Petite Pink Ribbon

January 9th, 2009

The Pink Ribbon Petite arrived in very minimal yet classy packaging. Vibrator, instructions and included batteries (AA but it’s still nice) were nestled in a tiny cardboard box over which slid a plastic sheath with product name. Although it wasn’t as nice as, say, Lelo’s packaging, it was definitely less wasteful and I appreciate that.

The Petite truly lives up to its name (which translates to small), being only 4 inches long. Ideally, it should fit in your hand but I found that this small plastic vibrator was a little too ‘boxy’ in parts, like on the sides. Although it seems to be curved well for a woman’s body, I think a more pronounced curved would fit better in my hand. I was much more comfortable holding, and using, the Laya Spot. I think it significant to mention that my hands are pretty small so this may be a personal preference.

The Pink Ribbon Petite is a special vibrator, however. First, a portion of all proceeds will go toward the fight against breast cancer. I think this is a noble effort but it would be interesting to know just how much a “portion” is. Secondly, the plastic is treated so that it feels velvety. Holding the Petite in my hand feels great because of its texture. The Petite is also feminine and cute, discreet, comes with batteries and is easy to operate.

The Petite is not, however, my sex toy of choice. Starting with the shape, which was just a little awkward for my hand and also did not work to lay this toy flat against my mons. The curve was just not enough. Because of it’s specific shape, it really doesn’t work so well holding it any other way (like with the controls toward my vagina rather than up toward my mons).

The controls are also something which make little sense to me. First, they’re situated in a strange place. When holding this, the heel of my hand is over the controls rather than my fingers and I’m pretty sure I’m doing it “right.” This 3-speed vibrator caught me off guard when I realized the horizontal switch first moves to the highest setting, then medium, then low. So it’s Off-High-Medium-Low. I forgot one time, warmed myself up on the highest setting, thought I’d turn it higher and was disappointed when I realized that was the highest setting.

So you can probably guess my next point which is that the vibrations are not so impressive. My clit isn’t super sensitive; I never get off from vibration alone and in order to even feel relatively stimulated, I need a decent vibrator. The vibrations in the Petite are rather small. In fact, rather than increasing in power when I turn up the settings, they tend to increase in frequency which doesn’t really do much for me. At the highest setting, it’s more like an annoying buzz. Because of this, I would only recommend using this toy directly on your skin (not through panties, which is something I like to do).

Nevertheless, vibrations aren’t usually the deal breaker for me. I love pressure and if I can rub a toy against me in the right way, I can get off without vibrations (I did this with the Laya Spot). I just couldn’t do it with the Petite. Natural Contours tried to create something which would work well for most females and maybe I just don’t fall into that category or maybe they failed. Although velvety on the outside, this toy is overall hard. When trying to rub the curved end around my clit and labia, it hurt if I applied any pressure. I think a combination of shape and material just makes this toy ineffective for that purpose.

As I wind down my review, I’m disappointed. I could not orgasm with this toy and I have had orgasms with some pretty crappy toys. I cannot see this toy working for anything more than warm up and it probably won’t even work well for that. It’s a looker but that’s about all. The biggest impression the vibrations left upon me was that of annoyance and the shape and feel just did not lend itself well to applying pressure. The controls are awkward, both in function and position.

In my opinion, the benefits (donation, batteries included, texture, look) simply pale in comparison to the disadvantages of the Pink Ribbon Petite. If you’re shopping for a clitoral vibrator, I would highly recommend the Laya Spot over this one. If you want to lend a helping hand, a full donation to a charity would likely do more good.


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