Fetish Fantasy Series Furry Handcuffs

November 15th, 2011

I decided to request these handcuffs to review simply because they were tiger striped. It seems to me that furry handcuffs are something that even a lot of vanilla folks have on hand and why shouldn’t I have my own pair? I haven’t necessarily been thrilled with anything in the Fetish Fantasy series and while these are about as functional as one would expect, I do have a major complaint.

The tiger stripes are wrong. You can see it in the photo but, in person, it just looks even stranger. Instead of black on orange, the stripes themselves are a light and dark brown with cream/white. Even a brown-tinted orange would make sense but these handcuffs should really just be named “striped.”

The fake fur has the netting-like lining and the edges aren’t really finished. It seems like you could rip them with a little force. Like many furry handcuffs, the fur itself is just a sleeve that slides over the cuff. It’s a little loose so there’s room to move. This can be a hassle when you’re trying to put on the cuffs as the sleeve can get in the way. A lot of struggle can also cause it to bunch up toward the side so while the fur does offer some protection against the cold and rigid metal of the cuffs, it’s not foolproof.

Because they’re metal, these handcuffs are weightier than the plastic kinds you’ll run across. This pair comes with a set of keys. The cut is very generic and they’re tiny, less than an inch long. I think the tiny key size will be difficult for people with larger hands or even fingernais to use. Luckily, there’s a quick release mechanism on these handcuffs. Some part of me think that deters from the point of bondage but folks just getting into it will likely feel reassured by it. Nevertheless, my short fingers are unable to reach the level to release it.

The cuffs are adjustable, like real ones, with the teeth things. I don’t know what they’re called. There’s about 1.25″ difference between the tightest and loosest settings so they’re not quite as adjustable as some of the bondage cuffs around. They’re also not ideal for use about most ankles.

The cuffs are connected by a small chain about 2″ in length. The chains that attach the cuffs are more secure than I was expecting. There’s no way I could break them and then links are soldered, not just pressed together. There’s a little room to move but not so much. They’ll work well for police-style restraint or simply cuffing the hands in front of the body. You could also use them to attach one wrist to another object, like a bedpost or.. bike rack. I don’t know. There could be kinky bike rack scenes, am I right?

So, weird patterns aside, these are a fun little item to add to your bedroom repertoire but I guess I’d opt for a different color in the future.

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