Nexus G-Play Trio

June 20th, 2010

The G-Play set from Nexus is a great combination of silicone P- or G-spot stimulators. Ranging in size, these silicone vibrators are suitable for anal beginners as well as more experience aficionados. Like most Nexus products, the G-play set can also be used vaginally.

This isn’t my first experience with a Nexus product. There was Chloe, which bombed horribly, and the G-Rider, a similarly crafted vibrator. I wasn’t in love with that piece because I was looking for a vaginal/G-spot toy and it may have been a better anal fit. My expectations with the G-play trio were a bit more on target.

The first thing I noticed about this set is the little “touch me” circle of silicone on the box. I’ve seen that on a lot of cyberskin pussies and similar toys but never for silicone. It’s a great idea and really makes me impress with the amount of detail Nexus puts into their toys.

The 3 pieces in the set are obviously graduated in size. The smallest vibrator (light purple), which is only available in this set, is only a little larger than a pinky finger at 2.72″ long and .23″ wide. It’s unassuming, even if you’re a nervous beginner. I’m not exactly a beginner but my forays into anal play have been few and far between these recent years.

The medium sized (red) piece is about twice the size at 3.32″ in length and a diameter of .43″. The large piece tops off the set with a length of 3.64″ and a diameter of .51″. Note that these pieces are more ovular than they are round so while the largest vibe may look as “wide” as a penis, it’s not as girthy as one.

Each of these vibrstors is powered by a single battery–which Nexus includes. G-play small requires one AAAA while the medium and large use AAAs. Don’t expect too much from the vibrations, however. The small and medium G-plays are single speed, continuous vibrations of the buzzy sort while the large has 5 settings. The vibrators are easy enough to work, with a single push button. It’s mostly flush with the base, though, so it could become a little hard to find with lube in the picture.

And you should probably use a quality water-based lube because the anus is not self-lubricating. The velvety silicone doesn’t offer an extreme amount of drag but it’s not quite as slick as smooth plastic, either. Nexus designed the G-Play trio with a flat, narrow base. It’s not like most anal plugs that flare out, but the base is larger than the insertable portion, making them safe for anal play.

I appreciate that the bases tend to be long but narrow. I’ve had issues with plugs and large bases because the base struggles to be in the same place that the rest of my ass is in.

When inserting any of the G-play vibes, you may not be able to go directly in because the shaft doesn’t follow a straight path like your typical plug. In addition to this, I know some females prefer to point angled head on anal toys toward the back, instead of the front, for comfort reasons. Guys, of course, can take advantage of this for P-spot stimulation.

I had my husband insert the smaller G-Play because, and I’ll be honest here, my GI tract sucks. It went in easily enough, despite the rigidity and curved head; it also came out quite easily with the long, narrow base and didn’t leave any discomfort. Use was easy–he just pressed a button. Still, it wasn’t ideal. The shaft isn’t much wider than the neck so the small G-play kept wanting to slip out. During vaginal intercourse, he had to hold it in to keep it in place. While I suspect this would be less of an issue with the larger vibes, the shapes are very similar and proportionate. Don’t expect any G-play to stay in while doing jumping jacks.

Also, the vibrations weren’t impressive. When he was thrusting, I couldn’t feel them at all. I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first vibrating anal toy and I’m still not sure if I like anal vibrations but I’m definitely sure AAAA batteries will not cut it!

As I mentioned, these can be used vaginally. I opted to try the middle size and wasn’t overly impressed. The shaft manager to find my shallow G-spot but the rigid, hooked head was busy poking other parts of my vagina. It’s shape isn’t really friendly toward my anatomy and I didn’t try the large G-Play because I know it will only be pokier.

I discovered something interesting about this set, as well. The vibration portion is actually a thin, plastic shaft that connects to a wider base. The silicone sleeves on each G-Play can be pulled off of these bases and bleached or boiled to sanitize and wipe down the plastic with alcohol as well. This is kinda of cool because, while the G-Rider is silicone, I don’t feel like it’s as safe to share as this set is.

I’m a tired girl so I’ll end this hear. If I forget anything, leave me a comment and I’ll reply as soon as possible!

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Pure Wand

October 30th, 2009

I don’t mind being the dissenting voice. After all, I’m picky and I disagree about just about everything on a frequent basis. What I don’t like, however, is having to write a less than glowing review of a toy I tried really hard to like, a toy that has high scores across the board. Yet here I go.

The Pure Wand, by Njoy does have many positive qualities. It’s made of nonporous stainless steel which makes it very hygienic and it’s sleek surface which is free of any imperfections or seams (Njoy is painted on but can only be felt with a finger, not internally) makes penetration and cleaning a breeze. You can safely boil, bleach or clean in the dishwasher (which I did) and a little hot or cool water adds the intrigue of temperature play.

In fact, when it comes to presentation, Njoy has got it down. The toy comes in a black storage box which opens (via hinge) to model the Pure Wand on pink satin. The fabric lies over a styrofoam “platform” and the Pure Wand nestles into it nicely. The curved wand, with its bulbous ends looks gorgeous and this also makes for practical storage. Plus, the Pure Wand comes with stickers, a toy catalog and information material. Even by itself, the Pure Wand looks like a modern art piece. The details are amazing.

Measuring in at 8″ – from tip to tip – of solid stainless steel, this is no child’s toy. As you might expect, it’s got some heft which adds to the presentation of quality. It weighs in at 1.5 pounds. I suspect if my husband realized how much this dildo weighs, he wouldn’t need to keep a knife by the bedside. It’s a formidable weapon! That’s not its intended purpose, however.

The Pure Wand is meant to be a G or P spot dildo and is designed with a generous curve with two bulbous ends (one with a 1″ diameter and the other 1.5″) to stimulate those sometimes hard-to-reach areas. As I am only equipped with one of those spots, I can only give my G-spot experience.

I wasn’t very familiar with my G-spot when I won the Pure Wand from a contest. I hoped I would be like the many other women who found this to be a miracle toy and when I first slipped it in (with only a little lube of your choice needed), it easily curved around my pubic bone and nestled where I expected my G-spot would be. And, were my G-spot tucked just behind my pubic bone as most resources state (to be honest, I think this is where it is for many women), the review would likely end here. I probably would have discovered my G-spot and mastered it with ease.

If you’re looking for your G-spot, check out my review of Female Ejaculation & the G-spot.

But I didn’t. As it turns out, my G-spot is not located behind my pubic bone but is much shallower. I tried the smaller end and the larger end and rocked the Pure Wand this way and that, but there wasn’t any dramatic response – except when I tried to pull out the Pure Wand too fast and it hooked on my pubic bone. I swore my hips were being ripped apart! Plus, I found neither end was as filling as I would have liked. The smaller ball felt too small and the shaft near it was disappointingly narrow. Although the shaft on the other end was more filling, the ball was too large for comfort. I felt like Goldilocks.

In terms of comfort, the rigid metal of the Pure Wand means it’s not great for thrusting. Even gentler experimentation on my part left me feeling bruised. Although the feeling went away, a few moments after I stopped, I found the experience to be a little painful and too intense on the whole. As others have mentioned, a user guide would be helpful. I’m still not actually sure how you’re supposed to use the Pure Wand which means it’s definitely not a toy for newbies.

I put the Pure Wand away, somewhat wistfully, vowed to try it another time. During that time, I focused on some different types of G-spot toys and did a little reading on the subject. I was finally able to locate my G-spot (using the K-balls) and was surprised at how close it is to the entrance of my vagina. I learned how to squirt and broke out the Pure Wand once more. Although it slid easily behind my pubic bone, the ends missed my G-spot completely and the shaft barely rested against it because of the curve. However, the curve does mean it can be grasped over the mons, instead of between the legs, an advantage over some toys.

I tried to use the Pure Wand with the bulbous ends stroking my G-spot instead of inserted further. Used in this manner, I was able to stimulate my G-spot a bit but couldn’t squirt. I eventually switched to the Curve but was already feeling sore from using the Pure Wand so it, too, was unsuccessful.

Furthermore, individual preferences and circumstances can make some of the positives of this toy, negative. For starters, the weight can certainly be a drain on anyone with joint problems and it can feel a bit unwieldy. Secondly, the stainless steel has a tendency to quickly warm to warmer than body temperature. If you like heat, this is interesting. I found it to be quite uncomfortable. Additionally, the Pure Wand results in lots of wet vaginal sounds. Lastly, because it is so slick, lubes and bodily fluids can make it difficult to grasp in use.

Although I believe my experience to be somewhat unique, I do feel that the Pure Wand is better intended for those whose G-spots are behind the pubic bone and not as shallow as mine. Even if you can perfectly stimulate your G-spot with the Pure Wand, I warn to be very careful when thrusting or removing it so that it doesn’t catch on your pubic bone. With the Pure Wand, it just goes to show that no one sex toy is “one size fits all.”