April 21st, 2015

$34.99 from Joyboxx

Sex toy storage is such an interesting search. Many companies have tried to be the end-all and be-all of storage. They’ve created lighted boxes, pillows and tissue boxes that hide toys, locking cases and more. Up to this point, I think my favorite has been the Lovehoney deluxe sex toy case. It has everything I was in storage: ease of use, versatility and mobility.

In fact, so many storage options fail in that regard, that I don’t really use any of the ones I have. I have empty boxes sitting in multiple places. One of them I simply use as a bag for my toiletries when I travel. People like Epiphora use plastic drawers, which are easy to organize and cheaper on the whole than specialized sex toy storage.

But that doesn’t mean companies won’t still try, and Joyboxx is the newest one on the market.

Let’s start with opening the Joyboxx. The latch, which is also where the lock attaches, slides side to side to open. This definitely is a two-hand job, and it sticks a little because it’s plastic and not a nice, smooth metal. I definitely think this could be improved upon. I don’t even want to think about trying to open this is your hands are already covered in lube.

Closed Joyboxx with sliding lock

Closed Joyboxx with sliding lock

The Joyboxx is very plain from the oustside, and while I feel that a handle could easily be added to it, there isn’t one. This makes it less than ideal for travel, so consider this home storage only. Joyboxx also doesn’t have as many compartments and storage options as, say, Lovehoney’s sex toy storage box. It’s hard plastic, so you may want to line it with something if you don’t want it to make any noise.

Once open, the JoyBoxx is just that — a box. There are no other shelves inside, so everything is going to sort of be piled in there together. To keep things easy to find, I imagine you’ll want to not overfill it. There is a small air hole, which helps to keep moisture from building up.

The Joyboxx measured 11.25” (L) x 5.5” (D) x 3.5” on the inside. This means you’re not going to fit any gigantic wand vibes or the Great American Challenge (do you guys remember that thing?! Ugh!) or oversized bottles. But it will fit moderate sized vibes and dildos, a few restraints and smaller bottles.

Joyboxx lid comparment

Joyboxx lid comparment

One feature I do like is the little compartment on the lid. The cover pops up and you could easily fit some small things. Think cock rings, condoms or lube and wipe packets. It’s this much too small for Lelo chargers, but I bet some other chargers would fit, as would regular batteries. This compartment rests on top of the lid, which means you don’t want it open when the Joyboxx itself is open. I can’t help but wonder if, perhaps, a door that opened from the inside of the box would be a better idea, so you can access both at once. There is something inside the Joyboxx however: the PlayTray.

The PlayTray is something I wanted to write off as soon as I heard my inner voice reading the rhyming name. I mean, cutesy things more often than not, right? But the PlayTray is actually incredibly functional. It creates a surface for you to set toys, lube and accessories before and after use. You can simply pick up the tray and bring it to your sink to clean, and the slots in the PlayTray mean you can rinse toys directly on it. It actually fits quite nicely in my sink as you can see in the photo below.

Boss Dildo on the PlayTray

Boss Dildo on the PlayTray

You could also toss it in your dishwasher with the toy on top if you don’t want dildos touching the racks. Then, you can leave it in your sink (or dishwasher) or on your countertop to air dry. This eliminates a lot of issues with lint and fuzzies that silicone toys pick up — even from towels.  It’s sitting in my bathroom right now, but I can easily see myself grabbing the tray before playtime to set up toys and then depositing the toys back on the tray.

At 8-by-3 inches, you’re not going to fit all of your toys on it, of course. A slim vibe or a couple clitoral vibes will fit, as well as smaller bottles or packets of lube. In fact, the size is probably my only qualm with the tray. At this size, it fits awkwardly in the Joyboxx. It’s not wide or long enough to rest, but it just seems reasonable that you should be able to “install” the PlayTray somehow as a shelf inside the Joyboxx. This would also make the box more accessible so that everything needn’t be piled in it together.

With the small size of the PlayTray, it doesn’t seem like something that really complements the Joyboxx as much as it could. In fact, I almost want to recommend the PlayTray to my readers instead of the Joyboxx, rather than in addition to it! You could fashion something yourself, but the tray is dishwasher safe and free of pthalates, which is pretty awesome.

If you do buy both, you can mix and match the color of the tray and box. Right now, there’s only black and purple, and it matches my Liberator Throe pretty well as you can see.

As a storage solution, the Joyboxx didn’t quite smash it out of the park. It’s not as easy to use, versatile or travel-friendly as I would like — the Lovehoney case still serves me better in those ways. But the PlayTray does offer something in terms of function that no other company has done, and I’d like to see more efforts like that.


Lovehoney Deluxe Sex Toy Case

September 30th, 2014

Sex toy storage is a finicky thing. Good storage options seems to be few and far between, and even companies that everyone seems to love have gone out of business. It’s hard to keep up with which companies are in business and what items are available. Even when you find a company you like, its products are likely expensive.

And many of us toy lovers are fairly frugal. I’m more likely to spend money on an expensive sex toys than toy storage. In fact, it almost makes zero sense to invest in expensive boxes, bags and totes for storage of your sex toys at home when you can stop by Walmart or your local home improvement store and get a chest or cart for far less than any toy company would charge.

In fact, I think that’s another issue with sex toy storage: companies should focus on travel rather than home storage. With the deluxe sex toy case, I think Lovehoney has done a decent job in creating a travel-friendly storage option with the deluxe sex toy case.

This case is made of a firm plastic that has some give so it can bend if the items in it take up a height of more than 2.75 inches. It measures 13.5 inches by 6.5 inches (wider than the FYN toybox), and there is storage on either side of the case when you open it up. One side features an allover mesh pocket. The other is split with one open mesh pocket and two elastic straps.

This case looks rather small in the product photos for some reason. It may be because of the size of the rabbit vibrator shown in the product photos.  The case fits:

There is probably room for another full-length toy or two, and you could definitely cram more toys into the case if you’re good at Tetris. The base of the Ceramix No 6. is actually a little more than 2.75″ wide, so it causes the plastic case to bend outward a bit. However, this isn’t going to be a problem with usage.

Lovehoney Deluxe Sex Toy Case

Lovehoney Deluxe Sex Toy Case

I enjoy the variety of storage options. The zippered pouch keeps everything in place while the smaller pouch on the other side would be good for things that won’t move around and can safely touch (IE not jelly!). You’ll probably want to play around with the straps to see what fits best. Lovehoney actually send me the G-spot attachment for the Hitachi on accident, but you can see how well it works in the space.

And that half pocket on the one side? It actually two layers of mesh with a strip of Velcro keeping them together. I didn’t even notice at first, but it’s the perfect place to keep condom or lube and wipe packets without them moving. It’s great for the Wartenberg wheel, which I don’t want stabbing me when I reach into the case, and mobile tins of lube or oil.

Securing the case is easier with two zippers. There are small loops on either for you to slide the lock through. In Lovehoney fashion, it’s a red, heart-shaped combination lock. The default combination is 1-1-1-. We all know how tricky that can be. A heart-shaped button pops open the wired part of the lock, which just fits through the zipper holes. I haven’t reset the lock, but you’ll want to hold the button while you pick your combo.  I do find the lock to be a bit finicky to remove and get in place. I wouldn’t be able to do it in the dark and wouldn’t want to try in a hurry.

The loop to the lock creates a small handle that you can grasp with your fingers, but there’s no larger handle on the Lovehoney large sex toy case. This is the one thing I would change about it. I’d love a handle on the back of the “binding.” It would make this sex toy case truly fantastic.

The heart theme is repeated on the front/top of the case, which features the Lovehoney heart symbol. It’s also worked into the purple lining on the inside, which is cute and doesn’t really take up space. The lining seems to be a nylon blend, which you could wipe clean if you spilled lube.

The large sex toy case could certainly work for your overnight trip or play party, but it’s larger and less conspicuous. I think it would work better if you wanted to transport some BDSM items as paddles, floggers and such would work better in this case than a smaller one with plenty of room for a couple toys. I can fit both the 12″ fur paddle and the Bettie Page paddle in the strap side with about an inch to spare, the case is thin enough that the inside is almost the same dimension as the exterior.

If you want a smaller case or you’re not sure whether you’ll love this, Lovehoney offers two other sizes. The medium toy case costs less than $30 and the small is just 7″ by 5″ for $26.99. That one’s ideal for bullets, mini vibes, condoms and smaller bottles of lube. I think the medium would be the best option if you’re looking for an overnight case. You could easily fit a couple toys, lube and condoms with a pair of panties and maybe some wipes for cleanup.

I don’t think you could go wrong with any or all of these cases, really.


Decor Stashe Pillow in Velvish Aubergine

December 9th, 2013

I’ve had my eye on this pillow for quite a while. I really like Liberator’s Decor line, and I enjoy hiding toys around my house in pillows. The design of this is a far step up from the other hide-a-vibe pillow I have, too. I was hoping this would match my bedding, and unfortunately it doesn’t. However, purple is one of those colors that just doesn’t photograph easily, and this is a little more too blue-hued. My bedding looks reddish in comparison. This doesn’t mean I love the pillow any less or affect its use, of course. I just like things that are perfect.

The design of this pillow is nearly perfect, however. It’s a “hollowed” square pillow. It measures 16 inches by 16 inches, but the details make it seem a little bigger. One side is a soft velour material, while the other is shiny satin that complements it. Two of the side have triangular “wings” that fold over to either side. If you want to see both fabrics, you can. It shipped with the wings folded over to the velvet side, but I don’t find it to be as attractive. The wings secure with white ribbon, so you may want to spend some time tying it into a pretty bow.



When the wings are folded toward the satin side, however, you don’t have access to the zipper, which runs along one of the edges where there’s a wing. So if you’re looking for convenience, you’ll want to fold them backward. However, you can certainly untie the ribbon. The look is attractive overall.

I really like the idea of the “wings.” If you sew, you could replicate it, but this pillow was made very well. The stitching and zipper are quite secure.

When you unzip the pillow, there’s an opening for hiding your toys. The inside is lined with a nylon-like material that you can easily wipe down to clean. I prefer this over my other pillow. It just feels cleaner.

It’s definitely smaller on the inside — not like the TARDIS at all. However, you’re going to get a few items in here. PinkCherry’s product page shows a rabbit similar to one that I have.

I was able to stuff quite a few toys in here and still zip it:

That’s definitely a lot of toys; although, the pillow was pretty packed.

Of course, as a pillow, it won’t be very comfortable when it’s full of toys. However, when it’s empty of contains something softer, you can actually use it as a pillow comfortably enough. It’s not flat.

And as a place to hide your vibes, a pillow doesn’t make the most sense if people actually use it. However, it’ll work as long as your guests view the pillow as a decoration and not an actual pillow, you’re in the clear. Plus, this one matches other items in the Liberator decor line. There’s also a Flip Ramp available in the same color. However, the aubergine does not match the purple Liberator Throe. But those are really first world problems. Of course, the black is definitely easier to match, so you’ve got other color options if you like the pillow.

If you’re inspired by it, make your own.


Lovehoney Satin Drawstring Bags

November 11th, 2012

So these things have been sitting on my dresser for a while. My cats like to sit on them and, you know, I’m kind of pussy whipped. Also, I’m not sure what to put in them. It’s not an issue of not having enough toys without storage. It’s an issue of liking the design so much that I don’t just want to shove them in my nightstand, but my remote controls don’t really need satin pouches — or do they?

Let’s start with the logo, then. It’s this stylized heart. It doesn’t scream “sex toy” or adult at all, which is why I love it. It’s got clean lines and I’d like to wear it as a hoodie, I really would. Like, even in front of my mom. Whoa. I know.

So, the logo is printed on all of Lovehoney’s bags in a vinyl. It feels like any screen-printed tee. It’s set off to the bottom and corner, which is appealing to my eye. It’s in a bright red, but even though people always tell me that red and purple don’t match, I think they’re dumb. The purple is a cool blue base, but it’s purple.. so that’s a problem for some folks. But, think about the naked sex toys! Aren’t purple togas better than none at all? I rest my case.

LoveHoney Large Drawstring BagI received two different pouches because the folks at Lovehoney love me. The small isn’t even that small at 5.6-by-8 inches. It’s longer than the Don Wands storage pouch, at least, and it’s not puffy so you can actually put stuff inside it. The large is the same width but is significantly longer at 13.2 inches. The awkward measurements are because these are actually in metric, but converting won’t kill me. However, the Lovehoney website tries to explain how large of a toy you can store in these pouches when closed, so the two sets of numbers is a little confusing in my opinion. The large sac is about an inch shorter than it actually measures because of the hem/cinch area. That’s something to take into consideration.

Still, both bags are impressively sized. You can fit a fuckin’ rabbit vibe into the large. The puffy, awkwardly sized storage I’ve used in the past couldn’t do this. The small bag will easily fit cock rings, condoms, small bottles of lube or just a handful of clitoral stimulators if you happen to have them lying around, which I do.

The exterior is a shiny satin, the interior unfinished. There’s no rough edges, and all the hems and stitches seem secure. I imagine the material would get caught on nails, so treat them with caution. Unlike the puffy bags, you could hand wash these and lay them flat to dry if you spilled lube on them, which is always nice.

Small LoveHoney BagThe bags secure with loops of purple ribbon. It’s thin and easy to use but not so pretty. You could cut the knots at the end of each side to replace with some pretty ribbon, but I think that’s silly. On the other hand, if your ribbon did fray, replacing it wouldn’t be so hard. Removing it altogether is also an option.

When you close the bag, you lose some length, of course, so you should be wary of that. As this is thin satin, it’s not going to protect your toys from a drop off the Empire State Building but you probably won’t care when someone sues you for murder. At around $5, these bags are a steal. The one option that I really liked is no longer available. Although Devine Toys has a nice option, it’s almost three times the price of these from Lovehoney. These are definitely the better option for frugal folks. Plus, Lovehoney has a ton of other branded gear to match!


For Your Nymphomation Adult Toybox

March 23rd, 2010

I was really excited when I found out I was going to get to review the FYN Adult Toybox from TabuToys. I have tried a variety of toy storage options but nothing which is super portable or as functional as the For Your Nymphomation products are purported to be. In addition to that, nothing I have would fit under my bed because of the low side rails, except for this box.

Obviously, a box which someone might pick because it is especially shallow is not a box which will hold every toy in your collection (unless, of course, it is a fledgling collection). Still, I was a bit surprised at just how small the Adult Toybox is, as I removed it from the shipping box. The measurements are 12″ by 9″ by 2.25″. I guess “12 inches” sounds kind of big but, once you get down to it, it’s not. It looks a bit like a mini, rounded briefcase and even has the handle to boot! But because the sides are thin, the interior is not much smaller than the exterior, thankfully. The rounded corners do reduce the storage space a bit but, then again, it makes it a bit more robust and you won’t be squashing the corners. It’s also small enough to be easily portable; although; I wouldn’t mind it being wider but this is definitely the smaller version of the toy boxes (the other is 12″ x 18″ and still quite portable).

One of the unique features of the toybox is how the hardware on the zippers slide together with a small hole through which a lock can be slipped. FYN includes a tiny padlock and 2 keys (which come attached on a chain) and it is much like the Devine padlock: more of a novelty than anything (definitely easy to pick). While the idea is good, only a lock of a similar size will fit. I am sure some exist but I have never seen a legitimate lock of that size. Also, the zippers glow in the dark to make it easy to find (if you make sure to position it so the locks are visible).

The exterior is a purple faux leather. It is is visually “textured” to look like leather with a slight shine that won’t really fool anyone. The exterior is what is considered hard case and I would wipe it down with a damp cloth if it needed cleaning. It’s also easy to manipulate and could easily be slid under a bed. I have a small bag which would fit under my bed but wouldn’t get under there so efficiently. On the front of the case is a handle, a strip of purple nylon (like a backpack strap) which is covered with a similar faux leather in the center (where you would grasp it). Overall, the craftsmanship seems secure.

In terms of colour, I personally do not love the purple. It’s kind of dull and dark and not pretty. I also find the trim and nylon parts do not really match the faux leather. FYN does make the case in other faux leather colours and even other materials, however. Purple is also not super discreet.

Upon opening the case, there is a thin, elastic strap sewn onto the inside of the lid. The elastic is sewn in permanently with 4 separate spaces for toys, bottles or other items; however, because these spaces are not adjustable, they will not work well for everyone. If the handle is facing you, the elastic spaces get progressively smaller toward the right measuring just under 5″, 3″, 2″ and 2″. The two on the very right are quite narrow and would fit a very thin toy, like the Alumination or, I imagine, some of Jimmyjanes narrow toys. I can fit a couple of smaller bottles of lube in the third space and two larger ones in the last but remember that items you might place in these spaces are 3D and you have to compare the width of the spaces to the circumference of the toys.

On the lid I have:

In the main compartment, there is a soft pocket with a stretchy edge, like in much luggage. It is the entire length of the case and about half the width. I find this works well for chargers or packets of wipes. The more you put in there, the less you can put atop of it inside the compartment, however. The compartment will definitely hold a couple full sized rabbits and a variety of smaller toys.

Currently, the large compartment holds

It’s quite the collection. However, I was a bit eager to pack everything in there when I got it and the way I had it arranged looked good.. until I closed the box. Silly me forgot that stuff that takes up room on the lid will take up room in the box when closed so I had to rearrange. Additionally, I find that the lining, which is the same smooth nylon-type as some suitcases or umbrellas is quite slippery. Unless the items in the elastic band are a really tight fit, they tend to slide down into the box when closing it. It would be nice if the lid was lined with something else that is a bit grabbier (or if the straps were somehow adjustable). Fleece might work? However, FYN claims that this material is water resistant and can easily be cleaned with soap+water damp cloth which is a plus and I do like that the nylon isn’t going to lint all over my toys either.

When everything is secured and zipped up, there will be movement when picking up the Adult Toy box but it is minimal. Of course, if you have yours less packed, things will move more. It feels secure when carrying it, not like the bottom is going to fall out or anything and the handle is well sewed, too. Plus, since I can lock it, I know the zippers won’t come undone, either. You mean your zippers don’t have a mind of their own?

Obviously, this is a handy dandy toy storage solution but there is still room for improvement. Less slippery lining and adjustable straps on the lid (and perhaps an extra strap to hold things in place) would be awesome. It’s not critical but it would be great if TabuToys also carried the black version which would offer more discretion, even in public places. Plus, the purple is just a little disappointing.

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Sugar Sak XL

April 11th, 2009

The Sugar Sak which is distributed by the Sugar & Spice Boutique is definitely a sweet treat when it comes to storing your sex toys. Billed as a “sexy designer toy bag,” I must agree. My extra large (Maxx) Sugar Sak came a very bright pink satin and while I know a lot of folks are sick of all the sexy toys and accessories in pink, it matches my bathrobe perfectly. LOL Different retailers also sell red and black satin Sugar Saks in a range of sizes from Small to Extra Large, like mine, which is only available in the pink. You could easily carry this with you to a party or a date and it would look stylish. The inside is also lined with a cute black and white spotted “cow” type print.

The bags cinch with black ribbon and a cute, faceted, black plastic bead. At first, I must admit, I didn’t think the beads would do the trick because they don’t “lock” into place but they do seem to hold well. The strings are also loops which make for a handle to hold or you could tie them around the opening of the bag for extra security, instead. I don’t plan to put too many or too heavy toys into my Sugar Sack and use the ribbon to carry just because it is only plain ribbon.

And while sex toy storage is nothing new, there is something very unique about the Sugar Saks, which come folder neatly in in square, Ziploc type bag: Bioshield 75. The package describes this technology as “an invisible, exclusive patented EPA approved coating that inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew, years and viruses” which is good up to 50 washes. This is made of win! No one wants any of those microscopic intruders on their sex toys. I particularly like the idea because I don’t like to wash my toys before and after. If I can wash once (after) and keep them stored with the assurance that nothing can touch then in my Sugar Sak, then I’m happy. Plus, the Sugar Sak won’t deposit any lint on your toys and protects them from any flee floating particles like lint and dust. Furthermore, I expected the inside of the bag to feel a bit like plastic but you can’t tell at all. This is definitely a great device – so much better than Ziploc bags!

So it protects your toys and you can take is almost anywhere in style but how much does it hold? Admittedly, I looked at my Sugar Sak, saw that it was only 9.5″ x 13.5″ and thought “That’s it?” Yet, it has proven to hold quite a few toys I was able to round up all the loose toys in my nightstand as well as a few from the “Meh” box (you know, the ones I don’t really love) and stuff them in there. It was a little tight and I will keep markedly fewer toys in it on a daily basis but I was impressed. It would be easier to fill this bag if it has a flat bottom though.

The list of toys and accessories I fit into my XL Sugar Sak includes:

Now, all of the toys in the main part, except for the Wild G, are hard plastic so I know there won’t be any sort of reaction but it’s something to make note of when storing your toys. What’s nice is there is another little pocket inside with a velcro closure where you can store something which might have a possible reaction or smaller things that you don’t want to become lost (cock rings, batteries, little lube bottles/packets, jewelry, clamps, wireless toys/controllers so on and so forth). It’s about 7″ in length and 5 1/2″ in width so while it probably won’t fit any rabbit vibes, you could fit smaller vibrators or dildos in it. I placed my silicone plug in there just in case it wouldn’t do well with the TPR Silicone rabbit.

As I wrap up this review, I’d like to say the Sugar Sak seems like a great bag for storage at home or while on the go. Th quality seems decent; the sewing was good when I flipped the bag inside out to measure to inner pocket; although, there was one loose string on the outside bottom. I think it’s overall a quality product which is easy to use, fits a surprising number of toys, is cute and will keep my toys nice and clean.



Devine Toy Box in Wine with Lace Overlay

January 25th, 2009

When I first saw this toy storage container from Devine Toys, I fell in love. It was exactly my style and the red with black lace was gorgeous. It looked classy with perhaps a touch of gothic style, well made and the ability to lock away my most personal items from prying eyes was definitely a plus.

When it arrived, the shipping box was smaller than I expected but there was not a lot of wasted space or packaging. The Devine Toy box comes with some promotional material as well as a sample of Afterglow wipes which are made by the same company. One of the flyers is folded in three parts and with some organizational creativity, you see a different message depending on whether or not the flaps are open or closed. The inside of the flyer includes information about Devine products and the back introduces Devine’s “new” Afterglow wipes. Another promotional piece focuses on the Afterglow wipes themselves.

Lockable Sex Toy CaseThe Devine Toy box, as described in the flyer, is 10″ by 5″ by 5″ and made of faux leather. There are 6 style options total, 2 of which are made with lace, including mine. (The other colour listed is purple but I have seen blue so I wonder if it has been discontinued).

The lace parts seem to be sort of pillowy and I suspect have another layer of fabric and foam beneath the fabric which is visible. Black lace is laid over red fabric on the top, back and front panel which folds over and through which a small metal loop is placed to lock this box. When the box is opened, the top does not fall all the way back. Rather, it’s held open with a ribbon sewn into the inside of the box which is line with a red satin material.

The rest of the box (top, bottom, front and sides) and is made of a very nice faux leather. On the bottom of the right side, toward the back, the Devine logo is stamped/etched into the material but this is not overly noticeable nor does it take away from the appearance of the box.

Put it all together and you have a fine looking storage solution for your sex toys. In fact, I was really blown away by the aesthetic appeal of this piece. It was the main reason I wanted it and I certainly wasn’t let down when I gazed at it, face to face. My husband was even impressed and it was immediately obvious that this box would not be shoved under the bed nor tucked in the closet. It’s size and appearance make it perfect to sit atop a bedside table and the lock provides extra security if that’s an issue.

The a padlock and 2 keys Devine provides with this toy box are a polished silvery metal which match the hardware o the box itself. The flyer depicts the Devine logo on the lock but this is not true. This set isn’t exactly an impenetrable force. I was able to pick the lock with 2 paperclips and and the keys are rather generic. The bad news about this is that it means it doesn’t take a lot of effort to break into your toy box. If security is an issue. I would buy a stronger lock (although not all sizes may fit) The good news is, if you lose the keys, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to break into your toy box.

Lockable Sex Toy Case And losing these keys is probably easier than I’d like it to be. Although there are holes in the keys so that they can be slid onto your keyring, they’re rather small. I found it more difficult than usual to slide the tiny key onto my keyring and think a necklace or ball chain might be a better option especially because a smaller key becomes a little hard to use on a ring full of keys.

Lock and keys aside, because I honestly may never use them besides for show, I really enjoy this box. It works perfectly on my nightstand. Now, this isn’t the box you used to store every toy you use nor is it the box you cram as full as you can. No, this is the box you use to display and keep the best of your collection close as hand for those moments both expected and unexpected. It will have a permanent home next to my bed.

In order to easily access all my toys, I do not want to overload the Devine storage box. I have only one layer of items in it, save for a packet of toy wipes which move easily out of the way. I can comfortably fit these items inside the box:

Lockable Sex Toy Case I think this is a fair assortment of toys to always have at hand. If the box were just a tad larger, I’d be able to fit my Miracle Massager in it but I am only a bit disappointed. The Devine toy box will also not fit taller bottles of lube and bigger vibrators and dildos comfortably but this is okay for me. The one reservation I do have, is I’m not sure how sturdy the ribbon which holds the top of the box is and even its existance is a bit sketchy. I am constantly pulling the box open too far because I forgot about the ribbon and I think I could break the ribbon of possibly damage the inside lining. I personally wouldn’t mind if the top of the box went further back so I don’t think the ribbon is necessary.

Whether you need bedside storage for your jewelry, vibrators or favourite book, Devine’s Toy Box is small enough to be unobtrusive, beautiful enough to make you smile, discreet enough to be overlooked and lockable so that you can rest assured your toys are safe. It’s a great storage solution for any toy lover and one I am definitely glad to add to my collection.