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Bunny Tickler

May 17th, 2010

I was sort of surprised that the Bunny Tickler got me off at all. I mean, it’s so small (about the size of a pocket rocket but thinner). It’s only one speed and I don’t traditionally fair well with toys made of little shapes. When I use regular rabbit vibes, it’s always the body of the rabbit/bullet that I try to get against my clit, instead of the ears. But the Bunny Tickler is cute, like all the bright coloured vibes in the Tickler Line, and I thought it might work for G-spot stimulation cause mine is so shallow and easily stimulated.

Let’s get that out of the way. The ears on the Bunny Tickler can reach my G-spot (they’re about an inch long or so) but do not provide firm enough pressure to do much of anything. However, the silicone of this vibe–which isn’t quite shiny nor velvety–offers some firmness so it doesn’t flutter freely like jelly rabbits. I imagine many people would pick this specific vibe because they want that feature but they would be out of luck.

Still, you can separate the ears enough to surround your clit and this is an interesting sensation. It’s not how I got off, however. I found myself using the top of the bunny’s nose more because I like broader surfaces. Sometimes the ears simply wound up in the way and, for whatever reason, I had a hard time telling exactly where they were situated, too, but maybe I’m just not super sensitive.

And I did get off, more than once, with the Bunny Tickler, once I found a good spot. I used it in a similar manner to how I used Lelo’s Lily, except the Tickler is easier on my hand because it has a short handle. But I probably wouldn’t reach for the Bunny Tickler over most other toys.

That’s because I have a lot of clitoral vibes which have adjustable settings. The Bunny Tickler, which is powered by 1 N battery (which is included), only has one setting. It’s more high pitched than it is rumbly; although it’s not ridiculously weak. However, it’s extremely easy for the initial tingle of the vibrator to fade, leaving my body wondering “What’s next?”

The Bunny Tickler is easy to use, if not a bit fickler. There’s a single push button on the end. It’s not too hard nor too difficult to push. I have noticed that the battery cap, which screws on, needs to be at exactly the precise position for the Bunny Tickler to work, though. That’s a tad annoying.

But once it’s screwed on, the cap is secure and you can take this rabbit into the shower or tub, with you. I’m not a big bath-time-masturbater but I appreciate toys which are as least splash proof for cleaning. Because the Bunny Tickler is small and, coincidentally, pretty quiet (a light buzz), it might be something you could use in the shower, if you share an apartment. Although, you may not have great luck with water based lube in the shower. I’d also like the add, the specific type of silicone used in the Bunny Tickler doesn’t seem to collect as much lint as usual.

I guess this is a short post for a short toy. d= The Bunny Tickler is cute and functional, although not ground breaking of multi-function. It’s probably good for beginners or those who don’t need something super powerful. Some folks will find it does nothing more than.. tickle.

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Corset Vibe

May 13th, 2010

Like Juliettia, I wanted the Corset Vibrator from Babeland mostly because of looks. I like corsets and I like vibrators and was thrilled when Babeland offered it up for review again (they ran out of stock last time).

But something about the Corset vibe is just a little confusing and I’m not talking about the name change. The package actually calls it the Girdle Vibe and I suspect that makes sense because Touche is a European country. I get that Babeland would change the name because the idea of a girdle is just not sexy to Americans but, no, something else is more confusing.

It started with the batteries. Touche provided 2AAs which is pretty neat. I unscrewed the battery cap at the end and slid them in and then I spent about 5 minutes trying to get the damned cap back on. Now, I’ve talked to someone else who did not have that problem but I actually thought there was some defect issue with the threading on either the cap or the vibe itself. The inside of the cap doesn’t have continuous threading and it can be a bit tricky to get it lined up. However, I have gotten better at it.

So I get the cap on and I am staring at this beast. I mean the Corset Vibe is just much bigger than I expected. I figured the size would be similar to the Evolved Seduction which also has a similar shape but I was wrong. It’s almost 8.5″ long and its girth varies between 4 3/16″ and 5 5/8.” Definitely not something I’d suggest for beginners.

The design itself mimics a corset with the center of the shaft being the narrowest while the vibrator gradually expands toward either end. The insertable end also tapers to a slight point. There’s also a pattern embossed/engraved into the silicone, on the back of the vibrator. It is styled like the ribbons on the back of a corset–hence the name–so the overall design really works well.

The size genuinely surprised me but it wasn’t confusing. It came when I went to turn on the Corset vibe but nothing happened. So I switched batteries. Nothing. I switched back. Eventually I picked up the manual (actually, there are 2 and there are instructions in like a dozen languages) or something and I realized you have to press the button for several seconds before it turns on. It’s not a big deal now that I know it, but it was annoying having to figure it out and I know others had the same problem. I do slightly prefer vibes which turn on faster.

So I got it on but I wasn’t sure if it was working. Yes, my confusion continued. You see, the Corset Vibe didn’t seem to go on to a steady vibration setting like vibrators usually do. I played around with the settings but it seems like Touche really missed the mark. After some experimenting, I have come to realize that the first 3 settings are supposed to be steady vibration but the “low” and “medium” modes are extremely rumbly, almost spastic which makes them seem like they maybe aren’t steady. The highest mode of steady vibration is normal, however. These settings are followed by a pulsation and escalation setting (1 each).

The whole rumbly vibration thing makes it a little hard to gauge the strength of the Corset Vibe. The first 2 settings feel pretty strong but almost like they’re not performing how they should be. In comparison, the highest steady setting is a bit weak and I didn’t particularly care for the escalation mode.

The noise output from the Corset Vibe is a bit much. It’s not going to wake the neighbours or anything but I think similar vibes are a bit quieter. The Corset Vibe is getting up there a bit, like some rabbit vibes

So once my confusion was cleared up, I spent a bit of time with the Corset Vibe but I wasn’t blown away. The tapered head felt a bit pointy and although you can bend the shaft a bit, the shape didn’t do a whole lot for me. While the vibrations are centered right in the head, the Corset Vibe is long enough that it wants to slide right past my G-spot.

While I could feel the texture provided by the corset detailing; I didn’t like it or not like it. I suppose if you use a bit more lube (water-based, only) than usual, you can minimize this effect a bit. Be prepared to spend extra time cleaning up any lubes or liquids, however. The ribbon design provides a ton of nooks and crannies for gunk.

But it is pretty. If you’re a collector, the corset vibe will surely look pretty on a shelf or in your hand. It’s just a bit more novel than practical and I’m not sure that this is enough of a reason for me to have to struggle with all the quirks.



Aurora Vibratror in Wine

May 8th, 2010

I like attractive looking toys. I like rechargeable toys. I like high tech toys and the Aurora vibrator definitely seems to be all of those. I couldn’t help but notice this sex toy with its sleek lines and flashing lights.

Let’s get down to it, shall we?

Aurora is a straight shafted vibrator with an interesting shape. It’s not cylindrical like many insertables. Rather, it has 3 edges running the length of the shaft making it something like a prism. The edges tape to a very gentle point at the end, whereas the prismatic shape continues at the base as well. Aurora’s shaft is made of silicone. It feels velvety but is quite rigid for most the shaft (except for the very tip). This, in combination with the 3 edges simply makes Aurora painful.

Every time I insert Aurora, I have to turn it so it doesn’t feel like it’s cutting through my flesh. That’s not an exaggeration at all. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, either, cause the buttons are downward facing in use. So, if I turn them they’re more upward facing and thus more accessible. It’s still annoying to have a vibrator hurt, however.

The buttons themselves are also very interesting. Aurora has a total of 3 buttons–two opposite facing arrows and a square button in between. The middle button serves as the power button which first turns on continuous vibrations. You can control the intensity with the arrow buttons. Strangely enough, the power button also switches modes. I didn’t realize this as first because it’s just odd but when you want to turn off Aurora, you simply press and hold this button.

The vibrations themselves may not be satisfying to all. Some modes seem to be a lot deeper while others are ticklingly, high pitched. Like the order of the modes, there seems to be no rhyme nor reason for this but I do prefer my vibrations deeper.

There are 10 total vibration modes; at least, the product description says that but it’s really hard to tell. Even though each mode is represented by a different colour LED light at the base, I can’t tell what the order is. I have to press the square button a random amount of times (it has taken more than 2 dozen clicks to do this) to finally get back to the steady setting which is a real bummer if you accidentally change settings. It’s ridiculous that it’s easier and quicker to turn off the toy to get back to the setting you want.

Assuming you find the mode you want, you can increase the intensity which I do like. There seem to be about 4 or 5 intensities for both continuous vibration and the pulsation modes. Because there are 9 pulsation modes, I’m not going to name them all. Suffice it to say that they all blend together after a while. The light indicators would be more useful if I could figure out the order of the modes and, also, if the toy curved upward. I just don’t use toys in a way that typically allows me to see the lights and, because of the painful edges, I usually have them turned away from me, anyway.

The lights are more helpful during charging, however. They indicate charging status. I believe the lights change colour when charging but the Aurora glows a steady blue when fully charged. The manual instructs that about 2.5 hours are needed to fully charge to provide an equivalent amount of use. It’s quite neat to look at against the black or dark red (wine) plastic of the base (this plastic also has tiny sparkles you can see) but I feel as though this feature is almost gratuitous, wasteful.

The base itself is pretty but gratuitous. The shape is all contemporary but does not allow Aurora to sit on a flat surface like a table which is something I like to see. Of course, it does stand upright in its base/charging dock. The dock itself is light and cheap feeling. Maybe that’s just par for the course with charging docks, though. There is no other storage option included with Aurora. It seems as though the height of vibrator and charger might make it a bit more.. wobbly.

The vibrator itself is already quite tall at 9″, 6.5″ of which are insertable. It feels like much more to me. The awkward shape of the shaft negates my typical view of girth, too. Aurora is “only” 1.47″ in diameter at its widest but the angles are still (painfully) felt. Definitely wouldn’t recommend this one to newcomers (if I were recommending it at all!). Plus, it doesn’t taper very much.

Either way, the shape is a bit boring. Carnivalesque reviewed Aurora and suggested a G-spot curve would be more pleasurable. I have to agree. This vibrator just doesn’t hit the right spots for me.

On an ending note, Aurora has two seams running up the shaft. One of then follows one of the edges while the other is in the middle of a flat part. They’re easy to see and feel with a finger. I didn’t especially notice them during use but it’s annoying.

And when it comes to noise, Aurora is fairly quiet. Not silent but quiet enough to use with the door closed and perhaps some white noise.

I would recommend soap and water for washing but the manual doesn’t specify any care instructions except to “let dry in a shady area.” I certainly wouldn’t submerge this vibrator, either.

Aurora is another one of those toys that seems to be created by a graphic designer with no idea what makes a toy functional. It’s definitely frustrating for the user.

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G-Swirl Vibe

May 1st, 2010

The G-Swirl Vibe is the production of two trusted names in sex toys–Good Vibes and Fun Factory. This result is a toy with all of Fun Factory’s signature elements and Good Vibes branding.

G-Swirl comes in packaging that is Fun Factory style in function (magnetic flaps et al) but the deisgn featured Good Vibrations branding. The branding continues onto the vibrator itself where the Good Vibes logo is embossed onto the silicone (this logo is below the clitoral nubbies, though, not on the useable part).

G-Swirl is a smaller G-spot vibrator with a ring of nubs around the base of the shaft to stimulate the clit and/or perineum. Mine is a very light pink which I don’t love but Good Vibes sells G-Swirl in other colours which are pretty neat; I personally like raspberry.

The silicone shaft is designed with several ridges and ends with an angled head to stimulate the G-spot. The shaft can be bent any which way and the nubs at the base offer give as well, typical of Fun Factory silicone. The silicone is more the shiny, “grabby” type than some FF toys, however. It definitely picks up lint or cat fur (not like my cats ever poke their noses where they don’t belong) and use of a water-based lube can aid in penetration. As you would expect, G-Swirl has no scent and, when cleaned properly, shouldn’t pick up scents. (If it does, many people swear by Before & After toy cleaner to remedy this issue.)

G-Swirl is a bit thicker than some G-spot vibrators and the texture can be easily felt. My vag tends to be pretty texture-picky but the size and shape of the ridges on this one were pretty enjoyable. The base–which is the widest point–has a diameter of 1.6″. The area just beneath the head (the narrowest part) has a diameter of 1.35″, so you can see the shaft gradually increases.

G-Swirl is mostly straight and offers 4 insertable inches. This might not work for you if you require a longer or curved shaft to reach your G-spot. I found the combination of the small head with its slight angle and softness of the silicone didn’t adequately stimulate my G-spot. I can usually rest a toy against my G-spot and squirt in seconds but I just couldn’t get enough pressure from the G-Swirl.

G-Swirl controlled by Fun Factory’s second generation style flower/star dial (although the internet suggests that a third generation, Smartvibes version also exists). The dial “locks” into place at two settings: Off and High. You can “customize” your experience by using any setting in between. The G-Swirl is fairly powerful on its highest setting, pretty standard for a toy powered by 2AAs. The highest setting is also quite deep, not surface level at all. The shaft carries these vibrations quite well but the denser nubs around the base don’t really.

Which I don’t really think matters because the nubs only extend out from the base about 3.4″ at the most. Needless to say, they come nowhere close to my clitoris and while the nubs curve upward (or body-ward, you might say), they don’t do so enough to really even stimulate the vaginal entrance.

I did notice that G-Swirl feels stronger in my hands than during use. It could be because the shape isn’t right on my G-spot, however.

Sometimes the G-Swirl seems a little rattly which adds to the noise output. Without the rattle, it’s actually pretty quiet. But it seems like the rattle comes and goes and is definitely more persistent on higher settings.

For those of you familiar with this style of Fun Factory vibes, the battery cap can be a little difficult to wrangle. There are two points which you must squeeze to pop it off the end and it can be a little hard on the fingers.

However, it’s pretty secure and G-Swirl is splashproof which makes cleaning with soap and water (a must for toys which collect lint this easily) a breeze and shower play an option.

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Lussuria Rechargeable Vibrator

April 29th, 2010

By now, most of you have heard of the Vida vibrators, a new line of silicone+metal sex toys with fancy designs and an impressive site to boot. They’re working hard at PR, too, with a mysterious Twitter account and appearances with celebrities. They really want you to believe that these vibrators–Lussuria, Vanta, Zara and Urja–are the new “it” thing and, I admit, I was drawn in and in case you are too, here’s the low down.

Vida vibrators are made of silicone and anodized aluminum. The metal part does have a sort of plastic-y look to it, even in person, but a tap with a fingernail proves otherwise. It looks particularly rigid up close. In addition to this, my Vida Lussuria is quite the hefty piece but I wouldn’t call it unwieldy because the weight is compacted into a 7″ frame which isn’t bulky in the least.

Lussuria’s design is one which which curves gently outward from a thin (.79″ diameter), straight shaft in the center to produce two bulbous ends. While the ends are thicker than the center point of the shaft, they are flat-ish. The side on which the control is positioned is significantly wider (just over 2″) than other side, the head (which is about 1.5″ wide). The head itself is somewhat spoon or scoop shaped; one side is convex while the other has a little “dimple.” The head angles slightly upward from the thinner part of the shaft while the base curves slightly downward for an extremely loose “S” shape.

On the convex side of the head, there are 4 silicone ridges. The ridges are mostly firm but not quite as rigid as the metal parts of the vibrator. These work well for G-spot stimulation while the spoon side can cradle the clitoris. I don’t think I’ve seen any pictures, yet, which depict the dimple on the head so I was pleasantly surprised when I opened Lussuria and wondered whether it would work well for clitoral stimulation.

It does. Lussuria has a functional design which I really like. The ridges easily cause me to squirt and I was surprised at the orgasms produced via the clit dimple. The overall design is easy to manipulate comfortably and with precision, too.

The shaft, head and last inch or so of the base are coated in silicone (the shinier, kinda “grabby” style) while the anodized aluminum surrounds the single button. There is also a pink stripe/lighted area which follows the contours of the metal. This area has a lot of edges and seams which are not very smooth and neat. I can see it collecting debris and the imperfections reduce the impression of quality IMO. There are especially some imperfections in the pink border which detract from an otherwise awesome colour scheme. At the very end, a small flap is cut out of the silicone; this flap plugs the charging port when Lussuria is not charging. While Lussuria is purportedly waterproof, this flap is not seamless and I would not submerge it.

To turn on the vibrator, simply press the button once. A pale pink light around the button and the pink “border” part both light up. Pressing the button pages through 5 settings of steady vibrations and then back to the lowest. These vibrations are fairly strong but become much too buzzy as you increase strength. The button must be pressed and held to turn off Lussuria but this will also turn it up 1 level higher which is kind of annoying. If, for some reason, I needed to turn it off quickly, it would get louder before turning off.

Even if the vibrations didn’t become buzzier as they increased, I would never use this beyond the second or third setting because Lussuria is damned loud. I guess it’s because of the metal but I think Vida should have come up with some noise solution before releasing these vibrators and calling it “quiet” is simply a lie. The sound does not aid in discretion at all and I am not fond of toys which hurt my ears.

I was a bit disappointed that Lussuria did not come with more information. It comes with a booklet which contains warranty information, instructions and promotional materials. More pages are dedicated to advertising other products than anything else. The instructions do say that the first full charge will take 3 hours and subsequent charges will take 1 hour. I haven’t had to recharge my Lussuria yet, which is awesome, but I have no idea how long it will last and I guess Vida doesn’t want customers to know, either.

Lussuria does come with a few interesting acessories. First and foremost, it has its own storage case which vida describes as a “faux leather vanity tote.” It looks a bit like a small train case with a handle on the top and a zipper around the front and sides. Vida sides into a foam cutout inside an there is room to toss in the charger beneath the foam. If you remove the cutout, you could use the case to store a few more toys, too; it measures 4.5″ x 8.” x 3.” The Vida logo is embossed in black and red on the front but I have to warn you, this “faux leather” stinks! I mean, the smell of it gives me a headache and I don’t want that on my toy.

Luckily, Vida also provides a cushy, store envelope made from microfiber. The design is unique, a rectangular cloth which folds in thirds and ties with a ribbon. Inside is an opening to tuck your Vida vibrator but it’s not actually deep enough to hold Lussuria; it will stick out the end of the envelope. I suspect Vida made a one-size-fits-all storage pouch and failed. You don’t have to place the vibrator in the pouch, of course. You can simply fold it into the cloth and tie it up; it just fits.

The whole thing comes with a black gift style bag bug mine was just folder, empty with the Vida box. I suspect that would work much better for in person purchases. d=

Lussuria actually worked pretty well for me but Vida needs to work out more kinks before they can call these toys “luxurious” and charge as much as they are for them. The idea of aluminum + silicone is neat but a pure silicone vibrator wouldn’t have been any worse. It also would have reduce the number of seams in the toy and hopefully the volume level. The train case and storage pouch are cute but neither offer the perfect storage option. I say skip the frills and lower the price, then we’ll talk.

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5 Comments Video on Demand

April 24th, 2010

I do not watch a lot of porn. Nor do I watch it for long periods of time when I do enjoy it. For this reason, video on demand services seem really appealing. I like the idea of being able to pay by the minute. I decided to give’s service a shot.

When I first logged in, I immediately recognized the software as the same program which powers another VOD site I’ve used. This means I was already familiar with the site but it does make it a bit less.. unique than other sites. It’s similar to my last affiliate program review; I can’t knock a service because they use popular software but it doesn’t help with branding.

I’m going to be honest here and say there are almost too many options. So I’ll highlight a few of the good points for you.

Account Center
When you’re logged in, your account info including remaining minutes and link to your favorites and saved items is displayed on the top left.
Search Options
You can search by title or actor
Recent Additions
The right sidebar shows the most recent additions.
Video Preferences
You can specify your preference for gay or straight films
Language Settings
There are multiple language settings

There are a lot of films already displayed on the front page which gives people who are not so familiar with porn–like me–an idea of what they might like. If i want to see the most popular stars or films (even by category), I can. There are pages which divide the title by category, studio, star and more. There’s even a glossary to explain what terms mean and to direct you to the type of films you’d like best.

And when you click any specific film, you’re given a lot of useful information including stars, run time and description. Many (maybe all) listings have a scene directory with screencaps so you can browse in individual scene, if you’d like. There is a tab with extensive cast information and viewers can choose the quality of their streaming video (Low,Medium, High, Ultra and Mega); although only certain titles are available in all qualities.

But I have a few gripes, too, and most of them are not so easy to list.

My biggest complaint is that there is simply too damned much going on. I don’t know how much this software can be customized but there are so many options that is can really be intimidating. It is to me even though I have used it before. The front page has dozens of links and images and it’s almost to the point of being offensive. I wish there were a streamlined version with less suggestions. This would be much more helpful to me.

The focus is on films which tend to be the type that can be summed up as this “Adjective Body-Part Pt #.” You know, all those series that just seem a little tacky. And those are great for some people but it takes a little more time and patience to find more quality films, IMO. I did find some which might be a little more up the porn snob’s alley. Tristan Taormino films as well as some by Candida Royalle. The more time I spent looking, the easier it was to find some movies that at least looked interesting, to save for later.

The video player itself leaves something to be desired. It’s functional but not intuitive. Video plays in a pop up and there is a flash player which looks something like WMP. Of course, since it’s streaming, it takes some time to load. You can skip ahead but it’ll need time to buffer as well. If you prefer you can actually watch the film in WMP, which might be a better idea. I find the player to be a bit frustrating in Firefox. It’s not fully supported so I can’t click the link to view all the scenes. IE also shows extra options for rating and sizing which Firefox does not. Of course, this is not the fault of FF but of the coders.

But it’s mostly functional. I can pop out the video to full screen; although, even on “Ultra,” very few films are high enough quality for me to do so without being annoyed. The content could use a little TLC. I guess I supposed that I would get not only a clearer picture if I chose a higher quality setting but a larger one, too. Not so. This seems like a no brainer so me but, like I said, I’m not porn aficionado. The options which are not available in Firefox allow the user to zoom but, in my browser of choice, I only have regular and full screen options.

I think that SexToyTV is definitely useful for those who like to watch porn on their computers and don’t mind sacrificing a little quality or having to take time to get to know the site. I typically prefer porn which requires a little less effort. Sometimes the desire to watch porn actually leaves me before I find something suitable. If you plan to try it out, I’d make most of your purchases in bulk. As can be expected, you get a better discount that way ($.09/minute as compared to $.20/minute). It’s maybe not my perfect porn solution, though.


Contour M Massage Stone

April 23rd, 2010

I don’t own a whole lot of Jimmyjane products even though they all seem pretty nice. As much as I like massage, I’ve never had a partner who really enjoyed giving them. However, I think Jimmyjane’s massage stones could certainly help with that!

From the right angle, this ceramic massager looks like the letter a lowercase letter “m.” Hence the name. To me, it seems like someone took a square slab and pushed in the middle with something round. The result is a broad, round side and a concave side with four rounded, “points.” Although, nothing is angular about the Contour M; it’s all smooth, rounded lines. The massage stone is off-white in appearance.

The ceramic stone has a bit of heft but it’s not heavy at all. I have glass and metal toys which weigh significantly more. The finish is sleek and completely smooth except for one “leg” where Jimmyjane is printed in grey. The letters can be felt with a finger but are not obtrusive.

The slick surface glides smoothly across the skin and moves even easier once massage oil–like that from a Jimmyjane candle–is added. I chose to use the Contour M with some Kama Sutra Oil of Love, simply because I did not want to wait for a candle to burn. The ceramic feels quite cool and the addition of a warming massage oil was interesting, too. If you’d like, you could dip the massage stone in a bowl of warm or cool water for temperature play.

I hit up Jimmyjane’s website for some usage instructions. I admit I don’t know much about massage technique but I did find the Contour M to be fairly intuitive. The broad side fits in my palm and fingers allowing me to stimulate with one or more of the “nodes.” I found it easy to do tiny circles with all nodes making contact. Applying more pressure with a single node results in more pinpoint stimulating, like that move some people do with their elbow.

On the other hand, it’s easy to apply pressure to a broader area with the other side. I find my movements to be larger and it’s easy to lean into strokes, really putting your weight into it (like using your knuckles). It is slightly more cumbersome to hold in this position, however. I was surprised just how easy it was to use the Countour M. Jimmyjane even suggests trying some genital massage, which I did. The four nodes work okay for this. I wasn’t aiming for orgasm and I’m not sure if I even could but it was nice.

The one thing I really enjoyed was how easy it is to apply pressure with the massage stone. If you find that giving massages puts a painful amount of strain on your hands or fingers, then this can relieve some of that strain without limiting the effectiveness of the massage. Of course, the ceramic is rigid and quite unforgiving so you don’t want to be too firm.

During use, the Contour M can become a bit slippery depending upon the oils or lubes it comes in contact with. I didn’t find this to be a large problem but I wasn’t using a large amount of oil, either. Nevertheless, cleaning is a breeze and the massage stone can be washed with soap and water. Storage is a simple matter because it won’t pick up any lint or interact with other materials. You may want to wrap it in a cloth of some sort; I wouldn’t mind if this came with some soft cloth or bag for that purpose.

Contour M, like all Jimmyjane products, is luxurious. This isn’t the cheap plastic roller massager that makes an appearance every year before the holidays. This isn’t something you find in the $1. It is, however, an intimacy enhancing tool which I can see lasting a lifetime. Even if you don’t have a massage partner, it’s still good for solo use. My legs appreciated a little massage with the Contour M. I can see it making frequent appearances when I am stressed or even just for the fun of it.

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