Fun Factory Curve

October 28th, 2009

I was so excited to a bright pink dildo of the G-spotting kind in the mail. I had no idea it was coming. Major props, kudos, gratitude to Tabu toys. I probably squealed and I’m not a squealer. I showed it to my husband who quickly answered with “Meh, it’s another sex toy for you” and I should have threatened to violate him in the middle of the night with it, for raining on my parade. I totally could because..

The Curve by Fun Factory is made of pure silicone, in particular, a softer silicone.

This is good because..

  • silicone is nonporous and can be sterilized completely by boiling or bleaching which makes it safe for partner sharing or orifice swapping.
  • It shouldn’t hold smells.
  • It’s easier to clench around and isn’t as unforgiving as some hard G-spot toys.
  • the external portion can me maneuvered against the clit and vulva for a better “fit”
  • the loop in the handle has a little stretch to shove in your favourite bullet or even a mini wand.
  • the texture of the silicone helps it from slipping out like some smooth toys do.
  • the silicone does a decent job of transferring vibrations

This is bad because..

  • it picks up lint but, really, less hygienic toys do, too so it’s a fair trade.
  • some folks need rigid toys to thrust quickly and the Curve just isn’t built for that.

The Fun Factory curve has a unique, asymmetrical curve with a loop/hole on the handle and a very defined head.

This is good because..

  • it curls back toward the body and can be used for clitoral stimulation (or potentially perineum stimulation when used anally.
  • it is easier to use than toys which protrude 6 inches from the vagina, especially for short armed folks like myself.
  • the handle can also be used to house a bullet.
  • the handle will stop it from slipping inside if used anally.
  • the lip on the head can be used to “milk” one’s G-spot or prostate easily.
  • it can easily stimulate G-spots at different depths.

This is bad because..

  • the curve may not fit all anatomies.
  • partner use of the Curve may be difficult.
  • the lip on the head may be painful to some, especially when maneuvering around the pubic bone.
  • It’s semi-realistic shape is not discreet
  • For some reason, places other than the hole/handle seem to work better for transmitting vibrations.

The Curve is a thicker dildo, measuring in at 1.69″ diameter around the largest portion of the head (the lip) and 1.4″ in diameter around the larger portion of the shaft (just under the head).

This is good because..

  • This is good because many G-spot toys with bulbous heads do not have a lot of girth and leave me feeling disappointed.
  • This is good because there’s enough of a shaft to clench around.
  • This is good because it’s more realistic than some G-spot toys.

This is bad because..

  • it may hinder ease of use.
  • it’s definitely not a small toy or good for beginners.
  • The thicker parts of this dildo do not transmit vibrations as well

Fun Factory’s Curve dildo is bright pink and has decorative flame-like ridges on it.

This is good because..

  • it’s attractive to me.
  • The pink is nearly translucent and it is quite unique to look at.
  • it’s impossible to lose and stands out from other toys

This is bad because..

  • The sex toy market is saturated with pink toys
  • Fluids can collect near the ridges
  • The ridges cannot be felt anyway

My experience with the Fun Factory Curve was pretty much wonderful. It was the first dildo I ever squirted with and it was only a matter of seconds. It fit perfectly against me so I could stimulate my clitoris, too, and provided the essential dual stimulation experience for me. Plus, it’s filling. It’s like a magical sex elf (and you know how Germans like their magical elves) entered my room in the middle of the night to make a mold of my vulva and Fun Factory used it to create the perfect G-spot dildo for me.

I was able to insert a bullet and feel it internally but I preferred to use it with my Miracle Massager against it. The only downsides to my experience were that the massager wanted to slip off the Curve; I wish there was some sort of indentation I could rest it on; and that the lip on the head is a bit much after I’ve squirted because I become quite sensitive. However, it feels great before that. I know this is mostly due to the fact that my G-spot is quite shallow so I never push the Curve past my pubic bone, however; many women will need to look out for that. But for me? The Curve is perfect as is.


Tantus Silicone Delta Vibrator

July 29th, 2009

I’m going to take a reprieve from my normal review style with this one. I hope you enjoy.

The Description: The Delta by Tantus is a dual stimulator which can be used by either sex for anal and perineum stimulation or by women for vaginal and clitoral or vaginal and perineum stimulation. It’s flared based makes it perfect for harness use while the grooves on the base make wielding this dildo a cinch. A hole in the bottom can be used with Tantus’ suction cup or the included bullet.

The Specs: Delta is a gorgeous, shiny purple and is quite soft and flexible – unlike the other Tantus toy I tried.. It’s also rather small; the larger, insertable finger is only 3″ long and about the thickness of my thumb while the smaller thumb-like protrusion is 3/4″ long. The base is roughly a rounded triangle and measures about 3″ at the longest point and 2″ at the shortest. The included bullet runs on several watch batteries and has only a single speed.

The Good: Like all Tantus sex toys, Delta is pure, nonporous, sterilizable silicone which makes it healthy and body safe (this means only water-based lube). The small and tapered finger will make insertion possible, even easy, for the freshest of beginners. The grooves on the base work wonderfully for grasping and maneuvering the Delta.

The Bad: The flexible silicone does not provide the firm G-spot pressure many women desire nor does it give a filling feeling. The clitoral stimulator is extremely short and just missed mine. I find it difficult to believe this could be used for double penetration. I also suspect the size and softness mgiht make this a little difficult to control in a harness. The included bullet is rather weak and will be difficult to remove even if you lube it up before insertion.

The Suggestions: I don’t think Tantus’ usual dildo + a bullet formula works well for this style of toy, even if the silicone were larger and more firm in places. Perhaps this would be better as simply a dildo like the Little Su or a Jollies Dildo but I think that would involve redesigning the entire toy.

The Bottom Line I knew the small size and soft silicone of this toy would not be enough to get my off almost immediately after inserting it. I get the feeling it work would better as a first time anal toy because it’s not intimidating in the least. Even if I were a beginner, it wouldn’t suit my needs, however.




May 22nd, 2009

$54.99 from PinkCherry

Tantus is a brand many people love but which never much appealed to me because so many of its products are for harness use.  Although harness compatible dildos can absolutely be used harness-free, I found many of the designs by Tantus to be a little, well, boring and too smooth.  On the other hand, many of the dildos have an over abundance of ridges, ripples and bulges, which don’t work very well for hard ans fast thrusting. It really takes a particular dildo to please me, texture and shape are of utmost importance and since I haven’t mastered the art of G-spot orgasm, I usually stick to sex toys which stimulate my clit. However, I was interested in trying some of their products when PinkCherry offered, and browsed through their collection. I wasn’t looking for the super smooth, Silk trio of dildos and the Echo, while beautiful, seemed like a bit too much for me. I wound up choosing the Goliath .
With its metallic purple shine and lifelike veins and contoured head, Tantus has produced a pretty good looking dildo. Luckily, its unrealistic colour balanced off its more realistic shape because I don’t like my dildos to be too true to life. Like other Tantus products, this dildo is 100% silicone (advertised as “100% ultra-premium platinum silicone” on the package) which means no harmful chemicals (promising you a rash and irritation free experience, unlike mine with Sil-A-Gel))or porousness and you can thoroughly clean Goliath by boiling or bleaching but, since I don’t plan on sharing or using this dildo anally, warm water and soap will suffice. The packaging claims that “with minimal care, Tantus Toys can last a lifetime”; because they can be sterilized, you can even donate them to friends should they outlive your need or, dare I say, will them to your children. 😉

If you hadn’t guessed already by the name, Goliath’s stature is anything but small. Weighing in at 7 1/2″ in length and width a girth at 5 1/2″, it’s not a toy for beginners or those who like things thin. And, after trying it out, I would also say it’s not a toy for those who like their insertables soft. The silicone material is rather rigid and while it doesn’t feel as hard in my hand (I can squeeze a bit and bend the shaft), once nestled inside my pussy it feels rather unyielding. Coupled with its size, it provided for an experience more uncomfortable than I bargained for.

Of course, as with any toy of such a significant size, lube is a must. Water-based lubes are safe with any material and higher quality silicone lubes may always work. Even with lube, I found there was initial resistance when I inserted Goliath. After passing my pubic bone, it became easier but it seemed like even though I wasn’t inserting much of the dildo, it quickly assaulted my cervix. Perhaps the thickness of the shaft makes Goliath seem shorter than it is but I felt like I could insert less than I usually can with my toys. Maybe it’s just perception or it could be that there seems to be a bit more leeway with thinner toys and cocks but it just didn’t feel like this dildo was made for my body, as least for thrusting. However, I did enjoy the sensation of having this dildo inside while focusing on clitoral stimulation. I always enjoy the way it feels when my muscles contract in orgasm around an object.

Goliath’s veins were discernible but not overly so. I didn’t really feel either way about them. The same could be said for the provided bullet which turns this into a vibrating dildo (I hate the term LOL). The one speed, silver bullet is pretty standard size, battery (3, watch style) powered and operates with a push button on the end. For its size, the vibrations are decent but thye definitely become more muted once inserted into the dildo. I could barely feel them at the tip; although, the vibrations were more easily felt at the base.

Overall, the bullet seemed much cheaper than the toy. I’m sure they are better bullets. More than once, the vibration didn’t seem to want to work correctly because the bullet is so fickle. Additionally, I had a difficult time inserting and removing the bullet, which comes separately from the dildo. The package advises using lube, which I had to do in order to insert it. Insertion without lube meant the bullet barely went in. However, despite the fact that I applied lube, I had one hell of a time removing the bullet. First, the cap popped off, then it started randomly vibrating and after about 10 minutes of wrestlin’ with it, I finally pulled the bullet loose.

I think a much better use of the hole is the Tantus suction cup which allows you to play with your toys on any flat surface. At first, I noticed that the smooth bottom of Goliath has a bit of suction but it’s not enough to secure it so a surface.

In the end, I was left a well-made, high quality dildo and I expect it to last no less than a lifetime (even if the bullet was disappointing); however, the combination of size and stiff silicone left me wanting, well, a little less. I’m sure that some will love the Goliath and there’s probably a Tantus dildo which will work well for me but the search doesn’t end here.


Pink Magnificent

May 16th, 2009

This is an archived review that I will no longer update. PinkCherry no longer sells this toy.

There are days when everything seems to go right. Or so I hear.  I cannot specifically recall having one. However,  I do recall a specific masturbation session which went very well. There I was, with a pink, glass dildo and some Wet Naturals lube. I wasn’t thinking about the dildo’s  propensity to hold heat or the lack thereof (although it is a very nice feature of glass) as it warmed to my body temperature. I had better things to think about than the fact that I could sterilize it, if I wanted, by boiling it or popping it in the dishwasher (top shelf, no soap). No, I was focused on the feeling of the swirled shaft sliding in and out of my cunt, the smooth, engorged head probing deep inside (with a 3 3/4 ” girth at the shaft, this dildo isn’t like a meaty cock but the texture more than makes up for it).

My mind wasn’t visualizing the snake-like appearance of the shaft (you can see the swirling on the opposite side of the dildo which makes it seemed criss-crossed, like scales).  Perhaps the magnificent appearance is where its name comes from (the Pink Magnificent). I was relieved because the last swirled dildo I had used was actually a little uncomfortable but the tightly wrapped, spiral texture extends the full length (7.5″, 7″ of which are insertable) of this glass dildo. While I could easily feel the texture inside my pussy, the swirls were neither so high nor large that they caused discomfort.

What I felt, instead, was increasing pleasure. I soon recognized my body’s own response to a toy which is not only well made but well shaped; the lube was no longer the reason I was wet and growing wetter by the moment. Even realizing this, caused me greater satisfaction. It’s not every day the internal stimulation alone does so much for me. In fact, sex does not consistently produce such a result so that a dildo could do so on its first try was impressive. Perhaps this is why it’s called the Pink Magnificent.

During all of this, I  didn’t consider how the flat base of this dildo make it anal safe (although I might have thought it made a good handle). After all, I was enjoying is vaginally. I wasn’t considering the affordability (Don Wand’s glass toys cost just a fraction of the price of Pyrex glass dildos) or the thought which went into the toy (Don Wands provides a bulky, pillow bag for storage and protection as well as samples of Wet lube with their products) or its non-porous nature (good for folks like me who only like to wash up with soap and water).  I simply enjoyed the feeling of a glass dildo, larger than the rest of my collection, gracing my sex.

As arousal grew, I knew I would have to switch tactics. I would have to focus on clitoral stimulation in order to cum. The dildo slid easily from between my lips and was soon rubbing smoothly over my vulva, against my clit. Applying pressure, which is easy to do with such a hefty tool, soon brought forth an orgasm or two (maybe more, who’s counting?).

As sex faded from my mind, I was able to easily wash the Pink Magifnicent with soap and water, then let it dry before slipping it back into its storage pouch. I did take the time to consider how much easier it is to dry glass without having to worry about the smooth material picking up lint; it’s also why using glass requires little to no lube (however, I would always use al ittle lube with this dildo but I can choose silicone or water based to suit my mood).

I put the Pink Magnificent aside for a few days until I could return to it in a rational, not enamored, state of mind. Currently, I have a few thoughts (almost all of which are good). The Pink Magnificent is a sturdy, well-made dildo whose colour and texture give it a beautiful exterior. It feels unique and satisfying internally and the round, tapered head works well for clitoral play. Vaginal or anal play are both ideal and, because it can be sterilized, this glass dildo is safe for both. Frequent soap-and-water cleaning will more than suffice if you don’t plan to share it between holes or partners. However, I noticed that creases between the swirls on this toy are a  little more difficult to clean than other glass dildos I own. I would advise cleaning with a small brush or perhaps just a Q-tip to make sure the crevices are cleaned. Although I thought I had cleaned thoroughly with just my hands, I noticed the dildo retained some dirt and will have to keep this in mind for the future.

Nevertheless, Don Wands has produced a dildo which performs very admirably with their Pink Magnificent. Form and function are both tops, here and the price is very reasonable.



Ballsy Cock 7 inch Fuchsia

April 22nd, 2009

If you want a large sized dildo which is fantastically coloured but realistically shaped, then Ballsy Cock, in the Radiant Gems line by Doc Johnson, might just be for you. At least, it fit my requirements when looking for a larger toy that would be pliable but not too realistic. I really wanted to feel full, to be able to say “Look at me take this.” I let it slide that it had a realistic shape and the ever silly flat-on-one-side testicles because the metallic purple (and even the green, which is one of my least favourite colours) was pretty damned neat to gaze upon.

It’s not so nice to the nose, however. The Sil-A-Gel (which is made of PVC and I’ll touch upon later) is scented on top of having that awful shower curtain smells. It’s really quite atrocious. The generic berry scent does more harm than good and, in this case, I’d rather just smell the PVC, instead. Although the smell isn’t as overpowering as another toy I have used, it definitely isn’t a selling point like Doc Johnson would have you believe.

As I mentioned, the PVC-based Sil-A-Gel doesn’t smell very nice but the way it feels is solid yet soft. For example, it can stand up on its own without falling over. Yet, I can grab it and squeeze it in my hand. While the material isn’t exactly skin-like, it has more give than most vibrators which is something I was looking for. Sil-A-Gel is latex free but, occasionally during use, the material would leave my extra-sensitive inner thighs in discomfort. Sil-A-Gel is supposedly antibacterial but I couldn’t tell you what exactly it means. Because this is slightly porous, sharing or anal use should only be done with a condom (Magnum, I guess!) but, for my purposes, I washed it up with soap and water. The Ballsy does pick up a bit of lint as well.

This sex toy is also textured with fairly pronounced veins and has a large head. Unlike some textured toys, I could feel the veins pretty well when it was inserted. In fact, it made thrusting a little uncomfortable so those who prefer frictionless fucks, beware. Furthermore, upon insertion I found that the softness of the material didn’t work well for thrusting. Perhaps it would work better without the texture or if it were a tad thinner or if it were a bit stiffer but it felt like it was smooshing up inside me, rather than thrusting in and out.

I’m still not convinced that the pseudo-testicles are exactly sexy but they do offer a bit of a hand hold. Considering the amount of lubrication – you can use water or silicone-based – needed for comfortable insertion, this is a plus. If you’re specifically looking to be able to feel them against you during play, then the Ballsy Cock probably isn’t for you. The vaginal canal is not endless and I found that the 7 insertable inches was in excess, especially with a girth of 1.75″. Smaller toys allow a bit more maneuverability and I admit that, mentally, I prefer a toy which I can wholly take because it’s such a turn on. So, I was a little disappointed that this dildo was a bit too long. However, I would consider a toy similar in girth but with less length.

One thing that works for this toy is that it cannot possibly avoid G-spot stimulation with such an impressive girth. Because I have had so little luck with toys successfully stimulation my G-spot, I was really impressed that Ballsy offered that for me.

In the end, I could definitely take the Ballsy dildo but the perfect toy for me would have some slight variations (higher quality material, slightly less texture, less length, a bit stiffer).



February 24th, 2009

Fun Factory’s Bloomy anal plug/dildo was a pleasant surprise. I fell in love with it as soon as I first laid eyes on it; after all, it’s a really unique shape and both the black and deep pink are attractive colours. Mine came in pink, not the typical fit-for-Barbie pink of so many sex toys but a deep, grown up pink. Although I love black, I actually prefer the pink because I tihnk it better highlights the shape of the bloomy – a shape vaguely reminiscent of a flower but not obviously so but perhaps that is just my opinion.

The Bloomy came packaged similar to other Fun Factory toys. Actually, I think mind had some packaging snafus as it including 2 copies of the Fun Factory brochure, 2 packets of lube, instructions for the Teneo Smart Balls and instructions for the Bloomy. The toy itself was also nestled only in a “bottom” plastic tray, leaving the toy open so you could touch it while in the box. Because of the silicone, the toy had actually attracted some dust and dirt during shipping which was kind of gross.

Nevertheless, I easily washed it with soap and water and was surprised to find how much give this silicone toy has. I actually thought it was a bit too floppy at first but this soon proved not to be the case.

The Bloomy is billed as a multifunction toy and I certainly cannot argue; the pure silicone make up is boilable for sterilization so it’s safe to use anally and vaginally. However, I only used this toy vaginally and will continue to do so. I have no doubt that the bloom shape would make for a fine anal plug and the “leaf” extension could stimulate the perineum as well but, for me, I immediately thought this could be a dual action dildo and identified the loop as an insertion point for a bullet vibe.

And that’s exactly how I used it. I slipped my BNaughty into the loop, turned it up high and let the toy transmit vibrations to my body. This was pretty nice but I found the thin “leaf” to be a little too soft for adequate clit stimulation. Fear not! I found an unexpected use for this toy which actually resulted in a new kind of orgasm! Yes! A new kind of orgasm for me.

With the bullet in the loop, I was able to grind this “middle” section against/into the opening of my vagina, stimulating the nerve endings which are there. I moved this toy in a circular sort of motion and was soon experiencing my first (then second and third) vaginal orgasms. Now, these weren’t G-spot orgasms as they weren’t located that far in but it was still different from my usual clitoral orgasms and I was ecstatic to say the least.

On that note, I didn’t find a whole lot of G-spot stimulation because the silicone does have a lot of give – more than I am used to from pure silicone toys which usually seem to be firmer. I also can’t say that I was very sensitive to the shape of the Bloomy. I liked it but it wasn’t obvious that it has a unique shape after I inserted it. Still, it did feel good and I actually found walking around with this toy inserted to feel pleasurable (internally, at least, the walking was kind of silly).

I was really excited to find a toy which both looked and felt amazing and the unique orgasms the Bloomy gave me were a welcome change from my usual routine. It was exciting to learn something new about myself and I think the Bloomy makes a great toy when paired with a bullet vibe but it’s certainly versatile enough to use in other ways. In the future, I will likely invest in a stronger bullet/egg vibe to use with my Bloomy, and I think the fact that I want to get another sex toy simply to improve my Bloomy experience says a lot. I would recommend the Bloomy to just about anyway!



Phallix 24 Karat Gold Double Happiness

December 14th, 2008

Sadly, this is an achrived review as Phallix no longer appears to be available to buy.

What did I do when I decided I wanted to try a glass toy, sometihng with more texture or get into more G-spot stimulation? I decided – what the hell – why not do it all. And that’s what I did when I requested to review the Double Happiness glass dildo from Tabu Toys. This small but mighty toy tackles all those new areas for me as well as one more: it’s my first dildo!

One of the reasons I had not tried a glass dildo before is the high price range. I know that they’re loved by pretty much everyone who tries them but I was wary of paying that much for something I didn’t know if I would like. I recall wondering if glass would be too hard because I have a tendency to clamp down on toys. Would it hurt? I’m glad to say that all of my fears were for naught. This double ended glass dildo by Phallix wasn’t painful in any way and the glass gave sensations different form any other toy in my collection.

At just 3/4″ in diameter, the double Happiness is not the biggest toy I’ve inserted. In fact, if you read my review of the Passion Wave, you will see that I’m a recent convert to the idea of bigger toys. But would this smaller, glass dildo do it for me? I’m happy to say “yes.” I experienced no negatives due to the size of this toy, proving once and for all that size isn’t everything.

What this toy is lacking in size it more than makes up for in texture. This dildo has a slight curve and each end is shaped with a head. One end is “wrapped” to create ridges while the other end contains more than a dozen pleasure causing bumps. These textures rise from the shaft about 1/4′ of an inch and do provide a slightly larger girth. This is also where the 24 Karat gold is contained. I must admit, images of this toy online make it seem like the wrapped end has a thin but clear strip of gold within the spiral wrapping. However, in person it would be nearly impossible to tell this glass dildo has 24 Karat gold in it. The “fuming” process which Phallix use does not make it appear as though gold is physically within the glass; however, there is a slight shimmer in the pink bumps and ridges when looking at the toy in the right light and from the right angle.

Although labeled as a double dildo, I find the 7″ shaft is much too small for partner play. The curve is also not enough that you would be able to stimulate the clitoris at the same time as the G-spot. Nevertheless, I was satisfied with this dildo. Its weight felt significant and the quality was high. I know this toy will be apart of my collection for many years to come.

I first used the Double Happiness in the shower. It easily slid between my pussy lips without any lube at all. It makes sense that glass would glide much easier than silicone and plastic toys but I was still surprised at the ease of penetration. I was relieved not to have to worry about functions and speed and waterproof capabilities for once. There was no pain, only a perfectly shaped dildo between my legs.

I experimented with this glass dildo and quickly came to the realization that I much preferred the bumps over the ridges (perhaps if they were spaced further apart). The texture of this dildo made thrusts that much powerful. Where, before, I was relying on fast and hard thrusts to find pleasure, the defined texture of this toy provided as much sensation with smaller, softer strokes. I could easily feel the little bumps moving against my G-spot and it wasn’t long before I was feeling pleasure much more satisfying than the ‘stimulation’ I’d felt previously from other G-spot toys.

I finished up my shower satisfied but without cumming. I cleaned off the dildo – which was extremely easy to do with the glass – and slipped it into its provided pink satin cinch sac. I love the sac because I know my toy will be easy to find and storage safely. I could do with the white lace trim which does remind me of something a grandmother might wear.

Another day eventually came and I tried this fresh out of the shower, in bed. I applied just a bit of lube and, again, the Double Happiness dildo slid easily into my pussy. Almost immediately, I was feeling pleasure from the ridges and it seemed to press against my G-spot perfectly. Again, I did not orgasm but I really enjoyed the sensations of this toy. I had no idea texture could do so much and the hard glass really helps define the bumps and ridges.

If I have any complaints about this toy, it is the packaging. The plastic clam shell packaging is very bland. In fact, the toy name is not on it. I suspect this is because Phallix uses the same packaging for several of its glass dildos. To me, doing this (and using plastic clam shells to begin with) doesn’t give the right impression. Phallix could easily afford to take measures which say “We are a company making high end toys.”

Overall, I was surprised at just how much pleasure this curved dildo brought. The combination of glass and texture felt divine and while I have yet to orgasm from this toy, I am not giving up hope for the future!