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October 23rd, 2008

Edenfantasys - the sex shop I trust

− A Safe &Sexy Store With Savvy Staff!


Even with your adult toy store. That’s why EdenFantasys is the sex shop I trust and for a limited time they’re hosting a campaign and contest where users can spread the word and be entered to win $250 cash.

Feel free to check out my post on their forum. If you haven’t already, sign up so you can see what the fuss is all about (and comment on my thread!)

Here’s just a little snippet about why EF makes me a very happy customer:

“I especially like the articles regarding sex toy materials which outline health and safety, both mine and that of my toys. Safety is also stressed on individual product pages where you can see a material safety guage and click on it to view more in depth information. Furthermore, EF just took a very proactive approach to safety by removing products such as anal numbing gels from their site.”


Cup n Cradle

October 22nd, 2008

Cup N Cradle
Cup N Cradle
$32from Wild in Secret

I love dual stimulators, having mostly used rabbits and wanting to expand my repertoire, I decided to try the Cup N Cradle. It’s a reasonably priced and unique looking toy so I gave it a shot. The Cup ‘n Cradle is really the first of its type to grace the market. With it knobby G-spot stimulator stemming from the cradle-shaped clitoral stimulator which rests against your clit with its many soft finger-like protrusions, the Cup N Cradle is certainly different from any of dual stimulation vibrator, let alone the traditional vibe! With a remote attached by wire and a vibrator bullet, the Cup N Cradle certainly seems inviting and its small size is perfect for even a first timer. Did I mention it’s made completely of a soft, semi-transparent jelly?

This toy is 100% fool proof. Slip the G-spot stimulator into your vagina and the clitoral stimulator will cover a wide surface area around your clit to give you increased pleasure over other, smaller clitoral stimulator. Slide the button on the remote up and you will feel pleasurable vibrations wash over your most sensitive spots. Grasp the toy as its base and apply pressure and movement to your heart’s desire.

However, while the toy may be wonderful in theory, is falls short in application. I found that the jelly material, the position of the bullet vibrator and the controls all were lacking in some way and this prove detrimental to the experience.

Although the Cup N Cradle is powerful for such a small unit, it’s best to always use it with fresh batteries. Batteries anything less than new will provide a less intense vibration, as with many toys. With a new pair of AAs, the Cup N Cradle was too strong for me to use at top speed. It was most comfortable somewhere in the middle.

While a strong vibrator is generally a positive thing, the location of the bullet meant most of the vibrations were concentrated on my hand rather than my clitoris or G-spot. In fact, while the bullet did stimulate my clitoris, the vibrations were non-existant when it came to the G-spot stimulator. Many of my sessions were cut short because my hands were so irritated from tkaing the brunt of the vibrations. Needless to say, I was not an orgasmically happy camper on these occassions.

One of the most noticeable aspects of the toy is its soft jelly material. For anyone who likes their toys soft and closer to the ‘real thing,’ the Cup N Cradle might be right up their alley and it definitely allows for a lot of flexibility. It especially feels nice over the clitoris and the surrounding area with the tiny nubs rubbing against flesh. The cradle provides a unique suction to the skin which is quite pleasurable.

However, I have found that the jelly material of this toys is, perhaps, too soft. I cannot achieve the desired pressure that I need to easily orgasm with such a soft toy. This is especially a problem when it comes to achieving the pressure that many women need on their G-spot, especially when the vibrations are so weak in that part of the toy.

Also, the sliding control leaves much to be desired. I’m not sure if all sliding controls are so ineffective, but the Cup N Cradle did not have nearly the range of vibration intensity that I expected after several uses. It seems that somehow the slider had loosened up requiring that the button be slid nearly 3/4 of the way up before the vibrator even turned on, greatly reducing the range of vibrations. At this point, the Cup N Cradle is vibrating at almost full force. However, if I press the slide down forcefully with my fingers, I can make Cup N Cradle turn on at a lower setting. This does not make for a relaxation experience.

Futhermore, the slider does not allow the vibrations to increase gradually and smoothly. Instead, the vibrations increase in a rather jerky manner which can be a bit distracting. I would prefer a remot with digital buttons or another type of technology which offer more precise control over the vibrations of the toy.

Overall, the Cup N Cradle isn’t bad. With a little patience and practice, it can be quite the diligent helper when it comes to achieving orgasm, espcially with its strong vibrations and wide coverage of the clitoral area. However, the Cup N Cradle would be improve with a more rigid material, better bullet placement and controls which are smoother and more precise.


The Review Revue

October 21st, 2008

You can see my newest review of at EdenFantasys for the Pleasure Pearls vaginal balls. EF is only one of the companies I’ve worked with to provide reviews. I’ve also be posting a review for the I Rub my Wormie sponsored by I am looking forward to working with Babeland, shortly. They are so immensely well known in the sex toy business and for good reason!

At this point, I am very proud to say that I’ve had wonderful experiences with all of these sites. They’re treated me professionally, something which is a must when dealing with a potentially tricky subject. I hope to continue working with them and maybe even others in the near future.


Premature Ejaculation: What does it mean?

October 21st, 2008

It might be pretty cut and dry to some what it means but I think the assumption that there is a time when a man can ejaculate too early shows a lot about our expectations and perhaps misunderstandings about sex.

In my mind, assuming there there is a time which is “too early” for a man to orgasm, means that there must be a “correct” time for him to orgasm. To imply cut-and-paste directions to sex is not only futile but potentially harmful. How many problems from people only wanting to be viewed as normal? I think I am fairly educated when I come to sex and reasonable as well. I figure if I want to do it, if he agrees and if we’re not hurting anyone (or at least taking care not to cause irreparable harm) or breaking any laws, then it’s a go even if it’s not  seen as normal.

With that said, I don’t think that any averages are accurate when it comes to judging sex. Who is to take that a the average penis size is 5.3 inches or black men have bigger cocks or sex lasts and average of 15 minutes The fact is sex shouldn’t even be looked at in the terms of average but in the terms of what’s right for you. Why are we so busy obsessing over a model of typical behaviour when, in actuality, that model itself is skewed because people are too afraid to admit how it actually is.

So what is the model in this context? I think the model is that a guy must last a certain time in order to please his partner. Often, this includes helping the partner achieve orgasm as well. While I am all for satisfaction, attentiveness and orgasm, I think it’s impossible to apply a blanket statement over sex. The only person who can set a standard is your partner and, even then, the standard may vary drastically from time to time.

When it comes down to, “holding out” as long as you can or until your partner cums maye actually be less pleasant than you might think. In fact, putting pressure on your partner to orgasm may prevent him or her from being able to do so.

So when is the right time to orgasm? Do you need to last X amount of minutes or provide X amount of orgasms? Ask your partner! Know what it takes to satisfy your partner and be attentive to those needs first, if you feel you might not last as long as you would like. Remember, however, that sex can be completely satisfying without an orgasm for your partner. We don’t know if your partner prefers to orgasm once or twice before you do but she or he does!

Stop listening to everyone else and listen to the one person who matters most in your sex life, the person with whom you are having sex!


Where do you want to go in your love life?

October 14th, 2008

I just stumbled across a “sex map,” that is a visual representation of the realm of sex and the fetishes/interests/lifestyle it includes. It’s an interesting concept, albeit one I would never have thought of myself. And, it’s not even the first time someone thought of it.This is the answer to “What now?” when you feel you want to do something new and have reached the limits of your own imagination (or just need a little more inspiration). You can’t say it isn’t detailed; although humans beings are creative so it may still be missing something.

I do have a bone to pick and that is, it isn’t very sensical. I like the of a map and island could really do a nice job of showing relationship between certain interests. However, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to put “Vanilla Sex” on its own island as thought it’s only distantly related. Granted, there may be greater barriers for those stuck on the vanilla side but isn’t that where everyone starts out? Therefore, I believe it should have a more central position and that all other itnerests would flow more logically coming from that. Perhaps an island in the middle would be a better idea.

Oh well, just my thoughts.


Great Balls of Fire

October 10th, 2008

I am currently testing some vaginal balls (exercisers) called Pleasure Pearls. Unfortunately, the experience has just been weird. They feel very alien inside of me and so far have not worked as expected. I am going to give them another go before writing a review.

Wish me luck.


Touch of Fur Rabbit Whip

October 10th, 2008

This Touch of Fur Rabbit whip seems exciting! It looks luxurious and I thought it would be nice for some very tame flogging and sensation play so I went ahead and ordered it despite it’s price tag. As it turns out, it wasn’t worth it.

Let me say that this flogger seemed well made initially. The handle is very thick with securely wrapped leather and seems quality. At the end is a metal ring which will make the Touch of Fur fur easy to hang or can be used to add a wrist strap.

However, after one decent swing, over half of the tresses came un-sewn and broke off. Further inspection shows that the 7 fur tails of this flogger are not whole pieces but are made up of 1 longer and one short piece each; around 2 inches from the handle, the longer pieces are sewn on. The sewing was very bad and this is where the tresses came off. Luckily, I was able to sew them back on myself and all the tresses no seem to be holding up well.

The fur tresses feel simply amazing running across your skin. For very light flogging or running the tails across your partner’s (or your own!) skin, this will feel great. This would work well to tease if one partner was bound.

Don’t expect any more than that. No matter how hard you throw this flogger, there will be no stinging sensation or thud. I don’t think this would work very well as a warm up flogger because the tresses are simply too light.

Add to that, the poor quality of the sewing and this flogger is simply more for appearance than application. However, I think this would be a bit expensive to be a prop in a photo or to remain hung on one’s wall.

If you’re into sensation play, there’s more cost effective alternatives (even ones with fur!) than the Touch of Fur Rabbit Whip and if you’re into impact play, there’s something more effective for your desires. I cannot think of a single reason to recommend this product to another consumer!

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