Paul and Paulina

January 25th, 2010

Let me preface this by saying I’d like this rabbit style vibrator much better if it were called Pauley Perrette because that’s what I always think instead of “Paul and Paulina.” And I love Pauley.

All that aside, Paul and Paulina is an adorable vibrator. I’ve seen it in a beautiful blue, a bright green and the colour I received: baby pink. Both the insertable portion and the clitoral stimulator are shaped like worms or caterpillars which are coming out of an apple and the soft silicone which coats the toy has ridges to add to the effect (and add texture, too). There are some artistic ‘dimples’ in the apple which may prove to be effective finger holds but did not aid me in use. The worms appear to be smiling and have two embossed dots for eyes. If animal toys are not your thing, then this vibrator will not be for you. The silicone around the shaft is a little loose so there is give when squeezed but there is less give around the clitoral stimulator.

Because of the ridges on the shaft, I would recommend using lube (water based only). The soft silicone has a slightly velvety texture which increases drag. While I found I could feel those ripples, they were not entirely stimulating. Someone with a more sensitive vagina might find otherwise, however.

Like most soft silicone, Paul and Paulina picks up lint, fur etc. Storing is in a ziploc/toy bag or wrapped in a scarf may help. And using a microfiber towel to dry it after cleaning isn’t a bad idea, either/ Because of the design of the battery compartment, I would definitely not take this in the bath or shower. A soap and water washing should be safe as long as you keep the battery end out of the direct flow of water. Sprays and wipes may not help to rid this vibrator of the lint that it collects.

From end to end it measures just under 10″, 5.5″ of which are insertable. It’s bulky, the way many rabbits tend to be and that can sometimes hinder maneuverability, especially if you have short arms like I do. The clitoral stimulator is thinner than many and seems a bit shorter. It’s situated quite close to the shaft and while the angle can be increased if your anatomy requires it to be further away, this may cause it to fall short. It was a bit short on myself and didn’t feel like I could “force” it to sit in the positions I like, the way I can with other rabbits.

The controls are unique but easy to use. There is a master power button and on small, red indicator light when the toy is on. The light confused me at first because it fades very slowly after turning off the vibrator. It looks like the toy is not turned off but 3-5 seconds to fade before pressing the button a million more times and wondering what’s going on. Both functions has a separate dial which are similar to the volume wheel on my personal CD player (or even on a laptop). It’s easy to use – slide up to increase speed or power and, when it stop’s, it’s on high. Sliding it the other way decreases speed/power until it stops and the function is turned off. These wheels are incredibly easy to use and have The functions can be used separately, of course.

The rotating shaft and vibration are pretty run of the mill; although I’d like to add there do appear to be ball bearing type beads toward the bottom half of the shaft. I can feel them but cannot see them because of the opaque silicone. Paul and Paulina is powered by 4 AA batteries which usually is a good indication of power but I found that just wasn’t the case here. For starters, the bullet inside the clitoral stimulator is pretty small and emits a high pitched vibration and, no matter what position the wheel is in, it seems like there is only one setting. In my opinion, it’s totally useless to have any sort of setting control. The shaft rotation is also on the lackluster side.

The shaft rotates in fairly small circles and doesn’t seem to be bendable to increase that circumference of rotation. In use, I couldn’t feel the difference between the beads and rotation. I did squirt but it wasn’t as impressive as when I’ve been able to ejaculate with toys which have more powerful rotation. The control wheel for the shaft increases the rotation speed. Unfortunately, when both functions are on, the clitoral stimulator seems to lose a little power and I wouldn’t expect this to stand up to super strong muscles, either.

For 4 AAs, I expect a lot more. Layaspot runs on AAAs and this isn’t that much more powerful. Hell, for Fun Factory, I am incredibly disappointed. They are my favourite company and have created several dildos and vibrators which have left me satisfied but Paul and Paulina just does not measure up at all. I suspect it will be enough for many people and it has received positive reviews. It’s not a piece of just exactly; I just cannot help but notice how it falls apart when it comes to the details. But I do know that Fun Factory has some more contemporary rabbits coming out and I wonder if they will be an improvement over this.

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