System Jo H2O

January 26th, 2009

System Jo H2O is a quality water based lubricant which aims to mimic the slickness of silicone based lubricant while remaining odorless, tasteless and tack-free. In these pursuits, I think System Jo H20 has performed admirably.

Packaged in a clear bottle with a fairly minimal silver and blue design, System Jo H2O comes off a bit futuristic to me. It’s not entirely discreet nor does it scream “lube.” A person would likely be able to determine just what this bottle contains by its general shape but it’s not so gaudy that it would be necessarily embarrassing to have out. Complete with the narrow, push-top style cap, as opposed to the flip top styles of many lubes, I find using this lube less messy. The cap style also helps to control how much lube is dispensed and I feel it’s very secure when closed; flip tops tend to leak if a bottle should tip. However, it’s not as easy to use as a pump.

When it comes down to it, System Jo H2O is a very good water based lube. It’s not as thick as some I’ve used, like ID Glide, so it may not be great for anal sex (System Jo does have an anal lube as well). However, it is very slippery and feels more like silicone lube. Despite being a bit thin, I’ve had great experiences with it so far. It’s all I’ve used when inserting my rather well endowed Passion Wave Stimulator which has a circumference of 5 1/4″. This is definitely bigger than any other toy or penis I play with so I feel extremely confident than System Jo H2O will meet all my needs.

Although my sessions with the Passion Wave tend to be quick, they are hard and heavy with many quick thrusts. This lube has worked wonderfully. I have not had to reapply any time I have previously used it. Furthermore, application doesn’t leave my hands sticky and goopy. This is one lube which comes through on its promises that it will not be tacky. For review purposes, I applied lube to my palm and rubbed my hands together quickly until the lube wore away. While it did not absorb completely – my hands felt slick, still – it did not become dry, clumpy or uncomfortable. I would recommend washing away any excess lube or the remains of the lube after play (soap and water will do the trick).

I have no experienced any negative results with System Jo H2O. It has been odorless and tasteless, as advertised. Although there is no ingredient list on the bottle except for Vitamin E (or on the website, it seems) I have had no bad reactions.

System JO H2O has proven to be a slippery lubricant which rises above other water based lubes. It contains no oils or silicone, making it perfect for play with toys or partners and it’s completely safe for use with latex condoms. The System Jo line of lubricants includes warming and anal lubes as well. Based on the high performance of System Jo H2O, I would likely consider System Jo over other lubricants if I were shopping and I will probably stick to System JO H2O when it comes to water based lubes..

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