Kama diva Small Bubble Plug

March 9th, 2009

The Kama Diva Small Bubble Plug is a cute little anal plug and its small size (Kama Diva offers larger plugs in the same line as well) was appealing. I thought I could take something larger than my first plug but didn’t want to go too large. The swirled pink and white are very feminine and pretty while the hard, urethane material of this plug provides little resistance upon insertion. With its tapered head which flares out to a rounded “bubble” and wide base, I thought this would provide interesting sensations without having to worry about it going where I didn’t want it.

Don Wands provides a fluffy, pillow sac with the Kama Diva Small Bubble Plug so that’s just one less thing to worry about. Should I accidentally drop this toy it will be safe, as long as it’s in its sack. I’m not exactly sure what would happen if I dropped this as my understanding of urethane is a little weak. I know it’s similar to hard plastic and almost looks like opaque glass. In fact, I thought it was glass at first. The urethane also had a slightly scent when I first opened the toy. It was rather unpleasant but quickly washed away. I don’t know if this toy can be sterilized with an alcohol solution but I’ve cleaned it with soap and water and it can easily be dried without worry of the Kama Diva Small Bubble Plug picking up lint.

Although this is not a huge plug, the rigid material may make it feel larger than anal plugs made of more giving materials like silicone or jelly. It measures at a length of 4 1/4″, 4″ of which are insertable and at its widest point, the Kama Diva Small Bubble Plug has a 4″ circumference. The base is also listed as “oversized.”

Unfortunately, so is my ass. LOL And this is where the issue came in. I was able to easily insert the first tapered part of this anal plug easily. In fact, I probably used a little too much lube and it became too slippery and hard to work with. I used the sample packet of Wet Platinum which came with the plug and was disappointed at how thin it is. I also felt a bit of discomfort which I think is from the lube itself (I’ve had issues with Wet’s Platinum Silicone based lube in the past). I would recommend any thicker water or silicone based lube over Wet Platinum.

I rinsed off the Kama Dive Small Bubble Plug and tried again with just lube on myself and insertion went better. However, I ran into problems because both the large base and my butt were trying to take up the same room and I wasn’t able to insert the plug fully. Inserted just to the first indentation, this plug kept slipping out and it seemed like there was just no way for me to use it.

Unfortunately, I was just never able to get to the point where I could start playing with other toys, insertable or otherwise, and I can’t really judge how comfortable this would be. Judging from it’s material, I wouldn’t wear it for long amounts of time like you can with some silicone or jelly plugs because it’s not giving in the least.

Nevertheless, I think this is a decent plug. I think it’s just not the plug for me given my specific anatomy (AKA well endowed back end LOL). I think if the Kama Diva Small Bubble Plug had a much longer neck and/or a smaller base, I would have been able to use it fine. Although I can’t say for sure, I think the Kama Diva Teardrop Plug might have been a better choice because it has only one “bubble” and the neck seems longer. Sadly for me, both plugs I have tried have been a little uncomfortable or difficult to use because of the base so my anal play might have to venture in the direction of probes or beads in the future.