Kama Sutra Intimate Moments

January 18th, 2011

I really enjoyed both the Raspberry Oil of Love and the honey dust by Kama Sutra so I figured I’d like the Intimate Moments collection just as much.

At first, I was really impressed with the scent of the sweet almond massage oil. It’s not the scented, warming kind like the Oils of Love but has the sweet, amaretto scent that one can expect from almond extract. I have read, in other reviews, that most almond massage oil has a lighter scent but this is exactly what I was looking for. This scent doesn’t last very long, however. As you rub it into the skin, it fades and shifts to something more akin to baby powder. I’m not a fan of powdery smells at all, so this isn’t really ideal for me. I’m sure others won’t mind but I don’t know why the almond massage oil just doesn’t keep the same scent throughout use. It’s kind if disappointing.

As a massage oil itself, I found it a bit bland. It wasn’t as slick as some of the candles I’ve used, (the bottle advertises its lightness) nor does the sweet almond massage oils have any extra properties. I guess I have been spoiled by all the other massage aids I have had the opportunity to try. Pity for me, the bottle is so large (100ml). It’s shampoo style, although not quite that ,large.The press-top is easy to use; although, sometimes the oil comes out quite quickly because it is a fairly thin liquid.

Because it’s thinner, I find that it massages into the skin quite quickly. I used two or three squirts in just a few minutes. There is a slight residue on the skin but it’s not so greasy that I feel the need to wash either the body part where it was applied or my hands.

The oils in this product make it less than ideal for use with condoms and you may want to spot test your linens to test for stains. The oil itself is only faintly tinted so I can’t imagine this to be a huge deal.

I was equally disappointed with the Sweet Honeysuckle body powder. Again, Kama Sutra makes a raspberry flavored dust that I love and this comes in the same style tin (although smaller than the one I have) with a satin bag containing another plastic bag to hold the powder itself. As I mentioned in a previous review, I would quite like to see the plastic and satin bags somehow combined as this method isn’t the most effective I have seen. Consumers should note that, because of the multiple bags, it’s not like they are receiving an entire tin of product. It’s more like one-half or one-third of the tin.

I was immediately turned off by the scent of the honeysuckle body dust. It’s extremely powdery and perfumey smelling–like something a grandmother would wear (or perhaps the overpowering aroma of an incense shop), not something sexy for licking off of someone’s body. The scent is also ridiculously strong so you can’t avoid it even if you enjoy the taste of the honey dust. It’s one of the cases where you start to taste the scent, if you know what I mean. Upon testing the honey dust, I could barely taste something sweet over the perfumey scent and smell. It was really unappealing.

The feather applicator is well made and works wonderfully for spreading a thin layer of dust over someone’s body (the dust is silky in a dry sort of way and I do enjoy the act of applying it). It can also be used for tickling but beware if you have animals as it’s just the kind of toy they want to play with. My cat reminded me of this not five minutes after I had opened the box.

Quite frankly, I don’t know why Kama Sutra even sells this kit or the individual products.

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