January 20th, 2009

Words cannot really explain how excited I was to receive a package in the mail containing the large sized Lockable Sex Toy Case which TabuToys sent on over for me to review. It is my first item in the way of toy storage and I think it’s high time. Originally, I stored my toys in a shoebox under the bed and, when we bought out bedroom set, the shoebox moved to a drawer in my nightstand. As I added more toys to my collection, they overflowed into the drawer itself, then the other drawer and the shoebox became sort of a final resting place for the toys I seldom used. Finally, toys wound up on the nightstand, my dresser and even on the desk. Add to this a couple bottle of lube which never fit in the nightstand itself, and I think you can see why some toy storage was in need.

This is a stylish case, measuring in at 15″ by 8″ by 7″ and features a keyless combination lock so that snoopy friends, curious children and even pets cannot get into it. The exteriour and interiour are both lined with a sort of faux leather and there is even a smaller tray which works great for battery, condoms and other smaller items. There is a sturdy metal handle on the top which makes it easy to take from room to room or party to party, should you feel so inclined.

When this locking case first arrived, it came with no packaging. I know it’s a bit bulky but I wonder if this is the norm with toy storage? I also could not find any instructions on the outside so I was a bit curious as to how to initially open it. I figured the default combination would be simple so I eventually experimented until it came open (It wound up being 0-0-0, 1-1-2). There is a combination on each side with a button you push outward to pop open the locks so once I figured out the combination, it wasn’t a bit deal.

Inside, instructions showed how to set the combination: when it’s unlocked, hold the button out and change the combination to your preferred setting. I must admit, I need the storage more than the lock so I will leave the case unlocked. I found the buttons to be a bit finicky and not as easy to use as I would like; I think this would definitely be frustrating if you are in the dark or your hands are covered in lube so I would definitely recommend setting up beforehand. Hopefully the buttons will become a bit easier to use after time.

Lockable Sex Toy Case When the locks pop open, either side of the top of the box comes open revealing the main area of the chest as well as a small tray. There interiour isn’t much smaller than the exteriour and there isn’t really any hardware which got in my way. The tray could be pushed toward the “back” of the chest or remain toward the center. When closed, the tray will slide toward the center, covering half of the open space so I would be sure not to put anything too high there.

Initially, some of the lining in one of the lids wasn’t glued on all the way but I added a loving touch (read: superglue) and all has been fine. I was eager to start piling in my toys and away I went. This does not fit my entire collection but it does fit an assortment of vibrators, dildos, batteries, lubes, cock rings and batteries. I was pretty impressed with everything that fit into this box and could fit more in it, if I had some fabric to lay between my silicone toys. I think the Wild G would fit comfortably, perhaps even the Passion Wave.

Currently, my toy case includes (in the main space):

The tray holds these items:

  • Deep Sea Pleasure
  • Silicone Cock Rings
  • Clit Tease Her
  • Assorted Battiers (AA, N, AAA, C)
  • Make Me Cum Clit Sensitizer

Lockable Sex Toy CaseNow, none of these toys are especially large although there are 3 full sizes phallic objects. What really impresses me is that there is room to sit 2 taller bottles of lube in this case without them tipping over. I have them on the open side where there is no tray and they sit wonderfully. I know my husband is glad that they’re out of sight, now.

I also like the tray because it’s perfect for smaller items like cock rings (although I currently have a set around my bottle of Wet Light as well), batteries and those tiny jars of creams and balms. However, I think perhaps that each lid could have some sort of pocket or strap added as well for extra storage. This would be awesome for silicone toys, which I do not want to store together or perhaps even a flogger or whip. I think there’s some empty space near the top of the case and I’d like to be able to use it rather than just piling everything in.

Another thing which stood out is that this is not discreet. Although prying minds may not be able to see in this box, they will more than likely know what it contains if they see it in the bedroom and its size may tell a little more than you want to know so I would still recommend keeping it tucked away if that is an issue. Unfortunately for me, it’s slightly too large to fit into my nightstand.

When it comes down to it, the Lockable Sex Toy Case in large looks nice while being functional. It gives your toys a safe place to rest while preventing intruders in your private life. The included tray works wonderfully for smaller items so you don’t have them getting lost in the bottom of the case and while it’s definitely a step up from my shoebox, a few improvements would make this perfect!

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