A Beautiful Partnership

November 19th, 2008

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Pleasurists #4

November 17th, 2008

The Pleasurists site is a weekly directory of reviews and other related blog posts by those around the sexual blogosphere. If you have a review or contest, stop by the site and submit it!

Adult product reviews from the last seven days from all around the sex blogosphere. Did you miss Pleasurists #3? Read it all here. Do you Have a review for Pleasurists #4? Submit it here before Sunday November 23rd at 11:59pm PST. Please re-post this list on your own blogs if listed.

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On to the reviews…

Editor’s Pick
Tantus Ripple (small) by Epiphora

The sensation was what I predicted—it certainly felt like bulbs popping in and out—but it was super pleasurable, much more so than the sensation of leaving a butt plug in my ass. This, I thought, is what they mean when they say anal play feels amazing.

Madame Editrix
Scarlet Lotus Sexgeek



Toys for Boys

Lube/Massage Oil


Erotic Books

Adult DVDs



Moody Blues

November 17th, 2008

Sex, like everything else for me, has a lot to do with my mood and how I feel. It’s the same when I order food from a restaurant or choose what to wear or even when to check the mail. I have to feel like it’s a good time. The downside to this is things like choosing when to check the mail have fewer factors and there is much less preventing me from feeling like it’s a good time.

On the other side, being in the mood for sex seems to rely on so many factors. Do I feel physically okay? Perhaps my heard hurts or I have a full stomach because I just ate. Maybe my jaw hurts so oral sex it out of the question. Do I feel sexually appealing? Do I feel clean? Have I recently used the bathroom? Is my partner appealing to me at the moment? Does he seem clean? Do I have enough time? Is there something else I could be doing? Do I even want to put forth the energy?

I know that, in reality, there is no perfect time to have sex. I accept that. Still, I have such a hard time makingthe effort if things aren’t as close to perfect as possible. On another post, someone said “Sometimes you just have to realise that when your hair is sticking up and you’re wearing ‘laundry day underwear’ you can still have the most amazing orgasm!” but that simply is not true for me. These factors always feel so significant to me and, once I think about them, I am no longer in the mood to have sex.

It’s frustrating that we do not have sex as often or spontaneously as I think either of us would like. Time is definitely not on our side either. So why is it that I have such a hard time not being able to accept the reality of things? I’ve always been disappointed by the little letdowns and it seems this is no exception. How do I change it?



November 15th, 2008

We fit together like puzzle pieces, my hip curving into the small of your back, as I lay next to you pondering the ever elusive sleep.


Deep Sea Pleasure Review

November 14th, 2008

I posted a new review for the Deap Sea Pleasure g-spot stimulator over at EdenFantasys.


Buzz Bunny

November 11th, 2008

Buzz Bunny, the “fantasy vibrator” kit promises a good time with it’s 5 in 1 functions. I must admit, it looks good. I considered this clitoral vibrator for some time before I finally bit the bullet and bought it. The price was more than reasonable when it comes to sex toys, averaging around $20. Unfortunately, this price was more than indicative of the quality of this toy.

At first glance, the Buzz Bunny kit is a cute pinkish-purple plastic toy and is fairly typical of sex toys. I’m not crazy about plastic blister packaging and half naked porn stars aren’t going to make me want a product any more. Regardless, the Buzz Bunny looked versatile, a miniature pocket rocket with 4 additional silicone rubber attachments. I think in the end, the Buzz Bunny was a lot of fancy work that skirted around the bigger issue (orgasm!).

One of the reasons that I chose the Buzz Bunny is because the attachments are made of softer silicone rubber. I’d felt this through the packaging at an adult store but passed on the purchase at that time. While the attachments are soft enough to be pinched by fingers, they don’t really feel soft on my clit.

I tried first the rabbit attachment to find that the ear were rather hard, sharp and pointy. If the ears weren’t so long and prominent, I might have been able to enjoy the rest of the bunny more but it just didn’t work, no matter how I positioned the Buzz Bunny against my clit. I was disappointed.

I next moved on to the G-spot stimulator. It adds a bit of length to the Buzz Bunny and becomes like a small dildo. While I was able to reach my G-spot, again, the attachment felt too hard for me and I quickly gave up that attempt. However, for those who like harder toys against their G-spot, this might work well.

I tried next the flared, penis-like attachment. I had the best experience with this. I enjoy rubbing the head of a cock against my clit and this attachment simulated that well enough to bring me to orgasm. Although the attachment wasn’t any softer than the rest, I felt that the flared, round shape of this tool worked better with the material than the other shapes.

The nubby attachment and the Buzz Bunny without any attachments are both more like typical pocket rockets, except a little shorter. I actually find this preferable to the typical wand-style rocket. Paired with the flat, wide base, the Buzz Bunny is actually easier for me to handle. This base could also be used to use the Buzz Bunny internally, without holding it.

The attachments are supposed to be improved over other toys because they screw on. Unfortunately, this sounds better in theory than it works in practice. The threading on the plastic Buzz Bunny and its attachments is very rough and uneven in places. I had some trouble getting some of the attachments to twist on easily and struggled to find the exact place where the attachment fit. I imagine this will very with each attachment and just depend on how clean the cut is. This idea would work better with a higher grade plastic or metal.

Aside from the attachments, the package boasts that the Buzz Bunny has 5 powerful speeds. I’m not sure about this. I thought that the concept of the sliding control was to move seamlessly to more powerful settings rather than have recognizably different settings. Regardless, the Buzz Bunny is pretty powerful and I kept it toward to lower end during my play.

However, when I wished to adjust the power, the sliding control was very jerky. It was not intuitive at all. I’m not sure if this was supposed to define the 5 different speeds or if it’s just poorly made.

Because the attachments of the Buzz Bunny are stated as silicone rubber, this toy is not as high quality as pure silicone toys. It may be partially porous which means it cannot be completely sterilized. However, the silicone mix means it’s of higher quality than jelly rubber toys. Furthermore, the Buzz Bunny should only be used with water-based lubricants and stored aware from other silicone toys as this can cause degradation of the toy.

Overall, the Buzz Bunny is cute but looks and sounds better in theory. The low-end plastic and silicone rubber makes for a cheaper toy and this shows with the difficulty screwing on attachments and the hard/shape attachments. If you’re not looking for much, this may be the toy for you but if you prefer higher quality toys, I’d skip the Buzz bunny despite its fair power range.


I’m pickin’ up good vibrations

November 11th, 2008

For anyone looking to get some free toys in exchange for writing reviews, Good Vibrations is looking for some faces. Add GoodVibesSF on Twitter for more information.