Sugar Sak XL

April 11th, 2009

The Sugar Sak which is distributed by the Sugar & Spice Boutique is definitely a sweet treat when it comes to storing your sex toys. Billed as a “sexy designer toy bag,” I must agree. My extra large (Maxx) Sugar Sak came a very bright pink satin and while I know a lot of folks are sick of all the sexy toys and accessories in pink, it matches my bathrobe perfectly. LOL Different retailers also sell red and black satin Sugar Saks in a range of sizes from Small to Extra Large, like mine, which is only available in the pink. You could easily carry this with you to a party or a date and it would look stylish. The inside is also lined with a cute black and white spotted “cow” type print.

The bags cinch with black ribbon and a cute, faceted, black plastic bead. At first, I must admit, I didn’t think the beads would do the trick because they don’t “lock” into place but they do seem to hold well. The strings are also loops which make for a handle to hold or you could tie them around the opening of the bag for extra security, instead. I don’t plan to put too many or too heavy toys into my Sugar Sack and use the ribbon to carry just because it is only plain ribbon.

And while sex toy storage is nothing new, there is something very unique about the Sugar Saks, which come folder neatly in in square, Ziploc type bag: Bioshield 75. The package describes this technology as “an invisible, exclusive patented EPA approved coating that inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew, years and viruses” which is good up to 50 washes. This is made of win! No one wants any of those microscopic intruders on their sex toys. I particularly like the idea because I don’t like to wash my toys before and after. If I can wash once (after) and keep them stored with the assurance that nothing can touch then in my Sugar Sak, then I’m happy. Plus, the Sugar Sak won’t deposit any lint on your toys and protects them from any flee floating particles like lint and dust. Furthermore, I expected the inside of the bag to feel a bit like plastic but you can’t tell at all. This is definitely a great device – so much better than Ziploc bags!

So it protects your toys and you can take is almost anywhere in style but how much does it hold? Admittedly, I looked at my Sugar Sak, saw that it was only 9.5″ x 13.5″ and thought “That’s it?” Yet, it has proven to hold quite a few toys I was able to round up all the loose toys in my nightstand as well as a few from the “Meh” box (you know, the ones I don’t really love) and stuff them in there. It was a little tight and I will keep markedly fewer toys in it on a daily basis but I was impressed. It would be easier to fill this bag if it has a flat bottom though.

The list of toys and accessories I fit into my XL Sugar Sak includes:

Now, all of the toys in the main part, except for the Wild G, are hard plastic so I know there won’t be any sort of reaction but it’s something to make note of when storing your toys. What’s nice is there is another little pocket inside with a velcro closure where you can store something which might have a possible reaction or smaller things that you don’t want to become lost (cock rings, batteries, little lube bottles/packets, jewelry, clamps, wireless toys/controllers so on and so forth). It’s about 7″ in length and 5 1/2″ in width so while it probably won’t fit any rabbit vibes, you could fit smaller vibrators or dildos in it. I placed my silicone plug in there just in case it wouldn’t do well with the TPR Silicone rabbit.

As I wrap up this review, I’d like to say the Sugar Sak seems like a great bag for storage at home or while on the go. Th quality seems decent; the sewing was good when I flipped the bag inside out to measure to inner pocket; although, there was one loose string on the outside bottom. I think it’s overall a quality product which is easy to use, fits a surprising number of toys, is cute and will keep my toys nice and clean.

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