Touch of Fur Rabbit Whip

October 10th, 2008

This Touch of Fur Rabbit whip seems exciting! It looks luxurious and I thought it would be nice for some very tame flogging and sensation play so I went ahead and ordered it despite it’s price tag. As it turns out, it wasn’t worth it.

Let me say that this flogger seemed well made initially. The handle is very thick with securely wrapped leather and seems quality. At the end is a metal ring which will make the Touch of Fur fur easy to hang or can be used to add a wrist strap.

However, after one decent swing, over half of the tresses came un-sewn and broke off. Further inspection shows that the 7 fur tails of this flogger are not whole pieces but are made up of 1 longer and one short piece each; around 2 inches from the handle, the longer pieces are sewn on. The sewing was very bad and this is where the tresses came off. Luckily, I was able to sew them back on myself and all the tresses no seem to be holding up well.

The fur tresses feel simply amazing running across your skin. For very light flogging or running the tails across your partner’s (or your own!) skin, this will feel great. This would work well to tease if one partner was bound.

Don’t expect any more than that. No matter how hard you throw this flogger, there will be no stinging sensation or thud. I don’t think this would work very well as a warm up flogger because the tresses are simply too light.

Add to that, the poor quality of the sewing and this flogger is simply more for appearance than application. However, I think this would be a bit expensive to be a prop in a photo or to remain hung on one’s wall.

If you’re into sensation play, there’s more cost effective alternatives (even ones with fur!) than the Touch of Fur Rabbit Whip and if you’re into impact play, there’s something more effective for your desires. I cannot think of a single reason to recommend this product to another consumer!

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October 7th, 2008

The BNaughty egg vibrator by BSwish is definitely a toy for grown ups! Boasting a velvety smooth feel and 4 powerful levels of vibration all packed into a completely waterproof package, this is a great egg for sex toy amateur and connoisseur alike. Of course, every product has some sort of claim and as often is the case with sex toys, these claims usually turn out to be false. However, I was definitely open to surprises when the BNaughty (a play on the word “be” as all of the company’s toys are called) arrived in my mail box.

One of the first things I noticed was the packaging. The BNaughty comes in a sleek red and black box which matches the toy itself with a modern design featuring a woman in lingerie. The clean lines of the packaging are very mature and would be just as fitting on the packaging for consumer electronics, like an iPod. This slick box is a far improvement over the plastic blister-packaging of adult store “novelties” and gives the BNaughty the impression of being a legitimate product rather than something that should be hidden away.

The box contains a description of the BNaughty, describing its “compact oval shape, its silky touch and pitter-patter vibrations” as well as a few notes such as the necessity of 2 AA batteries (not included) and a warning that the vibrator should not be used on swollen or inflamed body parts and also that the product makes no medical claims. Interestingly enough, it seems that the toy itself is not the only silky thing in the package, the box itself feels very smooth.

The package contains the BNaughty egg vibrator which is attached to its remote and an additional small, cinching sac which is perfectly inconspicuous for carrying or story the toy. First impressions of the bnaughty were good. I immediately noticed was a delicious colour it was: a vibrant cherry red. This is not the colour one comes to expect from sex toys bur, rather, the colour one might expect in fashion or alternative hair colours! I was very impressed with that aspect alone.

Closer inspection revealed several promising aspects of the toy. Both the remote and egg felt very sturdy and secure as well as having a soft, velvety texture as promised (pet owners rejoice, the material does not collect lint!). Furthermore, there would no chips or cracks anywhere that could cause injury, lead to breaking of the bnaughty or make cleaning difficult. Also, the wire between the 2 components was well insulated and connected securely with caps on either end to ensure waterproofing.

The egg itself is pretty straightforward, a very smooth device and while not exactly seemless, this shouldn’t be detrimental to the experience. On the other hand, the remote has some improvements over other typical ones. For starters, it’s ergonomically contoured to be comfortable to hold and easy to grip in situations where it’s easy to lose the remote – such as in the shower.Also, since both parts are meant to be waterproof, the battery packed which is housed in the remote has a very tight and secure fit.

I tried the BNaughty first in the shower and then outside. I was very pleased with this vibrator. It’s the first of its kind that I’ve used and it’s very powerful despite it’s small stature. In fact, of it’s 4 settings, I didn’t expect to go any higher than #2. I did find, however, that in the shower, I needed to turn the egg up to 3 to compete with the sensations of the water. The BNaught held up very well in the water, with no problems.

I then took it took the bedroom where I was able to experiment a bit more. Smaller vibes like this one are great to use in a variety of ways as they’re so easy to manipulate and I found exploring this to be quite delightful. Outside of a wet atmosphere, I use the BNaughty on the second setting, usually. I found that this pretty little egg did the trick quite nicely once I got the hang of it.

The BNaughty also works well during couples play. It can just as easily be wielded by a partner and, because of it’s small size, can be used during intercourse, between your bodies and against the clitoris. I found this use to be especially delightful and the BNaughty came through again.

The only downside I experienced with the BNaughty – yes there is 1, but only 1 – was that it was perhaps too powerful. Often, my hand which held the toy took the brunt of the vibrations which did become a little uncomfortable. After playing with the toy for a while, both my hand and clit felt a bit twitchy and uncomfortable. Unfortunately, there’s no way around this because egg vibrators have no handle and I suppose it’s the price I must pay for the enjoyment the BNaughty gives me otherwise.

My experience with the BNaughty, my first with this style of toy, was very enjoyable. This gorgeous, discreet little vibrator is strong enough for even those who are experienced, yet not threatening in the least. For solo or couples play, the BNaughty proves pleasurable and will certainly enhance your experience.


Silicone in Your Sex Life

October 6th, 2008

Silicone is a common ingredient in many things like sex toys and lubricants. In lubricants, it’s preferred because it feels slicker, can last longer and does not get as tacky. Silicone lubricants are condom compatible. However, silicone lubricants should not be used with silicone sex toys because it can cause a reaction like melting.

Silicone is a high quality ingredient for sex toys. Silicone toys are soft like jelly, come in many colours and retain body heat. Unlike jelly, silicone does not contain the potentially harmful chemicals known as phthalates which is what causes the rubbery smell.

Pure silicone is also nonporous so toys can be thoroughly disinfected by boiling or running through the dishwasher (top shelf, no soap) – only if they are waterproof and not mechanical, of course. Disinfecting is important when sharing with partners.

Because silicone toys are higher in quality, they may also be higher in price.

However, a toy need only contain 10% silicone to be labeled as silicone. Be wary if the toy is labeled as TPR silicone as it is slightly porous.

One last warning, silicone toys should not be store closely together (touching) because it may cause a reaction (melting). (This point is slightly debatable but better safe than sorry)


Discussion Point

September 25th, 2008

I recently asked a question on the Eden Fantasys forum about lube. Let me ask here, too.

Do you use a different lube for your toys than for sex? If so why and what brands?


Worth the Wait

September 25th, 2008

What is it about having sex after a break that makes it seem so much better?

Is it simply physical? It’s no secret that a body will experience a stronger orgasm after an extended period of time without release. Perhaps sex is better because the climax is that much stronger.

Or maybe it is that having sex after a dry spell refreshes your memory to how good it is. It’s not any better than it normally is, you simply forgot.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that neither of those is true. It could be an emotional reconnection, solidifying the bond once again in a physical way.

Yet, it could be that a break reminds us of when we first had sex. As we become reacquainted, we may go through some of the same awkward moments and experience how it is to (re)learn about ourselves and our partner. But it’s okay if it’s uncomfortable, silly or even painful.

And there’s always the relief. There’s no more worry about when or if you’ll have sex again because this is it. For now, at least, you’ll be satisfied and you can experience something you love. All the time and energy spent trying to have sex had finally paid off.

Truthfully, it’s more likely a combination of some or all of these things, and then some. It’s a complex relationship between hormones, physical pleasure, emotions and mental clockworks. But whatever it is, it can sometimes make the wait worth it.


Ending the Dry Spell

September 23rd, 2008

It was not nearly a drink of water but a beautiful oasis I encountered after so many days in the desert. It was as if satiating, rejuvinating water flowed down my throat and across my skin, heightening my senses. This was no ordinary oasis, no ordinary experience.

Reluctant at first, I pulled him on top of me, his leg in between mine. A familiar exchange, our bodies rubbed and grinded against eachother. His cock was hard against my hip while I rubbed myself against his leg. I felt the return of familiar hormones and feelings. Although I hadn’t wanted it at the beginning, I did then.

His kisses covered my skin, eventually moving south. Ever attentive, he lavishly pleasured me with his mouth and fingers. As heavenly as it felt and although I could feel my orgasm building, it was long and taxing in effort.  He was selfless, as always (or maybe not; he is quick to profess his addiction to performing oral sex on me) and brushed aside my apologies.

His body moved up until his cock slid into me, effortlessly. It felt as though it had been ages since we had last been intimate. Perhaps it hap. There was no discomfort or awkwardness; everything worked together like a well oiled machine (and by that time I was well lubricated by my own arousal and his saliva). His cock felt wonderful and filling in that hard-yet-soft way.

He thrusted, I rocked in return. For whatever reason, his cock felt better than I remembered. Was it simply because it had been so long? Or was it something more?

We continued in our passionate throes, moaning and panting as we did. I was able to lose myself completely in this sexual bliss, one hand snaking below to rub my clitoris and pelvic bone as he thrust in and out of me. But I wanted it deeper, harder knowing all the while that what I wanted would make him orgasm sooner.

But I wanted it and demanded he please me with his cock. I came again for the second or third time and as I commanded him to fuck me harder, to come in me, he moaned in kind. His thrusts came more powerful and I came again, a satisfying and shuddering orgasm as he spilled his hot cum inside of me.

As his semen came rushing into me, a flood of emotions came rushing out and, before I knew it, I was crying. Hot tears ran down my cheeks in a torrent of sudden emotion and I held his body close to mine, physically spent but emotionally charged.


The Gears are Grinding

September 18th, 2008

I’m writing articles and reviews in the back of my mind. In the mean time, I thought I’d share with you a cycle I notice that I’m in. It seems that the less I have sex, the less I think about it and the less I want to have it. The also seems to be true; the more I have sex, the more I want it and the more I think about it.

It’s sort of a curious trend but  not without it’s logic. The less time I spend having sex, the less time I think about having sex and the further away from the idea of sex I grow. The less time I think about sex, the more I spend thinking about other things and the more I concentrate on other subjects, the more subjects arise to keep my attention. As my mind distances itself from the subject, my body does, too which is a fair assessment when you consider that female arousal and sexuality is mostly mentally based.

On the other hand, the more time I spend having sex, the closer my mind is to the issue and it will be more easily aroused to continue having sex. The effect my mind has on my body is obvious. I’m aroused more easily and quicker to accept sex. When sex takes up a larger part of my mind, other subjects are forced out and I think of it even more.

The one thing I find interesting is that these trends don’t necessarily have a correlation with masturbation quantities although quality might be something different. If I am not having sex, I might be more likely to masturbate but if I’m not thinking about sex at all, I may be less likely to engage in self stimulation. The same lack of trend is apparent when I am having sex. An increase in sex may mean an increase in general arousal and thus more masturbation or it may mean that I’m being satisfied more and thus masturbate less.

I think the difference here is in purpose of masturbation. Generally, it’s just done to get off; it’s a mechanical motion rather than a passionate or emotional one. While self gratifying, it isn’t necessarily satisfying and I usually see it more as work than play time. Of course, this changes when I have more time and space and can make it more of an experience, I will go above and beyond the call of duty but this is not all the time.

It’s interesting to see how these trends and even the lack of trends about masturbation are so heavily connected to my mind. Of course, considering how deeply rooted in mentality female sexuality and orgasm is (which is another topic for another time), I shouldn’t be surprised.