Maia Toys Giveaway

March 13th, 2013

Who doesn’t love a new sex toy company? If you’ve read anything that I post here, then you know I like new things. I like new ideas and companies and I things different. Maia Toys is not only a new company, but it’s one that has bright yellow vibrators and kegel balls, and I think this is worth noting even though I hate yellow. I just know how much you guys like different, and I’m totally cool with that.

Vibrating Kegel Balls

Also, who doesn’t love a new company that’s willing to work with bloggers and will send you an entire box crammed to the gills with said vibrators and dildos? Welp. I love that. Maybe you won’t. Especially if your in laws open the box. This was not an issue for me, of course.

There’s a few other things that I like about this company:

  • They make silicone items
  • Their designs have clean lines
  • Teal!
  • Maia Toys offers a 90-day warranty

The current lineup has a handful of kegel balls, dildos and vibrators. I want sent the single G-spot vibrator, the vibrator kegel balls and the twisty dildo. To be honest, the naming confuses me a bit because Maia Toys uses names for the colors  such as “porpora” for purple. The site describe items by type, but the package uses a number code like D3 for the silicone dildo. Still, I enjoy the designs.

What does this mean for you, dear reader? Only good things. This entire post is leading up to your very own chance to win not one but two items from Maia Toys. I have in my possession two toys to ship out: the vibrating kegel balls and the G-spot vibrator, both in bright freakin’ yellow. Now, the vibrator is pretty straight up, but the kegel balls are something a little new. It’s an exerciser with inner balls and a motor, which makes the whole thing a little different and more stimulating than your generic vag balls. It’s not for everyone, but you won’t be out anything if you win this giveaway because it’s free.

To enter this giveaway, please use the PromoSimple form below. The giveaway is open the US and Canadian residents as I am personally shipping this. All entrants must type in address, which I will only even look at if you win. I won’t share any personal information. If you’d like the form to remember your information, log in with your email address.

Maia Toys Vibrators

Sometimes the form doesn’t load. Click here to view it in its own window.

Giveaway ends April 14.

Good luck!

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