Why You Should Design Your Own Bondage Accessories

November 4th, 2014

Wearing collars, cuffs or ankle restraints is often an expression of your style and personality if you’re into the bondage scene. Not everyone wants to wear spikes or plain black leather, however; some wearers like different colors or ornaments that reflect their personality or even make a comment about their BDSM relationship.

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with leather or metalworking skills to customize their leather goods. Purchasing these personal accessories generally means taking whatever happens to be in vogue or available, new or used, even if those items don’t necessarily reflect their personal style.

Fortunately, there are other options when it comes to custom leather gear. Many people want personalized gear that they have personally designed.  Traditionally, craftspeople often accepted custom orders like this, but costs can be prohibitive and quality varies widely among merchants. Refunds or replacements are often hard to obtain from craft fair merchants, leaving customers wondering where quality merchandise can be found, if ever.

Merchants specializing in custom orders and guaranteeing professional quality do exist, however. Designing your own restraints using a company like thecollarshop.com gives you the freedom to choose exactly what you want. For example, you can choose from several different widths, colors, materials, linings, decorations and so on for your leather gear. Professional artisans produce exactly what you request and ship it directly to you discreetly.

The company produces a variety of leather goods, including collars, cuffs, leashes and belts. They also offer advice on the various types of items you may need and the appropriate settings for them if you’re new to bondage. The company has beautiful stock accessories for customers not looking for custom work at the moment. Stock pieces make great gifts for your special friend(s).

This post brought to you by a partner with Of Sex and Love who wants to provide you customized yet affordable bondage gear!


The Wand Down Under

October 14th, 2014

Whenever I have to describe the demographic of my blog, I quickly point out that readers come typically from English-speaking countries. Of course, there are plenty of you from the USA and Canada. Hi, folks. I have a number of people who surf in from across the pond. Ello. blokes. And then there are my mates from Australia. I love you all, I do.

But shopping for sex toys isn’t a universal experience, this I know. In my podunk town, I have two stores, no matter how terrible it will be. As an American, I can pretty much get anything shipped from anywhere for bottom-dollar prices. I am spoiled, yes indeed. For example, I’ve tried at least 3 different plug-in wand-style massagers. It doesn’t matter whether or not I like them because the options are there. And this isn’t even including the number of rechargeable wands that are available on the market.

This isn’t so with other countries. Canadians, for example, have more issues when it comes to shipping and tariffs. Man, those are a bummer! But there seem to be a lot more options for shopping in Canada and the UK than there are in Australia. That’s why I’m so happy to write about a new product that some of my readers might never have had a chance to try before.

Y’all know about the original Magic Wand. It’s been reviewed by everyone, including me. But it’s definitely designed for Americans in mind. I know some companies offer similar wand options with plugs for the UK and other European companies, but someone’s finally introduced a similar massager for our friends down under.

The Oz Wand is now available

The Oz Wand is now available in Australia

The Oz Wand Massager is aptly named and looks quite similar to the original Hitachi magic wand and, now, the, Magic Wand Original.. Because neither Hitachi nor Vibratex ever made a  220v-240v model, this means Australians were left in the cold. Aside from the compatible Australian plug, this version has 10 different speeds, which is great if you don’t always need a vibrator that sounds and feels like a jackhammer.

The Oz Wand has a few updates including a removable and washable silicone head and a storage pouch. Currently, there is a G-spot attachment available for internal stimulation with the Oz Wand, and the massager is compatible with attachments made for the Hitachi, so you have more options.

If you’re in Australia, head over to the Oz Wand Massager site to purchase this. You can choose to purchase the vibrator separately or in a bundle with the G-spot attachment. The wand starts at $139.95. Free shipping is available.

I expect that you’ll start to see them in local stores, too, as the folks at Oz Wand spread the word to retailers.

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Enhance Your Package with Pleasure Products

October 6th, 2014

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When You Want to Get the Most Out of Your Balls
If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to get your balls to hang lower, or you just want to really enjoy every minute of being a man, you won’t believe what ball weights and cock rings can do for you. That additional weight on your precious package can really heighten your sensitivity, opening the door to a whole new world of tantalizing sensation. You’ll be ready to jump right in when it comes to sexual attraction. Don’t be surprised if you are able to rise to the occasion faster and endure longer when you add weights to the mix. You’ll also enhance your cock and balls, adding length. Over time, you could see improvements in girth as well. When it comes to really getting pleasure out of your own body, explore how ball weights, cock rings, and more can really change your life. You’ll find yourself giving more pleasure to your partner as well. It’s a win-win all around.


Labor Day Sales

September 1st, 2014

It’s a rainy Labor Day. Not so good for grillin’ out. Just fine for staying inside and playing, whether you’re alone or not. Perhaps shopping. Lucky thing I’ve compiled this handy list of Labor Day Sales.

I’ll add a couple more sales over the course of the day, so keep your eyes open!



My Favorite Red, White and Blue Sex Toys

July 2nd, 2014

I’m not much for celebrating our country’s Independence Day. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with firing up the grill or throwing last year’s husk of a Christmas tree into a bonfire to blaze gloriously for all of 30 seconds as your face melts off. And who doesn’t enjoy fireworks? I like the activities, but I just don’t feel the season.

To each her own, eh?

Anyway, I thought it would be fun if I let you guyos in on my favorite toys boasting the patriotic colors of the American (and plenty of other countries’) flags.


  • Lelo’s Siri was my go-to clitoral vibe for years. I still use it; although, not as frequently. PinkCherry sells it for less than $90 and if you use the code “Goal” (no idea when it ends), it’s $66.82.
  • Another red toy from Lelo is the Mona. There’s a second version available, too. It’s more powerful and have a slightly different shape, but I wouldn’t opt for it unless you could find it at a good price. SheVibe, for example, sells the Mona 2 for $130. You can also buy it from the Of Sex and Love store for $111.20 using code MONA2.


  • I’m pretty sure Jimmyjane no longer makes any other Contour massage stones, which is a bummer. These are way nicer than the cheap plastic massagers you get around Christmas time. I actually haven’t used my Contour M in years, but it’s such a nice piece. And it’s rather affordable. Check it out from SheVibe for less than $23.
  • There’s only ever been one Tantus toy that I love: the Faerie. And I think I love it because of the pearlescent white shimmer. I didn’t even get the white version, but I can’t complain. Unfortunately, I don’t think you can buy it from most places, anymore. Tantus no longer makes it. Bummer. But you can check Trystology, which lists it as available. Good luck!


There are more awesome blue sex toys in my night stand than there seem to be any other color. In no particualar order, I love these:

  • Jimmyjane Form 6 G3. I don’t know why more people aren’t shouting their love for this sleek, rechargeable and powerful vibrator. Get it for $131 from PinkCherry with code goal. Right now, you’ll also get a free We-Vibe Thrill if you spend $99 or more!
  • I really like the Ceramix line and Number 4 is the first I’ve been able to try. It’s blue and white. It’s lightweight, but it’s also good for temperature play.  Ceramix #4 is $33.74 from PinkCherry with a 20% off coupon code!
  • Now, I didn’t get my Lelo Ora in blue, but the blue one is pretty much the perfect shade to celebrate your country. Pretend I made some horrible analogy about fireworks and masturbate. Okay, you don’t have to. My point is, however, that it’s the perfect shade of blue and does the oral stimulation simulation thing better than anything I’ve tried. You’ve got a couple shopping options, too: Good Vibes ($135.20 with code tristan), PinkCherry ($114.74 with code goal) or the Of Sex and Love Store for the same price as Good Vibes with code Mona2.

So what are your favorite red white and blue items?


Mother’s Day and Spring Coupons!

May 10th, 2014

I don’t usually post coupons and sales, but there are a lot of awesome spring and Mother’s Day sales floating around the Web. It’s a little late to get something to your door for Mom tomorrow, but you can treat her — or yourself — for no particular reason.

Get 20% off site-wide at Good Vibes for Mother’s Day weekend.
Good Vibes Spring Sale


Adam and Eve’s spring sale offers a whopping $20 of a qualifying $60 purchase with code EEANSPNG

Adam & Eve 728x20


Readers over the pond can stop by Simply Pleasure and use cod Spring20 to save on $40 purchases or Spring10 to save on $25 orders. Make sure to check out their sale page, which includes toys like the Ceramix No 4 and the Gigi 2.

Simply Pleasure


I’ve create a coupon for Store.OfSexandLove.com, too. It’ll expire on Monday, but if you enter MOMSDAY2014 into the promo code spot, you’ll save $20 with no minimum! Check out their other spring sales, too!

Spring Savings at Store.ofSexandlove.com

While SheVibe has no specific Mother’s Day sales, they do have a bunch of awesome sales going on:

Plus, SheVibe and Tantus just released the Bound dildo. It’s super awesome!

Bound dildo from Tantus and SheVibe

Bound dildo from Tantus and SheVibe

Happy shopping!

Links contain affiliate codes and I will make a small commission when you click them.


Save Big at Lovehoney

March 20th, 2014

Lovehoney’s spring sale is currently going on. Not only can you save $15 on $70 — no code needed — but there are some awesome toys available.

Ceramix No. 6

Ceramix No. 6

1. Ceramix No. 6

It’s like the Ceramix dildo that I reviewed, but stripey-er. The ridges are interesting, and you’d likely enjoy it if you don’t need a lot of curve for G-spot stimulation. It could also be use anally and with a harness. Yay!

2. The Mute Swan

Rechargeable. Silicone. Curved. I haven’t tried the Mute Swan, but the toy looks elegant and luxurious. It’s also 26% off right now.

3.  Embrace Bunny Wand 

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on an Embrace toy for a while. This new, USB rechargeable line comes to you form California Exotics, and it looks pretty nice. The bunny has a filling shaft and long ears.

Ceramix No.1

Ceramix No.1

4. Ceramix No.1

Sexy purple mushroom straight out of Wonderland? I think so! It’s been a long time since I’ve done anal play. Maybe I should change it up with this plug. At $20 on sale, this is the cheapest you’ll find the plug, too!

5. Lovelife Dream

I like Cuddle, the g-spot vibe in this line,  but that’s not on sale right now. However, Dream is a cute little vibrator with a price of just $54. The shafter is straighter so it’s good for general internal and external stimulation.

Out of everything on Lovehoney’s sale page,  what would you get?