Ambiance Luxury Massage Candle

April 5th, 2012

The smell of the pear vanilla Ambiance candle from Good Vibes is amazing. Right out of the jar, which has its own metal lid, you smell fresh vanilla and crisp pear. It’s natural and fruity and I love it. Even after burning, the pear smells just so amazing. It makes my mouth water. Unfortunately, the vanilla becomes a little syrup-y and artificial. It reminds me a bit too much of that failed Lelo massage candle I tried not too long ago. Still, the pear works well and I’ve actually spent more time using this as a regular candle because of that.

The 11 ounce jars are definitely larger than those of some similar candles. The price of $24 is more than I’d like to pay without a coupon. For a regular scented candle, I could find one that’s cheaper. Still, it’s one of the most affordable options that Good Vibes carries, and it’s so much more affordable than Jimmyjane’s massage candles, which have always been hit-or-miss, in my experience.

The design is pretty simple. Each sent has a different label, and the product name and scent is printed in a very crispy, minimalist design on the front. The label doesn’t want to peel off of mine, without struggling, but it’s discreet. There’s also a snug lid, which can help to preserve the scent and prevent dust and dirt from settling in your wax.

I’m less than halfway done with my candle, and I’ve let it burn for several hours on a few different occasions, so it’s served me well. The product page advertises a 40-hour burn time. That’s probably on the high end, but this is definitely think it’ll last me 30 to 35 hours. It’s burned fairly evenly, which is always nice. I do have to trim the wick, which I often forget. Otherwise the wax becomes all cloudy and dirty. It seems like this wax burns at a slightly higher point than some massage candles, which isn’t a great thing. I’m always a little apprehensive to stick my hand in. It’s not scalding, but I bet some people will find it too hot.

This candle performs better than most of the candles I’ve tried recently. Still, it’s not as good as an oil. The melted wax puddles well and the first few rubs work very well. Unfortunately, as the wax cools to skin temperature, it becomes thicker and stickier. This take only a few seconds, and the wax is then causing enough friction to ruin my massage mood. Then, the Ambiance candle just feels greasy and heavy.

While I applaud the effort to provide consumers with an affordable alternative to the massage candles that are already on the market, I feel like this isn’t truly a luxury candle. I just want to run back to my beloved oils.

2 Comments to “Ambiance Luxury Massage Candle”

  • Jamie Martin says:

    Hmm, I had been thinking about using one of these, but I feel like after reading this that I should just stick to oils, like you are. I do, however, want to smell them. Mmmm.

  • Bi_and_Bi says:

    I’ve always considered using a massage candle, but I’ve always been unsure of the heat. It sounds like this one would be too hot for me. Maybe another one!

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