Lovehoney Fresh Biodegradable Sex Toy & Body Wipes

June 23rd, 2017

I can’t quite put my finger on why, but I just really like Lovehoney Fresh Biodegradable Sex Toy & Body Wipes. They’re not unlike most toy wipes, packaged in plastic and resealable.  Perhaps it’s the scent that seems fresh and clean albeit subtle; although, I understand that many people might prefer a product with no smell at all.

I definitely enjoy that they’re strong enough to use. A while back I used another store brand’s toy wipes, and they ripped as I tried to take them out of the package let alone use them. I usually have nails (okay, one long nail because they break so easily), so this is a deal-breaker.

I typically use wipes for quick cleanup of toys and myself (and once to clean up some honey that had dripped from my sandwich onto my bed skirt but don’t judge me!). But since silicone picks up lint/fur/hair/etc so easily, I’ll do a full soap-and-water cleanse before using them again. These wipes are good enough for removing large debris and lube, which can accumulate. I prefer wipes better to spray because you still need to wipe or rinse it off, and wipes mean I can skip a step.t

I didn’t find these wipes to be irritating, and one of the ingredients included is Aloe so you might find them especially soothing. The rest of the ingredients list includes:

  • Aqua
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Benzoic Acid
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Hamamelis Virginiana Leaf Extract
  • Sodium Citrate
  • Citric Acid

Phenoxyethanol, as you might guess, is the ingredient that kills germs. I’m not super familiar with it, but there’s no triclosan in this.

Now, when you read that these wipes are biodegradable, you shouldn’t think this means “flushable.” Actually, even flushable wipes that you might buy really shouldn’t be flushed down your toilet and neither should tampons! It took me over a decade to learn this. Those things are described as flushable only because they fit, but doing so creates a bunch of problems at the end of the (sewer) lines.

But being biodegradable means that when they go out with your trash, they will eventually break down, unlike so much of our trash. I am sure the process is slow, but that’s better than nothing!

With that said, these wipes aren’t as affordable as some. Lovehoney carries wipes by Aneros, which cost about $4 less for the same count. I was surprised to find this was the case for a store brand. Swipes are one of the few brands that are still available (where did they all go??), and those are cheaper, too. If you want the best bet and aren’t as lazy as I am, a toy cleaning wipe is even more cost effective.

And even though I like these Lovehoney wipes, I am too cheap to be loyal, so I would opt for something cheaper if I wanted to replace them. Sorrynotsorry.

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Pjur Med Clean Fleece Moist Towelettes

May 18th, 2014

I’ve had a bottle of Pjur Med-Clean Spray for some time. I don’t use it as much as I should simply because it keeps winding up in my spare toy drawer. However, I was always super impressed that it wasn’t your run-of-the-mill toy cleaner. It’s gentle enough to clean your toys and leave on if you don’t have physical dirt to remove. I recommended still rinsing your toys if that was the case in my review of the spray. However, it’s tough on bacteria an germs. Pjur’s cleansing products are designed to help combat bacteria, fungi and viruses, and I don’t know anyone who is a fan of those things. Especially when you consider how long HPV can stick around on your toys — even the porous ones!

The product description uses the phrase “ an intensive antimicrobial effect against bacteria, fungal infections, and viruses such as Hepatitis B and HIV.” I remember reading this years ago. This has always stuck with me, but I never got around to trying or buying the wipes, which are formulated more for your body rather than your toys. The wipes aren’t different than others I’ve tried in use. Open the package, remove a wet wipe. Wipe down toys or yourself. They are unscented, but there is a slight “clean scent.” It fades quickly. I sometimes reach for the wipes when I want to freshen up without a shower. They do that, and the smell doesn’t linger in a way that would put me off from oral sex.

I know that Doc Johnson is making products to freshen up specifically for oral sex, but these are more versatile, and they’re a better value, too. The Oralove lign isn’t readily available. A 5-pack of those wipes costs between $5 and $8 while Pjur’s wipes come in a 25-pack for just under $12 from SheVibe.  They’re obviously a better deal and that isn’t even factoring in the fact that these wipes may possibly help inhibit the spread of STIs or bacterial infections, and we all know that I am not a fan of those. Because of this, I would even recommend using wipes after sex to help lower the risk of UTIs if you tend to be prone to them.

I’ve experienced exactly zero reaction from using these wipes. They’re intended to be safe for sensitive and even irrited skin, which is important when I run out of Aftershave Oil. The ingredients list is as follows:

  • Purified Water
  • Phenoxyethanol,
  • Cocamidopropyl Betaine
  • Chlorhexidine Digluconate
  • PEG-7
  • Glycerol
  • Cocoate
  • Dimethicone Copolyol
  • Neohesperidine dihydrochalcone
  • Sorbitol

These are exactly the same ingredients as the spay so you could probably mix the spray with some soft towels of your own to make wipes like this to be honest. I’m a little lazy (and sloppy!), but that might be more cost-effective. If you don’t experience irritation from the spray, then you’ll be good with the wipes and vice versa.

I do rather enjoy the quality of these wipes, though. They’re soft but not linty. They don’t easily tear like some of the cheaper wipes I’ve used. It may sound silly, but you really get what you pay for when it comes to these things. Some store brands are fucking terrible.

Now that I’ve been reminded how much I like these products, I will quickly use


Decor Stashe Pillow in Velvish Aubergine

December 9th, 2013

I’ve had my eye on this pillow for quite a while. I really like Liberator’s Decor line, and I enjoy hiding toys around my house in pillows. The design of this is a far step up from the other hide-a-vibe pillow I have, too. I was hoping this would match my bedding, and unfortunately it doesn’t. However, purple is one of those colors that just doesn’t photograph easily, and this is a little more too blue-hued. My bedding looks reddish in comparison. This doesn’t mean I love the pillow any less or affect its use, of course. I just like things that are perfect.

The design of this pillow is nearly perfect, however. It’s a “hollowed” square pillow. It measures 16 inches by 16 inches, but the details make it seem a little bigger. One side is a soft velour material, while the other is shiny satin that complements it. Two of the side have triangular “wings” that fold over to either side. If you want to see both fabrics, you can. It shipped with the wings folded over to the velvet side, but I don’t find it to be as attractive. The wings secure with white ribbon, so you may want to spend some time tying it into a pretty bow.



When the wings are folded toward the satin side, however, you don’t have access to the zipper, which runs along one of the edges where there’s a wing. So if you’re looking for convenience, you’ll want to fold them backward. However, you can certainly untie the ribbon. The look is attractive overall.

I really like the idea of the “wings.” If you sew, you could replicate it, but this pillow was made very well. The stitching and zipper are quite secure.

When you unzip the pillow, there’s an opening for hiding your toys. The inside is lined with a nylon-like material that you can easily wipe down to clean. I prefer this over my other pillow. It just feels cleaner.

It’s definitely smaller on the inside — not like the TARDIS at all. However, you’re going to get a few items in here. PinkCherry’s product page shows a rabbit similar to one that I have.

I was able to stuff quite a few toys in here and still zip it:

That’s definitely a lot of toys; although, the pillow was pretty packed.

Of course, as a pillow, it won’t be very comfortable when it’s full of toys. However, when it’s empty of contains something softer, you can actually use it as a pillow comfortably enough. It’s not flat.

And as a place to hide your vibes, a pillow doesn’t make the most sense if people actually use it. However, it’ll work as long as your guests view the pillow as a decoration and not an actual pillow, you’re in the clear. Plus, this one matches other items in the Liberator decor line. There’s also a Flip Ramp available in the same color. However, the aubergine does not match the purple Liberator Throe. But those are really first world problems. Of course, the black is definitely easier to match, so you’ve got other color options if you like the pillow.

If you’re inspired by it, make your own.


Wanna Be Naked Intimate Shave Creme

February 29th, 2012

The last pink cupcake-scented product I received from Classic Erotica was their shaving cream. Classic Erotica also makes the famous Coochy cream, which I’ve used and liked so I expected a similar experience with this product. To begin, I love the smell. It smells the same as everything else in the line and makes me shower time very pleasant. It doesn’t really stick on my hands because I use a few lotions after the shower, but using the lotion after shaving with the cream definitely prolongs the smell.

Like the rest of the products, the labels explains that the shaving creaming is:

  • Paraben-Free
  • Sugar-Free
  • Sulfate-Free
  • Made in USA
  • Not Animal-Tested

The cream comes in a plastic pump bottle that has a cap and locks. Handy. The pump isn’t very high on these bottles and while it doesn’t impede function, it bothers me on some level. The height is just awkward enough that the shelf in my shower doesn’t allow me to pump it, so I have to pick it up and use both hands.

The texture of this shaving cream is quite thin and that’s not a good thing. I find that I wind up reapplying at least once when I use it, because the water of my shower rinses it away. I adjust the shower head so it doesn’t hit me directly when I shave; however, this is not good enough and the cream rinses down the drain. This is definitely annoying and a thicker formula would solve the problem.

The cream isn’t as slick as some that I’ve used. I don’t need super slick shaving cream for most areas and it can make it difficult to hold a razor. I do get a closer shave than the Pure Romance cream I was previously using. It doesn’t feel as good in the shower but after? After my shower, my skins feels pretty smooth and incredibly soft. I rather enjoy the feeling after I shave and it feels closer, once I dry my skin, than in the shower. I achieved a damned near perfect shave the other day and couldn’t stop feeling my legs.

I recently acquired a new Schick Hydro Silk, which I like quite a bit. Together, I am quite happy with the results but my legs are still itchy after I use this to shave. That was something I never experienced in the past but has been pretty common in the recent years. I always apply a layer of lotion after I shave, so it’s not a deal-breaker. I haven’t experienced any major irritation or bumps with this shaving cream. In fact, I tried my new razor without it and did wind up with some unfortunate razor burn. I do still apply a layer of Monistat chafe relieving cream to my super-sensitive inner thighs after I shave them.

I would use this product again, were the price right and it is cheaper than many of the shaving creams sold specifically for intimate areas.


Babeland Tote

August 4th, 2011

I have a lot of tote bags and, to be honest, I don’t use them much. I did when I lived in San Antonio and walked to Wal-mar. The ones with especially long handles I could sling over my shoulders. These days, I use paper bags for recycling so the totes tend to stay in storage. But that won’t be the case with my Babeland Tote if only because that cats won’t let it.

The flash on the store images make this appear to be shiny, like vinyl. The tote is made from your typical, weavy tote fabric on all sides. The front features the Babeland logo in pink and the bottom is sewn rectangularly. There’s also a piece of plastic that sits in the bottom of the bag to fill out the shape. I love this because sometimes things with corners can wear away at the bottom of the bag, causing it to give out eventually.

The bag measures roughly 13.5″ high, 12.5″ wide, 8.25″ deep and has 20″. That’s standard size, which I like. It’d be great if the site included measurements because sometimes retailers pass of mini-totes as normal sized and that bothers me.

I haven’t actually gotten around to using the bag, not because I don’t like it, but because the cats have commandeered it. It must smell great because they keep knocking it off the dresser, rolling around in it, chasing it across the floor and pummeling it. My cats might commit suicide if they lose it. The other day I woke up and Phantom was sitting in it so I promptly picked it up to show the roommate. That said, the Babeland tote holds cats quite well.

At $1.50, it’s in the range of the bags you can buy at the grocery store and, if you had some leftover money on a gift card, I’d definitely pick one up.


Hide Your Vibe Pillow: Black

January 9th, 2011

I have long known of the Hide Your Vibe pillow as a sex toy storage solution but it was never one of those things that was on the top of my list. As I continue to explore things that are not exactly sex toys, I decided that, if nothing else, a throw pillow couldn’t hurt but if I really enjoyed the pillow, that would be great, too.

I don’t have much to say about this product–for better or worse. The square pillow measures 13″ and the exterior feels like a combination of fleece and microfiber, making it lightly fuzzy. As the product description says, the cover is machine washable and you can easily remove it by unzipping one of the edges. The sewing is superb and the zipper is hidden. The only part that is visible is the tab that you pull to unzip it.

Unzipping reveals that the inner pillow is actually one that is just shorter than 13″ but long. It’s folded in half and one edge is sewn together to create a round shape that is open in the middle. Upon discovering this, I sort of thought “This is it? Why aren’t more sex toy perverts making their own pillow? It would be pretty easy to replicate.” And it would so I cannot wholly recommend this product at its current price. If you have any sort of skill at sewing, you could make your own. Even buying a standard throw pillow cover and a long pillow and just folding it in half would produce a workable solution.

The pillow is fashioned with a soft cotton that isn’t likely to leave lint so you could easily put something in there and use it immediately. You could also slip a toy in the pillow in its own bag or even a plastic bag. However, that will make noise should someone lean on the pillow. In fact, while this pillow looks like your normal throw pillow and you can use it as such (it’s not quite as stiff as some but still functional), you may not want to keep it within reach.

In terms of size, you won’t fit a rabbit vibrator in the Hide Your Vibe Pillow but you can ft small clitoral vibrators, slimline vibes, eggs/bullets, a set of cuffs or even an anal plug. The smaller the item, the less likely that someone will notice it. Of course, you will want to remove the batteries or lock any vibrators to prevent them from turning on at inopportune moments. In addition to this, I would only store clean and dry toys in this pillow.

Of course, if you really want to have your toys within reach, this can be a useful tool. You could easily reach into the pillow and remove a toy to surprise your partner. There’s really more uses for the pillow, however. You could hide your remotes and a book to keep your home clutter-free. Anything small enough to fit into the pillow can be hidden from sight.

Form and function aside, I still cannot believe how high the markup is on this item and that keeps me from recommending this product to everyone.

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Wildberry Incense Peace Of Mind

November 14th, 2010

It has taken me far too long to write this review, perhaps because I simply did not enjoy the “Peace of Mind” variant of the Wildberry incense. In fact, I would say it does the exact opposite of give me peace of mind and, if I had the option, I’d probably have named this “ache of head.”

The description states this incense is a “fruity, floral blend with peach and vanilla” and, while that sounds quite pleasant, I only experienced an overly strong floral scent without any fruit or vanilla at all. I’m not really a fan of heavy floral scents and, when I burn this, the overpowering scent gives me a headache without fail. It’s not enjoyable in the least.

Because I know that Wildberry does produce at least one enjoyable incense variety, so it’s not simply a “cheap” line of products, simply one scent that isn’t as enjoyable as it seems. Of course, it’s impossible to smell things through my monitor so the odds are that I might not enjoy every scent.

Interestingly, I found the Peace of Mind Incense to burn a little messier and to smell more generic-woodlike. However, I did not note any significant difference in burn time from the other incense I’d tried.

If you actually want a scent similar to the one in the description, I think you may be disappointed with the Peace of Mind incense by Wildberry, unfortunately.

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