Deep V-Neck Polka Dot Baby Doll

October 1st, 2011

The most recent addition to my lingerie collection is the Deep V-Neck Polka Dot Baby Doll by Elegant Moments, a manufacturer whose designs have really attracted my attention. They strike me as super cute and feminine, as opposed to just barely there. It’s a baby pink, with poolk dots, babydoll that flows and has a medium pink ribbon that ties in a bow and falls delicately down the front. The epitome of femininity.

I do suspect that the images have been photoshopped. You do get an idea how sheer it is because you can see the model’s nipples through it but the pink is so light that the polka dots don’t contrast as much as the publicity photos. This isn’t bad.. it just is.

The piece is made of a super-stretchy and light polyester. It feels cool against the skin. The hem along the bottom edge and sleeves is done so it’s a little ripply, not straight. The ribbon is satin and all the edges are finished and the bow is sewn in permanently. It’s only attached from one side in the front to the other; it doesn’t extend across the back. However, the way it’s sewn makes the empire waist the tightest part of the babydoll.

All the stitching seemed secure until I tried this one, for the second time, and I realized the ribbon was doing that fraying thing away from where it was sewn on both sides. Because it’s sewn along the top and bottom edges, too, it will stay on but it’ll bug me forever

Fraying ribbonFortunately, or unfortunately, for me, I’ve been losing weight. The result is the XL that I ordered is actually too large for me me. The babydoll is designed so that the V-neck will sit at the widest parts of the shoulders, revealing most cleavage, than closer to the neck. The cut of the neck is quite low and dips well below where the bottom of my bra would sit, especially because my shoulders are not broad enough. It seems to me that the XL is intended for someone with at least DDs but then it’s so stretchy that it really offers no support.

This babydoll is designed with long, ruffly cap sleeves and I guess I could do without quite so much material. It doesn’t look bad on the model but, on me, I felt as though the sleeves were ginormous. It could just be because I need a smaller size but then I worry that the waist would be too tight on me because that was the snuggest part of the outfit… but the model for the plus-sized version doesn’t look all the appealing in it either, to be honest. It definitely seems like there’s far too much fabric for even her well-endowed top side.

Included thongOn the other hand, I do like the thong even though it’s got an interesting aspect. The front consists of the same fabric as the babydoll with a darker pink trim. There’s contrasting stitching that’s pretty adorable. The strange thing is that the back of the thong actually loops around the waistband and is movable from side to side, along the waistband. Also, the tag is sewn to the back piece which is just plain odd. Usually, with thongs, it’s sewn to the front panel. You’ll definitely have to cut it off. Still, it’s cute.

Ultimately, the sizing issue still would have resulted in an okay review from me because I do like the feminine design, the ribbon and the cool, silky feel of the material. But it’s obvious that the quality is lacking and the manufacturer just didn’t know how to make this fit a variety of body shapes and sizes. Even if I loved it, there’s no way I’d pay MSRP for it and this makes me hesitate buying from this manufacturer again.


Pink Lace Babydoll

June 17th, 2011

like my wardrobe, my lingerie collection has expanded in color. My newest addition is a pink lace babydoll, again from the manufacturer Seven Til Midnight. Their designs always catch me eye, perhaps because they are relatively simple but use unique patterns, colors or textures. To put it plainly, they’re not boring yet not so fancy that I don’t feel like I can pull them off. I’m not quite so adventurous that I would wear lingerie in public nor do I think I have the perfect body. Seven Til Midnight pieces always seem complimentary, at least at first.

If that sounds a little ominous, it’s because I don’t love this piece as much as I’d like. I don’t hate it, I’m just not tickled pink. Pardon the pun. You see, the lace on this one stretches around curves and the reality of bodies which is a good thing but it does so without offering any shaping. It’s a bit hard to see in the images but, when I took this out of the package, I saw seams on the sides that almost implied it would help hold me in. It doesn’t, not really. This wouldn’t be a problem if the trim fell right about the hips, to camouflage my problem area (the spare tire) but this piece lands over my thighs, instead. I’m a fairly short lady so it may appear shorter on you but if you’re trying to de-emphasize a larger middle, I just don’t think the pink lace babydoll is the piece for you. However, I think it would look fantastic on anyone who may be larger but fairly proportionate. I’m hoping to get to that point as my mid-section is slowly shrinking. I’m just not quite there.

On the plus size, the wired cups do offer some support. I found the XL more than adequate for my C-cups, offering nice contours. I imagine ladies a little larger wouldn’t have a problem but this isn’t intended for those extremely well endowed ladies, sorry. One thing I do like is that, instead of a full band that goes around the rib cage, there are two ribbons that you tie in back. The ribbons are thick (two inches or so) satin that are sewn into either side of the back, where there is a cut-out and you tie them together to secure the piece. I’m not always a fan of ribbons but these are large enough to be functional and you can secure the babydoll tighter or looser, depending on your size and preferences. Plus, it adds to the whole “unwrapping the package” show.

The shoulder straps are also adjustable–the typical elastic kind that most lingerie features. Where the traps meet the top of the cups, there are pink bows. In the picture, these seem to blend nito the piece but I find them to be distracting and perhaps.. gaudy in person. I feel a little silly with all the frills. There’s also a ribbon bow in between the cups but this isn’t something that I mind. The cups themselves have shaping seams up the front, like a bra, and the tops of the cu pare outlined with the same frills that you find along the bottom of the babydoll.

I find the lace to be more see-through in person. This may also be due to the fact that the piece fits more snugly against my skin. The larger floral pattern is pretty but the lace isn’t as soft as I’d like. This issue may resolve as I watch the piece several times but it definitely makes it a little less comfortable than some of my other lingerie. The back of this piece consists of a super soft mesh that is comfortable, however. Nevertheless, I couldn’t feel comfortable wearing this to sleep. I would worry about the cups being uncomfortable and ripping the ribbons in back as I’ve had bad luck with ribbons in the past.

Per usual, the thong is pink mesh with elastic sides. The fit is hit or miss. This one seems rather large for me but I’ve always been to get away with medium to large panties.

For its price, the pink lacy babydoll really is a steal–even if you don’t completely love it.



Sexy Red Babydoll Set

February 20th, 2011

You know how sometimes a unique element can attract you to an item but that same element can actually be a deal breaker? This was the case with the Sexy Red Babydoll Set from MyPleasure (the fine retailer of sex toys). I’m totally still on my lingerie kick (although, I’ve received some awesome sex toys lately) and this bright red set caught my attention right away. The black details contrast nicely in pictures. The camera flash also makes this image look almost shiny or metallic but it’s really not. One thing you can’t see if that the set is pretty sheer, because of the mesh and, because the weave is super fine, it’s really soft and silky to touch.

Another detail that is easy to miss is the heart-shaped black trim that runs as the waist line of the babydoll, across the blindfold and panties. The cut-out hearts attach to eachother in a row and are made from a firmer sort of lace. This isn’t as attractive as I expected on the babydoll but is down right confusing on the panties. The row of hearts extends along the top, front of the panties and keeps going off the side, until it attaches to the black ribbons that you tie around yourself to create the panty effect. I think it would make more sense to simply sew the ribbon to the edge of the red fabric, instead of extending the hearts past the edge because then you’re worrying about twisting or even breaking them (the hearts attach in a rather narrow point)..

In fact, even if the design made more sense, I’d still struggle with this. I guess I never realized how difficult it can be to lace up a pair of panties. I still haven’t found a method that isn’t completely ridiculous and results in attractive bows, like the one on the model in the picture. The ribbon-tie design offers no stretch and will really only be flattering if your hips and abs are fairly flat. If you carry extra weight around the midsection, I wouldn’t expect it to be super flattering. Lastly, the panties are a weird style. They’re sort of a wide thong. The strip along the back is much thicker than normal but not thick enough to count as briefs. In case you’re wondering, the piece does include a cotton lined crotch.

The babydoll is absolutely the redeeming piece in the Sexy Red Babydoll Set. As I mentioned, the red mesh is super sleek and is sheer but tints the skin in a sex way. I ordered the queen size, figuring the one size fits all would run small and the queen probably runs a bit large on me, considering how roomy a babydoll is to begin with. Still, the adjustable, establish straps helps with this and the same elastic runs around back of the waistline (the front does not stretch) for added comfort and customization. One last piece of elastic makes up the rounded neckline of the piece and there’s a ruffled piece of mesh that extends above this. I’m not sure how I feel about the ruffle, yet. It could be flirty or it could just remind me of grandmas.

I’m also not sure if it’s because of the lace hearts, but this piece does offer some support for the breasts in the way of reinforced stitching. There is a petty, ribbon bow sewn into the middle of the lace at the center of the waistline. The rest of the piece free falls to approximately hip height.

The seams and hems seem quite secure (unlike the other pieces) and I’ve even slept in this piece, quite comfortable, without issue. Although the instructions say to hand wash in cold water, and I would advise this for the other pieces, you could probably toss the babydoll in the gentle cycle or normal cycle in a lingerie bag. I’ll wind up doing the former because I’m so dangerous!

The accessories of this piece would have been a disappointment, if I had been looking forward to them. The “cuffs” consist of mesh sewn to elastic, to complete that ruffled look. There is a single red ribbon attached to each cuff so that you could tie them together (in a bow?) but offers absolutely no realistic, bondage function for several reasons. One, the elastic is quite loose and easy to slip out of and, two, the sewing is utter crap. I put on one cuff and immediately noticed the ribbon was ripping and becoming detached from the cuffs. These are absolutely for fashion only. Present yourself as a pretty present to your partner, then ditch them.

The quality of the blindfold is slightly higher but it boasts the design that reminds me of a sanitary napkin and, just, eww. It’s also assymetrical in a really weird way. Even if the elastic wasn’t so loose as to render it virtually useless, the cut would make it impossible to block out all light and sights. The sewing is also very angular so, while the black-hearts-on-red may look cute form a distance, it looks sloppy and amateur up close. Luckily, the sewing on this piece is more secure than the cuffs and you could potentially shorten the elastic with a few stitches of your own. For whatever reason, Dramgirl opted to make the backside (that touches your face) satin-y but the front is a rougher, less shiny material.

Basically, I have a babydoll that feels great on my skin and offers a lot of support. Because I can easily pair it was a basic black or red thong or pair of panties, I’d cal this one a success but if you really want to love the whole set, you’ll probably be disappointed.

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Madeleine Lace Halter Chemise Plus Size

January 31st, 2011

Ah, another Seven Til Midnight piece, you might ask? Yes, indeed. I just love the style of their babydolls and chemises (if you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I pimped out their new items, too!) But all was not love with the Madeleine Lace Halter Chemise as this is simply a case of what-you-see-is-not-exactly-what-you get. You see, in real life, without double sided tape and strategically placed lighting and picture perfect proportionate curves, this chemise simply does not make the cut. Here’s a break down of my complaints.

In photographs, the chemise seems a dark, red-hued purple and the print almost appears textured or velvety. In real life, the colour is blue-hued and much lighter. This is not altogether bad but the black floral pattern contrasts more than it does in pictures and the color just isn’t that which I love. Furthermore, the black floral print is not simply against a solid purple background. There is a tinier print going on in the background that is honeycomb like and absolutely hideous. You cannot see it at all in the picture and, I think, that if this alone were changed, I would like the chemise much more. It just seems so busy and the design is far less sophisticated than pictures would have you believe. I wouldn’t have purchased the Madeleine Lace Halter Chemise if I had had the chance to see it, in person, first.

Chemise Pattern

In photographs, the three ribbons that stretch over the cleavage look hot. In real life, the halter styled top really offers no support and as my breasts tend to fall outward, the piece just kept stretching. I looked much flatter than I actually am. A bra remedies this but who wants to wear a bra with her chemise? Additionally, even my C cups felt ridiculously heavy as the halter pulled down against my neck and it was nearly impossible to find a good length at which to tie it and to duplicate that tying length when wearing it on different occasions. So, to make this work, I’d imagine you’d need Ds or DDs but I wouldn’t want to deal with the strain on your neck. Some supportive stitching wouldn’t hurt because this piece really has no shape.

In photographs, the corset-y ribbon that laces across the back is sophisticated and naughty but, in my experience, this isn’t the case. I guess my ribcage is simply too small for the queen size (odd…) but I wound up pulling the ribbon so that the back of the chemise nearly touched in the center of my back. Otherwise, it was too loose but this caused it to bunch up where the ribbon crisscrossed. In addition to this, I had quite the long length of ribbon left over and it looked sloppy, instead of falling daintily. I may try tying the ribbon at the bottom, to better fit my shape, however. Again, it was difficult to tie–without help–so that it was attractive.

In photographs, the model doesn’t have a spare tire. She’s super proportionate. In reality, this chemise doesn’t pull you in and the length makes it obvious if you have extra weight in the middle or, if like me, your ribs like to stick the fuck out. It’s much better suited for someone who is straight throughout the midsection than I am.

But let’s take a look at some of the positive of this piece. The polyester/spandex blend is silky and cool against the skin. The stitching between the elastic and the fabric (around the back edges) or the lace around the neck and hemline and the fabric is superb. This will definitely hold up if you hand wash in cold water as the tag suggests but would probably even be safe in the washer on the gentle cycle. All the elastic is well sewn and there’s no fraying to be seen. The same is true for the ribbon, which is pretty run of the mill but the extra length makes it easy to customize the fit–if you have the patience.

The included thong fits well and is well made. Like the other chemise and thong set I reviewed from this manufacturer, the front panel matches the chemise while the straps are a stretchy black material that is comfortable and secure without cutting into my skin. It’s something I would wear–and have worn–under street clothes and has held up fine with washing.

I enjoy that Seven Til Midnight uses silky tags on their products instead of the scratchy, white ones that most clothes contain. The tags are bright pink, so can probable be seen through Madeleine Lace Halter Chemise and matching thong but they’re kind of stylish and allude to the fact that this is a good brand.

Madelein Chemise This is technically a set as it included a blindfold, featuring the same patterned material, detailed with lace and secured by straps. This is completely dysfunctional and only looks good in the pictures because the model is holding it so that it stretches vertically and actually looks like a blindfold. If you just saw it lying around, you would have no idea what this piece of fabric is intended to do. In reality, it bunches up and pulls horizontally so that it becomes really thin and it’s not functional at all. The ribbons do not facilitate a secure fit and the sheerness of the material does not block out much. The best use it for a photo shoot, really.

The Madeleine Lace Halter Chemise is really not just intended for my body size and shape. It would be best for someone who has largest breasts and/or wider ribs, a straight midsection and is taller (I believe). Still, I have to warn you that the pattern is not nearly as attractive in person as it in in photographs.


Babydoll and Coat Set with Matching Panty

November 28th, 2010

My first opportunity to review for (Twitter: @lingeriedotcom) landed me a lace babydoll with matching “coat.” Of course, I picked black. I bet you didn’t see that coming? However, they also offer it in a purple if that’s more your thing.

The babydoll features shaped cups with underwire, adjustable straps and more lace than you can shake a stick at. The coat is robe-like but has no ties so it stays open. The bulk of it is a nylon, mesh material while it is trimmed with lace around the sleeves. The sleeves are generally pirate-like in feel. With the sheer mesh and lack of closure, the coat isn’t the most functional piece but the additional layers could contribute to a stripping scene.

I actually really enjoyed the fit of the babydoll. The underwire cups offer more support than reinforced stitching and were incredibly flattering to my C cups. While the adjustable straps allow you to wear the cups higher or lower, depending on your preferences and shape, I wouldn’t invest in this piece if your breasts are any larger than mine. It’s kind of odd, sizing wise, because I don’t consider a B or C cup to be plus sized lingerie. On the other hand, if you’re like me and sport some extra weight around the midsection and not so much in the chest, this is a good thing.

The free flowing waist of the babydoll is flattering to all sorts of shapes and does not highlight trouble spots such as your tummy. The larger designs (floral-esque) on the lace are also awesome as camouflaging certain spots. Do note that the back of this is the same mesh as the coat, however. Additionally, this does not hook like a bra. Rather, there empire waist is elastic and could stretch over time.

As a shorter person, I found this fell to around my hips and it would be even shorter on most. On the model, the sleeves also look a bit long but they fit me perfectly. In fact, I would really warn you against buying this set if you’re much taller.

However, the lace is really scratchy. It’s not comfortable at all right out of the bag and even though I let mine soak in the sink with some baking soda (as prescribed by the Internet), it did not soften up. Unfortunately for folks like myself who have to pay to wash their laundry, I wasn’t about to waste my quarters on a single piece of apparel to see if this would improve. Plus, the delicate nature of this piece makes it more ideal for washing by hand or in a pillow case or what-have-you. The instructions actually say to hand wash only, without bleach, in cold water but, if you’re like me, you probably ignore instructions like those. d=

Of course, like almost all lingerie sets, the included thong is ridiculously basic and cheap. You could pair any sexy panties with this set and have it match fairly well. Because I opted for the plus size, the thong I got is unrealistically large for me to wear, even with my plush derriere. To complete the look, I would definitely swap out something I already owned.

When it comes to washing, I’d toss the thong in with my regular laundry but with such thin strings, expect it to stretch and eventually rip. Not like that’s not something that I haven’t had happen with other thongs.

Having owned more than one mesh piece, I have to warn that the tags on the coat and babydoll are generic white, not custom, and plain to see through the mesh. If that bothers you like it does me, you’ll want to cut off the tags carefully.

I sometimes have difficulty with lingerie with underwire so I was pleasantly surprised at the overall fit. Besides the straps, I didn’t find myself having to adjust anything for comfort or visual appeal. This babydoll set is just extremely easy to wear so if you’re new to lingerie, you might consider it or something similar.


Midnight Confidential Chemise and Thong Set

October 26th, 2010

The second piece of lingerie I receive from Seven Til Midnight is the Midnight Confidential Chemise and Thong Set. It’s much more daring than any other piece I own or have reviewed. In fact, it’s the first underbust anything I’ve owned but I deserve to feel sexy, right? Right!

I noticed differences from the Sheer Pleasure set immediately. First, this set has different packaging. The Sheer Pleasure set comes in a cardboard box while this set comes in a plastic bag and has a tag attached. The old setup of the manufacturer’s site used to separate the packaged and unpackaged items. I’m not sure what the difference is, if any.

Fit-wise, this set is also different. It’s form fitting and shorter than the Sheer Pleasure chemise. The attached tag does not describe the type of fabric but it’s a nylon/spandex mix that has a slight shine to it. Because of the texture, the black actually appears a bit lighter than in the images. In addition to this, I found that the pinstripes were also more noticeable in person. But that is also due to the fact that pinstripes, like fishnet, do not always photograph well. The couple inches of lace at the bottom are looser than the rest of the piece.

Of course, the cupless design is very interesting. It’s not entirely cupless, actually. The underwires are sewn into the fabric to frame the bottom of the breasts and there is a slightly bit of material (cups) above this. Depending on your cup size, you can pull these up for more coverage but not total coverage. Larger breasts will have the tendency to push these down, anyway. The underwires extend up, between the breasts. It seems to me that they extend further up than an actual bra.

I found this slightly more difficult to get into because of the design and snugness. I wound up pulling it up, over my hips. Doing this, I immediately discovered that it’s just not sewn that well. A seam ripped slightly toward the top. Not the type of rip that ruins it, thankfully, but a rip nonetheless. I was more careful after this, of course, but because this has a gap in the back (toward the lower back) and the function bra band style, I had difficulty. You see, I’m the put-my-bra-on-backward-and-spin-it-around type. It’s so much harder with this piece but not impossible.

So once I got it around and situated my breasts above the wires and the wires between them and pulled it smoother over my hips, I kinda liked the look. The stretchy material pulls me in a bit and the lace falls right around my hips/below my extra tummy weight in a way that actually camouflages it. Because I’m not so thin, this falls a little higher than on the model. The fabric is cool and smooth against the skin. The lace wasn’t super scratchy.

Your breasts will not look at awesome as the model. She’s pushing hers up and in to achieve that perfectly round look. I mean, if you do that, yours will look just that awesome but the cupless design just does not offer as much support as a full or even half cup. The pink bow is cute, too.

The thong on this one is on the same quality as the thong with the Sheer Pleasure chemise. The front panel is the nylon/spandex fabric with stripes. It’s a really amazing fit and comfortable enough for every day use. The place where it sits on my hips is comfortable and the front panel is actually wide enough for my fleshy self. The straps stayed in place without cutting into my hips. Totally a great piece. I’d buy just thongs from Seven Til Midnight if they were all this quality.

I have yet to clean this but I know I won’t be going the washer method (unless I toss it in a pillow case or something) because of how fragile it is. However, I have washed the thong with the rest of my clothes and is survived just fine. As the elastic straps are so thin, they will wear over time. Just how that goes.

So the bottom line? This is cute. It fits nicely. The quality could see some improvements but, overall, I recommend the Midnight Confidential Chemise and Thong Set.

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Sheer Pleasure Chemise

October 6th, 2010

First, I have to say thank you for 7 Til Midnight. I sent them an email, asking if they might want to send me something for review. They responded quickly and positively and soon two pieces were sitting in my own home.

The Sheer Pleasure Chemise is, as the name suggests, a sheer chemise. It’s available in red or black and I like the design so much that I’d love to own both. For now, I have the red. It’s a mesh and lace chemise with spaghetti straps in a vibrant red.

The body of the chemise is made of a fine mesh that is comfortable to wear all day long–and I did! The cups have a lace detail that shows some skin but isn’t as sheer as the rest of the piece. Both fabrics offer a lot of stretch. While the XL isn’t as loose on me around the midsection as it is on the model, it could certainly stretch some more.

During use, I found that the backside of the chemise had a tendency to ride up my ass. Not a huge deal, especially if you don’t wear it for that long. I’m a shortie–5’2″–so it hits between my mid to lower thigh. If it didn’t ride up, I’d consider hemming up up a few inches. It will be shorter on taller gals, of course.

The spaghetti straps are adjustable, like a bra, and the triangular cups are quite stretchy. I could make them look decent but not perfect on my C cups. A D or double D cup might be more suited for this size. Of course, I’m sure I notice the less-than-perfect fit more than anyone else would. There are seams around the cups, but not wires. This will offer some support and shaping but you can’t expect too much from it.

The Sheer Pleasure Chemise comes with a thong as well. They’re both pretty well made and it seems like you actually get a thong in a size comparable to the chemise and the thong is super stretchy but the sizing varies between pieces. The one I got with my other set was fairly accurate size-wise but the red thong with the Sheer Pleasure Chemise is much larger than a size XL. I can pull it halfway up my back and the front panel nearly reaches my belly button. It’s kinda hilarious but not something that is a huge deal breaker. Those who are so inclined could sew it or use a different thong.

I wore one of 7 Til Midnight’s thongs all day and found it to be comfortable and stretchy without cutting into my flesh. The The straps are super thin, however; they will eventually wear out through use and washing. The front panel consists of the same mesh material as the chemise.

I did wash both in the normal cycle, with the rest of my clothes. I experienced no bleeding from the piece and it came out without any damage. I actually wore the chemise to bed for a couple nights to test its durability. It was comfortable and passed the test with shining colours.

I really feel something, maybe sexy, in the Sheer Pleasure Chemise. It’s sheer, of course, so it doesn’t hide or shape the problem areas but the comfort it provides was unexpected. It’s something that people of all body sizes can wear.

I considered taking some pictures of this but, I have to say, the pictures on Yandy’s shop really show it well. I really don’t think there’s anything that I could add to this review with an image of me. Sorry, y’all. d=

You can get the Sheer Pleasure Chemise for under $20 right now as it’s on sale. It’s a great price for a piece that is made so well and so comfortable.