If we cum together, would you like me better?

July 24th, 2008

Sex on an air mattress is different. There wass a certain fluidity to our movements. By design of the air mattress alone, my hips were positioned differently, coming up to meet his in a way that was similar but not quite the same as the way our hips met on a regular mattress.

The pressure of the mattress helped me to thrust upward easier, allowing me to do more of the work than I usually would while in missionary.

And thrust up I did, as my fingers pressed and rubbed my clit and pelvic bone. At first I thought I wouldn’t cum, as aroused as I was from his wonderful oral manipulations on my clit beforehand, but then I felt it building as I thrust up and again, fucking him in a way I normally couldn’t, in a way that brought more pleasure to us both.

He moaned then, saying he was going to cum, his way of indicating we would need to slow down if I wanted this to last longer. But I didn’t. I wanted to cum and if it was going to cause him to do the same so be it.

He moaned as he came, spilling hit warm seed inside of me in shocking amounts. I was too busy to notice as I came myself, fingers around my clit. I felt the contractions of my pussy, skin twitching involuntarily from my orgasm.

It was then I noticed how wet I was from his cum. Or was it mine? It didn’t matter. We had cum together, our bodies giving the other pleasure in such a natural, simultaneous way as we had never experienced before.

I quite think I do like this way better.