Kama diva Small Bubble Plug

March 9th, 2009

Kama Diva Small Bubble Plug

While the Kama diva Small Bubble Plug  is no longer available, you might try the Tantus Perfect Plug, Fun Factory B-balls, or the FemmeFunn plug if you want a toy with a similar bulbous shape.

The Kama Diva Small Bubble Plug is a cute little anal plug and its small size (Kama Diva offers larger plugs in the same line as well) was appealing. I thought I could take something larger than my first plug but didn’t want to go too large. The swirled pink and white are very feminine and pretty while the hard, urethane material of this plug provides little resistance upon insertion. With its tapered head which flares out to a rounded “bubble” and wide base, I thought this would provide interesting sensations without having to worry about it going where I didn’t want it.

Don Wands provides a fluffy, pillow sac with the Kama Diva Small Bubble Plug so that’s just one less thing to worry about. Should I accidentally drop this toy it will be safe, as long as it’s in its sack. I’m not exactly sure what would happen if I dropped this as my understanding of urethane is a little weak. I know it’s similar to hard plastic and almost looks like opaque glass. In fact, I thought it was glass at first. The urethane also had a slightly scent when I first opened the toy. It was rather unpleasant but quickly washed away. I don’t know if this toy can be sterilized with an alcohol solution but I’ve cleaned it with soap and water and it can easily be dried without worry of the Kama Diva Small Bubble Plug picking up lint.

Although this is not a huge plug, the rigid material may make it feel larger than anal plugs made of more giving materials like silicone or jelly. It measures at a length of 4 1/4″, 4″ of which are insertable and at its widest point, the Kama Diva Small Bubble Plug has a 4″ circumference. The base is also listed as “oversized.”

Unfortunately, so is my ass. LOL And this is where the issue came in. I was able to easily insert the first tapered part of this anal plug easily. In fact, I probably used a little too much lube and it became too slippery and hard to work with. I used the sample packet of Wet Platinum which came with the plug and was disappointed at how thin it is. I also felt a bit of discomfort which I think is from the lube itself (I’ve had issues with Wet’s Platinum Silicone based lube in the past). I would recommend any thicker water or silicone based lube over Wet Platinum.

I rinsed off the Kama Dive Small Bubble Plug and tried again with just lube on myself and insertion went better. However, I ran into problems because both the large base and my butt were trying to take up the same room and I wasn’t able to insert the plug fully. Inserted just to the first indentation, this plug kept slipping out and it seemed like there was just no way for me to use it.

Unfortunately, I was just never able to get to the point where I could start playing with other toys, insertable or otherwise, and I can’t really judge how comfortable this would be. Judging from it’s material, I wouldn’t wear it for long amounts of time like you can with some silicone or jelly plugs because it’s not giving in the least.

Nevertheless, I think this is a decent plug. I think it’s just not the plug for me given my specific anatomy (AKA well endowed back end LOL). I think if the Kama Diva Small Bubble Plug had a much longer neck and/or a smaller base, I would have been able to use it fine. Although I can’t say for sure, I think the Kama Diva Teardrop Plug might have been a better choice because it has only one “bubble” and the neck seems longer. Sadly for me, both plugs I have tried have been a little uncomfortable or difficult to use because of the base so my anal play might have to venture in the direction of probes or beads in the future.



February 24th, 2009


Sadly, Fun Factory NO longer makes the Bloomy.

Fun Factory’s Bloomy anal plug/dildo was a pleasant surprise. I fell in love with it as soon as I first laid eyes on it; after all, it’s a really unique shape and both the black and deep pink are attractive colours. Mine came in pink, not the typical fit-for-Barbie pink of so many sex toys but a deep, grown-up pink. Although I love black, I actually prefer the pink because I tihnk it better highlights the shape of the bloomy – a shape vaguely reminiscent of a flower but not obviously so but perhaps that is just my opinion.

The Bloomy came packaged similar to other Fun Factory toys. Actually, I think mind had some packaging snafus as it including 2 copies of the Fun Factory brochure, 2 packets of lube, instructions for the Teneo Smart Balls and instructions for the Bloomy. The toy itself was also nestled only in a “bottom” plastic tray, leaving the toy open so you could touch it while in the box. Because of the silicone, the toy had actually attracted some dust and dirt during shipping which was kind of gross.

Nevertheless, I easily washed it with soap and water and was surprised to find how much give this silicone toy has. I actually thought it was a bit too floppy at first but this soon proved not to be the case.

The Bloomy is billed as a multifunction toy and I certainly cannot argue; the pure silicone make up is boilable for sterilization so it’s safe to use anally and vaginally. However, I only used this toy vaginally and will continue to do so. I have no doubt that the bloom shape would make for a fine anal plug and the “leaf” extension could stimulate the perineum as well but, for me, I immediately thought this could be a dual action dildo and identified the loop as an insertion point for a bullet vibe.

And that’s exactly how I used it. I slipped my BNaughty into the loop, turned it up high and let the toy transmit vibrations to my body. This was pretty nice but I found the thin “leaf” to be a little too soft for adequate clit stimulation. Fear not! I found an unexpected use for this toy which actually resulted in a new kind of orgasm! Yes! A new kind of orgasm for me.

With the bullet in the loop, I was able to grind this “middle” section against/into the opening of my vagina, stimulating the nerve endings which are there. I moved this toy in a circular sort of motion and was soon experiencing my first (then second and third) vaginal orgasms. Now, these weren’t G-spot orgasms as they weren’t located that far in but it was still different from my usual clitoral orgasms and I was ecstatic to say the least.

On that note, I didn’t find a whole lot of G-spot stimulation because the silicone does have a lot of give – more than I am used to from pure silicone toys which usually seem to be firmer. I also can’t say that I was very sensitive to the shape of the Bloomy. I liked it but it wasn’t obvious that it has a unique shape after I inserted it. Still, it did feel good and I actually found walking around with this toy inserted to feel pleasurable (internally, at least, the walking was kind of silly).

I was really excited to find a toy which both looked and felt amazing and the unique orgasms the Bloomy gave me were a welcome change from my usual routine. It was exciting to learn something new about myself and I think the Bloomy makes a great toy when paired with a bullet vibe but it’s certainly versatile enough to use in other ways. In the future, I will likely invest in a stronger bullet/egg vibe to use with my Bloomy, and I think the fact that I want to get another sex toy simply to improve my Bloomy experience says a lot. I would recommend the Bloomy to just about anyway!