Ceramix Pleasure Pottery Dildo No. 4

December 28th, 2013

I have to get this review written tonight because I will soon be writing my annual “Best of” list, and this dildo will absolutely be on it.

So, here’s the thing. I really like the look of the Ceramix line. It’s all bright colors and fun shapes. Kind of Dr. Seuss. A good friend said it reminded her of Wonderland. Either way, it’s got this whimsical air. Love it. Apparently I am not alone. My Pipedream rep said they were having trouble keeping these in stock. Fortunately, the good folk over at PinkCherry were able to send one over.

Now, the only other ceramic toy I’ve used was a vibrator, so it had a bit more wait than this dildo. The dildo is hollow and it just feels so light. It’s like the Krispy Kreme donut of dildos. Almost more air than anything else. Yes, it’s also delicious. I will get there.

There polka dots on the #4 are slightly raised. I can feel them with my hand. I don’t think this adds any vaginal sensation. It’s slick overall and, as you can see from the photos, there are definitely some light bulges.

So this is a hollowed out dildo and there’s a hole at the bottom that’s plugged with stopper. It’s removable so that you can put warm or cold water in it for temperature. At first, I thought this was a gimmick.

I was fucking wrong.

However, it is annoying. It’s in there really well. I couldn’t pry it out with my fingers or nails. I had to grab a pair of tweezers. It needs to be secure so that water doesn’t get all over your bed, but it’s so secure that you definitely need to plan on playtime with this dildo. It’s not a spur-of-the-moment thing.

So once I got it removed, I did will it with warm water. Of course, this adds to the weight a bit, but it’s nothing like metal. In fact, I rather disliked the weight of the Pure Wand. I also disliked how hot it got after usage. I generally prefer the feel of something cool against my labia, that warms up only slightly. I love glass.

But the way that the ceramic warms from the inside out with this method has won me over. The heat reminds me of sex with a real, live cock. Of course. the rigidity is all wrong, but is just feels awesome, not foreign. This alone made me really enjoy the feeling of this dildo. Instead of using it to squirt or thrust, I simply enjoyed the way it felt while inserted and using another vibe on my clit. I don’t think it would have mattered which vibrator I was using externally because cumming around this dildo — three times — felt amazing.

The size didn’t matter but for posterity, it has a slightly curved head and a base that makes it safe for anal. You can insert 6 inches, and this is a medium-size dildo with a maximum diameter of 1.5″.

It’s been a long time since I’ve fallen in love with a sex toy like this. I absolutely recommend that you try something in this line if not the Pleasure Pottery Dildo No. 4. There are vibrators and plugs, each with their own stunning design.

At this very moment, PinkCherry has a 25% off coupon “Boxing.” Use it to get this for less than $34.


There’s Nothing True About True Love

December 24th, 2013

A while back I had signed into Facebook and an image popped up in my feed. I wish I had saved it, but I didn’t. It annoyed me but I figured that I would forget about it. I didn’t.

The image said something along the lines of

Ladies, just because he makes you feel that way doesn’t mean that he’s the one.

I take issue with this for so many fucking reasons.

I do not believe in true love, but the idea of true love is based on the belief that out of 7 billion other people on this planet, one of them is right for you. Perfectly so. No one else is. This true love complements you in every way. No one else can. If there is only one, true love, then it stands to assume that only one person should be able to do and say the things that make you feel love in that special way. If other people can do that, how can anyone believe in the concept of “the one.” There obviously is more than one when that’s the case.

You cannot have it both ways. These ideas do not go hand in hand. In fact, they are mutually exclusive. If there is only one true love and you’re supposed to know it, to feel it in the pit of your stomach and the marrow of your bones, then anything that confuses you or masquerades as true love only discredits the idea.

Finally, I am offended as a woman and a feminist. It’s not just that the text assumes this oxymoron is true, it assumes that women, somehow, are not able to realize that this is a fact. It’s targeted as women giving some sort of impression that it’s not okay for us to make what other people are poor choices in relationships. Of course, the same behavior in men is perfectly acceptable. It’s the same old double standard. A man sleeps with tons of women that he meets on adult dating website UpForIt, even if those women are poor choices for whatever reason, it’s okay. Boys will be boys. But women? No, we’re not allowed to make mistakes, even if those  actions are only what others consider to be mistakes.

What’s wrong with spending time with someone who makes you feel good temporarily just because you’re a woman? Can we not be adults who make our own decisions? Why is this anyone else’s business?

Not only does this assume that true love is real, it assume that this is can be our one and only goal. No thank you, silly meme creators of Tumblr and Facebook. You do not know my wants. You cannot possibly imagine the vastness that is the human experience or the complexity of emotions and desires.

I know it’s a silly thing to be so frustrated with, but the very premise just rubbed me the wrong way.



Revel Body Attachments

December 22nd, 2013

I received my Revel Sonic with all the available attachments to try out. My original review wasn’t so positive, and the attachments really haven’t changed my mind. In fact, these silicone attachments may only have made me more frustrated. If this toy has been nicknamed the “shit orb,” I think it’s only fair to call these attachments dingleberries. Sorry, folks.

SheVibe sells all the extra attachments in a bundle. You can also purchase them separately if you only want one or two. It’s more economical to buy the whole batch, but I don’t think you’ll want to as you’ll see despite the fact that they’re all made of body-safe silicone and can act as impromptu refrigerator magnets.

The four attachments that you can purchase — separately — from the base vibrator are the

  • Cona
  • Ever
  • Fawn
  • Niko

Yes, the names are silly. No, they don’t really describe the nature of the attachments in a useful way. Yes, they all come in boxes that are nearly the size of the Revel Sonic. No, I don’t really think this is awesome.

Niko is something like a nipple in design. It seems the closest to the rounded attachment that comes with the Revel Body originally. Fawn is a soft silicone brush. I don’t understand attachments like this to begin with. I’m not vibrating my pubes, am I?

Ever is a strange concave tip with several rings inside of one another. I know that there’s a name for this. I cannot remember this. I can’t figure out why anyone thought this was a good design move, either. Finally, Cona is a tip that you can fit something into. It has soft sides and a round opening. A nipple fits. No, it doesn’t feel good. It feels abrasive and uncomfortable. Get it the fuck away from me.

All of them are on magnetic shafts and fit into the core of the Revel Sonic. The magnetism is super strong. This is pretty cool, but it’s not going to get me off. In fact, the only way that the Revel Sonic has been able to get me off is when I used it, turned off, with attachments removed to simply get pleasure from the spherical shape.

The problem is that if the Revel Body doesn’t work for you, it’s not because of the attachments. Switching to something that supposedly feels like suction isn’t going to help. If you aren’t stimulated enough my holding the Revel Body a precise amount of space away from your boy, if you need pressure or direct contact, you’re simply SOL.

But it’s more than that. The design of the Revel Body means you can’t really press it against your body. Your clit, your nipples or your wherever aren’t really going to be able to tell the difference with so little surface contact.

Maybe you could like these attachments if the Revel Sonic works for you and you don’t mind the giant learning curve. However, I’m not sure I’d recommend shelling over $50 for this set. Spend $19 on a single attachment to see if it makes a difference to you.

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The way that I masturbate

December 16th, 2013

I was recently reading Epiphora’s review of the Magic Wand, in which she examines the way that Vibratex is re-packaging the old favorite and how she has come to prefer the Hitachi.. at the right time. According to her, “the secret to the Hitachi is knowing when and how to use the Hitachi.” Epiphora’s review includes a list of when to use the Hitachi over other sex toys. The first four items on the list describe my masturbation style. Every. single. time.

  • you’re wearing underwear and don’t want to remove it
  • you’re wearing pants and don’t want to remove those
  • you don’t want to have to clean something
  • you don’t want to fuck around and would please like an orgasm in <2 minutes, thank you

Honestly, it wouldn’t occur to me that people masturbate in another way. I know they do. I’ve read the reviews. I just don’t get it. For me, masturbation is almost utilitarian. I do it to get off, not necessarily to feel good. It’s not that those two things are mutually exclusive but, for me, they’re not mutually inclusive.

I masturbate to get off. The sooner the better. If the orgasm doesn’t come easily, I’m almost frustrated by it. When it does come, I typically keep going to see how many I can get. I stop when I get bored.

Certainly, it might be more fun to reach for a Vixen dildo. But If I’m going to use a toy at all, it’s frequently a clitoral stimulator like Siri or Layaspot. I really have to put a lot of thought into a masturbation session if I’m going to use an insertable. This is why it takes so long for me to get around to reviews.

Now that it’s freezing — haha, no it’s not. It’s -8 — and the very idea of taking off my clothes and climbing into my frigid bed to masturbate? I don’t think so. We’re experiencing an especially cold winter, though. I don’t normally stop masturbating for six months out of the year.

But even when I have the option, I’ll probably opp to rub myself through my panties and pants. I don’t want to have to break out the lube or wash anything after. It’s about pressure not precision. I could certainly use something to apply that pressure — the Revel Body actually works better to get me off when it’s not even on because of this — but I usually don’t.

Perhaps if I kept more toys in the living room, within reach of the couch, I’ll use them more frequently. I can certainly stuff them in my hollow pillows. I could keep the Miracle Massager plugged in and ready to use at any time.

It does seem a little bit like a shame to own all these awesome sex toys and not do anything with them. And perhaps that’s why I’ve been in such a reviewing rut (and why I tend to find myself spending less time on sites like SexToys247 looking at new toys) . I truly don’t need more than one toy that does anything. I’m happy with one internal vibe, one clitoral vibe, one awesome dildo, one super-strong wand, et cetera.

Variety, it seems, is not the spice of my sex life.


Scandal Control Cuffs

December 15th, 2013

I have got to hand it to California Exotics — wow! Who ever would have thought I’d use that sentence? When it comes to the entire Scandal line, the design is quite attractive. If I hadn’t already started a purple bondage theme, I’d seriously consider getting everything in this line. It’s got that sort of boudoir feel to it.

These cuffs have a red and black damask style exterior. It’s classy. It’s sexy. I like it.

The interior is a plush velvet type material. It’s classy. It’s sexy. It’s comfortable, too. I like it.

I suppose you could wipe clean any spots with a damp cloth. Blood might be an issue so be careful when playing.

The cuffs themselves are connect by a length of nylon. Think backpacks. You can adjust the length, and the box described it as a “handle.” Sure, you can grasp it, but to call it a handle seems a little like a stretch.

The cuffs themselves secure with velcro. This could potentially be a problem if the bound person pulls her wrists or ankles apart with enough force. People with long hands can also often grasp velcro straps with their fingers to undo their binds. This was my main complaint with the cuffs that come with the Under the Bed system.

The major downfall with these cuffs is that they only attach to the other cuff with the plastic buckle. It’s good for leverage during sex, but it’s not versatile enough that you’ll use them with other restraints. The Scandal line does intclude it’s own bed restraints, hog tie set and universal cuffs, but it would be nice if more of the items were more versatile.

Although the package suggests these as ankle cuffs, they’ll work just as well on wrists. The cuffs are 2.5″ wide and 11 inches long. You can adjust the circumference so that it’s a few inches narrower or wider. These probably won’t work well if you have especially wide ankles.

The handle adjusts to just under 3 inches, and stretches to 9 inches long. It’s long enough to grasp with one or both hands.

Overall, I like these cuffs. I’d prefer them to be more versatile, like I mentioned.

CEN Sexpert


Hitachi: Making the holidays magical

December 11th, 2013

Thanks for the guest post Sam!

I’ve been using vibrators for years. Small ones, large ones, silicone, glass, hard, soft, vibrating, pulsating, thrusting – anything you can think of, really. However I was quite late to the whole hitachi revolution. Are they really that much better than a standard vibrator? Yes – they’re bigger, but as most women know, bigger does not always necessarily mean better.

Originally conceived as a ‘sports massager’, a savvy few women soon started to realise that the powerful pulsations of the hitachi wand would make for a perfect vibrator.


There are plenty of wand reviews online, however for me the orgasm given from a hitchi is a largely different sensation than other vibrator orgasms I am used to – the size of the vibrating surface means that the pulsations tend to be slower and deeper, resulting in a ‘wave-like’ orgasm, something quite different to the short, sharp, intense climax that can often by given using other, smaller toys with a more concentrated vibrations.

I found climax easy to achieve using this toy and the wide service can give both a clitoral and opening orgasm – though remember, this is not a toy to be inserted!

Another additional benefit of a hitachi wand is that comparatively to many other toys, they are very quiet (again being larger, the buzz is much softer). However – this brings me on to me one and only is of the wand – they are very large and can be quite bulky – it’s not a toy that works especially well, from my experience, for couple’s fun. Varying positions can be difficult to achieve due to the size and of course – it can look incredibly intimidating to whip out for your partner!

Overall – a wand is an excellent addition to any girls sex toy ammunition, perfect enjoyed alone ;).


Decor Stashe Pillow in Velvish Aubergine

December 9th, 2013

I’ve had my eye on this pillow for quite a while. I really like Liberator’s Decor line, and I enjoy hiding toys around my house in pillows. The design of this is a far step up from the other hide-a-vibe pillow I have, too. I was hoping this would match my bedding, and unfortunately it doesn’t. However, purple is one of those colors that just doesn’t photograph easily, and this is a little more too blue-hued. My bedding looks reddish in comparison. This doesn’t mean I love the pillow any less or affect its use, of course. I just like things that are perfect.

The design of this pillow is nearly perfect, however. It’s a “hollowed” square pillow. It measures 16 inches by 16 inches, but the details make it seem a little bigger. One side is a soft velour material, while the other is shiny satin that complements it. Two of the side have triangular “wings” that fold over to either side. If you want to see both fabrics, you can. It shipped with the wings folded over to the velvet side, but I don’t find it to be as attractive. The wings secure with white ribbon, so you may want to spend some time tying it into a pretty bow.



When the wings are folded toward the satin side, however, you don’t have access to the zipper, which runs along one of the edges where there’s a wing. So if you’re looking for convenience, you’ll want to fold them backward. However, you can certainly untie the ribbon. The look is attractive overall.

I really like the idea of the “wings.” If you sew, you could replicate it, but this pillow was made very well. The stitching and zipper are quite secure.

When you unzip the pillow, there’s an opening for hiding your toys. The inside is lined with a nylon-like material that you can easily wipe down to clean. I prefer this over my other pillow. It just feels cleaner.

It’s definitely smaller on the inside — not like the TARDIS at all. However, you’re going to get a few items in here. PinkCherry’s product page shows a rabbit similar to one that I have.

I was able to stuff quite a few toys in here and still zip it:

That’s definitely a lot of toys; although, the pillow was pretty packed.

Of course, as a pillow, it won’t be very comfortable when it’s full of toys. However, when it’s empty of contains something softer, you can actually use it as a pillow comfortably enough. It’s not flat.

And as a place to hide your vibes, a pillow doesn’t make the most sense if people actually use it. However, it’ll work as long as your guests view the pillow as a decoration and not an actual pillow, you’re in the clear. Plus, this one matches other items in the Liberator decor line. There’s also a Flip Ramp available in the same color. However, the aubergine does not match the purple Liberator Throe. But those are really first world problems. Of course, the black is definitely easier to match, so you’ve got other color options if you like the pillow.

If you’re inspired by it, make your own.


Black Friday Shopping? Try Bedroom Kandy

November 29th, 2013

You don’t have to have a boring sex life whether you are married or still searching for the right partner. Adult toys can bring passion back into your romantic life if you have an open mind. Products are designed to be safe and comfortable to use and you can even order discreetly online if you are too nervous to visit a local adult store. Taking a few moments to browse websites like BedroomKandy.net can give you plenty of ideas for turning your fantasies into reality. Browsing with your partner is a smart idea if you want to find ideas that will work for two, or you can shop alone and surprise your partner with a romantic evening they won’t forget.

Today, you will find a wide range of adult products for both men and women. Lingerie can be the perfect gift for someone special, or you can opt for a more private gift to boost the passion in your bedroom. DVDs are a simple way to find the romance if your sex life has been lagging. If you are worried about surprising your partner because you aren’t sure how receptive they will be, you can begin with a DVD then move on to more exotic, and exciting, adult products to boost the romance and bring back the excitement

Thanks for the guest post, Bedroom Kandy.


Holiday Shopping with Babeland

November 25th, 2013

Babeland has officially released multiple gift guides for shopping for your loved ones this year. I figure I didn’t need to write my own. Epiphora already has one, and plenty of retailers do, too. Anyway, a guide would appear something like my “Best of” lists, and I’ll be writing one of those in a few short weeks. But I do have thoughts on some of the gift guides are that are out, so here’s my informal critique.

Tenga Flip by Babeland

Tenga Flip by Babeland

Top Ten Sexy Gifts for Him

This list includes masturbators, cock rings, anal toys  and a few kits. I’d  recommend the Tenga Flip for individual users and the Mio cock ring for couples. I’m not really a huge fan of kits because they all usually contain something that I really won’t use. Of course, a nice bottle of lube is ideal for anyone on your list. Babeland carries Ride Rub Stroke Oil intended specifically for jerking off.

Top Ten Gifts for Her

This list is almost entirely made up of vibrators with the exceptions of  the Under the Bed Restraints, which I do love! To be honest, I don’t really like anything else on the list. The Minna Ola was frustrating, the Form 2 sucked and the Pikobong toys are a joke. I do have high hopes for the We-Vibe 4 but haven’t had a chance to try it yet. So here’s my recommendations instead:

We Vibe Touch

We Vibe Touch

  1. Stronic Eins for unique pulsating sensation
  2. Siri for clitoral stimulation
  3. JimmyJane Form 6 G3 for strong vibes and versatility
  4. We Vibe Tango  or Touch for strong external vibes in a portable package
  5. Babeland’s Orchid  G for something that won’t break the bank or someone who isn’t sure what they want yet

Also, the list is sorely lacking in dildos. I love the look of the Babeland Mustang and the Candy dildos. You can also pick up the Leo with include bullet vibe.

Stocking Stuffers

If you’re running low on funds or just want to top of someone’s stocking this holiday season, Babeland also has a list of stocking stuffers under $30. This list includes Tenga eggs, which are perfect for masturbating on the run, and all sorts of Babelube.  I’m a particular fan of Babeland’s massage products, so check out the bars on the list. There’s even a mini riding crop for just a little (tehe) bondage fun.

I would personally add the Sliquid lube cube to the list. Why not toss in a condom sampler?


Although I said I don’t like kits, some of the pricier ones are an all right deal. There’s an entire page of kits. My recommendations are for the Start Kit that includes the Orchard G and a bullet vibe, Bootie + Sliquid kit, Mystic Wand + G-spot attachment, Jaguar Harness + Leo dildo, Power to the Pink (which has lube and a Siri) and maybe the Sweetheart Kink.

Right now Babeland is doing 30% off best sellers, so take a look. They’re also holding a contest for newsletter subscribers. You can win a $600 shopping spree when you sign up.


What’s on your Christmas list this year?


You First

November 21st, 2013

I never say “I love you” first. I always say it in reply to someone else. This is probably for a couple reasons.

I fight falling in love. I fall too quickly, so the logical part of my argues with myself. “This can’t be love.” Eventually, it tuns to “Well, it’s not going away. Maybe this is love.” Eventually I resign myself to the fact that I am in love. “Fuck. It’s love. Now what?”

There’s also a safety in being the second person to say those three “little” words. I’ll let you bare yourself first, thank-you-very-much. Because waiting for someone else gives me time to figure myself out. It also means I don’t have to be vulnerable first. While I want someone with whom I can be vulnerable, I’m ultimately more afraid of rejection. If I let you go first, it’s okay to say “I love you.”

This all ties into the fact that I come off as reserved when it comes to things that I love. Music, movies, TV, games.. it’s all the same. You wouldn’t know that I am OMG obsessed with something unless you know me really well. I keep my cool. I keep my cool because it helps me retain control or, perhaps, the illusion of control. Because I can’t control anything else, only the way that I react. So I’m not going to throw myself at someone. At least, I’m going to try my very best not to. And when I find that control slipping, I feel angry at myself. So if I’m going to lose control and have a frivolous, emotional outburst such as “I love you”.. it really has to be a safe place.

This is partly due to the fact that I have expressed love — of people and things and ideas — and I’ve been made of for it. I’ve received flack from people whom I loved, from the very people who I expected that I wouldn’t have to be reserved around. Nothing hurts quite like the hurt from the person to whom you said “I do.” And maybe it’s not necessarily healthy or helpful to keep my cool, to hide parts of me. When I say it like that, it’s obvious that it’s all some sort of defense mechanism.

Even now, I think I owe the bartender an announcement of “I love you,” but I can’t quite put my finger on “Why?” and I certainly haven’t figured out the “How?” It all seems so sudden, so abrasive when I have to say it first.