Metal Worx Curve

November 9th, 2011

I know Pipedream is getting a lot of flak for basically copying Njoy’s designs in its new Metal Worx line and, I have to say, I understand why. Most of the designs are far from original. However, I’m also glad to see a big name get into making quality metal dildos because this means there’s more options, and more affordable options, for broke bastards like myself who want to experience metal at a lower price tag. For comparison, the Metal Worx Curve is a ripoff of the Njoy Fun Wand, which FunWares carries for $66. The Curve is just under $43. That’s a significant savings, in my opinion.

There are slight differences between these pieces, though. The Curve has four bumps on the one end. This makes it 2″ longer than the Fun Wand — for a total of 10″. The largest balls on the Fun Wand have a 1″ diameter while the larger on the Curve, at the G-spot end, is 1.25″ in diameter. This same ball is entirely spherically while the bumps on the Fun Wand are all oblong. The four balls on the other end of the Curve are oblong, however.

I think that I would like the Curve better than the Fun Wand. This is where I remind you that the Pure Wand didn’t do it for me. It was bulky and hard to handle and one end was too small, the other end too large. It curved too much, ending to miss my G-spot. At this point, I wish I hadn’t swapped it away for comparison photos but c’est la vie.

The Curve has a less drastic curve and because the other end curves away from my body, I can use it without stabbing myself in the mons pubis area. The four bumps also make for a good handhold, another complaint I had about the Pure Wand. The ball at the end is ridiculously good at finding my G-spot. In fact, I’d hazard a guess that I finally experienced the uber gushing that many women reported after using the Pure Wand. More FE than ever.

The balled end is more of an anal toy; although, I did try it vaginally. It felt interested but the dildo is just unbalanced. The other end is much heavier and I found it difficult to control the balls. A more shallow thrusting was required and I’m just not that patient. In addition to this, the last ball is just kind of pointy and we all know that my cervix is a bitch.

Cervix, you’re a bitch.

Here’s the thing, though. This line is not as high quality as Njoy’s toys, period. There’s a review up of the Curve on EdenFantasys with pictures that you have to see. Tim received his with some serious defects to the finish and did a little sanding of himself. Metal Worx toys are a) not stainless steel; just steel and b) suffer from a serious lack of quality control if toys can ship with such issues.

I didn’t notice any serious defects when I first examined the Curve nor when I washed it. Mine is definitely usable but it’s not as luxury as the Pure Wand. I took a closer look after reading Tim’s review and noticed some “bubbles” in the finish as well as what look like “dried drips,” like you would get with paint. Picture for emphasis.

Metal Worx Curve Finish

Unfortunately, it’s a little difficult to take a picture of something reflective. I’m not photog.

Like Njoy, Pipedream has gone with a costume box for these. It’s a locking metal case that reminds me of a toolbox or some of the storage chests floating around. I don’t find the button to work very well so I have to manually lift the latch. Also, boxes are bulky so I’d be happy with a pouch, anyway. It does minimize packaging, though.

Ultimately, Pipedream has done some sleazy copying and some cheap production. I got lucky enough to get a usable Metal Worx dildo and it was super effective. I can’t say that the Fun Wand would be my best friend but you have to consider the chances of getting a dud if you want to save money and opt for the Metal Worx products. For some, it won’t be worth the risk.

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