Wanna Be Sexy Flirty Body Mist

January 30th, 2012

When I love a product, it gets a lot of use. I have used the Wanna Be Sexy Flirty Body Mist nearly every day since I received it. That is, to say, it kicks ass. Rather than give you a complete run-down — because we all know what body mist is — here’s the pros and cons you should know.


This body mist smells great. Classic Erotica has ditched the previous and, might I add, not very awesome “Seduction” in place of pink cupcake. It’s sweet and reminiscent of vanilla cake batter but pinker due to the berries. The body mist, however, is slightly more vanilla than berry-like. If you’re not a fan of feminine, young, sweet scents, this is not for you.

The smell lasts. When I first opened the bottle, I sprayed the air in front of me and the smell was powerful and long lasting enough to stay with me as I ran to the store. One pump. Pretty impressive form a body spray. Now that I’ve become more accustomed to it, it doesn’t smell quite so strong to me (others probably notice it more) but every time I enter a new room or environment, the smell wafts up to me and delights my nose. For some reason, it’s easy to smell outside!

A little goes a long way. The pump on this bottle creates a finer mist than others. It’s not as wet, which is a plus by itself, but this means that less sprays out at once. Because the spray is long-lasting, this isn’t a problem and it actually means that it one 6-ounce bottle will go further. In fact, even though I’ve used it almost every day and, most days, multiple times, you can barely tell I’ve opened the bottle!

The bottle clearly states that is is paraben-free, sugar-free and sulfate-free. It’s also made in the USA and not tested on animals. These are some pretty cool qualities because sometimes the sensual health and beauty companies don’t give a crap out chemicals that can possibly irritate or dry skin or ethical issues.

It’s affordable. The per-unit price from the vendors on SexToy.com is slightly cheaper than body sprays from Bath and Body Works and there’s even vendors on Amazon selling it for several dollars cheaper. In my opinion, it’s a much better deal.

The overall design is improved. Classic Erotica has updated its product designs as well as its website, I believe. The new label is pink and girly with curly fonts and swirly hearts. It’s much cleaner and, in my opinion, looks better in person than in product images. The spray has been dyed slightly pink, which looks cute.

The bottle comes with a camp that make it more — but not perfectly — travel friendly. The cap can come of, however.

So what’s slightly less than awesome?

  • It smells a little syrupy at first. It passes, though! You only need to deal with it for a few seconds.
  • It doesn’t need to be pink.
  • It doesn’t last forever.
  • Some people won’t like cupcake scents.
  • I don’t believe in pheremones/think they’re overrated but no one’s complained that I smell like a wild animal or anything. Because I love the scent, I feel more attractive and that’s what counts!

Really, though, if you know yourself to like sweet smells like this, give it a try!

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