Ride the Passion Wave

December 10th, 2008

I have to admit that I haven’t test driven another toy like I have the Passion Wave Rabbit. I really like this toy. Really. I was a little surprised when I returned home and opened a box from TabuToys contain the Passion Wave and a few other goodies. I was ecstatic when I realized that this rabbit vibrator is cousin to the Passion Wave butterfly which I had been admiring in a sex shop not a week earlier!

As the name implies, rather than beads or rotation, the draw of this vibrator is a wavelike motion. I found it really cool. Just look at it and you will almost be mesmerized. It is a slightly neater effect through the translucent material of the Passion Wave Butterfly; the Passion Wave is covered with a slightly thicker, opage TPR material which is very red. Nevertheless, I think the Passion Wave might just become my go-to toy from here on out.

I was looking for something a little different from other sex toys and this vibrator certainly fits the bill. I also wanted to try some larger toys and at 5 1/2″ insertable and with a 1 3/4″ diameter, this toy certainly fits the bill. I must admit I was a bit shocked at just how large it is when I pulled it out of its plain, cardboard box. It seemed both too long and too large in girth but I was more than willing to give it a go.

I was really impressed when I first tested out the settings on this. The three settings for the clitoral bunny attachment are pretty powerful and I was impressed. I only really used it on the lowest setting and I was quite satisfied. The toy does seem to make a fair deal more noise as you turn up the intensity and that was slightly distracting. Like the bullet, the wave motion has 3 settings that increase in speed. I did not think the speed difference in the rolling motion was all the noticeable when I was just touching the toy with my hand but I did notice how whiney the toy became. It was certainly not the most pleasant sound.

Initially, I had to take a longer time to insert this toy than I normally would have even though I was using a fair deal of water based lube. While I generally like rabbit vibes, I’ve had some encounters where the angle of the shaft does not feel natural and I was worried that this would be an even greater issue due to the size of the Passion Wave. It was not. The fit was perfect. I felt wonderfully full and penetrated as I slid the slightly ribbed shaft inside and the clitoral attachment hit me perfectly. All along I had been worried about toys being too large and here maybe the opposite was true! LOL

I must admit that the wave sensation was not as noticeable as I would have liked, especially when used with the vibrating bullet. It would be nice if instead of the wave going faster, it went bigger or more but I’m not even sure how that would be possible. Because of this, I would recommend turning the wave motion on first before the bullet. However, I think it was definitely an increased sensation on my G-spot when I had this function on.

The way I’ve played with this toy is unlike any other toy I have.  To put it mildly, I fucked the hell out of myself. I found it especially enjoyable leaning over the bed, reaching behind to thrust the toy in and out of my pussy roughly. I came easily and powerfully and I the contractions my pussy made as I came were very noticeable. The amount of time it took me to cum was remarkable shorter than even other toys I really enjoy.

Although I couldn’t detect the waves that well, and I even used the toy with just the vibration several times, I think it did add something that increased the intensity of my orgasm. In fact, as I finished and withdrew the shaft, I was surprised to find the Passion Wave was dripping with my cum. This vibrator may very well have helped me to ejaculate for the first time!

Honestly, I was too busy having an orgasm to reverse the motion of the waves or notice any sounds that the toy made and I have yet to use it in the shower to test out its waterproof capabilities but I look forward to a long life with my Passion Wave vibrator and can only imagine the quality time we will spend together in the future.

I was impressed with the power of this toy and both functions worked very well when they were on full speed. I should hope so because it takes 4 AA batteries which were a little difficult to install in the battery pack. For its size, it seems like there would be plenty of room for a C battery or 2. Another slight downfall to this toy is that it’s made of TPR which is slightly porous and cannot be disinfected. As much loving as I think I will give this toy, I think a higher quality silicone would ensure a longer life of my new bunny buddy.

If the Passion Wave is anything, it’s true to its name: I certainly feel passionate about this toy!


Rock Chick!

December 5th, 2008

I had long lusted over the Rock Chick which was, surely, the first in a quickly expanding type of dual stimulating vibrators for women which are not rabbit style. It’s unusual style caught my eye years ago but it’s higher price wasn’t something I was willing to pay, even though it has become more affordable since I first discovered it. When Good Vibes announced their reviewer program, I quickly signed up and it wasn’t long before I held in my very own hands my very own Rock Chick!

Besides lusting over this C-shaped toy, I knew a few things. I knew it was softer than it appeared in images, although I wasn’t sure how soft. I also knew that while some folks loved it, others just couldn’t get it to work for them. I was cautiously hopeful I would be one of the first group.

First examination of the Rock Chick revealed that this is really a no frills type of toy. A simple, removable bullet is inserted into a supple yet firm silicone body. It came in a plastic box type package which also had no frills – and no instructions. I was a little wary of that. I was also wary of the fact that this little bullet – after I struggled to release it from its home – is powered by a strange battery type. While I’m sure I will be able to pick up replacements at some place like Wal-mart, I would prefer it were a more typical battery like AA.

There was a lot of give in the medical grade silicone of this vibrator, which I figured would be necessary to maneuver it into place. It also makes it a very hygienic vibrator which can be completely sterilized by boiling or wiping with a 10% bleach solution – after you take out the bullet, of course! I found this possible but a bit difficult. When inserted the bullet, you may consider using a little lube to make it easier to extract later. It’s also a great material for a waterproof vibrator such as this. Yet, I think it would be much harder to use it in the shower as I only tried it lying. I’ve actually had it slip out while standing.

With a little water based lube I slid the Rock Chick inside myself as I stood and the G-spot stimulator quickly found its place. However, while I definitely felt stimulated, I cannot say whether it was in a pleasurable way. Although the silicone carried the vibrations well, it was definitely muted once the toy was snuggled inside me.

I next tried to work with the clitoral stimulator, where the bullet is situated and lay down to get to work. Although the bullet was smaller to fit the size and shape of the toy, it was fairly powerful. Still, I would have preferred stronger vibrations which is a complaint I share with many. The bullet is not very loud, however. This might make it a good toy for those who need to be inconspicuous.

Although I had longed for this toy, I soon found myself bewildered at just what I should be doing with it so after a search, I finally found an instructional video on the maker’s site (how I missed it the first time I visited is beyond me). This video was both entertaining and helpful and soon I was back to trying my Rock Chick. Using their suggestions for movement and positions like on the edge of the bed or chair I tried yet again. However, these suggestions really only left my G-spot sore and me frustrated with a toy for which I had such high hopes. I put the Rock Chick away for the time being but I was not yet ready to give up on it!

And I’m glad I wasn’t. The second time around was much easier. I cannot say what changed, but I felt immediately more satisfaction after inserting the toy at a later time. It seemed to reach a much better spot internally. I spent a little intimate time with the Rock Chick, just letting it vibrate between my legs and clenching my thighs around it, something I’ve done when aroused for years. As I lay on my side, I came to realize how much this was like how I had masturbated manually and how the Rock Chick seemed to better compliment this style as opposed to other toys.

After getting to know my new toy a little more slowly, I was ready to try that rockin’ thing once more. Instead of using my hips, I rocked the the toy with my hand. I soon found my fleshy girl parts to be a bit of a hindrance in this practice. I think someone who is less full bodied might have better time rocking this toy against their vulva. I found that the vibrations and pressure did not work well outside of my labia but it was a tight fit if I tried to use the toy snugged inside of my labia. Still, I tried moving the external end of the toy to different positions of my vulva and, as I rocked, I found the ridges to be a generally pleasurable sensation, although I wouldn’t think them necessary for enjoyment.

One other side to my fleshyness is that when the Rock Chick is nestled inside my labia and I was rocking it, it turned off when the button on the bullet pressed against my labia. I would consider moving the position of the bullet so this does not occur. However, due to the rocking nature, the next movement caused the button to push back against my body and the rock chick was on again.

Eventually, I was able to cum this way. I was able to use my hands to apply pressure to the toy rather than using my fingers directly which relieved a lot of the strain of manual masturbation. Once I got the hang of it, using the Rock Chick really mimicked the way I had been masturbation and allowed me to receive the pleasure I required to orgasm.

Still, I wanted to see if this was a fluke and took yet another test drive with the Rock Chick. This time the G-spot stimulation was almost null and I could definitely tell I wasn’t finding the sweet spot I had found the second time I used it. I do not think this toy is going to be one which offers me a lot of internal sensation. However, I do like the feeling of being able to clench down on something when orgasming clitorally so I do like the internal aspect.

I was able to orgasm yet again and I noticed that the Rock Chick seemed to become a bit more supple each time I used it. I was able to pressure it closed against my pubic bone as I rocked with this toy, providing even more pressure.

If not for the suppleness of this toy, I would likely be disappointed. I think this toy is more angular than it is curvy and it just seemed like there was too much material at an awkward angle at the place where it bends. This was especially noticeable when I had the Rock Chick inside of me. Right outside the entrance to my pussy was a strange angle which didn’t work well to grasp but became less of an issue when I was pushing the silicone down.

I have enjoyed getting to know my Rock Chick and while I cannot say it is the best toy in my collection, I look forward to learning how to use it to better please myself. As a clitoral toy, it really eases the strain on my hands and mimics the way I have been masturbating for years so I do enjoy it. I didn’t receive as much stimulation from this toy as a G-spot toy; however, I was focusing on the clitoral aspect and am happy with that.

I definitely think the style of masturbation this toy brings is not for everyone. I also think the size and shape will be very hit and miss for women and even the same woman may have trouble getting it to work right every time. Nevertheless, I wold advise giving this toy a ride a few times before calling it quits and be open minded to masturbation in a completely different way. You might just be surprised at how much the Rock Chick, well, rocks!


Under the Bed Restraints

November 20th, 2008

I was excited to know that Babeland would be kind enough to supply me with some Under the Bed Restraints. It seemed like the perfect way to finally bring my interest in BDSM from the internet to the bedroom (and real life). I knew the restraints had been rated highly by many folks before so I expected a quality product that would provide me with a way to truss up my husband easily.

After the restraints arrived, I spent nearly 2 weeks being unable to use them because of lack of time and other intrusions. We had jested back and forth about using them and finally decided to have them set up for his next “weekend” off. I finally got the chance.

Under the Bed Restraints by Sportsheets were in a smaller package than I expected but this didn’t mean they would not be impressive. While I had high hopes for the toy inside, the plastic clam shell box was disappointing with its display of half naked woman who leaves little to the imagination.

I was surprised to open the package and see such a small pile of straps, clips, rings and cuffs. I Was also worried at how much work it would be to get under the bed as I would be the only person installing them and our mattress is quite large at 17″ high. Despite all my reservations, Under the Bed Restraints came through.

The restraints come with the cuffs unattached which is how I left them when installing. There are a total of 5 straps, 1 connector strap which goes beneath the mattress and 2 each which connect to either side of that center strap for the 4 wrist and ankle straps. Each strap in the set is 60″ long.

To install the under the bed restraints, I slid one end of the connector strap and 1 restraint strap under the head of my mattress, beneath the bed skirt. I pulled the restraint strap until it was roughly even with the other restraint strap and that side of the connector strap was centered beneath the mattress. I mirrored the process for the foot of the bed which was more difficult because the left restraint was trying to go over the bed skirt rather than under. After I straightened it out, I attached the cuffs each restraint; each cuff is outfitted with a metal clip (like on the end of a dog leash) and each strap was fitted with a ring where the clipped is attached. I pulled on the cuffs for good measure to make sure there was no give in the connect strap beneath the bed.

I adjusted the straps so that they had as much room as possible because of our large mattress. We have a queen sized bed and I can see this being too small for those with larger beds unless the mattresses are very thin. After installing the restraint system, I adjusted the straps so there was no slack and tucked them, along with the cuffs, into the bed rails beneath the skirt. They became virtually invisible after I smoothed the bed skirt back down over them and I was excited at the thought of reaching down and cuffing my partner with the seemingly “invisible” restraints. This also makes storage extremely easy and, unless I move the bed, I don’t have to do anything but reach for the cuffs when I want to play.

All in all, installation took about 10 minutes by myself and was no extremely difficult despite a cat who kept chasing the straps and working beneath my bed skirt. I only had to lift the edge of the mattress and then I slid the restraints beneath it so it was not as much effort as I would have thought.

During this process, I took some time to get to know the restraint system. The straps are woven nylon, similar to some belts, attached to key chain like rings and the metal clips seemed to be pretty standard. For someone who is creative, imitating this setup would not be very difficult. Furthermore, if something should break on my restraint system, I could probably replace it without needing to trash the whole set.

I was really impressed with the cuffs which are lined with super soft felt and measure in at 9.5″ which makes them long enough for even fairly wide wrists. They are fastened with velcro which make them easy to use and easy to take off in a hurry, such as if the kids come home early. 😉 The velcro straps are quite long and allow the straps to me adjusted from anywhere from 5″ to 13.5″ inches (if you don’t mind feeling the velcro on your wrists). Although velcro can be easily pulled apart, these cuffs felt very secure for the type of pulling they would experience.

Putting them on my partner was just as easy, although he wasn’t resisting much. I did use my body weight in my aid when he resisted at first, something which should work for most. The cuffs wrapped comfortable around his wrists and ankles as he lay face up. As I started to tease him with a bullet, I found the straps for his legs had too much give and was able to easily adjust them by pulling on the straps with one tug. I felt assured that should I need to do the opposite (give slack), that I would be able to do so with one move as well.

I felt that the straps were very secure around his ankles but no more than a minute after I’d cuffed one wrist, he had gotten out. He has extremely long fingers and was easily able to undo the straps. Now, for someone with shorter fingers like myself, I would find this much more difficult or even impossible. In the future, I would consider wrapping the velcro straps around the cuffs themselves to make this a bit more tricky. Nevertheless, these restraints might not be the best for someone who wants impossible to get out of bondage so it was good that my husband wasn’t feeling the best otherwise he would have struggled more.

I thought the restraints added a nice aspect to our play. I was able to tease and tickle him and, except for before I tightened the straps, he was helpless. I know he enjoyed the sensation as well and felt no discomfort whatsoever from the cuffs. Under the bed restraints would also work well for someone who is on their stomach for impact play such as spanking or flogging but this would make my husband;s penis difficult to stimulate. You are somewhat limited to positions. Facing up or down, a person could be be spread eagle or stretched with arms above their head an legs closer together. While you could do doggie, it wouldn’t as much sense with the restraints. I think the restraints could be used, with some effort, to bind someone who is leaning over the bed for better access to genitals and to make a better target of the ass. But you just can’t do everything with Under the Bed Restraints.

And that’s okay. For what they are, an affordable, practical and easy to use and store bondage solution, Under the Bed Restraints are a must-have for anyone interested in bondage, amateur or pro!


Buzz Bunny

November 11th, 2008

Buzz Bunny, the “fantasy vibrator” kit promises a good time with it’s 5 in 1 functions. I must admit, it looks good. I considered this clitoral vibrator for some time before I finally bit the bullet and bought it. The price was more than reasonable when it comes to sex toys, averaging around $20. Unfortunately, this price was more than indicative of the quality of this toy.

At first glance, the Buzz Bunny kit is a cute pinkish-purple plastic toy and is fairly typical of sex toys. I’m not crazy about plastic blister packaging and half naked porn stars aren’t going to make me want a product any more. Regardless, the Buzz Bunny looked versatile, a miniature pocket rocket with 4 additional silicone rubber attachments. I think in the end, the Buzz Bunny was a lot of fancy work that skirted around the bigger issue (orgasm!).

One of the reasons that I chose the Buzz Bunny is because the attachments are made of softer silicone rubber. I’d felt this through the packaging at an adult store but passed on the purchase at that time. While the attachments are soft enough to be pinched by fingers, they don’t really feel soft on my clit.

I tried first the rabbit attachment to find that the ear were rather hard, sharp and pointy. If the ears weren’t so long and prominent, I might have been able to enjoy the rest of the bunny more but it just didn’t work, no matter how I positioned the Buzz Bunny against my clit. I was disappointed.

I next moved on to the G-spot stimulator. It adds a bit of length to the Buzz Bunny and becomes like a small dildo. While I was able to reach my G-spot, again, the attachment felt too hard for me and I quickly gave up that attempt. However, for those who like harder toys against their G-spot, this might work well.

I tried next the flared, penis-like attachment. I had the best experience with this. I enjoy rubbing the head of a cock against my clit and this attachment simulated that well enough to bring me to orgasm. Although the attachment wasn’t any softer than the rest, I felt that the flared, round shape of this tool worked better with the material than the other shapes.

The nubby attachment and the Buzz Bunny without any attachments are both more like typical pocket rockets, except a little shorter. I actually find this preferable to the typical wand-style rocket. Paired with the flat, wide base, the Buzz Bunny is actually easier for me to handle. This base could also be used to use the Buzz Bunny internally, without holding it.

The attachments are supposed to be improved over other toys because they screw on. Unfortunately, this sounds better in theory than it works in practice. The threading on the plastic Buzz Bunny and its attachments is very rough and uneven in places. I had some trouble getting some of the attachments to twist on easily and struggled to find the exact place where the attachment fit. I imagine this will very with each attachment and just depend on how clean the cut is. This idea would work better with a higher grade plastic or metal.

Aside from the attachments, the package boasts that the Buzz Bunny has 5 powerful speeds. I’m not sure about this. I thought that the concept of the sliding control was to move seamlessly to more powerful settings rather than have recognizably different settings. Regardless, the Buzz Bunny is pretty powerful and I kept it toward to lower end during my play.

However, when I wished to adjust the power, the sliding control was very jerky. It was not intuitive at all. I’m not sure if this was supposed to define the 5 different speeds or if it’s just poorly made.

Because the attachments of the Buzz Bunny are stated as silicone rubber, this toy is not as high quality as pure silicone toys. It may be partially porous which means it cannot be completely sterilized. However, the silicone mix means it’s of higher quality than jelly rubber toys. Furthermore, the Buzz Bunny should only be used with water-based lubricants and stored aware from other silicone toys as this can cause degradation of the toy.

Overall, the Buzz Bunny is cute but looks and sounds better in theory. The low-end plastic and silicone rubber makes for a cheaper toy and this shows with the difficulty screwing on attachments and the hard/shape attachments. If you’re not looking for much, this may be the toy for you but if you prefer higher quality toys, I’d skip the Buzz bunny despite its fair power range.


Durex Play Vibrating Cock Ring

November 8th, 2008

I never gave much thought to cock rings, vibrating or otherwise, but one day my husband and I decided “Why not?” and picked one up at the local store. Of course, by picked one up, I mean he made me physically pick it out and pay for it.

The concept of the cock ring is pretty simple. The ring is placed around the base of the cock to slow blood flow and prolong erection. A vibrating cock ring has a small bullet which vibrates to give pleasure to both parties. Ideally, the bullet is positioned near the clitoris. I thought the idea it pretty nice but the application of a vibrating cock ring just didn’t work out so well.

Play is a line of sexual aids by Durex and their disposable cock ring goes under the moniker Vibrations. Vibrations offers approximately 20 minutes of pleasurable vibrations at the same speed. This cock ring by Durex can be turned off so, technically, it could be used over several shorter sessions. However, I would not advise this. Durex does not list materials on any of its sites and I cannot recall if the package said so but if this cock ring is made of rubber or jelly, then it cannot be properly sterilized and should only be used once.

As for my experience, I found this a bit difficult to use. For starters, the button to push to turn it on was a bit tricky, especially after the ring was already around the base of the penis. It took some effort to turn it on.

As for stimulation, I was rather disappointed. Try as we might, I just couldn’t find a good position where the tiny bullet was actually on my clit. Generally, it was further down my vulva, closer to my vagina. We tried with the bullet ‘up’ in missionary style and this yielded the best results. Several other positions yielded a general vibration around the vulva which I did not find especially pleasurable. We also turned the ring around so the bullet was toward the bottom and tried doggy style. In this position, I couldn’t feel the vibrations at all. Maybe we just didn’t try hard enough but I could not find a position that was pleasurable.

From his point of view, the vibrations tickled and the ring itself did not seem to have any effect because it was rather large.

For its price and size, the vibrations were decent but the toy was a little loud despite its small stature.

Overall, I was not impressed by Durex’s Play Vibrations cock ring. However, I am still interested in cock rings and might try a larger ring and bullet in the future which would make it easier to come in contact with my clitoris as well as a smaller ring to provide more stimulation for my partner.


I Rub My wormie

October 26th, 2008

I Rub My Wormie, just plain Wormie from here on out, is satisfying but does not live up to its intended use which I see as a design flaw.

The Wormie, the lesser known but certainly not lesser cousin of the I Rub My Duckie by Big Teaze Toys, arrived in a frustrating plastic blister pack and, of course, I had to struggle with it to get it out. (Perhaps a more ecofriendly box might be a better choice?) Once that battle was won, things steadily improved. I thought that the cardboard packaging which displayed the Wormie on a log with leaves in the background was a cute touch. Wormie sent an invitation asking “Your leaf or mine?” One thing I also thought was a great use of packaging; the paperboard display on which Wormie arrived unfolds to display instructions and information. I really like like because it doesn’t waste extra paper but I missed it the first time through and I suspect others may as well.

The packaging outlined Wormie’s features including its “easy grip, multi-textured body” as well as “soft2touch skin,” which is a soft outer covering of the toy that is free of pthalates, PVC and Latex. The package also recommends that this toy be used with a water based lubricant so I suspect that there is more than just plastic in this Wormie – specifically silicone. Additionally, Wormie’s neck has an “ergonomic bend to reach those (G)reat spots.”

I Rub My Wormie is a multi-speed vibrator powered by 2 C batteries, which I would have proffered were included as I had to buy them especially for this product. The battery pack originally contains a plastic sheet which needs to be removed and the cap – the end of the tail – fits on tightly when batteries are inserted.

I really felt I was in for a treat.

Unlike a real worm, the Wormie is cute and quite large. Some may find the adorable face on this not-so-little guy a bit disturbing but I definitely found it cute and this unique design makes it more of a discreet toy. Wormie is also pretty large which actually inhibited my play a bit. The Wormie is quite impressive with his 8 inch length and 2 inch diameter.

The vibrations were also quite strong, making this toy perhaps the strongest in my collection. However, with only 2 speeds, more variation would be nice. I wish there had been an in between level of stimulation because I felt the higher level was too strong; it made my hand uncomfortable to hold it but the lower level was a little lacking. Still, the vibrations added more to my experience than vibration tends to do with most toys.

An extra feature was Wormie’s little feet. There are 2 rows on them on the bottom totaling at least a couple dozen. This felt very pleasurable rubbing against my labia and clit. I originally did not put much stock into the feet but was surprised at the element they added.

However, I think Big Teaze Toys may have gone a little overboard with this one. Wormie’s bulbous head, which is supposed to stimulate the G-spot, was so large that I could barely insert it even when I had it lubed up enough that I could barely maintain a grasp on the toy. I tried insertion in the shower and dry to no avail. I’m not sure if anyone can successfully insert the Wormie! The little insertion I managed was very uncomfortable. Because g-spot stimulation is a selling point, I think the design falls a little short. I would perhaps make the neck flexible or even straight and make the head the same size as the rest of the body.

Speaking of the rest of the body, it seemed the perfect size for insertion and I even tried it out that way. Of course, the on and off switches are at the end of the tail so this idea didn’t work so well but I liked using the head as a handle.

I had the most success using Wormie on my clit, with his head between my legs and feet against my skin. The head felt similar to oral sex when I moved it and because it was bigger than many clitoral stimulators, the pressure felt great. As I mentioned, the vibrations were pretty powerful so I generally stayed on the first level. I liked using Wormie’s tail as a handle because the vibrations weren’t making my hand uncomfortable. I believe the motor is located around the neck so I had a little buffer for my hand.

Although satisfied by the Wormie as a clit toy, I am a little puzzled about one aspect of the massager. Because the package recommends a water based lube and I suspect the Soft2Touch Skin may be silicone, I wonder how insertion is supposed to happen in a wet environment. Water dissolves waterbased lubricants and I certainly had a harder time even attempting insertion in the shower. Nevertheless, the Wormie held up very well in the wet conditions and I felt the battery compartment was very snug.

While I can forgive Wormie for not working as a vaginal toy because he feels so nice on my clit, I am a little annoyed by the amount of noise he makes. Wormie is loud. On the low speed, this waterproof vibrator can be dully heard through a closed door. You may be able to get away with it if no one is listening in. However, it’s clearly audible through a closed door on the high speed and you won’t be able to hide your Wormie time from anyone! One other annoyance is that you can actually hear the batteries jostling around inside Wormie’s body which makes it even noisier.

Lastly, I think the button position could use a little work. When using Wormie through my clothes to stimulate my vulva and clit, I found that I accidentally turned him off more times than once. It’s a little frustrating for the toy to all of a sudden stop working. Ironically, when I want to turn him on and off, I sometimes have difficulty pressing the switch. Perhaps some sort of digital or electronic button would be better than the switch beneath the skin. Furthermore, I actually found myself unscrewing the battery compartment when I held on to Wormie’s tail in some positions. I think this whole area could use a little work.

Despite his flaws, I am happy with my new buddy. I will continue to use the I Rub My Wormie as a clit stimulator and enjoy his soft skin, feet and vibrations even if the Wormie is a little loud and doesn’t work quite as intended.


Touch of Fur Rabbit Whip

October 10th, 2008

This Touch of Fur Rabbit whip seems exciting! It looks luxurious and I thought it would be nice for some very tame flogging and sensation play so I went ahead and ordered it despite it’s price tag. As it turns out, it wasn’t worth it.

Let me say that this flogger seemed well made initially. The handle is very thick with securely wrapped leather and seems quality. At the end is a metal ring which will make the Touch of Fur fur easy to hang or can be used to add a wrist strap.

However, after one decent swing, over half of the tresses came un-sewn and broke off. Further inspection shows that the 7 fur tails of this flogger are not whole pieces but are made up of 1 longer and one short piece each; around 2 inches from the handle, the longer pieces are sewn on. The sewing was very bad and this is where the tresses came off. Luckily, I was able to sew them back on myself and all the tresses no seem to be holding up well.

The fur tresses feel simply amazing running across your skin. For very light flogging or running the tails across your partner’s (or your own!) skin, this will feel great. This would work well to tease if one partner was bound.

Don’t expect any more than that. No matter how hard you throw this flogger, there will be no stinging sensation or thud. I don’t think this would work very well as a warm up flogger because the tresses are simply too light.

Add to that, the poor quality of the sewing and this flogger is simply more for appearance than application. However, I think this would be a bit expensive to be a prop in a photo or to remain hung on one’s wall.

If you’re into sensation play, there’s more cost effective alternatives (even ones with fur!) than the Touch of Fur Rabbit Whip and if you’re into impact play, there’s something more effective for your desires. I cannot think of a single reason to recommend this product to another consumer!

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