Smooth Lover

June 26th, 2012

The Smooth Lover dildo from MyPleasure is actually one that I’d had my eye on for a long time. I mean, it’s just so pretty, but it doesn’t look like it’d do anything for me.For a while, no dildo did, and my luck is inconsistent even today. I took the plunge and asked to review it this month, and I’m, torn. On one hand., it’s a pretty, pink, silicone dildo and I kind of want to stick it to my wall–you can do that with the suction cup base–and look at it all day. On the other hand, I never want to use it again.

So, this dildo isn’t actually smooth. There are embossed swirls and such on it, which is exactly what gives its the pretty appearance. The silicone at the base spreads and thins out to create the suction cup, and there’s a slightly contoured head that had a ridge of silicone around it. Under the head, at the frenulum area, is this little nub of silicone. It’s kinda cute, but also sort of weird. You can imagine this is intended to stimulate the g-spot, because the dildo is perfect straight otherwise. It feels interesting to begin with. Even though the dildo isn’t smooth, the scrollwork can’t be felt internally. Most people have mentioned that. However, the nub can. At first I liked it and then it very quickly started to irritate the inner wall of my vagina, so I stopped playing with it.

I think I prefer my vibrators straighter and my dildos curved. I don’t like to stroke as much as I like to clench around a dildo. It was also a little awkward to hold this one. I wound up sort of pinching the base, because it’s only 6″ long, and there’s not a lot of room to grip it down there. I constantly felt as though it was going to slip out of my hand. I was pretty surprised by the firmness, or lack there-of. I think everyone who’s ever written a review for this toy have come to a different conclusion. The core is definitely firm, but it’s softer toward the base, and you can bend it a bit. It’s still not the best for g-spotting, in my opinion. Neither is the base wide enough for strap-on usage.

So, the chance to review this dildo pretty much confirmed my fears. Yes, it’s pretty. Yes, the suction cup works really well. It’s also annoying. There’s two very visible seams. It’s awkwardly shaped for both g-spotting and holding. It’s definitely one of those “maybe they’ll be distracted by its looks” type of deals.



June 25th, 2012

I was pleasantly surprised by Cici. Its design evokes Tantus’ silicone dildos, but it’s pretty small. For some reason, I forgot that I love small toys. I don’t know what’s up with that. So, I think you can guess that I actually found Cici pretty effective, despite the fact that it’s only a little over 5″ long and 1.5″ in diameter. In fact, I’d say it probably feels smaller than that, probably because the width is about the same all the the way through. There’s a slightly contoured head, but it’s not so extremely that you have to work your way up to it. There’s no major tapering or growth in size. I tried this after the horribly rigid Vanity vr 4.5, though, so that probably affected my perfection.

One thing I noticed right away is that the gentle G-spot curve makes this thing falls over. It may be silly, but I like toys that can stand up on end. Blush could improve Cici, maybe, by using a suction cup type base instead. Otherwise, the base provides a steady place to hold this dildo, and it always works for strap-ons; although, Cici doesn’t come with one.

The silicone is definitely firm for you to be able to control where this dildo is going. I’m not a huge fan of dildos that are so soft that I have trouble inserting them. In fact, once I lubed this up a bit, the head quickly pressed against my G-spot, and I was able to squirt within seconds. There’s a tiny bit of give if you squeeze this dildo in your hand, but the core is firm enough for thrusting or simply holding in place. It wasn’t so firm that it molested my cervix, however. This is good news, because it was feeling especially sensitive the first night I tried it. Sometimes I just need something small and a little soft, and Cici fit the bill.

So, I’m not quite gushing about this dildo, because I do like the feel of the softer silicone better. However, it did make me gush. The silicone is slightly more shiny than velvety. The manufacturer calls it satin–whatever that means. The material is best used with water-based lube, of course, but you don’t have to worry about phthalates. You can even bleach or boil to clean it well enough to swap between partners or holes, which is one of the pluses if silicone. Unfortunately, Cici will collect lint just as well as any of your other silicone toys, and this one only comes in a plastic box that you’ll probably throw away. A storage bag would be a nice option, in my opinion.

I would recommend Cici to anyone looking for an affordable G-spot dildo. If you’re not sure that this type of stimulation will work for you, you don’t need to spend a whole lot on the Cici. You could even get two or three of them for the price of any G-spot vibrator.



Pure-Joy Pleasure

June 3rd, 2012

Pure-Joy PleasureThis is an archived review. Joyful Pleasures no longer exists, and I have since found out they are not a reputable company.

If you’re looking to buy similar glass toys, check out Lilly’s post on glass safety first!

Remember when I wrote that glowing review for the 24K Double Pleasure dildo? Well, I do! It was a fun review, and the manufacturer liked it to, so a second Joyful Pleasures dildo was soon in my paws. I chose this because the design seemed unique. It features five bulbs, but they appear almost angular in photos. It was something different. In person, the texture isn’t quite was I expected, but it’s still neat. Each bulb has a ridge around it, but it’s not straight. It dips down in the back and comes back up to a point in the front. To better depict this, here’s Disney’s Bella in her golden ball down. It’s like the details on the skirt of the dress:

It’s hard to photograph. I tried myself, but glass is always a little tricky, in my opinion. Anyway, the bulbs gently curve, making this a good G-spot toy. The shaft ends with a flat base. This dildo will sit up straight on your table; although, there’s no suction cup, so it won’t stay that way. The base make it safe for anal play and also offers a handhold for vaginal insertion. The shaft isn’t centered on the base, though. In use, I found this didn’t impede holding it; although, it’ll feel slightly off center.

Aside from the slight ridges, all the glass is smooth, so you may not need a lot of lube. I didn’t use very much myself. The shape of the bulbs and ridges isn’t that large. The diameter is 1.5″ at the widest. Of course, the shaft tapers beneath the bulbs, and you can definitely feel them. This makes the Pure-Joy Pleasure a good option if you want an anal probe type toy. You can take as many bulbs as you want, or just stick to the first one as you work your way up to it. You’ll get about 6.5″ of total insertion length, if you decide to go all the way with this one.

I tried this dildo only vaginally, and I didn’t love it quite as much as my other Joyful Pleasures, too. It was easy to feel each bulb and the ridges. The rigidity allowed for pretty intense G-spot stimulation, but it just wasn’t what I love. I think I prefer one defined head and a straight or gently curving shaft to all the activity of the Pure-Joy Pleasure.

Really, it’s pretty enough that I could use it as a paperweight, although I wouldn’t… Maybe you would.

One thing I love about this is that it’s super easy to clean. The slickness of glass is my friend. However, it does become slippery when cleaning or coated with lube, so you’ll want to keep a steady grip on this. The base absolutely does help. I would love to see Joyful Pleasure offering some sort of storage option. Even a thin bag would be nice. I tossed out the box, because it’s a little bulky, and I just don’t have space for it. If you’re really worried about your toy, then you might keep the box. I don’t like to do that. I feel like it’s mostly a waste of space.

So, would I recommend the Pure-Joy Pleasure? Not after I learned that the company was simply shipping mass-produced, low-quality glass  to consumers like myself.


Tantus Acute

May 20th, 2012

Sometimes, there are things that you just don’t get from a product page. In the case of the Acute, a silicone dildo by Tantus, it’s all about size and texture. I always thought that this dildo was a lot bigger than it is. I tend to pay more attention to pictures than measurements, so I was pleasantly surprised after removing it from its package.

This little G-spot dildo is, well, little. With a total of 6″, five of which are insertable, it isn’t intimidating in the least. Plus, it only has a diameter of 1.25″ at its largest. This makes it great for people like me, with picky cervices. I don’t want to say this is necessarily good for beginners, but it might be the better option for an intro to anal play — if the length is long enough for that.

What also makes this piece appealing to me is its flexibility. It’s not the Super Soft because it uses a regular silicone treatment. It is, however, much softer than the Goliath. The silicone reminds me a lot of the Delta, but it’s thicker, so you have more control. For example, I can bend the base back during insertion to make it press toward my G-spot/front vaginal wall, but it’s still plenty firm enough that I can thrust effectively.

This one works as a G-spotter for me, but it might not for you if you required more girth, length or pressure. The head, although bulging slightly, it’s realistically contoured, nor does it offer a pronounced ridge or lip. Similarly, the curve is quite relaxed, unlike some G-spot toys. It’s also harness compatible for vaginal or anal sex but, as I mentioned, it might be a little short for penetration from behind.

I got mine in the pearly white, which I love. There’s more colors, but white doesn’t have gender connotations. It doesn’t quite seem the same shade all the way through. It’s almost marbled, but the purple seems to be even more so.

I notice that the base acts like a suction cup, especially when it’s wet. That adds a bit more function, but I prefer for G-spot stimulation while I’m lying down. This way, I can easily stroke and the Acute, although slimmer than some, was an effective G-spot toy. There isn’t the hole for a tiny vibrator, like Tantus offes in some of their dildos.

Overall, this is a good toy. It doesn’t necessarily provide anything more than any other toy I have, nor do it in a ground-breaking way, but my cervix does appreciate the combination of softness and shortness. I’m not sure if I would prefer this over my Faerie, however, but I don’t think Tantus is making that one anymore.

Thanks to SexShop.Net for this toy to review.

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24K Double Pleasure

February 13th, 2012

This is an archived review. Joyful Pleasures no longer exists, and I have since found out they are not a reputable company.

If you’re looking to buy similar glass toys, check out Lilly’s post on glass safety first!

Joyful Pleasure is a new manufacturer that is now being carried by My Pleasure. They have a bunch of cool designs that you should check out. I was given a chance to review their gold-hued dildo. To be honest, I’m not sure if it’s actually just tinted or actually has gold fumes.

I’ve used a lot of toys, you guys. Some of them are good, some of them are bad. Few of them are great. Reviewing definitely has become mundane. And then a toy like this comes along and I’m like “Where have you been all my life?”

In fact, I think I will write this entire review as a conversation between me and this dildo.

Dildo: Knock Knock

Adriana: Come in, come in!

[Dildo Steps In]

Adriana: WOW, you are motherfucking gorgeous. I mean, your profile picture were hawt but I want to wax poetic about your beauty. Those pictures do NOT do you justice.

Dildo: Thank you. I try.

Adriana: You also remind me a lot of another dildo I tried. I liked it. I haven’t used it for a while. I wonder if you’re be any better.

24k Double Pleasure

Dildo: Why don’t you try me and find out?

Adriana: Can I bathe you first?

Dildo: I’m not self-conscientious at all.

Adriana: Awesome! Wow, you sure have a purdy shine under water. You’re super slick and easy to clean but I better be careful not to break your head off. I’d cry and cry and cry.

Dildo: Can we play now, Adriana?

Adriana: Of course. I’ll just add a little lube. Wait, you’re so clear, I can’t even see the lube. Where the hell did it go? Okay, I’ll just add some more, even though you’re so slick I really need very little.

[Editor’s note: although this toy doesn’t seem all that large, the 1.5″ diameter feels a little larger due to the unforgiving nature of glass and both the ridges and nubs raise 1/8″ from the surface]

Dildo: Why don’t you try my ridges first? They’re exceptional and I’ll bet they’ll stimulate your G-spot nicely.


Dildo: Isn’t it awesome how you can feel every ridge? And how my firmness and gentle makes it easy to hit all the right spots? And the head on the other side is pretty good to hold onto, don’t you think?

Adriana: OH GOD YES.

And so Adriana thoroughly enjoyed the shit out that dildo, remembering that masturbation could be enjoyable and not just a means to and end. She then decided to try out the other end.

Adriana: Hmm, this is a little disappointing. These bumps don’t do much for me at all.

Dildo: I’m sorry, would you like me to go away?

Adriana: No, never! Shut up! I’ll stick fuck the other side of you.

And so she did. The end.

Gorgeous Glass Dildos

In case you’re the type of person who is caught up with trivial details, here’s a copy footnotes.

  • This dildo comes with no storage so that’s sad.
  • It’s 9″ in length altogether. The 1.5″ diameter is at the widest point of the heads and not the shaft itself. The shaft remainds about 1″ in diameter — without the textures — and is consistent in girth.
  • The heads, for me, didn’t do anything. I was using the textures against my G-spot.
  • The ridges are actually a continuous line swirled down the shaft to produce 4 or so ridges on any side. There are 4 rows of bumps as well.
  • Apparently, I liked bumps better when I tried my first glass dildo. Weird.


VixSkin Tex

November 30th, 2011


$72.99 from SheVibe

If the house were on fire and I had just enough time to grab one sex toy (assuming the cats, laptop and Mountain Dew were safe), I’d grab the Vixen Tex. I’d be sad to leave some behind, like the Yooo or Tango but I’d replace those. I probably wouldn’t replace any of my Lelo toys. I’d opt for cheaper G-spot vibes in general.

The reason is simple: VixSkin is awesome. It’s soft without being floppy. It’s surface isn’t perfect so it’s more skinlike. It’s squishy and it just feels good. There are few materials that I can comfortable thrust with. My vaignal walls and cervix don’t like rigid or aggressive movements so unless I used a harder toy slowly, it kills me. So I can thrust with Tex and it feels good. It also feels fantastic when I’m orgasming. Generally, I hold it in place while that occurs, and the way my muscles contract around it feels more like sex than any toy I have. During thrusting, it’s just a tad too soft to feel real but, my God, it replicates the feeling of cumming around a cock amazingly.

So that’s my case for VixSkin but I really like the size and shape of Tex, specifically. I bought this one (gasp!) after I accidentally ruined my Spur. Spur was a smaller thing. Tex is larger but it’s not super long, which is something I also like (re: cervix). Tex measures in at 5″ long with a diameter of 1.5″ at the widest part of the shaft. Tex has a rounded, realistic head with a split down the center. Below the corona is another slight ridge that I can’t necessarily feel in use but looks realistic.

The shaft increases slightly in diameter toward the base, which is flat, round and perfect for use in a harness. Tex would also be okay for anal use, I think but you might find it a bit short with a strap-on. This isn’t a problem for me and I find the base super easy to hold on to or to hold in place between my thighs.

Tex does have a slight curve to it which is a-okay for hitting my G-spot. I don’t tend to use this one for squirting as much as I do vibrators but it’s great for that. Tex is filling enough that it’ll sit against my G-spot with no finagling at all and the curve ensures it’ll hit the spot even when you’re thrusting and not holding it in place.

The squishiness of Tex does make it feel slightly smaller and less abrasive than harder toys but this special formula from Vixskin is a little more demanding than regular silicone. You should reaaaally stay away from silicone based lubes. I used just a tiny packet when I ruined my Spur. The softer formula is more reactive. Silicone is a lint attractant so I actually store my Tex in the cylindrical container it came in. It’s a little bulky but always easy to use and, if you have multiple Vixen toys, you can see through it to pick one out. Tex is still non-porous and you can clean it with soap and water.

Tex is available for around $70 from some retailers and it’s worth every fucking cent. Especially if you think the size will work well for you. Vixen makes this dildo in several skin-tone shades, including vanilla, chocolate and caramel. Hell, why not get one in every color?



Cush O2

November 20th, 2011

There isn’t too much I can say about the Tantus Cush that differs from what I said about the Tantus Flurry. It’s pretty, silicone, dual-density and fantastically shaped. It’s also a little larger — even though the Flurry isn’t tiny — so if you’re deciding between to two, this will probably be the factor you most consider. The Cush measures 7″ long, 1.75″ wide so it’s definitely on the larger end but not necessarily ginormous. While the dual-density silicone makes it a little less imposing than a rigid dildo would be, it’s still a little large for me. I also feel that the head is less squishy so it’s not as kind to my cervix as the Flurry was.

The other significant difference is the ridges on the shaft. While Cush remains mostly straight, except for the tapered head, it doesn’t have the pronounced ridges right below the head. There’s one ridge that is most pronounced about halfway down the shaft but the ridge itself starts nearer to the head, on the back of the shaft. In use, it’s not as dramatic a sensation and I prefer the ridges near the head for G-spot stimulation. I don’t think this ridge is intended for G-spot stimulation; rather it’s more for vaginal entrance stimulation and, considering as I don’t want to shove this thing up to my cervix, it spends its time outside of my body anyway.

So, all in all, I guess that Flurry is a slightly better dildo for me and.. in general. Feel free to enter my Flurry giveaway if you’d like to prove me wrong. 😉

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