Flurry O2

November 2nd, 2011

I am super excited to write this review because, up until now, I haven’t been all that satisfied with any Tantus product. It’s not that they’re not high quality. It’s just that my vagina has become a Finicky Fanny (if I may borrow the English usage of the word). There’s a specific shape and specific size and specific texture that it likes and then there’s well.. everything else. Unfortunately, the specifics seem to change so I’ve become quite awful at trying to guess whether or not a dildo will do it for me. The Flurry does it for me. I love the Flurry.

Like the Cush, Flurry is available in pastels and uses the O2 formula. Flurry is not my first O2 dildo. In fact, I wasn’t blown over by the Adam and wound up swapping it. While interesting, Adam was most regular than it was O2. The outter layer was thin and inconsistent. This is great for anyone looking for a firm dildo with just a touch of realism but for someone like myself, who can’t get enough of VixSkin, Adam just wasn’t different enough.

I was about ready to give up but I’d heard that some of the other O2 dildos were less firm and, it seems to be, that this is the case with the less realistic toys. The color silicone and more fantastic dildos in the line seem to be the less firm ones. I could be wrong but it’s worth noting.

Flurry is especially squishy at the head. The “front” of the shaft, that would stroke the G-spot, is more plush than the back. The core is still quite rigid — moreso than a VixSkin toy — and you can really feel it when stroking the dildo with your hand. It feels like a layer of squishy skin but harder than any penis I know.

Flurry is semi-realistic. The head is rounded and sculpted like a real cock but there’s another ridge below it — a quite pronounced ridge — that I haven’t seen on any actual penis I’ve fucked or sucked. It’s a limited number but still. The shaft is pretty straight and relatively consistent in terms of girth. The base flares out flat so you can use it with a harness and there’s no balls here. I’m so over balls on my sex toys. Sorry.

By the numbers, Flurry is 7″ long and has a diameter of 1.5″. It’s a good length and firmly in the category of medium-sized toys. The head is slightly less girthy than the shaft and the countoured shape helps insertion but those ridges, again, are really pronounced. My pussy doesn’t necessarily feel texture beyond “hmm, there’s something going on here” but I could distinctly feel those ridges. Right on, Tantus.

So I enjoy thrusting and my easy-to-reach G-spot is just fine and happy with the ridges on this. If I’m masturbating to (clitoral) orgasm, I can clench my legs around the Flurry and it feels good. Not quite as good as my Tex, you know, but awesome anyway. In addition to this, the super squishy head is so much easier on my cervix, which has decided that should anything touch it, it will scream in pain. )= Except (= because that doesn’t happen with the Flurry.

This dildo will not be going up on any toy swap list. In fact, I will probably keep it in my top nightstand drawer with such covered toys as my VixSkin Tex, the Miracle Massager and my Liberator glass dildo.

SheVibe sells this dildo at an awesome $49.99. Go get one.


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