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Five Minute Erotica

December 30th, 2008

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I sometimes feel as though I spend more time looking for masturbation material than I do actually using it. Although images and movies and literature are available by the truckloads online, it’s not always easy to find quality material (and, let’s face it, I’m cheap) which is free. While Five Minute Erotica isn’t necessarily free, it’s reasonably priced and will be your own volume to peruse on many occasions, which I believe you will.

Five Minute Erotica is full of – as you might have guessed – short stories and prose also known as sudden fiction. Most of nearly 40 the stories range between 1 and 5 pages so it’s perfect if you’re already revved up and just need something to get your engine going. Of course, if you want to read a handful of stories, this anthology will work well and when I began the book, I wasn’t in the mood but a couple of stories helped to change it. However, this is probably not the type of erotica best for those who like lots of character development. While filled with characters and surprisingly powerful events and relationships, the point of this is not to be prolonging. If you know you want something quick and easy, this is it.

Also, while everything is sexual in nature, it’s not always about sexual things happening. Some of the stories simply show us glimpses into the sexual thoughts of characters, such as what they like or abstract memories. Sex isn’t always happening, but it’s there.

I liked that the authors, themes, styles and formats of the stories were varied. Some dealt with sex with strangers or lovers and even voyeurism. One story was in the form of an e-mail between lovers while another used only commas for punctuation. Written in third and first person, by males and females there really is a little bit of everything here. I would guess that most people would be satisfied (if they’re interested in this sort of thing) although I can’t guarantee you’ll like everything. I quickly skipped over a story which had toe sucking in it (sorry that’s an “Eww” thing to me) and, of course, there are some I simply forgot. Overall, however I enjoyed this book and it’s certainly of a higher caliber than what is readily available online.

Among my favourites were a story with alien, tentacle sex (perhaps rape would be a better word?) where a young woman who is driving becomes lost and abducted by aliens only to experience pleasure giving mouths at the ends of tentacles. In A Closer Encounter, Blake C Aaren writes:

An infinite number of tentacles rove all over Tasha’s body. Stroking, caressing, inching. Nibbling. A tentacle of her own -of her wetness- trails down the inside of Tasha’s thigh.

I also really enjoyed a story where a woman is dressed as a cat, for a party, and engages in intercourse with her partner. During the session, she acts and verbalizes as only a cat. I was intrigued by the roleplaying in this story – Bad Kitty – told by Thomas Roche.

I wonder if it is coincidence that the stories which were most memorable for me are written by men or, for that matter, that they are more unusual. I must say, though, that most of the stories are of a more vanilla style which is fine by me, but might be a little tame for some. Aside from some very light bondage, Five Minute Erotica does not cater to those with taboo or kinky fetishes. Still, it’s a good, light read.

The downfall of such a collection is that, if you find something you like, it isn’t going to last forever. Also, if you want something in particular you might not find (enough of) it because this book does cram in such a variety.

Now, I haven’t read a lot (read: any) published erotica so I can’t say how this holds up overall but I think it was a good book to start. It’s a little plainly bound; although the cover picture hints at erogenous zones and the flesh-filled anecdotes within. I didn’t find myself focusing in language errors like I’ve done with amateur erotica in the past, which pleased me immensely. I did notice that the margins are rather small and I wasn’t overly fond of the font used for headings and the table of contents.

Overall, I think Carol Queen did a good job as editor, picking high quality stories by writers of all sorts of notoriety. She also contributed a piece herself – The Bounty of Summer – after which I will never look at fruit the same again. While I didn’t enjoy the first story being the one which uses only commas for punctuation (I found this a confusing opening piece), I found it easy to go from one story right into the next. In reality, I found I needed a few stories to get me to the point where I dropped the book and picked up a vibrator to finish the job but there are plenty of stories from which to choose.

Although I read this from beginning to end, you can easy pick up just about anywhere in the book which is one of the pluses of such a gathering of stories. This would make is a great book for partners to read aloud to eachother (although I did not because it’s not our thing). Another plus is the author blurbs at the end of the book which often include short lists or other notable work. If you really like an author, it can help to point you to their other published pieces.

If you’re looking for something to get you in the mood for some playtime, whether alone or with a partner, consider Five Minute Erotica. The dozens of wonderfully, self-contained narratives in this collection are sure to start the libidinous wheels a-turning.

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Luna Pleasure Bead System

December 21st, 2008

When I requested the Luna Pleasure Bead System to review from Babeland, I expected a high quality set vaginal exercise balls to facilitate kegels and possibly add pleasure.

In reality, I got a quality set of vaginal balls which may well help strengthen my PC muscles but this exerciser doesn’t seem to soar above comparable tools.

What I think is that the value of having 2 pairs of weighted balls is somewhat exaggerated and, while it sounds novel there isn’t much to back up the claims. I would have been a little more satisfied with 1 set of balls because this is a solid product. I wanted to badly to love my first Lelo product but, unfortunately, I only like it.

What worked for me are the baby blue and pink pairs of weighted balls which look quite elegant in their stretchy, Phthalate free silicone holder (and stay in place due to notched ridges in the beads themselves) and the subtle movement of the balls within to remind me periodically of the balls within myself. I also enjoyed the sleek, white cardboard box in which the product arrived. This contained a black storage box with tray for both sets of balls which is nondescript enough to keep on your bathroom counter or nightstand without drawing notice to itself and, if someone is curious, the balls themselves do not look like sex toys. Alternatively, the white satin pouch provides even more discreet storage options and would work well if you are traveling with your Luna Beads.

What didn’t work so well for me was the bare retraction string which felt unhygienic without a coating and sometimes cut into my finger during removal. The subtle “vibrations” of the inner balls were not pleasurable in any way. The large size of the Luna Beads made it unnecessary to use my PC muscles to keep them from falling out and also difficult to insert initially (insertion proved easier over time). Removal also was difficult because there was a suction effect between the “crown” bead and my vagina, hence the string cutting into my finger (however the string has proved strong thus far).The instructions and pouch are both stored beneath the balls and I didn’t even realize they were there for nearly a week! While I like the storage box, the plastic cover on top of the balls is quite difficult to remove sometimes.

The biggest problem with the Luna Beads is that the idea of incremental resistance to increase PC muscle control is dubious at best. Starting with the lighter beads and moving to the heavier ones would make sense if one or both of the pairs were of different sizes. Because they are so large, it’s not any harder to keep the heavier balls inside and the heavier balls don’t really offer any more ‘resistance”. There is no way the Luna Beads are going to fall out of anyone during normal activities. In fact, because it’s easier to feel the “vibrations” of the heavier balls, it makes more sense to me to start with them and move on to the harder-to-feel vibrations of the lighter balls once your PC muscles are strong.

Furthermore, although the instructions simply say the vaginal balls will work best during activities like running or swimming, these are not a passive tool, in my opinion. The instructions include no actual suggestions for activities to do when the Luna Beads are inserted and I think this would be valuable material.

While using the Luna Beads, I masturbated, peed, walked, sat, lay and did other activities. I found them to be fairly comfortable but often forgot they were even in which seems a bit counterproductive. They do make an audible sound when you’re moving but once you add layers of clothes or background noises, others will not hear. While peeing, one ball did slip out but I was able to stop them from falling out completely. Orgasming with the Luna Beads inside did not feel all that different than without.

I feel that overall, Luna Beads are a quality product but the effect of having two pairs of weighted balls is little to none. I expected more from the two sets of balls, and do feel a bit disappointed in that respect. If this were simply one set of balls, I think I would be more satisfied. As a single set of vaginal balls, the heavier of the Luna Beads does seem to work well. After using them about 5 times, I do feel I have more control over my muscles and I will continue to use them periodically. However, I am not overly put off because I do not feel I need to use vaginal balls.



Phallix 24 Karat Gold Double Happiness

December 14th, 2008

Sadly, this is an achrived review as Phallix no longer appears to be available to buy.

What did I do when I decided I wanted to try a glass toy, sometihng with more texture or get into more G-spot stimulation? I decided – what the hell – why not do it all. And that’s what I did when I requested to review the Double Happiness glass dildo from Tabu Toys. This small but mighty toy tackles all those new areas for me as well as one more: it’s my first dildo!

One of the reasons I had not tried a glass dildo before is the high price range. I know that they’re loved by pretty much everyone who tries them but I was wary of paying that much for something I didn’t know if I would like. I recall wondering if glass would be too hard because I have a tendency to clamp down on toys. Would it hurt? I’m glad to say that all of my fears were for naught. This double ended glass dildo by Phallix wasn’t painful in any way and the glass gave sensations different form any other toy in my collection.

At just 3/4″ in diameter, the double Happiness is not the biggest toy I’ve inserted. In fact, if you read my review of the Passion Wave, you will see that I’m a recent convert to the idea of bigger toys. But would this smaller, glass dildo do it for me? I’m happy to say “yes.” I experienced no negatives due to the size of this toy, proving once and for all that size isn’t everything.

What this toy is lacking in size it more than makes up for in texture. This dildo has a slight curve and each end is shaped with a head. One end is “wrapped” to create ridges while the other end contains more than a dozen pleasure causing bumps. These textures rise from the shaft about 1/4′ of an inch and do provide a slightly larger girth. This is also where the 24 Karat gold is contained. I must admit, images of this toy online make it seem like the wrapped end has a thin but clear strip of gold within the spiral wrapping. However, in person it would be nearly impossible to tell this glass dildo has 24 Karat gold in it. The “fuming” process which Phallix use does not make it appear as though gold is physically within the glass; however, there is a slight shimmer in the pink bumps and ridges when looking at the toy in the right light and from the right angle.

Although labeled as a double dildo, I find the 7″ shaft is much too small for partner play. The curve is also not enough that you would be able to stimulate the clitoris at the same time as the G-spot. Nevertheless, I was satisfied with this dildo. Its weight felt significant and the quality was high. I know this toy will be apart of my collection for many years to come.

I first used the Double Happiness in the shower. It easily slid between my pussy lips without any lube at all. It makes sense that glass would glide much easier than silicone and plastic toys but I was still surprised at the ease of penetration. I was relieved not to have to worry about functions and speed and waterproof capabilities for once. There was no pain, only a perfectly shaped dildo between my legs.

I experimented with this glass dildo and quickly came to the realization that I much preferred the bumps over the ridges (perhaps if they were spaced further apart). The texture of this dildo made thrusts that much powerful. Where, before, I was relying on fast and hard thrusts to find pleasure, the defined texture of this toy provided as much sensation with smaller, softer strokes. I could easily feel the little bumps moving against my G-spot and it wasn’t long before I was feeling pleasure much more satisfying than the ‘stimulation’ I’d felt previously from other G-spot toys.

I finished up my shower satisfied but without cumming. I cleaned off the dildo – which was extremely easy to do with the glass – and slipped it into its provided pink satin cinch sac. I love the sac because I know my toy will be easy to find and storage safely. I could do with the white lace trim which does remind me of something a grandmother might wear.

Another day eventually came and I tried this fresh out of the shower, in bed. I applied just a bit of lube and, again, the Double Happiness dildo slid easily into my pussy. Almost immediately, I was feeling pleasure from the ridges and it seemed to press against my G-spot perfectly. Again, I did not orgasm but I really enjoyed the sensations of this toy. I had no idea texture could do so much and the hard glass really helps define the bumps and ridges.

If I have any complaints about this toy, it is the packaging. The plastic clam shell packaging is very bland. In fact, the toy name is not on it. I suspect this is because Phallix uses the same packaging for several of its glass dildos. To me, doing this (and using plastic clam shells to begin with) doesn’t give the right impression. Phallix could easily afford to take measures which say “We are a company making high end toys.”

Overall, I was surprised at just how much pleasure this curved dildo brought. The combination of glass and texture felt divine and while I have yet to orgasm from this toy, I am not giving up hope for the future!


Stop on by!

December 12th, 2008

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Ride the Passion Wave

December 10th, 2008

I have to admit that I haven’t test driven another toy like I have the Passion Wave Rabbit. I really like this toy. Really. I was a little surprised when I returned home and opened a box from TabuToys contain the Passion Wave and a few other goodies. I was ecstatic when I realized that this rabbit vibrator is cousin to the Passion Wave butterfly which I had been admiring in a sex shop not a week earlier!

As the name implies, rather than beads or rotation, the draw of this vibrator is a wavelike motion. I found it really cool. Just look at it and you will almost be mesmerized. It is a slightly neater effect through the translucent material of the Passion Wave Butterfly; the Passion Wave is covered with a slightly thicker, opage TPR material which is very red. Nevertheless, I think the Passion Wave might just become my go-to toy from here on out.

I was looking for something a little different from other sex toys and this vibrator certainly fits the bill. I also wanted to try some larger toys and at 5 1/2″ insertable and with a 1 3/4″ diameter, this toy certainly fits the bill. I must admit I was a bit shocked at just how large it is when I pulled it out of its plain, cardboard box. It seemed both too long and too large in girth but I was more than willing to give it a go.

I was really impressed when I first tested out the settings on this. The three settings for the clitoral bunny attachment are pretty powerful and I was impressed. I only really used it on the lowest setting and I was quite satisfied. The toy does seem to make a fair deal more noise as you turn up the intensity and that was slightly distracting. Like the bullet, the wave motion has 3 settings that increase in speed. I did not think the speed difference in the rolling motion was all the noticeable when I was just touching the toy with my hand but I did notice how whiney the toy became. It was certainly not the most pleasant sound.

Initially, I had to take a longer time to insert this toy than I normally would have even though I was using a fair deal of water based lube. While I generally like rabbit vibes, I’ve had some encounters where the angle of the shaft does not feel natural and I was worried that this would be an even greater issue due to the size of the Passion Wave. It was not. The fit was perfect. I felt wonderfully full and penetrated as I slid the slightly ribbed shaft inside and the clitoral attachment hit me perfectly. All along I had been worried about toys being too large and here maybe the opposite was true! LOL

I must admit that the wave sensation was not as noticeable as I would have liked, especially when used with the vibrating bullet. It would be nice if instead of the wave going faster, it went bigger or more but I’m not even sure how that would be possible. Because of this, I would recommend turning the wave motion on first before the bullet. However, I think it was definitely an increased sensation on my G-spot when I had this function on.

The way I’ve played with this toy is unlike any other toy I have.  To put it mildly, I fucked the hell out of myself. I found it especially enjoyable leaning over the bed, reaching behind to thrust the toy in and out of my pussy roughly. I came easily and powerfully and I the contractions my pussy made as I came were very noticeable. The amount of time it took me to cum was remarkable shorter than even other toys I really enjoy.

Although I couldn’t detect the waves that well, and I even used the toy with just the vibration several times, I think it did add something that increased the intensity of my orgasm. In fact, as I finished and withdrew the shaft, I was surprised to find the Passion Wave was dripping with my cum. This vibrator may very well have helped me to ejaculate for the first time!

Honestly, I was too busy having an orgasm to reverse the motion of the waves or notice any sounds that the toy made and I have yet to use it in the shower to test out its waterproof capabilities but I look forward to a long life with my Passion Wave vibrator and can only imagine the quality time we will spend together in the future.

I was impressed with the power of this toy and both functions worked very well when they were on full speed. I should hope so because it takes 4 AA batteries which were a little difficult to install in the battery pack. For its size, it seems like there would be plenty of room for a C battery or 2. Another slight downfall to this toy is that it’s made of TPR which is slightly porous and cannot be disinfected. As much loving as I think I will give this toy, I think a higher quality silicone would ensure a longer life of my new bunny buddy.

If the Passion Wave is anything, it’s true to its name: I certainly feel passionate about this toy!


Rock Chick!

December 5th, 2008

I had long lusted over the Rock Chick which was, surely, the first in a quickly expanding type of dual stimulating vibrators for women which are not rabbit style. It’s unusual style caught my eye years ago but it’s higher price wasn’t something I was willing to pay, even though it has become more affordable since I first discovered it. When Good Vibes announced their reviewer program, I quickly signed up and it wasn’t long before I held in my very own hands my very own Rock Chick!

Besides lusting over this C-shaped toy, I knew a few things. I knew it was softer than it appeared in images, although I wasn’t sure how soft. I also knew that while some folks loved it, others just couldn’t get it to work for them. I was cautiously hopeful I would be one of the first group.

First examination of the Rock Chick revealed that this is really a no frills type of toy. A simple, removable bullet is inserted into a supple yet firm silicone body. It came in a plastic box type package which also had no frills – and no instructions. I was a little wary of that. I was also wary of the fact that this little bullet – after I struggled to release it from its home – is powered by a strange battery type. While I’m sure I will be able to pick up replacements at some place like Wal-mart, I would prefer it were a more typical battery like AA.

There was a lot of give in the medical grade silicone of this vibrator, which I figured would be necessary to maneuver it into place. It also makes it a very hygienic vibrator which can be completely sterilized by boiling or wiping with a 10% bleach solution – after you take out the bullet, of course! I found this possible but a bit difficult. When inserted the bullet, you may consider using a little lube to make it easier to extract later. It’s also a great material for a waterproof vibrator such as this. Yet, I think it would be much harder to use it in the shower as I only tried it lying. I’ve actually had it slip out while standing.

With a little water based lube I slid the Rock Chick inside myself as I stood and the G-spot stimulator quickly found its place. However, while I definitely felt stimulated, I cannot say whether it was in a pleasurable way. Although the silicone carried the vibrations well, it was definitely muted once the toy was snuggled inside me.

I next tried to work with the clitoral stimulator, where the bullet is situated and lay down to get to work. Although the bullet was smaller to fit the size and shape of the toy, it was fairly powerful. Still, I would have preferred stronger vibrations which is a complaint I share with many. The bullet is not very loud, however. This might make it a good toy for those who need to be inconspicuous.

Although I had longed for this toy, I soon found myself bewildered at just what I should be doing with it so after a search, I finally found an instructional video on the maker’s site (how I missed it the first time I visited is beyond me). This video was both entertaining and helpful and soon I was back to trying my Rock Chick. Using their suggestions for movement and positions like on the edge of the bed or chair I tried yet again. However, these suggestions really only left my G-spot sore and me frustrated with a toy for which I had such high hopes. I put the Rock Chick away for the time being but I was not yet ready to give up on it!

And I’m glad I wasn’t. The second time around was much easier. I cannot say what changed, but I felt immediately more satisfaction after inserting the toy at a later time. It seemed to reach a much better spot internally. I spent a little intimate time with the Rock Chick, just letting it vibrate between my legs and clenching my thighs around it, something I’ve done when aroused for years. As I lay on my side, I came to realize how much this was like how I had masturbated manually and how the Rock Chick seemed to better compliment this style as opposed to other toys.

After getting to know my new toy a little more slowly, I was ready to try that rockin’ thing once more. Instead of using my hips, I rocked the the toy with my hand. I soon found my fleshy girl parts to be a bit of a hindrance in this practice. I think someone who is less full bodied might have better time rocking this toy against their vulva. I found that the vibrations and pressure did not work well outside of my labia but it was a tight fit if I tried to use the toy snugged inside of my labia. Still, I tried moving the external end of the toy to different positions of my vulva and, as I rocked, I found the ridges to be a generally pleasurable sensation, although I wouldn’t think them necessary for enjoyment.

One other side to my fleshyness is that when the Rock Chick is nestled inside my labia and I was rocking it, it turned off when the button on the bullet pressed against my labia. I would consider moving the position of the bullet so this does not occur. However, due to the rocking nature, the next movement caused the button to push back against my body and the rock chick was on again.

Eventually, I was able to cum this way. I was able to use my hands to apply pressure to the toy rather than using my fingers directly which relieved a lot of the strain of manual masturbation. Once I got the hang of it, using the Rock Chick really mimicked the way I had been masturbation and allowed me to receive the pleasure I required to orgasm.

Still, I wanted to see if this was a fluke and took yet another test drive with the Rock Chick. This time the G-spot stimulation was almost null and I could definitely tell I wasn’t finding the sweet spot I had found the second time I used it. I do not think this toy is going to be one which offers me a lot of internal sensation. However, I do like the feeling of being able to clench down on something when orgasming clitorally so I do like the internal aspect.

I was able to orgasm yet again and I noticed that the Rock Chick seemed to become a bit more supple each time I used it. I was able to pressure it closed against my pubic bone as I rocked with this toy, providing even more pressure.

If not for the suppleness of this toy, I would likely be disappointed. I think this toy is more angular than it is curvy and it just seemed like there was too much material at an awkward angle at the place where it bends. This was especially noticeable when I had the Rock Chick inside of me. Right outside the entrance to my pussy was a strange angle which didn’t work well to grasp but became less of an issue when I was pushing the silicone down.

I have enjoyed getting to know my Rock Chick and while I cannot say it is the best toy in my collection, I look forward to learning how to use it to better please myself. As a clitoral toy, it really eases the strain on my hands and mimics the way I have been masturbating for years so I do enjoy it. I didn’t receive as much stimulation from this toy as a G-spot toy; however, I was focusing on the clitoral aspect and am happy with that.

I definitely think the style of masturbation this toy brings is not for everyone. I also think the size and shape will be very hit and miss for women and even the same woman may have trouble getting it to work right every time. Nevertheless, I wold advise giving this toy a ride a few times before calling it quits and be open minded to masturbation in a completely different way. You might just be surprised at how much the Rock Chick, well, rocks!


Under the Bed Restraints

November 20th, 2008

I was excited to know that Babeland would be kind enough to supply me with some Under the Bed Restraints. It seemed like the perfect way to finally bring my interest in BDSM from the internet to the bedroom (and real life). I knew the restraints had been rated highly by many folks before so I expected a quality product that would provide me with a way to truss up my husband easily.

After the restraints arrived, I spent nearly 2 weeks being unable to use them because of lack of time and other intrusions. We had jested back and forth about using them and finally decided to have them set up for his next “weekend” off. I finally got the chance.

Under the Bed Restraints by Sportsheets were in a smaller package than I expected but this didn’t mean they would not be impressive. While I had high hopes for the toy inside, the plastic clam shell box was disappointing with its display of half naked woman who leaves little to the imagination.

I was surprised to open the package and see such a small pile of straps, clips, rings and cuffs. I Was also worried at how much work it would be to get under the bed as I would be the only person installing them and our mattress is quite large at 17″ high. Despite all my reservations, Under the Bed Restraints came through.

The restraints come with the cuffs unattached which is how I left them when installing. There are a total of 5 straps, 1 connector strap which goes beneath the mattress and 2 each which connect to either side of that center strap for the 4 wrist and ankle straps. Each strap in the set is 60″ long.

To install the under the bed restraints, I slid one end of the connector strap and 1 restraint strap under the head of my mattress, beneath the bed skirt. I pulled the restraint strap until it was roughly even with the other restraint strap and that side of the connector strap was centered beneath the mattress. I mirrored the process for the foot of the bed which was more difficult because the left restraint was trying to go over the bed skirt rather than under. After I straightened it out, I attached the cuffs each restraint; each cuff is outfitted with a metal clip (like on the end of a dog leash) and each strap was fitted with a ring where the clipped is attached. I pulled on the cuffs for good measure to make sure there was no give in the connect strap beneath the bed.

I adjusted the straps so that they had as much room as possible because of our large mattress. We have a queen sized bed and I can see this being too small for those with larger beds unless the mattresses are very thin. After installing the restraint system, I adjusted the straps so there was no slack and tucked them, along with the cuffs, into the bed rails beneath the skirt. They became virtually invisible after I smoothed the bed skirt back down over them and I was excited at the thought of reaching down and cuffing my partner with the seemingly “invisible” restraints. This also makes storage extremely easy and, unless I move the bed, I don’t have to do anything but reach for the cuffs when I want to play.

All in all, installation took about 10 minutes by myself and was no extremely difficult despite a cat who kept chasing the straps and working beneath my bed skirt. I only had to lift the edge of the mattress and then I slid the restraints beneath it so it was not as much effort as I would have thought.

During this process, I took some time to get to know the restraint system. The straps are woven nylon, similar to some belts, attached to key chain like rings and the metal clips seemed to be pretty standard. For someone who is creative, imitating this setup would not be very difficult. Furthermore, if something should break on my restraint system, I could probably replace it without needing to trash the whole set.

I was really impressed with the cuffs which are lined with super soft felt and measure in at 9.5″ which makes them long enough for even fairly wide wrists. They are fastened with velcro which make them easy to use and easy to take off in a hurry, such as if the kids come home early. 😉 The velcro straps are quite long and allow the straps to me adjusted from anywhere from 5″ to 13.5″ inches (if you don’t mind feeling the velcro on your wrists). Although velcro can be easily pulled apart, these cuffs felt very secure for the type of pulling they would experience.

Putting them on my partner was just as easy, although he wasn’t resisting much. I did use my body weight in my aid when he resisted at first, something which should work for most. The cuffs wrapped comfortable around his wrists and ankles as he lay face up. As I started to tease him with a bullet, I found the straps for his legs had too much give and was able to easily adjust them by pulling on the straps with one tug. I felt assured that should I need to do the opposite (give slack), that I would be able to do so with one move as well.

I felt that the straps were very secure around his ankles but no more than a minute after I’d cuffed one wrist, he had gotten out. He has extremely long fingers and was easily able to undo the straps. Now, for someone with shorter fingers like myself, I would find this much more difficult or even impossible. In the future, I would consider wrapping the velcro straps around the cuffs themselves to make this a bit more tricky. Nevertheless, these restraints might not be the best for someone who wants impossible to get out of bondage so it was good that my husband wasn’t feeling the best otherwise he would have struggled more.

I thought the restraints added a nice aspect to our play. I was able to tease and tickle him and, except for before I tightened the straps, he was helpless. I know he enjoyed the sensation as well and felt no discomfort whatsoever from the cuffs. Under the bed restraints would also work well for someone who is on their stomach for impact play such as spanking or flogging but this would make my husband;s penis difficult to stimulate. You are somewhat limited to positions. Facing up or down, a person could be be spread eagle or stretched with arms above their head an legs closer together. While you could do doggie, it wouldn’t as much sense with the restraints. I think the restraints could be used, with some effort, to bind someone who is leaning over the bed for better access to genitals and to make a better target of the ass. But you just can’t do everything with Under the Bed Restraints.

And that’s okay. For what they are, an affordable, practical and easy to use and store bondage solution, Under the Bed Restraints are a must-have for anyone interested in bondage, amateur or pro!