Odeco Aine Silicone G-Spot Vibrator

March 4th, 2014

I feel as though many of my recent reviews for G-spot vibes have been lackluster. The Gigi 2 is not for me in any way, shape or, well, mostly shape. The Revive EnerG just didn’t do anything better than my Mona or Mona 2. Maia Toys and Pipedream. In fact, I really took a break for a while because I was so underwhelmed with new toys — most of which just haven’t done anything different.
After several years of sleek, silicone toys, the Aine isn’t groundbreaking. The shaft uses contemporary lines that aren’t phallic at all. The base and control panel are very Lelo-esque. I do like the black and pink scheme, however. It’s attractive. I prefer it to white and an accent colors. Aine doesn’t necessarily do anything new.
and I really feel like the difference between most G-spot toys at this point comes down to shape and, perhaps, charging mechanism. Aine’s shape is svelte with a relatively thin and. wider head and a swell at the gentle curve to stimulate your G-spot.

Perhaps what is surprising is that toy runs on AAA batteries in an age when most toys are rechargeable. This leaves Aine with a much lower price point than most rechargeable vibrators — about $75. Sure, you can find some rechargeables at that price. The Lovelife line is a decent example of that, but you’re going to pay $100 or more for the big-name toys.

Now, I am notorious for hating toys that rely on just 2 AAAs. They cannot provide the strength or depth that I want, but maybe I have been wrong. On the lowest steady setting, Aine is stronger and deeper than Mona. As you turn it up — there are 4 steady settings — the vibrations get buzzier and Mona’s highest setting is higher overall, but I was impressed enough with the vibrations that I actually forgot this was battery powered when I sat down to write my review. I think manufacturers need to recognize that turning up settings almost always decreases depth. In fact, I think the Revel Body touched on this but didn’t leverage it correctly.

Simple cardboard and plastic packaging

Simple cardboard and plastic packaging

The other settings include a quick pulsation that is identical in duration to one on the Mona. It’s noticeably stronger, however. I am really not a big fan of pulsation. I prefer steady vibration by far and the weakest but deepest setting is my friend. All of this is controlled by a round button. The button has a +, – and a center power button that you have to hold for a few seconds each to power on and off. I like instant gratification. This just won’t do. The other two buttons cycle through strengths and settings, similar to the Layaspot.

With more girth than Mona, Aine is a good vibrator if you want something that feels more filling.  Aine measures 7 inches total. You can insert about 5 of those. The shaft has a diameter of 1.5″ at its thickest, but it’s oblong and not perfect round as you can see in the photos.  There are also some stylized ridges, but I don’t feel them during insertion so they’re neither here nor there. It’s got a thick silicone layer that’s silky but unyielding so it’s easy to apply pressure during insertion. Aine is much louder, however.

The packaging with this one is fun but easily recycled, and that’s all that I care about. There’s no storage bag which is a bummer because the silicone collects lint, but it’s nothing that can’t be rinsed off. This vibe is only splashproof, so not taking it into the tub. The battery pack slides off the back of the base, and there’s not much to protect from water. This isn’t a deal-breaker for me. It might be for you.




March 1st, 2014

There are 7 billion people on this planet. And even though I haven’t met all of them — I can’t possible meet all of them in a single lifetime — there’s only one person who makes me feel like you do. Out of everyone who I’ve ever met, there’s only you who has made me feel

  • Safe
  • Accepted
  • More myself

I cannot say that others haven’t come close. Or that someone else might make me feel the same. Or that someone might even do it better. I am not a fortune teller but, as of this very moment in time and space, you are one in 7 billion.

And I don’t even think you realize this.

Without you, I am less me.


Leaf Fresh+

February 23rd, 2014

There’s no way not to directly compare the Leaf Fresh+ to the original Leaf Fresh. As I used it, and as I write this review, I am scrambling to make those direct comparisons. The issue is that the original didn’t really leave that much of an impression. It was powerful for its size. It was bright green. But it wasn’t shaped right for me. Ultimately, I passed it on. I don’t remember who got it but, if it was you, I hope you enjoy.

As to the Leaf Fresh+, I sort of wish I hadn’t swapped that original way so I could compare. In my experience, most renewed toy lines -cough-Gigi 2-cough- tend to be stronger but not “100% stronger” or whatever the manufacturer would have you believe. I am inclined to think the same with the Fresh+. It feels strong for its size, but I remember the original feeling that way, too.

So, too, do I feel about the shape. It’s cute to look at it but I’m inclined to use it in a way where the single push button is actually in my way. I wanted to rest my finger where the button is, along that curve, to press the toy into me. This is because I do not want to use the vertex. I’m into more broad stimulation, and the corner is just too pinpoint for me. However, you could love this vibrator if you like pinpoint vibrations.
One thing that does differ is how the button works. When I wrote the original review, these were one of the few toys that used the method that pressing and holding the button increased the frequency while letting go turned it off. I like this method, but it’s not super common, and it frequently results in frustration when you’re in the middle of a masturbation jam session and your freaking vibe shuts off.

So the new button uses a long press to power off, and the normal press switches between modes. There are 5 settings overall

  • low
  • medium
  • high
  • escalation
  • varied pulsation

I would stick to the constant settings personally. I don’t find the escalation or pulsation to be my style. I prefer a slightly slower pulsation, but I’m not sure that the strength is enough for pulsation. However, I noticed a distracting rattle during the pulsation that I can’t get over. There’s probably something a little loose in the casing, and I’d be interested if any of you have a similar experience in the comments.

Aside from the rattle, the toy is quiet-ish. Louder than Lelo’s Siri but an acceptable level for what power output. This isn’t the most rumbly vibrator I’ve used, and the higher steady vibe setting is definitely most buzzy. I imagine that I would become too quickly accustomed to the vibrations after a long session, just like I did the first Fresh.

This one also retains the soft silicone, which I like when I’m holding the vibe. It’s certainly a little easier on my fingers, but a broader toy to grasp would do a better job overall. It collects lint like a mofo, but you can keep it in the storage bag to reduce that. A water rinse is the only thing that will get hair and lint off completely.

Like the original, this one is rechargeable. It comes with a USB cable that doesn’t have an outlet adapter. The plugin seems to be the same as the original Leaf line, but I have not been able to successfully charge my Leaf Life with it. Bummer because I no longer have that charger around.

This time around, I’m not nearly impressed with the whole “eco-friendly” schtick. I’m not sure if it’s all that true to be honest.

While I did get off with the Fresh+, it’s not my favorite toy. Other shapes work better for me and I think BMS needs to go back to the drawing board when it comes to the rattle.


Pink Lips and Other Stories for Girls Only

February 12th, 2014

I’ve reviewed quite a few erotica anthologies in the past, but I’ve taken a break because I don’t always like them. The nice thing about anthologies is the idea that there are plenty of themes and styles to choose from. However, this isn’t really the case for Pink Lips and Other Stories for Girls Only, which might be why this isn’t the book for me.

My issue is that every story in this anthology is by the same author so they all have similar themes and word usages — and I just don’t like them.

Each story tends to go like this. A young/college-aged woman who is interested in other women and has little to no experience with them. She tends to have a sport appearance with a “tight” ass and breasts that are small-but-proportionate for her size.  Her partners tend to take control and every story seems to use the term “hot bitch.” I tried to give this book a fair shake, but it’s just too hard when I don’t like the way the author writes.

But there’s something else going on there. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe it’s that it just seems not.. genuine. It’s like watching “lesbian” porn full of inch-long French manicures and scissoring. It’s not really about women who like women; it’s like a man who has never witness real, enjoyable sex between two women is writing erotica about lesbian encounters.

And I can’t say this is true, but this is the sense that I get. The author has been quoted as saying that these stories mix fantasy with some real experiences, but this just isn’t the gist I get. And if it is, perhaps the author should have used more fantasy elements because the anthology comes off a bit too Mary Sue.

Another issue I ran into was simply poor writing. Things like “she  was real wet.” It demonstrates a weak grasp on language, on poetry. If I am paying for something, this should not be a case. An editor somewhere should have caught this and sent it back for revision.

All of these things are so very.. distracting. This makes “Pink Lips” the type of read that I couldn’t finish let alone recommend or pick up again.

I feel bad writing this, but people on Twitter have assured me that I shouldn’t. After all, you open yourself up to criticism. Perhaps other people will like this book more, but it just isn’t my thing.


The Sale of a Lifetime

February 7th, 2014

You know that society has gone to shit when companies start popping up with orgasm insurance. No, really. I know how crazy it sounds, and I’m the door-to-door insurance salesman. Woman? Whatever.

It all started in 2013. That’s when they began experimenting with electrical impulses into the brain. The idea was to stimulate neural pathways. You’d be able to call something better in the future. Some people were hopeful that this would lead to a cure to Alzheimer’s — and it did — but that’s not what the science eventually became used for. One day, while researchers were experimenting with stimulating specific parts of the brain, their human subject orgasmed.

Oh, I’m sure it was as awkward as could be. I bet the scientists wrote it off the first few times. But then it kept happening. Again and again. Science had finally discovered what men never could: how to guarantee a partner’s orgasm. Finally, one bold researcher decided to see how electrical stimulation of the brain could really help orgasms.

At first, they considered only the ramifications for married couples. Science is rather conservative, after all. But they didn’t stop there. Eventually, scientists were able to give just about anyone an orgasm by plugging electrodes into the patient’s skull — trust me, they use a lot more finesse now days — and letting off an electrical charge.

It wasn’t enough that some people were finally able to achieve orgasm and explore their sexual sides. Once the sex toy industry got wind of the idea, things really took on a life from their own. Researchers began to look at how they could make orgasms even better and allow users to control devices to give their partners orgasms on demand. Cybersex was forever changed, and sex toy manufacturers raced to be the first to incorporate this technology into their toys.

That brings us to today. Right now. The COME industry — that’s controlled orgasm via measured electricity for those of you not in the know — is well established. Of course, it went through a rough patch those first few years. Researchers had to prove there wasn’t any lasting side effects and that home users could safely use the technology. In the end, the sex toy manufacturers had to go through a labyrinthian approval process to get their products on the market. After all, who exactly handles the business of sex toys that send jolts of electricity directly into your brain? But they did it, and the shelves of sex toy stores and even Walgreens are full of COME toys.

The most common method involves a small adhesive electrode that you place at the nape of your neck. The electrode connects to a control pack — yes, we call it the COME-troller — that allows it to emit the precise type of electricity required to cause orgasm. To be honest, I don’t know the science of it. You see, I’ve never even used it.

I’m kind of the odd duck out when it comes to COME toys, no pun intended. They just never interested me. So how did I get into selling orgasm insurance for it? Well, it’s a long story, but I’ll sum it up.

The research wasn’t quite as honest as consumers would have believed, but by the time that the first users realized that COME was eventually making it difficult or even impossible to, well, come anymore. So sex toy manufacturers had the government in their pocket. It was like oil companies in the 20th century — but worse. The toys stayed on the market, and the manufacturers were able to keep the bad news out of the media for a while by settling lawsuits quietly.

However, this couldn’t last forever. More reports began popping up. The companies had to respond. Eventually, someone had a great idea: let’s insure the user’s orgasm. We’ll give them a nice payout if their COME toys break them, and everyone will be happy. Now, you would think that consumers might be smarter than this. They would realize that the people behind this were the very same sex toy retailers who were selling them toys that interfered with their ability to have orgasm.

You would be wrong.

Consumers were hooked, maybe even addicted. And politicians were getting rich. Orgasm insurance was a go.

This is how it works. Buyers opt into an insurance plan when they buy their COME toy. They can choose the premium they pay. The more frequently they use their toy, the higher their premium tends to be. This comes with a higher payout should the technology make it impossible to orgasm in the future. It’s nothing groundbreaking. In fact, the idea is so simple that most people probably passed it off as too ridiculous to work. But it did.

And now I work at selling this insurance. Why? Mostly because I suddenly found myself an out-of-work divorcee. I didn’t have many skills after spending ten years enjoying the company of my husband, that is, until he cheated on me. The insurance company wanted saleswomen who were relatively attractive, confident and well-spoken. I guess I fit the bill.

My days are not as weird as you might expect, however. I don’t actually go door to door. Sometimes I host workshops are sex toy retailers. I field a lot of phone calls about insurance when I’m in the office, and sometimes the company sends me to someone’s how for a personalized presentation. Those “somebodies” are well-to-do, and I charm them as well as I know how.

This was one of those days. Except it was a little out of the ordinary. The couple I would be visiting — he was some sort of broker and she was a kept woman half his age — hadn’t yet purchased a COME toy. My boss instructed me that I was attempting to sell both the toy and the insurance. It was strange, yes, but I like the challenge.

I was surprised to arrive at their home. It was more modest than the homes of many of my previous customers. He answered the door with a practiced smile upon his face and led me to a sitting room. It was contemporary and clean. She was perched behind a couch, posture correct. She was quiet. Was she aloof or just shy? It was difficult to tell.

It was easier to launch into selling the COME toy than I had thought. I guess I’d become a better salesman since I started this job. My ex-husband would certainly have been surprised to see me then. I went over the specs, glossing over the science and focusing on the safety and effectiveness of the toy. I assured the couple that they certainly knew others who enjoyed COME-ing, as people called it these days. This seemed to make the young wife uncomfortable. She excused herself to “prepare us tea.”

The husband was more eager, however. Jonathaon, his name was, launched into a story about his coworker’s wife. Apparently, she had been a frigid bitch but her COME toy enabled her to be multi-orgasmic and saved the marriage. I wasn’t so sure about that, but the story was just one to pass the time. I didn’t realize his real angled until I heard him ask his next question.

“So do you like to COME?” There was a twinkle in his eye. He thought it was clever. I had heard my fair share of bad puns about the thing. I had never heard it aimed at myself before, though. I stammered, knowing I’d have to lie. No one likes to buy something that the salesman wouldn’t personally use.

“Of course I do.”

It was at that moment that his wife returned to the room.

“Do what?”

Her voice startled me. It had an edge that was more powerful than her appearance conveyed. It was deep for a woman, delicious to listen to.

“Enjoy the COME machine, miss. I mean, ma’am.” I felt as though she had walked in on us like I had my husband and his dirty little secret. She was not at all upset, however.

“Oh. Perhaps you’d like to show us, then.” It was a command, not a request. I could plainly hear this in her voice. I suddenly re-examined my assessment of this relationship. Perhaps he was the kept one, instead.

“Well, I’m not entirely sure that would be appropriate.”

“I’m not entirely sure that I want to purchase something without seeing how it works.” There was a challenge in the air as she replied.

“Perhaps you’d like to try it out personally, in your bedroom..?” I offered.

“I want to see you come.” The challenge was verbalized. There was no skirting around the issue. And my natural reaction was to accept any challenge.

I hadn’t noticed the wife — was her name Audrey? — moving toward me. Yet, there she was by my side, the COME toy in her hand.

“So you place the electrode on the back of the neck..” Her hand wrapped around my neck, fingers pressing the electrode to my skin. I thought I felt a shock run down my spine, but she hadn’t even turned it on, yet.

“And you can control the device with this button.” Another statement, not a question. Her thumb thumb circled the button, but the COME machine was still off. Her hand was still against my neck, and her fingers lightly curled against my skin. I didn’t know why, but I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

“Y-yes. That’s how it works.” The words fell out of my mouth so awkwardly.

“And the person doesn’t need to be aroused at all to achieve orgasm?” I shook my head to indicate “No.”

“Are you aroused right now?” I wanted to lie. I tried to lie. I ached to lie. I couldn’t.

“Yes, I am.” Audrey smiled, the type of smile that makes you forget anyone else exists in the world. I wondered if her husband felt the same way about her as I did in that moment. Her husband! I turned my head to look at Jonathon. He was watching us intently, but I couldn’t tell if he was enjoying it.

Audrey took the moment to make her move. She leaned in toward the exposed skin of my neck as I turned, planting soft-but-hungry kisses along my skin. I gasped, my skin tingling. She motioned for her husband to come near, handing him the controller to the toy, which she hadn’t even turned on. He was the kept one.

With the COME-troller in his hands, she was able to use both hers to stimulate me. Her delicate fingers worked the buttons out of the loops of my blouse, exposing my breasts. Audrey licked her lips as she noticed the front clasp on my bra. I was especially fond of them. I guess she was, too. Her lithe fingers unclasped my bra, and she lifted each breast to draw my nipples into her mouth. They were already erect before touching her lips. Yes, I was aroused.

But she didn’t want to just stand around. Her finger hooked into my skirt, which I had never before considered anything but bushiness-appropriate, and she pulled me back toward an over-sized armchair, Jonathon in tow. At first, I thought she would have me sit, but Audrey perched on the chair herself and dropper her hands down to the side of my thighs. She shimmied my skirt up up to my waist, revealing simple thigh highs and my hipster panties. I almost wished I had put on something spectacular when I had dressed that morning.

Audrey patted either side of the chair behind her, motioning for me to straddle her. So I did, Jonathon following close enough behind me that the electrode on the back of my neck would stay in place. I must have looked like I was precariously perched, because he stepped closer behind me, his body bracing mine. The sudden presence startled me, but I leaned my shoulders and head against his abdomen, grateful for the support.

Audrey had been intently examining my body and my wardrobe, but she wasn’t one to waste time. Her fingers snaked between my panties and my body, pushing the fabric to the side. Her hands were warm against my vulva, lightly stroking it before parting my lips. I shivered at the woman’s touch.

She pushed my further back against her husband as she tenuously slid a finger into my pussy. I was so ready. She could tell, and she inserted another finger, then another. I was full with this woman whom I had just met, a stranger.

Audrey wasn’t done, however. As her fingers inside me began stroking my G-spot — she knew exactly where to look — her thumb caressed my clitoris. It seemed like she held me tight within her grasp, my pubic bone providing her the handhold to keep me enthralled.

It only took a few minutes of her fingers and thumb working together for me to feel the familiar tension build in my pussy. Audrey could tell, too.

“You like the way I treat your cunt, don’t you?” I was startled by her abrasive language but no less turned on. I nodded. It wasn’t enough for her. Audrey slapped her open palm of her free hand against my breasts.

“Yes, I do.” The sudden assault took me by surprise, but Audrey knew exactly what she was doing. The slap had been my undoing, I was well on my way to orgasm — and without assistance of the COME toy at all.

She hadn’t forgotten about it, however. With a subtle movement that didn’t deter her expert strokes, she raised her gaze to meet Jonathon’s eyes. I didn’t know who she was talking to when she said “Come, now.” But was soon coming as soon as she gave the command.

It took her husband a brief second to turn on the machine and hit the button. When the first jolt of electricity tickled my brain, I was already in mid-orgasm. But my brain responded anyway, piling wave upon wave atop my natural orgasm. It was longer, it felt better, it contract my muscles and shook my body more than any orgasm I’d had in my life.

I would have collapsed were it not for Jonathon bracing my body from behind. He remained perfectly stoic as a near-stranger orgasmed on his wife’s lap. I wondered if his eyes glistened the way hers did at causing my orgasm. I didn’t care.

An orgasm doesn’t last forever, of course. Mine soon died down, and I was left short of breath and covered with a dewy sheen — sweat. Jonathon gently helped me to my feet, smoothing my skirt down and removing the COME electrode from the back of my neck. I lipped my lips, suddenly thirsty for the promised tea that had never arrived.

“I guess we’ll take one,” Jonathon remarked, mostly to break the silence.

“And we’ll take the toy and your highest level of insurance, too,” Audrey chimed in after her husband.

The shock must have registered on my face because Audrey laughed, but I knew she wasn’t kidding. I had just made the biggest sale of my life without even trying — myself.


Parts of me that hurts

February 6th, 2014

  • Breasts
  • Neck
  • Collar bone
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Lower back
  • Shoulders
  • Arms

Parts of me that don’t hurt:

  • My pride
  • My heart


3 Simple Steps to Find True Love on Adult Dating Sites

February 6th, 2014

True love is much more that Adult Dating for sex. A few simple steps to improve your  relationships.

“What is love…” these famous words from the world-famous song performed by Haddaway form one of the greatest issues in field of gender relations. No doubts, today we have more than one sure answer to the question “What’s love?” Modern science is able to provide you with the whole mess of “technical data” concerning the inner mechanism of adult dating; religion states that love is the highest level of spiritual unity given by the Lord; online dating services providers just offer wide choice of virtual love to millions of adult singles for free or small monetary compensation…

In fact, most adult sex dating fans know that love is too complicated thing to shove it in the frame of a customer-friendly definition. The most simple way to understand that great feeling and get lots of adult fun from it is to live with romance, cause true love always depends on the way you live.

Let’s get to practice now! The following steps will help you to make your romantic relation last longer or succeed in adult dating if you’re one of those adult singles who look for new bliss isles in the great ocean of sensual pleasures:

Follow the “LLL rule.” To find a sex partner for nsa dating is a piece of cake for modern adult fun seekers. However, to find a great lover you need to Listen to him/her, Learn more about your potential sexy partner’s hopes and dreams and Love his real personality hidden behind the everyday-life mask.

Make friends before dating for sex. Before getting the maximum of adult fun from the moments of physical and mental intimacy it would be necessary to start from being just friends. In real life long-lasting romance full of pleasurable adult sex very often is a consequence of warm friendship.

Act natural and don’t hesitate to look around. Suppose, this point is clear to most adult singles and sex partners in couples. However, there’s always need to remind a few small things – just to make the whole picture of happy romance play all it’s colors:

  • show your true personality if you want to be recognized;
  • stop thinking that your love is somewhere far away from you. Look around – it may be that girl that lives next door to you who dreams of winning your heart for herself. Adult datingis full of pleasant surprises, you know.

The article was presented by Shagaholic.com adult dating site, make your dating life full of adult fun!


Lelo Gigi 2 Giveaway

February 5th, 2014

I asked if you guys were interested. You said, “Yes!” So here’s a giveaway for all my lovely readers.

I didn’t love the Gigi 2, which you can see in my initial review. I only warmed to it slightly in my followup review. However,  here’s a list of people who did love the vibrator.

Will you love the Gigi 2? Maybe. I think if you need a lot of G-spot stimulation and like angled toys such as Ella, then it’s worth giving it a try. Gigi 2 isn’t the most powerful vibe out there, even with an increase in power over the original Gigi. However, the shape might make up for this.

You may also like Gigi if you haven’t try any other Lelo toys before and, hey, this one is free! Maybe you want to see if you like toys that have multiple settings or if you like unique settings like the surprise me function.

Lelo Gigi 2

Lelo Gigi 2

For the full list of features, keep reading

  • G-spot tip
  • 100% more power than Gigi
  • 8 modes
  • 2 hours of use per charge
  • Waterproof
  • Lockable
  • Made of body-safe silicone
  • 1-Year LELO Warranty for Complete Peace of Mind

Of course, this also comes with a sample of Lelo lube, charging cable, storage pouch and Lelo’s famous packaging. The version you’ll be entering to win is the Deep Rose color as pictured. I’ll be shipping out my extra handled-but-unused Gigi 2.

All you have to do is use the entry form below. Return for daily entries like Facebook photo sharing, Tumblr reblogging and Tweeting.

Giveaway is open to US residents; ends March 5th. I will generate one winner randomly.


Bettie Page Picture Perfect Spanking Paddle

February 4th, 2014

This review has been too long in the making and this item has definitely been too long in the drawer since I received it. I cannot wait until I have an awesome opportunity to use this paddle for a play session.

This is one of those items that I showed to everyone as soon as I received it, and we all felt the same way: it’s an awesome impact instrument.

Now, I generally don’t go for items that are branded or designed like this. Sex toys and accessories with celebrities and porn stars on them tend to be kinda cheesy and frequently cheaply made in my opinion. This paddle is not.

The entire thing comes in a sleek, long box that has a paperboard cover. Once you slip this off, the top of the box pulls off to reveal the paddle. If you flip over the to of the box, you’ll see black and white photos of Bettie Page printed inside it.

The paddle has a similar photo of the model printed on the wide end. It fades to black on the handle, which is blank save for a signature. I am not sure if this is Bettie’s actually signature, but the overall look is sleek and sophisticated.

Bettie Page Keychain

Bettie Page Keychain

While the paddle is held into place with elastic straps, there are two other items in the box. These are a keychain and a collector’s card. I’ve already added the keychain to my keys. The decorative part is round and depicts another monochromatic picture of Bettie. It uses a lobster claw hook, which I like. The card will remain in my box, which I will also use to store the paddle. I am not usually the type of person who keeps boxes — I hate Lelo boxes at this point — but I will make an exception because the design here was done so well.

The decorative side of the paddle is a textured faux leather while the “usable” side is a quilted sort of faux leather. This gives the paddle a sort of plush feel when you’re just touching it. It’s also nice to look at.

During use, the neck has give but isn’t floppy, and this paddle comes with a wrist strap that makes it easy to use. I’ve personally found that the paddle can be used for a light swat or with more force for a sting that will make your skin glow rosy red – if you want it to. This sort of versatility means the paddle will likely work for a variety of users. Even if you’re getting it for novelty’s sake, you’ll find it is good for use.

The material can be cleaned with a damp cloth, but don’t consider it sterilizable.

If my experience with the Bettie Page Picture Perfect Spanking Paddle is any indication, then LoveHoney has done a good job with this line, and I’d be happy to recommend any of the items in it to BDSM and sex toy lovers.


LoveLife Cuddle

January 26th, 2014

I’ve read a lot of pretty positive reviews for the items in this line. Indeed, OhMiBod’s official move from musically-enhanced sex toys to plain Jain toys seems to have been pretty successful. There’s less novelty here and more solid function. I give this a thumbs up.

Also, I kinda like the shape of the Cuddle. There’s just the faintest hint of a ridge on the head to provide G-spot stimulation more so than any other toy in this line. This includes the Dream. A more noticeable angle of the shaft also makes finding your G-spot easier. The ridge is made of plush silicone. In fact, the silicone over the shaft is quite plush. It’s softer than any Lelo vibe, for example. You can get pressure you need but it’s not going to make your pubic bone feel like it’s stabbing you from the inside out. Yay for that.

The shaft offers about 4,5 inches to insert with another two inches for grasping. The size of the Cuddle is good all around. However, you might opt for something thicker if you’re a size queen as this one tops out with a 1.25-inch diameter.

But here’s something I don’t like: the name. The cuddle? I want someone to name their toy “Motherfucking vibrator.” Let’s just be out with this cutesy BS, okay? It reminds me of that book about anal where the author was afraid to say anus.

There's just so much packaging!

There’s just so much packaging!

I really want to add another positive here, but let’s go on a tangent, instead. This Cuddle comes with all sorts of packaging. There’s this outter sleeve with a cutout heart and you see this cute pattern through it. When you remove the sleeve, there box has a top and bottom that you must separate. Not rocket science, but a lot of packaging. Once you do this, the Cuddle sits on a tray specially made for its. It’s nice packaging, okay. I like pink! I love pink and white! I just wish it weren’t wasted on packaging, which I am ultimately going to throw away. Had I not tried over 9000 Lelo toys, I would be more impressed.

So, Cuddle comes with its own little sleeping bag. I think I’ll call storage pouches this all the time. Mucho good-o. I’d much rather store toys in pouches. In fact, I kind of have to after rearranging my nightstand. I broke up one drawer of toys I really like in two: dildos and vibes. But I digress.

This vibrator has a little heart-shaped control pad surrounded by an LED. The heart shape works well for the three buttons. Plus, minus and tilde (~). I do not get to use that word frequently enough. I like standard three-button controls, but this isn’t it. To turn the toy on or off, you have to hold the ~ for several seconds. I don’t understand why companies don’t understand that we need to be able to turn off toys instantly. This isn’t negotiable, people!

The + and – obviously allow you to change the strength of the vibrations. To be honest, this might be the place where the Cuddle best excels. Even on the lowest setting, the steady vibrations are strong and pretty rumbly. The tilde also switches between settings. Aside from steady vibes, you get:

  • Pulsation
  • Fast pulsation
  • Escalation/pulsation combo
  • Slow then fast pulsation
  • Fast then slow pulsation
  • Fast pulsation, escalation, pulsation again

The strength of the motor makes the pulsation much more interesting than weaker vibes, and I actually rather like the last setting even if it’s difficult to describe. This is pretty high praise coming from someone who doesn’t use those extra settings at all.

The strength does make this toy a little louder than I’d like, however. It’s certainly louder than any of my Lelo rechargeables. I have yet to drain the battery, but it’s running now on full force so we’ll see if it dies before I finish this review (I got 1+ hours before I shut it off cause it was bugging me, too. There was no decrease in power at all). In case you were wondering, my cat does not like this.

The LED serves as a charging indicator, blinking as Cuddle charges. The port is proprietary and surrounding by a soft silicone that’s intended to help waterproof, so you have to wiggle the charger into place. I dislike that this only comes with a USB cable and no outlet adapter. I have some, but I don’t have any place to permanently plug cables to let things charge. According to the manual, it can take 2.5 hours to fully charge, and you’ll get about 2 hours of use.

However, for a USB-powered vibe, Cuddle is one of the more powerful I’ve tried. If this were my first G-spot or USB vibe, I’d probably love it. However, I’m eager to recommend it as a rechargeable G-spot vibe that’s affordable. Pinkcherry has it for just $68 right now. If you wait for one of the store’s awesome sales, it’ll be even more affordable. This makes Lovelife a brand that many first-timers might try, and I can’t argue with that.