Discover G-Spot Gel

November 12th, 2009

I previously reviewed a G-spot gel which was made by a company associated with Intimate Organics. However, this product was only available as a sample (as far as I can tell) and while I liked it, I couldn’t get my hands on more. Plus, who wants to go thruogh a dozen sample packets? Not I, says the sex toy reviewer. So I decided to see if IO’s Discover G-Spot Gel was comparable to the product I already tried and – good news (for me, at least) – it is!

Discover G-spot gel comes in a tiny 1 FL ounce tube which isn’t much bigger than some lip gloss tubes. The tube looks much bigger than it is on every site I’ve seen it for sale so.. just a heads up there. The tube is labeled with the typical, sensual abdomen image like all Intimate Organics products and is dominated by orange hues. Inside the tube is a creamy, translucent gel meant to stimulate and arouse the G-spot. It has done so, without fail, every time I’ve used it.

Ignoring the directions which say to apply a pea sized amount (because, let’s face it, who actually reads those?), I dab some on my finger and apply it to my G-spot. I would advise holding the tube upside down and squeezing from the bottom, lest you wind up with product all over your hands/linens/nightstand/cat. I would also advise holding open the labia or having someone else do it. I frequently have to apply twice after missing the first time. 😉

But missing does give some insight into how this product works. It leaves a cooling feeling just about anywhere but on the G-spot, that feeling is multiplied exponentially. It’s pretty dramatic and some may not like it. It increases with stimulation as the package advises. Fingers or even a cock help the sensation grow but it really doesn’t affect the rest of the vagina.

I like that it highlights just where my G-spot is and my husband has even been able to feel the swell which makes this awesome for partner play. It’s like a neon Vegas sign: Pull Over, G-spot Here! Of course, I can feel it filling up and know I’ll be able to squirt. Then I do, once, twice maybe even more times. I’ve usually got some left over and empty my urethra after playtime is done, too. I cannot say for sure, but I think Discover G-spot gel has made it much easier to squirt during sex. When I first started squirting, I wanted to but couldn’t. Performance anxiety and lack of experience were not my friends but practice and this gel have me able to do it with much less effort.

Quite honestly, I wouldn’t give a damn if this product contained mercury; I am that impressed with the results. but it doesn’t. Like all Intimate Organics products, Discover G-spot Gel is paraben, DEA and glycerine free. It contains “a blend of certified organic extracts, peppermint oil blended with L-Arginine” so there’s a slightly minty smell which is stronger than the Clitoral Stimulating Gel I have by them but isn’t really offensive. Some folks are not bigs fans of L-Argenine but after the success I’ve had with IO’s Discover G-spot Gel, I am not going to complain.

Well, I might complain that the tubes need smaller holes but, other than that? No complaints here. Discover G-spot Gel is great for anyone looking to locate, continue experimentation with, introduce a partner to, learn how to squirt with or otherwise involve the G-spot during play.


Intimate Organics Hydra Water Based Lubricant

September 14th, 2009

No one could argue that Intimate Organics went wrong when naming their water based formula. In fact, I can think of no product that is more aptly based than Hydra. Plus, it gets cool points for being a mythical monster. But Hydra’s name is not the only remarkable characteristic about it so, listen up!

Hydra is absolutely, without competition, and I mean no-other-water-based-lube-even-comes-close the slickest water based lubricant I have ever used. It is so very slick that even though I knew it was waterbased and I knew its name, I still checked the bottle after first use to make sure it wasn’t silicone based so I wouldn’t accidentally, you know, ruin my toys. Yep, you read that right: it’s water based and incredibly slick and silky. And it’s not just my opinion, either. My husband, who usually thinks “Lube is lube” really enjoys this one because of its texture. So if slick is your thing and maybe you usually prefer silicone lubes, you might give Hydra a try.

However, Hydra is rather thin and I do find myself always squirting out more from the push-top bottle than I intend to. Unless you prefer thinner lubes for anal sex, I’d skip Hydra for a thicker lube (like Maximus) for back door play.

Or if you like lubes that dry so completely that you don’t even feel the need to wash your hands, you might also give Hydra a try. After rubbing some my fingers dry of excess lube, I didn’t feel tacky or gummy whatsoever. There was literally no residual lube like their frequently is.

But wait, there’s more!

If you like your lbues animal friendly, completely vegan and without harmful ingredients like parabens, glycerine or DEA, Hydra might just be perfect for you. Like other Intimate Organic products, the ocmpany has been careful to use naturally devised ingredients rather than so many chemical ones which makes Hydra a good solution for those folks who have lube sensitivities. I usually don’t and, if you recall, the only other hypoallergenic I lube caused sensitivity (ironic, isn’t it?). I had no issues with sensitivity with Hydra.

Is there a catch? I’m glad you asked. Unfortunately there is. While I enjoyed the feeling of Hydra right out of the bottle and at the end, there was some less than desirable effects in the middle of play. Hydra tends to be sticky as is dries (but, obviously, that fades when it’s dry) which requires reapplication of lube or the addition of water more than other lubes. This wasn’t a problem for vaginal sex as I usually only need a little lube to get going, if my husband hasn’t gone down on me. Past the initial penetration, I pretty quickly produce my own lube.

However, I noticed the stickiness much more when it came to clit stimulation. The hard and fast movements were really impeded by the stickiness of Hydra. I’m certain that adding a bit more lube would’ve freshened it right up but, to be honest, I don’t like to do that. I’m a one application of lube type of girl, I guess. Of course, I did apply the lube a few minutes before heading clit-side so it had time to dry. When I applied lube to a toy and used it right away, there was less sticky. All I can offer is a warning: If you want to avoid the stickiness of Hydra while it dries, be prepared to reapply fairly frequently or do have sex in an airless environment.

Not everyone minds reapplying lube, though, and if you’re one of those and the rest of Hydra’s properties sound appealing, I would whole heartedly recommend it. It’s very uncommon for my husband to like a lube as much as he liked this one and I’m fond of its slickness as well. I was really surprised that Hydra is as silky as it is, just your run-of-the-mill lube; it may be the inclusion of aloe that does it. I usually like my lube a little thicker (like ID Glide) but Hydra definitely feels great in the beginning and isn’t messy at the end. This has been my second positive experience with Intimate Organics products and, despite the fact that I don’t care a lot about organic products, the quality I’ve seen thus far really has me intrigued.



Sex Tarts Tangy Lube Sampler Set

September 10th, 2009

When it comes to flavoured lubes, Sex Tarts is a pretty common/popular brand and is readily available so I thought it would make a good brand to review for TabuToys. I decided on the Tangy Lube Sampler set for a couple of reasons, mostly because I wanted to try more than one flavour but also to have a back up just in case I didn’t like what I tasted.

This set includes 1 2 fl. ounce flip top, squeeze tube each of Green Apple Fizz, Strawberry Punch and Cherry Pop lubes – all of which are flavours I generally like. The tubes are bright green, a medium orangey red and a dark pinkish red, respectively. In the event that you are not down with size, these are much bigger than sample packets and “sampler set” might actually be a bit misleading unless you drink flavoured lube for breakfast. There’s really a fair amount of product in this set; there’s also more than enough plastic. The 3 bottles are packed in a plastic container as well and it’s really big. Upon opening the package it came in, I really thought it was wasteful both in space and materials.

Packaging aside, I gave each lube a taste/smell test. Immediately, Cherry Pop smelled most true to life, with Strawberry Punch Coming in second. The Green Apple Fuzz didn’t have much of a scent at all, maybe a sort of generic sweet scent. I found the same to be true about taste. Cherry Pop came in first being the most true to life. Strawberry Punch had a very strong, sweet and tangy flavour but tasted more like strawberry flavouring than the actual fruit. Green Apple Fizz came up short, being generically sweet and rather unlike anything apple. My husband and I both noticed that the tastes and smells seemed to be covering up something else. I thought it was sort of Nutrisweet-y but he thought it was more reminiscent of lube or even plastic. In his words, no matter how much the tastes covered it up “It’s still lube”.

Lucky for him, I seem to have less of an aversion to it and was more than happy to glob some on his cock for the sake of review. While I enjoy giving him pleasure, oral sex is generally pretty uncomfortable for me physically. I don’t need lube for oral sex – although some folks with dryer mouths might – but figured flavoured lube might distract me from my discomfort. I was sort of right.

For starters, this water based lube was pretty damned thin and came squirting out of the tube like it has a mission. I wound up with way more in my hand than I meant and forgot I had tissues on the nightstand so wound up wiping it all over my husband’s thigh. 😉 A smaller hole would easily fix that, however. I also noticed how sticky it was immediately. My hair was constantly sticking to my mouth or his cock and, while it can sometimes be a nuisance, it was generally moreso because of the lube. It was also quite sticky for giving oral sex and impeded my efforts a bit. I guess it’s a good thing that it was quickly whisked away by my tongue and mouth, allowing for my saliva to create a better environment. On the other hand, if you want long lasting taste, this is not the product.

I am glad to report, however, that Sex Tarts lube does a good job of masking the smell and taste of ejaculate (as long as there’s still some left). If you’re not a big fan of either characteristic of a certain man seed, this might making giving oral easier for you.

Though, the taste was better on him than straight from the bottle. I did enjoy licking it up and it did make it a bit more fun. I felt more eager than I sometimes am to give head. But this was easily negated by the stickiness of the Sex Tarts lube.

Although you could technically use this lube for penetrative sex and it is latex safe, I wouldn’t. Even if you love sticky lubes (but, really, who does?), Sex Tarts does contain parabens and glycerin which can be problematic for some vaginas. Interestingly enough, the Cherry Pop and Green Apple lubes have a little “sugar free” labels on them. I’m not sure if this means Strawberry Punch does contain sugar because the ingredients are nearly the same for all 3 bottles.

They all contain:

  • Water
  • Glycerin
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Sucralose
  • Flavor
  • Methylparaben
  • Propylparaben
  • Diazolidinyl Urea

Cherry Pop and Green Apple also contain Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose and Citric Acid, while The Strawberry Punch is the only lube which has Cellulose Gum- which I guess is the sugar. This definitely isn’t a lube for vaginal use for anyone who is sensitive to any of those ingredients and I honestly wouldn’t really want to use it clitorally, either.

Ultimately, I wasn’t thrilled with the Sex Tarts Tangy Lube Sampler Set. Although it isn’t the worst product I’ve ever tried, it wouldn’t hurt if it tastes a bit better, wasn’t so sticky, didn’t gush from the tube and had more body friendly materials. While I might recommend the sampler for someone as a starting point, I will probably be looking for better flavoured lube next time.

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ID Moments

June 25th, 2009

I’m a big fan of ID Glide. It’s my go-to lube and it’s versatile because it’s water-based so when I got my last package from, I was surprised to see a little 2.7 oz bottle of lube by the same company. Moments seems to be ID’s take on a hypoallergenic water-based lube for folks with sensitive skin by removing ingredients like paraben and glycerin and, while I’ve never had many issues with sensitivities to lube, it seemed like a nice addition. Somewhat ironically, ID Moments is one of only two lubes which has caused irritation to my skin.

However, let me describe the specs of this product before going into use. ID Moments comes in ID’s typical round, flip top bottle with the top and labels in a deep shade of pink. Because it’s water-based, it can be used for any activity or with any material and easily washes off with water (so wet activities might not be the best use). While it has no glycerine or parabens, it does have nearly a dozen other ingredients. The bottle was also sealed (beneath the top).

The very first thing I noticed – I mean how cold you miss it? – was the atrocious scent of this lube. It does seem like I’m the only one whose nose was offended by this, though; some people even seemed to really like it. The smell originally reminded me of something which had fermented, in a bad way. In fact, I checked the expiration date (it was fine) because I was sure no company would intentionally make a product smell like this. Furthermore, I could find no mention of this product having a fragrance so I checked ID’s website and it says it is fragrance free. It’s right there on the front page. Even if my preference for certain smells is unique, I would be very disappointed in this lube if I bought it believing it was fragrance free. I am happy to note that the smell seems to have eased up and now I interpret it more as a very, very sour fruity smell – like the scent equivalent of a Warhead (which I hate LOL).

I did a quick taste test and ID Moments has a slight sour/fruity taste as well. I also wanted to check out thickness. ID Moments is not the thinnest lube around but it’s not as thick as ID Glide which is a con for me; I like my lubes thicker because I don’t like to deal with the mess. On the other hand, ID Moments is rather silky and rubs into the skin without becoming sticky at all.

But I can’t say how it works internally because I was too busy wondering why my genitals were burning to notice. I have double and triple checked and can’t find any mention of this being a warming lube so the logical assumption here is that ID Moments and my girl parts just do not mix. It’s just kind of funny that the girl who has only been allergic to 2 things in her entire life would be irritated by hypoallergenic lube, right?

I wanted to be really thorough so I used the lube 3 times, each time with a different toy just in case it was toy material and not the lube causing the problem. It was the lube. Luckily, I never used a ton of lube (I don’t normally) and the sensation quickly went away as soon as I stopped my activities.

I know that mine might be the only experience which goes badly but I’d rather err on the side of caution and just not recommend this lube to anyone. With that said, PinkCherry also carries Wet Naturals Beautifully Bare, a lube which is also paraben and glycerin free which I have used to much success.



June 15th, 2009

Babegloss is the first product I’ve had a chance to own out of Babeland’s own line of products. I have to admit, I think the idea of lip gloss which is also lube is pretty damned sneaky and naughty in all the right ways. I was hesitant to try the Pomegranate as I recently had a bad experience with something claiming to be that scent.

Lucky for me, Babeland seems to be pretty smart about their scents. This lipgloss smells great (at least at first). I don’t know if it’s true to the scent of the actual fruit but it’s fruity in general and very pleasant. Unfortunately, the lip gloss is not also flavoured and I think that is almost necessary for an awesome lipgloss. It doesn’t really have much of a flavour at all. Another downside is that the smell fades very quickly. Very. Within a matter of minutes, the smell is gone. I don’t really want to have to reapply that often.

Still, it works pretty nicely as a lipgloss. It comes in in a hefty glass tube so it’s a little heavier than some glosses. My scent is a glittery, translucent pink which leaves my lips shining and shimmery but doesn’t add a lot of colour. It rolls on with a ball applicator which has never become stuck and works really well. It’s much less stickier than other actual lipglosses I have used, perhaps due to its lube properties.

I’m a bit perplexed why Babeland didn’t make the label a bit more discreet, however. There is a clear sticker wrapped about the tube which describes it as “sensual lip lube”. The Babeland logo is on there a couple times along with the phrase “Sex toys for a passionate world” and the URL, too. This is definitely something to keep away from prying eyes which I think could prove to be difficult. I leave my chapstick sitting right on my keyboard and share lip products from time to time; basically, I don’t ever think about safeguarding those types of items. Of course, I could just peel off the label (actually, it’s been trying to come off since I opened the box), but I think it’s kinda pretty.

The lipgloss doesn’t absorb, really, which also makes it good for a lube. It feels rather slippery and waxy (which makes sense because beeswax is one of the 5 ingredients listed) and remains that way for a while – definitely longer than the scent. My lips glide easily over eachother. It’s not heavy duty lube so you shouldn’t be trying to shove your mouth in someone’s ass (why would you, anyway?) nor can you really apply a generous amount but it seems perfect for a little oral lovin’. If you require a lot of lube for giving head, then this may not be ideal but I usually don’t any so this would just make it that much sweeter (well, not literally).

Really, I love that it’s a naughty surprise in such a common item. No one has to know that spreading this gloss on my lips really means “I want to suck your cock” unless, of course, I tell them. It certainly could be used to send a naughty message to your lover from across the room, before slipping off to a dark corner to do the deed. It’s kind of mentally arousing to have that little secret.

Babegloss is definitely a secret we all should have, in my opinion. It’s a genius little idea and, from the reviews, it seems like I’m not the only one who thinks so. I will tell you that I’d love to have the Orange Dreamscicle scent as well but it’s currently out of stock. Must be because everyone likes it so much, huh?



Intimate Organics Intense Clitoral Stimulating Gel

June 2nd, 2009

I’m sorry for not posting sooner. I’ve just been burned out lately but I’d like to get reviews up this week of all the products I currently have so I can dedicated time to everything I’m waiting on in the mail, instead of things I’ve already tried.

Anyway, tonight’s review is actually a positive one about Intimate Organics Intense Clitoral Stimulating Gel which TabuToys was gracious enough to provide me. If you remember, I purchased some Adam&Eve clit sensitizing gel about this time last year and wasn’t really impressed. However, the second time around has proved to be more effective, as it well should with any product which claims to be “intense”.

Intimate Orgcanics is a name which is getting more press these days. I’m not sure if it’s just new or if retailers are starting to carry its products – most of which are sensual – or if people are gravitating to these “pure vegan” products but my first foray has been pretty rewarding. My tube of stimulation gel comes in a small box. The packaging features splashes of green and deep pink on a monotone background and looks very classy overall. Both the tube and box feature a sensual image of a woman’s abdomen but there’s nothing explicitly shown.

Intimate Organic’s advertises the use of “certified organics” in this (and, I believe, all of their) products. The intense stimulating gel contains “organic extracts, .. natural damiana, L-Argenine and L-orthinnine to increase blood flow to the clitoris” but it contains no menthol. If you’re conscientious about ingredients, this gel has no DEA or parabens. I really don’t care either way but I might choose this over a similar product if neither stood out in any other way. I do know that my last product also had L-Argenine and Christina, from TabuToys, commented about the ingredient. So heads up:

Your readers may also want to know that L-Arginine containing products can trigger outbreaks in users with genital herpes.

Another ingredient listed is peppermint oil. This does give it a slightly peppermint scent and, had I known this, I wouldn’t have accepted it to review because I have such an aversion to anything minty. However, it’s not a strong minty smell and I almost like it.

If you’re using IO’s Intense clitoral gel, you can also use latex condoms and it’s also safe to ingest but I wouldn’t say it’s meant to be edible. I dabbed a bit on my arm and gave it a lick. It does have a slightly sweet/spicy taste that is reminiscent of the peppermint but is not exactly minty. It’s a very light taste anyway and you might not even notice it.

However, I did notice a tingling affect on both my arm and tongue after about a minute. It works! It was definitely noticeable without being painful which some stimulating products can be. Now, I’m not especially sensitive to these products so others may experience a more profound affect. Furthermore, if you are sensitive, Intimate Organics makes a Mild Stimulating Gel (which TabuToys does not yet carry).

I found the effect on my clit to be more or less noticeable depending on how much product I used. I would definitely caution that this clear liquid is very thin and it’s easy to get a whole dollop when you want just a drop. I would also recommend using the tube upside down because unscrewing it with the cap-side-down will result in the gel dripping all over the place. It wouldn’t hurt to be careful to not squeeze the tube, either.

When using more product, I could definitely feel the tingling sense but it wasn’t pleasurable or uncomfortable. I simply felt like the gel was working. If I applied after I had already been playing, it seemed to mute the effect a bit and if I was using a vibe or other sex toys, it was also a little harder to hone in on the sensations by the gel.

The big test, of course, is not just if I can feel it but if it has an effect on my orgasms. Reluctantly, I must say it seems like Intimate Organics Intense Clit Stimulating Gel does work. Every time I used it, I experienced either easier, faster or better orgasms – sometimes a combination. Of course, it could be due to other factors like my mood or the atmosphere or maybe it’s just due to the placebo effect but I think the solution is much easier: it works.

So, I won’t mind applying a little dab of this gel on my clit pre-masturbation or coitus but I probably wouldn’t use it during oral because it does have that tingly effect on tongues (I can still feel it after applying it when I started writing this review) and it’s a bit annoying. I’m sure my husband wouldn’t appreciate that.

I do wish it were a bit thicker because it can easily spill and it’s hard to control just how much product comes out of the tube. I think this may mean the tube is used up sooner than it would be but it’s definitely a bigger tube than my other clit sensitizer at 30ml. For reference, it’s definitely bigger than, say, a tube of lip gloss. I have a tube of Benadryl cream which is about the same size but I would be hesitant to estimate how many uses I could get. Your mileage may vary. 😉

So I will leave you with this. Intimate Organics has produced a clitoral gel which defnitely seems to be intense. I can feel it working and while I would like a thicker formula, I would recommend this Clitoral Stimulating Gel to others and likely buy it again for myself because it does have a noticeable effect on my orgasms.


System Jo H2O

January 26th, 2009

System Jo H2O is a quality water based lubricant which aims to mimic the slickness of silicone based lubricant while remaining odorless, tasteless and tack-free. In these pursuits, I think System Jo H20 has performed admirably.

Packaged in a clear bottle with a fairly minimal silver and blue design, System Jo H2O comes off a bit futuristic to me. It’s not entirely discreet nor does it scream “lube.” A person would likely be able to determine just what this bottle contains by its general shape but it’s not so gaudy that it would be necessarily embarrassing to have out. Complete with the narrow, push-top style cap, as opposed to the flip top styles of many lubes, I find using this lube less messy. The cap style also helps to control how much lube is dispensed and I feel it’s very secure when closed; flip tops tend to leak if a bottle should tip. However, it’s not as easy to use as a pump.

When it comes down to it, System Jo H2O is a very good water based lube. It’s not as thick as some I’ve used, like ID Glide, so it may not be great for anal sex (System Jo does have an anal lube as well). However, it is very slippery and feels more like silicone lube. Despite being a bit thin, I’ve had great experiences with it so far. It’s all I’ve used when inserting my rather well endowed Passion Wave Stimulator which has a circumference of 5 1/4″. This is definitely bigger than any other toy or penis I play with so I feel extremely confident than System Jo H2O will meet all my needs.

Although my sessions with the Passion Wave tend to be quick, they are hard and heavy with many quick thrusts. This lube has worked wonderfully. I have not had to reapply any time I have previously used it. Furthermore, application doesn’t leave my hands sticky and goopy. This is one lube which comes through on its promises that it will not be tacky. For review purposes, I applied lube to my palm and rubbed my hands together quickly until the lube wore away. While it did not absorb completely – my hands felt slick, still – it did not become dry, clumpy or uncomfortable. I would recommend washing away any excess lube or the remains of the lube after play (soap and water will do the trick).

I have no experienced any negative results with System Jo H2O. It has been odorless and tasteless, as advertised. Although there is no ingredient list on the bottle except for Vitamin E (or on the website, it seems) I have had no bad reactions.

System JO H2O has proven to be a slippery lubricant which rises above other water based lubes. It contains no oils or silicone, making it perfect for play with toys or partners and it’s completely safe for use with latex condoms. The System Jo line of lubricants includes warming and anal lubes as well. Based on the high performance of System Jo H2O, I would likely consider System Jo over other lubricants if I were shopping and I will probably stick to System JO H2O when it comes to water based lubes..